Godaddy promotional coupon code for 50$ discount?
Got a quick question: Godaddy promotional coupon code for 50$ discount? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... 1. How many domains do you own ? 45 - 55 (25 are free .infos).

2. How many do you register per month ? 4 - 6 (a couple each paycheck!).

3. How many do you sell per month ? 0 - 2 (None in the last month or so)..

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I own 4, getting another one tomorrow..

I try to buy 2 each week. I'm brand new at this biz, so that may change!..

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I own about 175.

I've bought 0 in the last month.

I've sold 10 in the last month..

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These are some crazy must either work a well paid day job or be very successful HostGator broker...

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The latter.. I wish. The first statement is likely to be more accurate, though I'm far from wealthy...

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I would tell you how many I own but Daddypi might think I'm competing with him..


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I just bought a few more today.

Its kind fun and can be lukrative..

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Own 22.....

Register a couple per month.

Dont sell as much these days, the ones I have either are for personal use and not planning on selling (eg my name .NET) or are planned for development...

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65 .com.

12 .net.

8 .org.

I've sold 6 or so ranging from $100-2500, so i've made my money back. I probably buy one or two a month now...

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1. How many domains do you own?.

784 right now according to my spreadsheet. +/- 5. I'm a lazy boy and the latest sales and the latest reg'd may not be typed into the spreadsheet..

2. How many do you register per month?.

About 50 per month this year. This depends....

3. How many do you sell per month?.

5 sales this year. All domains are going to end users, but I really don't like to sell my babies..

My plan..!.

I've been using profit from sales to cover regfee for all of my new domains and also the domains I have bought from resellers. Then my PPC-income takes care of my renewing, so my plan is to be able to make my living this way in about 5-10 years! Then I want one of these Islands in the Pacific Ocean..!.


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How Many domains do I own? 1600+.

How many Poker domains do I own? 850+.

How many domains do I register per month? about 30, I only register poker domains now..

How many do I sell per month? about 1 per month (I never sell anything less than $400 per domain. Last year my HostGator sales were over $5000, but I go for revenue - parking, adds by google, and affiliate programs..

Its a total nightmare managing this many domains. I use 5 different parking services and always try differnt domains at different places. but my parking revenue has grown enought to were I can actually not work anymore. I have many domains making over $250 per month in PPC alone...

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I own 1,017.

Reging 2-20 each month.

Sold 0..

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I own 105 domains all bought in the last 11 months..

No plans of selling any just yet...

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I own 20 atm. No plans to sell just yet...

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I own 24 domains, all being developed as we speak.

Some domains are com/net/org/info combo's...

I usually don't reg domains unless I use them for development....

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1. 23.

2. 3 - 6.

3. 1 - 2..

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1. How many domains do you own ? Under 20.

2. How many do you register per month ? 1-4.

3. How many do you sell per month ? 1... maybe.

I used to own over 200..

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1. 152.

2. 50+ this month and it seems to be growing very rapidly.

3. 2, so you might think at this rate My husband and I will have to file bankruptcy soon...

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I own close to 500..

I buy on impulse. Anywhere from 10-30 a month. Trying to slowdown now..

Sold only one thus far for $600.00...

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I'm just starting up again sooo....

Only 18 domains owned...down from around 250 in 2003.

Registered 7 so far this month....

Sold: None this month, thousands in the past...low of 50 NP$ high of 900$..

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I own 30 Domains as of now (20 on sedo).

I Register 5-8 a month.

I sell 4-5 a Month.

I normally make enough profit to feed my habit (i sound like a drug addict).

And a few $ extra, after I registered, bought and sold etc I normally end up wih $60-$120 in paypal extra which I will go and reg a name I like on a droplist.

But then again, I only been doing it something like 3 months?..

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As of now I have 49 domains, most of them are under development for one main domain.

I've registerd more domains in the past month than I have over the past 2 years all together, I guess that puts my ambition on this project into perspective...

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1. How many domains do you own ? Just under 300.

2. How many do you register per month ? 10+.

3. How many do you sell per month ? 5+.

My goal now is to start developing some of my better names with good content and use adsence and affiliate links related to the topic of the domain..

I hope to have 500 domains by Xmas....


Tom Dahne..

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I own 60+.

Maybe Buy 10-15 Month.

Sell ( Very Rarely)..

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1. How many domains do you own ? 650+ (did not update my data for exact number lol).

2. How many do you register per month ? 30+.

3. How many do you sell per month ? rarely, maybe 5?.

Most of the time, my PPC covers my expenses (which is a good thing). And of course, 1 good sale mostly handle the bills as well...

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1. How many domains do you own ? 56.

2. How many do you register per month ? 3 - 5.

3. How many do you sell per month ? Never sold one - looking to get into the market.

I've been doing adult stuff for the past 2 years - quite frankly, tired of it and looking to branch out into domains and general GoDaddy site development, PPC, etc...

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1. How many domains do you own ? .


2. How many do you register per month ? .


3. How many do you sell per month ? .


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Skrinking a little, I have less time for this lately. Down to 300 or so..

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I own about 200.

I reg about 5-15 Month.

Sell around 5-10 Month..

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Lol I dont even know half the domains I have and where they are regged...

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Lol you don't keep a record or keep track of'em?..

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Own: 200.

Register monthly: about 1.

Sell monthly: around 1..

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Own: 1400 or so.

Register a month: 5.

Buy a month:10-20.


You can do that???.

Just kidding, but only a few. I do not spend much time trying. For the most part, the buyers find me. Although, that will be changing soon, as the wife figured out that I spent over 7K registering domains this last year...

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