Good iPage web hosting Provider? Help please?

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Quick question: Good iPage web hosting Provider? Help please? Thanks for any response. My other question... Hi! I've got a serious problem. I've created a simple form in a page of mine, but It will not show up in Netscape for the PC. It will however display on IE. Can anyone please take a look at this page and help me out? Thanks in advance! Here is the page:.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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For me, the forms do not show in Netscape 4.7, but the functionality of the pages do work. In netscape 6, the forms do show, but the functionality is lacking. Do you know what could be causing this? Also, what are the big differences you noticed?..

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Come on Doc you don't know about the secret html code that doesn't work in older versions of browsers???. have you been under that rock again? LOL.


No such thing..


I didn't see it in NS4.79 so I looked at the code..

<FORM action="#" method"post">.

Cool: <INPUT type="text">.


You forgot the = in the method...

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Looks like the form code is fine (save the missing =). the real culprit here is the poorly nested tables. There must be a missing closing tag in there. I know this because I just copied the form code, and pasted it on the bottom of the page, and it renders fine in N4.7..

Your code should be cleaned up a bit, and all your problems will go goodbye...

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I figurered it had somehting to do with the actual code, but aas you can see there is quite a lot and my eyes are too sore from looking at it. Does anything else stick out? Also, could the form not work because of the JavaScript DHTML Layer?..

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I've gone through the code and the only problem seems to be that Netscape doesn't recognize the &lt tag. But when I remove it, it has no affect on the form whatsoever. Can anyone help me out here? I'm becoming desperate. Thanks!..

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Didn't go through it very well. I found an empty table and NS will not render.


Empty tables or cells. beside you have overkill on the table department. you should cut half of them out and I bet you find your problem...

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Also whatever is in the style sheet is causing it..

Take this out.

<DIV CLASS="indentContent" ID="content"> rigth above the form, and you will see it work. what is the css for that and I will tell you what is wrong...

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The <DIV CLASS="indentContent" ID="content"> is actually controlling the components within the Scroll window. The css for that component is this:.



FONT-SIZE: 9pt;.

COLOR: #000000;.


FONT-FAMILY: Arial, 'Times New Roman'.


But when I remove it I get a JavaScript error pertaining to the 'contentTop has no properties.' It referrers to this portion of the script and css:.


<A class=content href="javascript.

:toTop()">back to top</A>.




LEFT: 300px;.

WIDTH: 380px;.

CLIP: rect(0px 380px 350px 0px);.

POSITION: absolute;.

TOP: 70px.


Thanks for your help!..

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Ok I will take a stab at this as I am not sure if NS4.xx supports it. but the clip attrib is what is stopping it. you can try to take it out and see if that was it. or the other one tha ti am suspecious about is the LINE_HEIGHT, take that one out and see what it does...

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Not sure if this'll work or not, but here's a hack that might do the trick if you fiddle with it. Remove the form code from where it currently is and place it within an absolutely positioned DIV just inside the closing </body> tag. Like this:.

<div style="position: absolute; top: 94px; left: 303px;">.

<form action="#" method="post">.

Cool: <input type="text">.




I think Netscape 4 is freaking out because you've placed a form within a DIV which uses that clip attribute. So by sticking the form into the absolutely positioned DIV like I described above, you are basically dissociating the form from the clip attribute..

Basic rule of thumb:.

Forms + NS4 + CSS = barf..

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By doing this, I'd guess that I'd lose the functionality of the scroll arrows, right?..

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