Good Medifast recipes for when you have a cold or flu?

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First question I have is Good Medifast recipes for when you have a cold or flu? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I haven't had my.


Yet, but I read through the forums every night. I've noticed a lot of people.


About different difficulties they have had or challenges going on POST-op. What was/are your biggest challenges, difficulties, or biggest changes that might be overwhelming for people about to go through this life changing event?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Dallas, this is a great topic for.



My biggest challenge is dealing with how differently people treat me now that I am losing weight. I notice it in everyone...friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers..

Some people have stated that it is in the way we present ourselves, but I don't totally agree with that. Even at my heaviest, I was always very friendly. If I passed you in the store, or in the hall at work I always smile and usually say a "good morning" to the person. More times then not I wouldn't even get a response from the other person, or they wouldn't even look me in the face. I have people let go of doors I was about to walk thru because they didn't want to hold it for me. I think the worst was about a year ago, I was.


Out of the store and some jerk drove thru the parking lot and screamed out his window "get out of the way you fat f**king b**ch!" I was nowhere near being in his way, and I had my 4 year old with me. I cried the whole way home..

My issue now is that people who have never given me the time of day, are all about being nice now. Saying hi, holding doors for me, complimenting me...its all very weird. As if just because I have lost weight I am now worthy of their time and effort. I am still exactly the same person, and the judgement place on people when they are overweight is becoming more and more obvious the more weight I lose...

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Definitely the biggest challenges for me is to eat slowly, chew my Medifast food throughly and not drink 30 minutes before and after meals....I'm 1 year postop and I STILL eat too fast....bad habits ARE hard to break...

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Eating right. Exercising. Getting all my protein in. It is definitely the biggest lifestyle change I have ever attempted...

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I'm still pre-op, but I've lost more than 100 pounds. The biggest change has been my habits. Now I.


Every day and I'm aware of everything I eat. I also know, now that I have a.


Date (Dec. 9) that this is all real and I'm moving forward to my goal. I know there's a lot of hard work ahead, but I've tried to.

Lose weight.

And keep it off so many ways in the past only to fail, that I know this is my chance to live healthy for the rest of my life. Oh, while I'm more fit and thin, I'm losing more hair... I.


Not to go cue-ball bald after.


, but if I do, I would rather be bald and healthy, and miserable, unhealthy and wondering if I could die at any minute due to my comorbidities...

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Giving up my Medifast diet pepsi was the worst part for me. I am a rules girl, so if it is on the list of things to eat or do, I eat or do it. So the eating and excersising has been easy for me. I do agree with Aly, I have been to the therapist (I am a therapist myself and believe therapy is a major part of this journey) to discuss the attention issue. When you have never really been complimented before, it is hard (at least for me) to recieve complimnets now. My favorite is 'you looks so good now, not that you didn't before....'..

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The hardest part for me is getting the protein in that I need. I tried several different kinds and couldn't stomach any of them. No matter how I made it - didn't go in. I eat peanuts now for my protein and drink lots of l/f milk. I try to drink protien shakes, smoothies, etc but I get a couple drinks in and I'm done, I feel nauseous. Don't know why but that's how it is.

Out and so far everything else has gone pretty good. (partially thanks to the support of this website)...

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I am a mother first and foremost and I have a child who is still not self-sufficient. My biggest challenge in this journey was to shift the attention from my family to me. Before there was never a balance, it was simply all about my family. Now I am able to take care of them and at times do things "selfishly" for me too. I have developed this motto that if I dont take care of me no one else will? I will never take away from my family solely for my self but I have found a happy medium that allows me to balance my time..

I have been a victim of this but a difficulty I have faced has been comparing my weight loss to others. You will hear success stories about individuals who lose 34lbs in their first month while others lose 15lbs. We have to recognize that we are all different. Losing weight varies by age, height, BMI, different stages in our program, among other factors. I have learned to accept the changes in my life whether it is a small feat or a big one. I have learned to respect myself and not define myself by the numbers on the scale.

Best Wishes...

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My biggest challenge is trying to get in enough protein and liquids all day long. Trying not to eat too fast and not chewing enough times before I swallow has been hard these past five months. I try to go to the gym to.


Three times a week and before.


Never exercising. I miss having my Medifast diet pepsi's too...

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It's changed throughout the years....

First weeks, few months....


My new anatomy (signals, noises, feelings),.


My limits (how many chews, how many bites, how big a gulp, my soft cue), developing a schedule for eating, liquids, vitamins,.


The Medifast food stuff ;) I had that down pretty quick. (TY for the shoutout :) joyjoy).

Month 4-6... hair loss and freaking out about that. It stops..

Month 8... the biggest stall (1 month) freaking out because I thought WTH is that it?! It wasn't LOL..

1 year, 2 months (goal weight achieved) and beyond... body image issues... looking in the mirror and not connecting with the person I see but not connecting with the before photo anymore either (this is changing finally), physical/emotional issues from the excess skin (realizing plastics had to happen).

16 months... pain from plastics.

22 months... pain from plastics.

Ongoing... the emotional journey, figuring out the whys of why I got fat, working on the "head stuff", coming to terms with the fat that all my problems weren't because I was fat (it was a symptom, not a cause), and I'm single so....



There's a bunch more but those are the highlights (LOL or lowlights I guess would be better a term).

~Michelle "Shelly"..

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I haven't had my.


Yet, but I read through the forums every night. I've noticed a lot of people.


About different difficulties they have had or challenges going on POST-op. What was/are your biggest challenges, difficulties, or biggest changes that might be overwhelming for people about to go through this life changing event?..

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My biggest challenge is probably eating slowly. I still eat too fast (almost 7 months out) and I used to enjoy drinking milk with my meals. I miss drinking wine - a lot! Ha ha. My Medifast food tastes have changed too. I thought it was really rough the first 2 weeks after.


Foodwise. But it has been all worth it!..

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It may sound like bs but my biggest challange is finding my next 20mile hike. And when I look in the mirror I look normal but am fully aware that the.


Didn't fix my head. Obviously!.


Oh and should I throw out all my 32 in waists since I easily slide into 31's now. The shit thin ppl have to worry about amazes me...

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This is a great topic. I think aligning my head with my new innards has been a big deal. I'm coming off of two work trips where I had to go across the country and out of my comfort zone..

I found I was kind of resentful that I can't eat like I used to, I was annoyed by how much planning was involved and definitely felt uncomfortable because I in the past would have used Medifast food as a social crutch..

In my home environment I have had a relatively easy time, but out of my zone I was really frustrated...

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Great topic!.

What I thought would be my biggest challenges: no more Medifast diet Coke,.

Red wine.

, or pizza and no drinking with meals - have not been my biggest challenges..

I am almost 9 months out and agree with Shelly that there are different challenges in the different stages..

Right now Im struggling to not drive everyone crazy.


About how much my life has changed. It has all happened so quickly I am having a hard time.


My brain around it I can sit in a camping chair without worrying I am over the weight limit I really CAN squeeze behind that person to get to where I want to go those really are MY jeans, not my daughters! It is all so new to me and I want to rejoice in all the changesbut Im pretty sure my friends and family are getting tired of it..

I still feel a disconnect between how I look and my inner self picture. I want lots of reassurances that this is real and I do look good, especially when I am wearing a new style for the first time..

For awhile, I was complimented every day at work on how great I looked. Now I dont get comments as often because this is the new normal for me. Getting used to the compliments took some time, but so does not getting them anymore!.

I really dont want my life to be defined by the.


Or how much I weigh, so I guess right now my biggest challenge is.


To live like this is really my life (without driving everyone around me crazy)!.


Comment #15

No complications except a brief mouth breakout from the antibiotic after.


No big deal. No other problems. No more sugar cravings. Don't get really hungry. Loving this with no regrets. My biggest challenge is buying clothes! I'm shopping at goodwill and salvation army and other inexpensive places to keep from having to buy a whole new wardrobe for every size.

So I only have a few pieces to wear over and over. A week or two after I buy them, they are loose! I'm only three months and half way to goal so I have lots more shopping ahead. I think this is a challenge I cannlive with!..

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At almost three weeks out, my challenges are:.

1. Proteins;.

2. Liquids;.



; and.

4. BMs..

I need more of each. :)..

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No big challenges for me!!! The worst of it was healing from.


, that's it..

I have not given up Medifast food that I like..

I have not given up sugar..

I have not given up fats..

I still have my daily latte..

I still have pasta, rice, crackers, bread..

I still have raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, raw and cooked fruit..

No protein shakes, no protein powders. My protein comes in the form of real food, i.e., beef, chicken, fish, shell fish and dairy..

Some things have changed..

Choosing lowfat instead of 2% or higher dairy. No big deal..

Simply cannot eat more than a little bit of whatever I eat..



Calories right around 800 per day..

Get more.


And love it. Muscle mass increasing per nutritionist..

Biggest CHALLENGE Keeping my feet on the ground and not jumping for joy that I can now get into clothes that I have not worn for years and knowing that it is only going to continue to get better..

I'm three months out from.


, but it is hard for me to imagine that I will feel any differently about this wonderful change in my life..

Everything that "Lu" said, but he is very quick to the point!!!.


Comment #18

My biggest challenge since.


Has been eating enough! I never thought I'd say that! LOLIt is sometimes difficult for me to get in all of my protein b/c I am full. I didn't have too much pain when I came home from the hospital and didn't need any pain meds...which was awesome!..

Comment #19

These were all GREAT! It helps so much being able to read what everyone has gone through! Hoping to get a date soon. I can honestly say I'm 100% ready for this... and it has A LOT to do with y'all!!!.

I'll have to think of another topic... but I'm sure that won't take me too long :).

Thanks again!..

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Being disabled and not being up and out of the house everyday. Going to a job,,,,24/7 in the house, with the computer and cable.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.