Good REsults with Nutrisystem .......................?

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My question is Good REsults with Nutrisystem .......................? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... I haven't been losing a darn thing the past week or so. I have to admit it's all my fault though and I know it. I've just been getting real hungry lately for some odd reason and can't curb the appetite. Don't know what's my prob.

Must be a mental thing.

At least I haven't gained more than a couple of pounds but I'm always eating up my daily caloric deficit and it sucks when you work so hard to burn it and than can't stop yourself from eating up the fridge at the end of day..

Alright now... let me have it boys!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Man up, Ben! You know the Plan. Stick to it..

If your issue is evening hungries, try flexing your timing a bit to leave you some ON PLAN foods after dinner..

You've done great, just the home stretch left. You can do it!.


Comment #2

What works for me is to have a few low or no-calorie snacks available at all times. Then when I get the urge to splurge, I dish out a giant portion of sugar-free Jello, or eat an apple or pear, and drink at LEAST a pint of water..

I make a deal with myself: I'll give it a solid fifteen minutes before deciding to go beyond that. Often, that's all it takes for the urge to diminish..

Then, if I'm still ravenous, I grab a 90-calorie Quaker's Chewy Chocolate Chunk granola bar. I love 'em! Or, in an extreme emergency, two of 'em. But that's very rare..

This has worked for me so far. Find a coping mechanism that works for you, and try to anticipate the fact that while you.


Get hungry on occasion, it doesn't mean you have to eat everything in sight. Hang in there!..

Comment #3

B.E.N. - I know how much you value my opinion, but I'm gonna give it anyways..

You have done great, you even having me planning to buy a BBugg or a GoFit. So, get back on your feet, dust yourself off and get to moving forward again..

A very wise Washington Attorney named JonboyDC once said; "The biggest obstacle to losing weight is most often ourselves"...

Comment #4

I say "EAT UP" I want to get below 200 before you do, and I'm at 203 right now..

So live life to the fullest and make sure your belly is that way too. That way I'll beat you to the One-derful One Hundreds..

In case the challenging reverse psychology thing might work for ya, I thought I'd put in my 2 cents...

Comment #5


You have done so great, don't throw it all away..

Now quitcha *****in and get back to work...

Comment #6

Ben, Water, water, water....on days I have had the hungries I look back to find my water intake as been light...Consider your ass kicked. Get back on the Nutrisystem path, drink more water and when in real need, drink some more water...

Comment #7

Bet you're bored with your current workout and dieting routine. And eating extra changes the routine. BTW, when's the last time you changed your workout?..

Comment #8

Sorry to butt in, but GoFits are on sale at If you buy the armband and the monitor it's $50 off until May 31st..

Ok, sorry, continue.....

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