Has anybody who uses 123 reg had problems with it in the last few days?

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Got a question... Has anybody who uses 123 reg had problems with it in the last few days? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... Hi,.

I am continuously having problems in selling domains due to the fact that I cannot accept payments through paypal (I am in a PP send-only country). This makes my domaining experience more difficult, as I already lost some nice sales because buyers wanted to pay just with PP..

I have a Moneybookers account, and overall I am very satisfied with them (lower fees, cheap escrow, fast transaction, more secure). But it seems that not everybody use them, and not everybody will create an account just to buy a HostGator from me..

Also heard about StormPay, Egold, ePassporte, but did not tried them yet..

I also went past.

, and it seems that it would be ok, if I would be able to get payments with cc's. Or 2checkout? Anyway I did not read their sites in full..

I would like to know what payment methods would you use if you could not pay through the big PP, so that I know where to create accounts..



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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I have an account there because I did a deal where the guy could ONLY pay via moneybookers. I sold him a site and he agreed that after payment I would wait 60 days until I would push the HostGator but I did change DNS for him and of course gave him site files. In the end the sale went fine. I have used Moneybookers twice since. I had a hassle from Moneybookers trying to get my money out the first time. They said a wire transfer was free but when it came into my account I was charged $25.

I have since withdrawn via Check and it went just about 10 days the check came and it's from US bank so no problems cashing it or depositing it..

I would stay clear of egold but I do know it's popular. Moneybookers is UK based I believe so there is some attempt at regulation. I had to really go through some hassle to open the account and get it verified but I guess that's a good thing..

You want a good alternative to paypal. The truth is..there isn't one. Any other service won't be nearly as widely used or trusted. You will certainly lose some business because of it...

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I have used moneybookers. It is OK and a decent alternative to paypal...

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I think Ikobo is the only other "paypal-like" service I've actually heard good things about (but have never had to use them).....

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They charge few bucks (I think $3) for wire transfers but the rest amount which is deducted is because of SWIFT charges (Usually it is deducted by the sender's bank)...

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Thank you guys for the input. It is appreciated..

Seems like I will subscribe to also, and will loose business (some buyers just don't want to create a Moneybookers account)..

And will wait till I will have full access at Paypal..

Did you hear anything about.

It seems that if I open an account there I can get payments by credit card. is it a good option..



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I have not heard merchantinc so can't say how good their service is, but for accepting credit card payments, you can also try 2CO (2checkout) because it is very famous and reliable one in market...

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Well my paypal account has been limited.. can you guys tell me what alternative do I have .. I have money depositied in it and even a credit card added so it is verified.. I am currently using moneybookers, is it fine? does moneybookers gives any hassels during sending and recieving money? please reply..

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Reply? Sure...I will reply. How about you read the thread to start with sir. It pretty much answers your question...

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I would go with e-gold. They have been investigated by the government a couple of times now and have come out ok. The thing I like most about e-gold is that it protects the seller since there is no chargebacks...

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For being used in criminal and unlawful activity. But every payment processor, paypal included has been used to scam people as well has been used for some criminal activity...

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If your account is limited, you will have to fax them the documents that they requested. Once they received it, your account will be automatically be released, like what happened to me last month...

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I prefer to use e-gold but 2checkout is also good..

Paypal limits most suspected deal account and I don't like it...

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