Has anyone been on the Nutrisystem diet or nutrisystem. What one is better?

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Got a quick question: Has anyone been on the Nutrisystem diet or nutrisystem. What one is better? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: I have a social outing this Friday that I need to plan for. 10-15 guys, each supposed to bring their favorite beer and appetizer. I'd skip it if that were an option. It's not, so time for Plan B..

Any suggestions on how to handle this? Being around all that food will be tough and it is a recipe for failure. I figure knowing that, and planning ahead, might help minimize the damage..

One thought would be eat dinner at home, with the family. Drink a ton of water. Bring diet beer (Guinness) and only have two. But what food would/should I bring?.

My wife suggested skipping dinner, and only having a few appetizers. But as we discussed it further, she said "Ask the smart dudes online...they seem to help a lot." I hate it when she is right..

These guys aren't close enough to share my food battles.....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Good deal! Thanks for the input. Now at least I am not dreading that I have a plan..


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What we have talked about is that diet coke in a glass looks just like rum and coke! And as Bob said, fill up with Nutrisystem meals and don't beat yourself up if you try a chicken nugget or wing or whatever. Just don't clean the plates with your tongue!.

Avoid beer if at all possible...

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I have found I love eating vegies, so that is what I would bring. Baby carrots and celery are my favorites and you don't need to worry about limiting them too much..

I do allow myself to sample a few items, if I really feel like it since this is a life style, not a diet!.

I agree with skip the booze, if you can. Lots of empty calories..

Best of luck,.


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Your new favorite beer needs to become the new Budweiser Select 55. At least then when you slip the water in between you will not know the difference..

I agree with the all of the above. Bring the veggies. Walden Farms has alot of no calorie no fat dressings you could use for dips. I have used the diet coke with a lime in mixed drink glass as subsitute..

I like the idea of exercise the day of but even better would be the day of and the day after..

Bottom line, if you slip up and do too much just move on. It happens. Just don't let it happen often...

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If you can really enjoy the event socially without indulging in the beers and appetizers, fine...go. But if you can't, then I suggest skipping it. When you are really strong, there will come a time when you can enjoy the event socially without feeling deprived, but I doubt that this is likely at the beggining of your diet..

A good plan for staying 100%, would involve eating a lot of salad before and after the event, and maybe a dinner also, bringing a HUGE selection of finger salad (cut carrots, celery, radishes). Don't drink the booze. It will very likely set you back and become a habit of weakness. Bring some beer for the others and don't drink any yourself and don't bring any leftovers home..

Good luck. How well you pass the early tests will show a lot on how well you do for the long haul. Take it seriously.....

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Read this guy's page if you need some motivation:..

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When you get there rip a big Nutritoot for all to smell. Then tell the guys you don't feel so well and your stomach doesn't feel right. Permission not to eat has been granted...

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Guinness is one of the lower calorie beers out there (126 calories per 12 oz), so that's probably a good choice if you don't want to go with a light beer..

Sam Adams Light is another decent choice (124 calories per 12 oz) if you're like me and don't do the Bud/Miller/Coors thing..

A general rule of thumb is that the lower the ABV% of the beer, the lower the number of calories..

Have fun at your gathering!..

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The Bud 55 is much lower, especially in carbs, and I've found most guys are interested in trying such a low calorie beer. I bet if you brought a 12 pk that it would go pretty quickly. You could bring a vegie tray of some sort and only eat your vegies. Believe me, I know it's hard, but it'll pay off in the long run!..

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LOL! I just spit coffee all over the screen!.

Thanks to all of you...I'm sure it will work out now that you have helped develop a plan. I owe you one...

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I hope you did well today fuzz.

I just thought of something, because I need something for Sunday Jets game. I think I am going to make a huge Taco platter - all the trimmings, which is not much, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, salsa, tacos or soft taco shells - extras are guac, sour cream and some sort of meat.

I'm thinking have an extra side platter of no fat cheese, low carb/cal wrap, and shredded baked chicken with the taco seasonings mixed we can eat that and just stay away from guac/sour cream...hmmmm.

Make kids, adults and the fatty (me) happy..

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Went much better than anticipated. Although I didn't get to eat before going, Momma cut up a ton of fresh veggies with fat-free dip. I had 2 pieces of what I would describe as a grilled chicken nugget...stayed away from all the other fried crap and other off-plan stuff. The beer worked out great...nursed 2 Guinness all night long..

Exercised Saturday. Feel much better after dealing with it up front. Thanks for all your help!.

Funny thing is no one complained about the veggies...Most ate some. No one noticed I wasn't eating the other things. No one noticed my lower consumption of alcohol. In fact, the drunker they got, the less my urge to have another drink...ever...

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