Has anyone done Nutrisystem and not lost any weight?

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First question I have is Has anyone done Nutrisystem and not lost any weight? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I'm back after losing 60# on NS...been off for 11 months, gained 40# back. I suck..

Didn't exercise last time, except for some walking..

Wife keeps pushing exercise...she does it every day before the cows get up. She asked me to post this here to ask you all for advice about how to get over this total lack of desire to exercise..

Anyone else in the same boat? What did you do to incorporate exercise into your life?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I have friends I play racquetball with and I actually enjoy a jog - I don't go nuts but I did do a 5k on my own....slowwwly.

Start slow doing something, anything. a walk, bowling a few games, do some lifting - just make sure you do something - I am a hyporcit if I give you bs - but I know that absolutely anything - a walk, a slow jog, etc for 30 minutes - is better than nothing. let the wife/s.o. sit while you clean the house for an hour. never know, could lead to a happy ending.....

Comment #2

Exercise sucks!.

Biking, swimming, volleyball, skiing, kicks ass!.

The key to long term success is to find an activity you enjoy and do that..

F the treadmill. Find a class at the local gym, college, community center, etc and sign up and go. Then sign up for it again and again, until you die...

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Thanks...we have an elliptical and a treadmill (momma wears them out!), I just don't watch much TV..

I like the class at the gym suggestion...have to check into that..

As soon as it gets a little warmer (global warming and all), I hope to get back out walking...but it is 10 freakin' degrees right now!..

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Find anything you enjoy doing that gets you off of your butt. I enjoy yardwork and other projects. Anything is classified as excercise if it get's you doing something more than what you were doing before! I know many may disagree, but .....

Comment #5

I found lifting boring at first, but I got to the point where I really like it. Almost soulful. (And that does not mean I go easy. Just you get so in tune with your body.).

I think doing yoga with a bunch of hotties could be fun...

Comment #6

But a hat and mittens on and stride out there. Feel like a kid!..

Comment #7

Agreed, find an activity you like unless you're like me, since my favorite activity only involves one arm...

Comment #8

Bro, I can barely turn the pages of a book with my non-dominant hand. Any sort of manipulation that requires a high level of dexterity is out of the question...

Comment #9

Fuzzie do the tread or elliptical watching the outdoor channel. They have one really hot female hunter on one of the shows...

Comment #10

Reminds me of a joke about sitting on your hand until it falls asleep and calling it "The Stranger"..

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On a more serious note, excercise is the necessary evil. I have had a very stagnent December. No access to my usual gym until tomorrow. The last few days I have been going along to Snap Fitness with wifey as a guest. I had been aiming for 30 mins a day on the treadmill and really dreaded it; now I have found that at about 35-40 mins It actually gets easier and almost starts to feel Good! Something entertaining on the TV in front of the treadmill helps keep your eyes off the clock...

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I hear you! Was a gym member for prior 5 years and only went 5 times. HATED exercise!! Literally did nothing consistantly for my entire life after the organized sports of high school. Lazy tub of lard. Been working out consistantly for 14 months now..

I agree w/Huge. Joining a class or getting a trainer commits ya. We had different machines in our house for years. Never used 'em. Different strokes work for different folks (see Michael's post). What turned the corner for me was a position change at work that allows me to get out of the plant over lunch.

Seeing HUGE progress in weight and feeling so DARNED good took it from being a chore to a real important thing for me. I actually look forward to it now!! Minimum is 4 days/week, about an hour each, to get all my muscle groups in w/cardio of some sort following lifting..

An honest a 20-30 year roll-back in fitness and attitude for this 54 year old. Amazing! Fountain of Youth!! Go, Fuzzie!.


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Found the elliptical yesterday for 30 mins...Outdoor channel worked perfectly to keep my mind off it..

Found it this morning, for 20 mins before to see a hottie undress! My wife says "Hi" to all of you...

Comment #14

She's the skinny one..

BTW: 4 days, no change in weight. Calories between it more difficult the second time?..

Comment #15

The laws of physics have not been repealed since you left. 4 days is within normal stochastic variability, so you can't judge trends effectively..

Run silent, run deep!.

No...don't do that. Damn the torpedos and full speed ahead!..

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