Has anyone done Nutrisystem or nutrisystem?

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First question I got is Has anyone done Nutrisystem or nutrisystem? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I just got an outie, where I used to have an innie. NP diagnosed it and I see a surgeon tommorrow..

I'm wondering how much it will set me back for working out and such (I'm assuming I will need a surgery and post op). I guess I can research it on the net..

Kinda bummed since I have been working out for 6 weeks now, doing lifting and cardio 6 days a week: (alternate legs/arms) and (swim/bik). Really thought I was being very slow and consientious. Did not happen during a workout but a little bit later (carrying groceries)..

I am 223 (5-8) with a goal of about 160. Maybe even if I was starting to get in shape, the bulge of my belly could have been a cause?.

Just gotta keep a good attitude and keep dieting (not fall of that program). Also, I am still doing cardio and most arms. I don't feel safe doing legs except for calfs though since my stomache tends to be engaged. I stopped doing situps and leg raises (hip flexor) for obvious reasons...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I had that surgery about 12 years ago. Be assured that you wont be doing anything strenuous for a few weeks. Heck, the daily BM's are a challenge for about a week...

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My Hernia is a blessing. I've already had that talk with my Surgeon. But he told me if I wait till I get >250 then he will send me to Duke to have an abdomoplasty. Which will not only repair the hernia but will also remove all that loose skin as my stomach deflates more..

Here's a pic....

I normally keep that ugly flap on deflated belly tucked in. I let you all see the truth. That's the reason my pant sizes go down much slower. I'd lose 5 or 6 sizes instantly if I were to wear my jeans under my extra instead of tucking all the extra parts in under my belt..

My PCP and my Surgeon both said there is really no big rush as long as the hernia doesn't get 'hard'. If you can push(wiggle) back in past the rupture and it remains soft then no hurry..

That is what I was told. I suggest you follow what ever advice your PCP tells you...

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Don't wait too long. I once had an inguinal hernia and was cautioned about strangulation of the small intestines. You might have some type of complication with an umbilical hernia. You might develop some other type of strangulation..

Good luck..

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I had an umbilical hernia and after recovery from surgery, I got the ok to resume workouts. And I have since had no problems, even though I do heavy abdominal exercises..

Just ask the surgeon how long to wait. If you want, when you restart, just leave out the abdominal exercises for a week extra, and then start with lower weight(s) than usual. You'll be fine, once it heals, it's like a good plasma weld.... stronger than what it is holding together...

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Thanks all. Appt slid. See the doc now Friday, with possible surgery on the 23rd..

Privateer: Am really hoping that this fixes the problem and don't get recurrence and can go back to FULL activity (e.g. L-seat exercises). Had athletic repairs to shoulder and knee and they were a bummer since you do all that stuff and the joint is not really better..

Damon: I'm kind of hoping that I don't end up with flaps of skin. I am 43 and starting at 230 (current 223) heading to 160ish. Waist going from about 42 to 30. Is there a thread on that issue? (GP heads to advanced search function...).

P.s. (Another hurdle) Just found out at dentist that I broke a tooth (was crowned) and will need to get an extraction/implant. Cripes...

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I will tell you from my own experience that for an.

Umbilical Hernia.

Repair you will be down for at least.

3-5 days.

After the surgery. After this (and once your bowels start working again) a lot of surgeons will tell you that you can resume normal activities. My experience with my patients and my own repair... hold off on doing anything more strenuous than putting on your shoes for at least 6 weeks (No matter how good you feel). Mine has reopened 3 times from getting to active too quickly...

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I went to the surgeon after I started this thread. He said I should probably get it taken care of, but no rush. He said if I am losing weight, he would prefer me to be finished (most lean and mean) for the surgery..

Are you a surgeon? Did you have a traditional stitched repair or the mesh?..

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No not a surgeon. Good ole Family Medicine. As for the surgery, I have had the keflar mesh and traditional surgery and both procedures where less than satisfactory. I guess the third time is a charm..

Like you, I have been told once I get some of the weight off we can go after it again. I really dread it. The last time I had it done I was still a smoker and that little smoker's cough about tore me a new one for the first few days. The biggest problem (for me) was getting my bowel's functioning again but perhaps I just need to load up on the.

Nutrisystem Blue Berry Muffins.

After the surgery and all will be fine...

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