Has anyone done the Medifast Diet? And how did you do on it?

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My question is Has anyone done the Medifast Diet? And how did you do on it? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES all those vertically challenged MFers!.

We are newbies and goals-met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced. We are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones. You know the ones - the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small, but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner code, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


Of course, you are free to make your own SHORTIES banner, if you like..

The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

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Comments (98)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Thought I'd take the chance to start us off for the new month..

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits!..

Comment #2

Temptation Tuesday Sunday was my DS4's birthday party. I had too many BLTs of sweet stuff, and boy did I pay yesterday! No more! Did not handle the temptation very well at all!.

Ice, sleet, and snow will keep me at home today...

Comment #3

Hello Shorties....

Excercise - coming up on my third week and am going to start walk/jogging 3 miles a day. I have seen some posts that say excercise has stalled their weightloss..

Looking for feedback. Thanks!.

Stay warm everyone - going to be 17 degrees in TX later today - CRAZY!!..

Comment #4

Hi everyone,.

I cheated last night, i'm so mad at myself. TOM for first time since I started MF, and my junkfood cravings succeeded last night. And I can't even go to the gym today because of the snow!!!!..

Comment #5


Thank you for getting the February thread going! My poor brain is trapped in a bit of a mid-winter fog and I completely forgot about it..

I just finished my shovel workout - a good hour's worth - so I've gotten my exercise in for the day. No Vitamin D from it though - it's too cloudy for that. The sugar cravings aren't as bad today for whatever reason, but as long as they're tolerable, I'll take it..

DH got off work a couple of hours early today; the boss wanted everybody home before dark. DH may even have a snow day tomorrow, so I may have a warm body to snuggle with in the morning...

Comment #6

Hi Shorties! 10 OP days Woo-Hoo!!!.

Temptation Tuesday - 2 of them today. Hubby walked by with a Devil Dog. God, I love those things... and then, the *dear, dear* man brought home M&M's from the store. Ugh..

I thought how good they would both taste; but remembered why I am on this plan. I'm 44 years old and overweight. I've been overweight most of my adult life. My father had his first heart attack in his late 40's. What makes me think I am going to cheat the genes? I have 2 kids who need a healthy mom. Do M&M's taste good enough for me to want to shorten my time in this life with them? I'm thinking NO! So what I can't eat M&M's - suck it up..

So that's my rant on temptations today. LOL!.

Stay OP, everyone and drink your water...

Comment #7

Temptation Tuesday garlic bread came with my salad, had to look at it throughout lunch. But I kept thinking one extra small piece of bread throws you out of Ketosis and sets you back 3 days...

Comment #8

Under recipes - I know there is something called a shake cake, but I can't find the recipe. Help?..

Comment #9

Hi All,.

I posted this on my blog tonight also, but figured I'd post it here to you all too....

Well, I'm here to say....I dont' know what to do anymore and I think this might be the end of the road for me and Medifast and I hate the thought of that.... The plan isn't working for me anymore and I don't know why. It's been 3 months now and no weight loss. I've increased exercise, tried upping the carbs for the "green" per the recommendation, tried doing mostly shakes, drank more water (I already drink 100 oz a day minimum) and everything anyone's suggeted and NOTHING... I'm so frustrated and just don't get it. I have 30 more lbs to go and here I sit..

I can't keep spending money for nothingto work.... I love the plan and it's killing me and breaking my heart that nothing I do is helping. I don't know why it stopped. I am insulin resistant, but that hadn't been an issue I was losing nicely for 6 months straight! I haven't really gained (up one... down one, up one..

And I have NOT cheated at all, not once, even throught he holidays!.

I'm just so upset... there is NO reason this should have happened... get that weight loss stalls sure... but 3 months now???? I just don't know what to do anymore.......

Comment #10

This is what I found when I searched:.

For the shake cake:.

1 Vanilla Shake.

1/2 baking powder.

1 egg white.


2-4 oz water. You want it to be a batter consistency. So I add water until it looks like batter..

Whisk all together and put in a microwavable bow..

Microwave for 1 1/2 min..

Or you can make with almond extract instead of cinnamon. Add a little almond extract to the cream cheese too, and it's perfect. Seriously. Oh, and I use Dutch chocolate usually. Swiss mocha was pretty good too..

I made one not that long ago using the strawberry shake. It comes out with a really odd consistency that I couldn't get past. Let me know what you think...

Comment #11

Mysunflower - Do you have a health coach? They could probably help you with looking at your daily intake as well as your exercise to see if something needs tweaking. Have you taken a few days and logged everything *and I mean EVERYTHING*? Maybe you are counting something incorrectly in your L&G or condiments and are so used to counting it a certain way. Sometimes having someone else take a look at it they can spot what you don't..

If no health coach, then I think it's a great idea for you to call the helpline at MF..

Good luck and let us know how it goes...

Comment #12

Maybe you tried this already, but this worked for me On another diet. I varied my calories by about 300 each day, one day I wiped go low and the next high. Not sur how to adopt for medifast, but maybe no lean one day and double the next. It broke the platen...

Comment #13

Mysunflower, I can only imagine your pain and frustration. I suggest you log everything for a solid week to make sure, and weigh and measure everything before you log it. And I mean everything. Nothing goes in my mouth that hasn't been measured with measuring spoons or weighed on my very accurate digital scale, and I'm in transition. I expect to keep doing this forever. It keeps me honest and lets me know what I'm doing..

Then, if you are really as OP as you think you are, something else must be going on. Either a reaction to a medication, or a medical condition, something. It may take Nutritional Support or your physician to figure it out. But there has got to be an answer. Don't give up yet. Medifast and your doctor will want to see an accurate record of your eating, so the log is crucial..

Let us know how we can help...

Comment #14


, before you give up, call NS. You call the Medifast general number and ask to speak to a dietitian. Talk to them. They will go over everything that's going on and if Medifast is not for you, they'll tell you. If they think something else is going on, they'll help you work through it. I don't think a health coach is going to do it at this stage.

Morning all. Icy day with a full work calendar of meetings and things to do. Hope everyone has a great on plan day and drinks all their water. Hugs to all in need...

Comment #15

Sunflower, I agree with everybody else. Log everything,then talk to nutrition support and/or your doctor. Then decide. In the end, only you know if it is going to work for you. Good luck..

AFM, down .5 lbs this week, which is less than I hoped for, but I kind of messed up on the weekend, so it's probably what I deserve! The good news is I am now in the NORMAL BMI range!.

DH couldn't get out of our driveway and all the schools are cancelled, so we are holed up until DS goes to work this afternoon. He works at a kennel, and he can't just leave the dogs there with no food or water, so he is going to have to find a way there! Hopefully the roads will be a little better with plowing and traffic...

Comment #16


I feel your pain. I went through the same thing last spring and summer (and several times on other weightloss plans). I even started gaining weight while still staying OP. I had an idea what was going on and a trip to the doctor confirmed it: I was in starvation mode. My body needed more calories. I know - it sounds counterintuative, but it happens, especially if you're exercising.

Talk to NS. They may want you to switch to the 4&2 plan to bust you out of your plateau..

Hang in there...

Comment #17

Thank you all for so much great advice. I'm calling Medifast now so hopefully they will be able to help. Perhaps I do need more calories (I shutter at that thought though since I gain sooo easily!) and need to switch it up a bit. I do log, haven't recently.. I guess part of my frustration... I kinda go to the "whats the point" mode..

I'll let you know what they say!..

Comment #18

Ok so I spoke to Medifast and they suggested I increase the exercise and mix it up, don't do the same thing every day.. (guess I need to go shopping.. all I have for the winter months is the treadmill) and to go to 4&2 plan for 2 weeks and see how that works..

SO.... let's see and hope that works!..

Comment #19


- glad you talked to Medifast - switching it up will probably be the trick for you, at least I sure hope so!.

I'm grateful that I'm still plugging along, and never had the huge stalls that you and.


Have experienced. You gals are to be commended for your commitment to the process!.



On being Normal! It's a great feeling!.


- My first tax appointment is today - need to strap on for the wild ride about to commence - 6-7 weeks of mania is coming my way!.

Have a great day Shorties!..

Comment #20


Did you copy down the name of the person you talked to? You'll want to try and stay in touch with the same person if you need to call back..

Glad you called them and you have a plan!..

Comment #21

Hi Shorties! My goal in February was to keep up better with you all, and you are already to 3 pages of posts! Oh no, I am behind before I even get started!.


- do you have Comcast cable? If not maybe your cable provider has this too, but comcast has "on demand" excercise programs for free. All different kinds of cardio, yoga, toning, etc... Good to do when stuck inside!.


- good luck with tax season!.

I hope not too many shorties are affected by this huge winter storm in the NEast. Fortuneatly MD just got rain, not cold enough for snow - yea! I am still pretty sick of winter. I usually take Vit. D all year - but I do double my dose in the winter!.

I will try to keep up daily with you all, but the shorties are a busy group!..

Comment #22

I can't make it through the winter without my Vit. D. I don't get outside as much as I'd like here. I'm hoping once I move that will change. No nibbles on the house yet...

Comment #23

Sorry about that. I know how frustrating it can be waiting to sell - we moved a little over 2 years ago and I found it very stressful. But with all the snow that you have had lately, I doubt people are out actively looking at houses. Spring is right around the corner (says Phil).

And you'll have lookers coming!.

Wonderful Wednesday -.

My victory is I am on my 11th day ON-PLAN!!! And my 11th day drinking 100 oz or more of water!!!!.

I made it through late night at work tonight (which is where we bring in dinner, usually pizza, for the group because we work late). I had my CN soup, drank my water, and thought skinny thoughts. Because being Off-plan means being Fat. And I am soooo over this fat thing..

Hope everyone else had an OP day...

Comment #24

Evening Shorties..

Sorry to be MIA for the last few weeks. Not much going on here. I made it to goal last week but the scale is not being nice and keeping me there. I changed it back to reflect the weight for the day..

My NSV for the month is getting into my dh's pants. I 'm able to get them on and zippered and they are too big. I met my dh in 1983. He was 98lbs if that. He is now about 12lbs heavier than I am. That has never happened before.

Not anymore! That feels great!.

Have a great week. Stay safe!..

Comment #25

How does your hubby feel about the new you,.


? Congratulations on goal and don't hesitate to ask if you have any T&M questions... so many of us here have been through it or are in it. Oh and Mia saying she's MIA just cracked me up. Ok enough off for some coffee..

I hear you on the house selling Ame. I'm patient. I'm a homebody so I'm in my comfort zone right now. No really complaining too much...

Comment #26

So why is 5&1 so easy until about 9 PM, then the pantry starts calling my name? Yikes! I think I need to put a "closed" sign on the kitchen after my evening brownie! Actually, I rue the day I found out one can have peanut butter as a snack. PB is a huge trigger for me. NO MORE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!.

Ame, congrats on your victory! Mia, congrats on GOAL!!.

The kids are still home from school, but DH and I need to go earn some money, so hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to work I go.....

Comment #27

DH is home with me again today. He had yesterday off as a snow/ice day (rare, but it happens) and last night the higher-ups were calling and emailing everybody to stay home today, too. Seems there were serious concerns about the building's roof. A few days ago, the roof was cleared of all snow, but the newest foot or so was wetter snow, and then a bunch of ice on top. The facilities manager calculated that the new snow and ice were dangerously close the the weight capacity of the roof, so he and the company president decided it was too risky to have anyone working inside until the snow crews cleared it off again today..

Why the heck do they put flat roofs on buildings in snow country anyway?..

Comment #28

Ok - really I am the only one who laughed at this.

Good for you Mia - and I mean that however you want to take it! I know I am the least PC HR person out there!..

Comment #29

You know, I always wondered about this too and for the very same reason. *shakes head*.

Good luck getting anything done with your distraction home...

Comment #30

Hi all,.

Sounds like we all survived the ice storm! Man, that was crazy. Shoveling ice, a new and not so great experience! But we didn't lose power, and our roof is not flatthe ice and snow has been sliding down all day..

I hope everyone's roofs are holding up, I've heard some horror stories in my neighborhood..

Ame, I love that you are celebrating 11 days OP. It truly is a great accomplishment. My attitude this week was not good, and I really need to turn things around in my head..

But, despite TOM and my slip I lost one pound this week!!!.

Happy Thursday everyone.


Comment #31

He took pity on me and went out for a few hours so I could clean the apartment and do all the laundry in peace...

Comment #32

Evening Shorties..

The dh likes the smaller me.He is the type of man that even when he's pi##ed at me he never says anything bad about me..

Mt- I will ask for help. I'm sure I'm going to need it..

Have a great night all...

Comment #33

Hi Shorties!.

Thanks for all the congrats! Day 12 and still OP and still drinking the water. Gotta love it..

So today is "Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

I don't have anything for this one. Hmph..

I do face a few challenges this coming weekend. My BF and 2 sisters and their kiddos will be coming for the weekend. It's the first visit since I started MF. I always drink a glass (or bottle) of wine with BF and sis when they come up so that won't be allowed. I'll have to perservere my way through that one. I always make chocolate chip "panicakes" (as my niece calls them) when my family comes up for a visit.

I'm also planning on putting a roast beef (MT's fav) in the crock pot for dinner and make cauliflower. That shoudl be fine. I'm thinking I'm going to be able to do this with little to no problem!!! Yeah for MF, yeah for me!!!.

I will check in and let you guys know how it turns out...

Comment #34

Hi Friends,.

Yes, I did get the lady's name who helped me, I have it written down, but I believe it was Laura. I don't have cable, I have the DISH Network, so I'll have to search around it this weekend to see if the have an exercise channel. It would be so awesome if they did like ComCast.. that or I may have to resort back! I have the Wii for the kids, so I was thinking of getting the Wii fit.. has anyone tried it? Is it any good?.

I was thinking of getting a trainer to work with me... a former co-worker of mine is one and lives in my town... but.... I'm afraid to spend the extra $$ because well.... let's just say I work for someone who makes the "Devil Wears Prada" look like a kitty cat... she's pure evil and anyday now I'm just waiting for her to give me my walking papers...

How awful you and your team is (yeah, ok my team of 6 just filled 1643 positions in 2010 and ALL clients were completely satisified, but yeah, we stink)... especially when the person telling you this has NO CLUE about the function you run.... I'm sure this stress doesn't help the dieting! So needless to say, I'm searching for another job..If I was so awful, I wouldn't be in the level position I am!.

UGH.. anyway! Thanks for all the tips, I'm hoping that the 4/2 will shake things up a bit!!..

Comment #35

Sounds like you'll be fine, Ame, you have a plan!.

Sunflower, stress will definitely hinder your progress. I can point to my weekly losses and show you my high stress/travel weeks by the lack of progress. Sorry you need to work for such a biotch. Ugh. Not really a motivator to excel at your job. Good luck in the job search...

Comment #36

Hi, I am 4ft 11in tall and weigh 150lbs. I am just starting day 4 of the plan and I think it is getting easier. I am not showing any significant weight loss I started at 151lbs. I am hungry on the plan but I read someone's post who said her health coach suggested she split her protein between 2 meals so I am going to try that today..

Anyone have a health coach? How does that work what do they do?.

I am going to a party tonight but I intend to eat my LG before I go & mingle a lot so I stay in a conversation & drink water. One thing Medifast has done for me is I am motivated but if the weight loss is too slow I will get disheartened..

Belly dancing gramma I am also a grandma I am 65 yrs old which is also a factor in finding weight loss difficult...

Comment #37

Welcome, tyke46. I am 5'1"+ and 62. It took me longer than for the young 'uns and the tall 'uns, but I lost my 38 lbs. It can take longer for the vertically challenged, but we're all in the same boat, and it's a great community here. Try not to compare your losses to people who are bigger (vertically and horizontally). It can be too discouraging.

Also, if you were eating lower carb or more healthily (is that a word?) before you started than some who were doing lots of carbs, fat, junk food, etc., you won't have the excess water weight which is what really comprises that first week whoosh. That's how it was for me, too, when I started..

As for a health coach, some are good, and some not so good. I find I can get most of what I need in terms of questions answered here on the boards...

Comment #38

Welcome, Tyke! Age and size is certainly an issue. Also, since you are already very close to a healthy weight/bmi you'll find it harder to lose. The thing to do is to persevere and trust the plan since you will lose the weight. We have several of us in maintenance and Sue (Petlady) is in transition, so we can do it..

As for health coaches, they come from the marketing arm of MF. The good ones offer help and advice with the plan and are one way to make you accountable to yourself to stay on plan. As Sue mentioned, a lot of that same information is here on the forums. Just like the forums, you can get bad information with the good. There are bad health coaches as well as good. The good ones are harder to find. I didn't get one until I went into T&M (transition and maintenance)...

Comment #39

Thank you for all the words of encouragement. I was on a 1200 healthy plan before I started this so I won't have the water weight to lose. Thanks for the info on health coaches.

I have been searching the site and have found a lot of useful tips. What can we drink I have not been able to find that info I drink tea ,coffee and water mostly but I wondered if we can drink diet soda? I want to stick to the diet 100%.

First goal 8lbs approx 5%.

2nd goal 15 lbs 10%.

3rd goal 25 lbs.

I have set a final weight of 125 lbs the suggested weight is much lower but I think at my age I don't need to be a size 6 anymore. I think that would be impossible for me to maintain...

Comment #40

I didn't get a chance to share on "Telling Thursday" but I sometimes sneak a big old spoonful of peanut butter late at night. Or I used to. Now I put the peanut butter on the top shelf, where the boys can get it but I don't have to see it everytime I open the pantry. (Yes, I'm the shortest one in the family. I know that surprises all of you!).

For Friday, I will share that I simply love the Jennie-O turkey burgers that I tried this week. So easy, too!.

Ame - sounds like you have a plan! Good for you, you can do it!.

Tyke - glad you found us! Welcome! I agree with the other ladies, there are good coaches and not so good coaches. I actually changed coaches not too long ago. Coaches give advice, answer questions, help you through the tough spots, AND get a commission on the food you buy. I recommend you explore the forums and if you hit it off with someone who is a coach, approach them. If not, we are here for you!.

Sunflower - wow, what a boss! Maybe she will burst into flames! We can hope!.

The current storm missed us, and the next one is still in OK or TX, so we get a brief break, but more snow tomorrow. I haven't seen a winter this snowy since I was a kid, and I think my perspective may be a little distorted on that. Anyway, I'm ready for the snow to stop!.

I am not sure why, but the closer I get to goal, the harder it is to stay OP. Maybe I'm bored with the program, but part of me thinks I'm scared to reach goal. I am currently about what I weighed before my last pregnancy (16 years ago), but really don't want to stop here. Just have to get my mind back in the game, I guess...

Comment #41

Tea and coffee are on plan, but they don't want you to have too much caffeine. Not sure the actual amount recommended. Diet soda is okay for most people, IN MODERATION. There is sodium in that stuff, don't forget! Try to get all your water, a minimum of 64 oz (I drink at least 128), before drinking any soda. A little bit of Crystal Light is permitted, but again, I don't know the amount. Watch your use of artificial sweetners and creamers. You have to count those!..

Comment #42

Drinking rules of thumb:.

Minimum 64oz of fresh plain water. After you've consumed your water (or on top of it) you may consume up to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee or tea, decaf is pretty much unlimited. Same with diet sodas... but they do not count towards your minimum requirement of 64 oz of water and as Lerry mentions, there's a lot of salt in soda, not a good thing. You may have water flavorings but they cut into your condiments as they have hidden carbs (yay for lax gov't labeling laws)...

Comment #43

Hi everyone!.

Getting ready for more snow tomorrow! I did all my food shopping, fridge and freezer are stocked with L&G's..

Is anyone drinking green tea? I just started drinking it again. It is supposed to help with weight loss..


Comment #44

Ah, the joy of living in New England!.

A snow removal crew was called in a couple of hours ago to get as much of the snow and ice off the roofs of the apartment complex we live in. We've had terrible ice dams this year, but this morning one of our neighbors heard some omminous creaking and crackling noises and called the owner. Right now, the crew is shoveling and blowing the snow off our building. Noisy, but much better than a collapsed roof..

A bunch of buildings in the area have had roofs collapse: One yesterday morning - employees showed up for the early shift, heard cracking noises, and evacuated just minutes before the roof caved in and took the entire front wall of the building with it. Another commercial/residential building lost it's roof and entire third floor. I didn't hear if there was anyone in it went it gave way..

On a more humorous note: A week or so ago in a nearby town, a small herd of horses decided to take a trip downtown one afternoon, galloping through the streets, frollicking in peoples' front yards, and window shopping at the hardware store. Turned out that they were securely locked into their pasture when their owner left for work, but with all the drifted and piled up snow along a portion of the pasture fence, the horses were able to casually walk over the fence and go for their little fun run. The horses, with a little encouragement from local law enforcement and Animal Control, returned home just in time for supper...

Comment #45

I like iced green tea and had some with lunch today. I don't know if it helps with weight loss, but it tastes good and is loaded with antioxidants...

Comment #46

Kerry, so glad you mentioned that, because I'm in the same boat. I have only 5 pounds left and EVERYTHING sounds/looks good. And I'm getting impatient to be done, even though I know the weight loss 5&1 part is the easiest part of this process. It is maintenance that has me worried, because I have never been able to keep the weight off and I know there is no guarantee that I will be successful this time. I do feel I have a greater chance, percentage-wise, of making this work, but I do spend time mentally taking stock of my life to see if I am up to doing what is necessary to keep the weight off. All I can say is so far, so good...

Comment #47

So, I haven't really been hungry too much. But I went to the grocery store today and felt temptations everywhere. The only thing that saved me was that I kept thinking how easy you go out of ketosis and have to start over. As long as I loose every week, I think taking a bit of time to get to the goal will be needed to change my eating habits...

Comment #48

I went to a TGIF party tonight. I ate before I went and I only drank a small diet soda did not touch the food. I mingled and made sure I was in a conversation all night I don't think anyone noticed I did not eat. I feel good about it makes me feel I can do this despite being hungry most of the time. My first 72 hours is over so I hope I am going to enter the fat burning stage..

Favorite Friday I just discovered today I can have sugar free jello as a snack I enjoy those so that so far is my favorite snack..

Shelly I enjoyed your story about the horses a little diversion to brighten up a snowy day. We have had more snow than usual so far this Winter but we are having a mild spell now...

Comment #49

So glad I found this thread! Does it keep changing locations? So far, I've found 4 different versions of this group, but this one seems the most recent..

Thanks for the great info and encouragement for someone who is petite and losing S-L-O-W-L-Y! I'm starting week 4 and staying OP, but some days it's really hard and I'm not seeing the scale move as quickly as I expected. Plus, the amount I have to lose & my goal weight are much closer to yours than to posters on the other lists, so thank you!..

Comment #50

Babny - every month we have a new thread, so that there aren't pages and pages of conversation to read through to feel "caught up". Some long-time threads are a bit intimidating if only for their size..

So glad there are new faces - welcome to everyone. When you post often is when we have the most fun! AFM - sleepy time! Can't wait to start my Saturday morning sleeping in...

Comment #51


, you're right that's why losing too quickly is not always a good thing. We need to retrain our brains while we pare down our bodies. Both take a lot of time and training. Just keep making those good habits happen, it gets easier the more you do it!.


, congratulations on the great NSV (non-scale victory). Right there you've made a great decision and you stuck to it. That's huge. You're right, no one watches what anyone else is doing... they're just as worried people are watching them! Yay on the OP snack that you like. Just remember, incorporating the optional snack can slow you losses.


, welcome! Yes we do a monthly thread to keep the thread from collapsing under it's own weight..

The thing with us fun sized folk is we need to go by measurements more than the scale. The scale lies, the tape measure doesn't. If you haven't taken measurements, I highly recommend you do so and remeasure every month. We have all found that when the scale doesn't move, our measurements have and that's a huge sanity help..

Good morning to the rest of my fellow shorties! Hugs to all in need...

Comment #52

Got on the scale this morning for the fun of it, and I am 1 pound under the weight on my Driver's License. Huzzah! Two more pounds and I equal what I weighed post-WW the first time 12 years ago; and four more pounds means goal (if I lose 5 more pounds I equal what I weighed post-pregnancy 22 years ago)..

Gotta go grab the water bottle - otherwise known as my secret diet success weapon...

Comment #53

Good morning shorties!.






I'm happy to report that I've now finished my 9th month on Medifast. That's 39 weeks (hmm, just about the length of a pregnancy, right?). My average is 1.75 pounds per week, but that's slowed down - the first 4 months, I averaged just under 2.5 pounds a week (or just under 10 pounds a month), and the last 5 months, I averaged just under 1.5 pounds (or just under 6 pounds a month)..

I lost another 1.4 pounds this week. So, I am now 0.6 pounds away from the weight I was when I started my very first diet 21 years ago in January 1990..

I know I can't extrapolate past losses into future results, but I'm anticipating at a minimum one more month on 5&1. That being the case, my question is for those Shorties who have already reached goal and are either in Transition or Maintenance:.

When do you cut down your Medifast order?.

I know that even in Transition (and probably in Maintenance) that I'll keep eating the Medifast products, so rather than 5 Medifast meals per day, it'll drop to 4 (at some point) and then 3... But I also already have a month's supply on hand (athough some of the meals are on my "eat only in dire emergency" list) - well, okay, I am trying to force myself to choke one down at least every week, sometimes even 1 every couple of days. I don't want to end up with a huge supply of Medifast food that I won't eat on Maintenance..

Sorry for the ramble - I've probably figured out the answer to my question - only order my ABSOLUTE favorites now, and force myself to eat up the un-favorites before I reach Transition..


Comment #54

Gkrism - I might start eating the "only in emergency" meals now, so all you have left is the good stuff. That's what DD1 and I are doing - she's repeating week 1 of transition and I am a few weeks away from being at a goal weight and considering transition. We are starting to stock only the stuff we have decided we can continue eating in maintenance. For us, that's bars, oatmeal and pancakes. And PB soft serve shakes!.

Have to admit - transition and maintenance have me scared witless. You'll probably hear me say this over and over, but I'm good at following a weight loss plan and horrid at the maintenance part. I guess I throw in the towel too quickly and revert back to my self gratifying habits. Hopefully this time I can replace those habits with some exercise...

Comment #55


Congratulations you really have done well. Hope everything goes well in the transition stage. Being new to this hearing success stories means a lot..

I just wanted to share I tested for ketosis and I am definitely in the fat burning stage so hopefully I will not feel so hungry now. I have lost weight on calorie counting before but when I start to do well I sabotage my diet. I think the structured plan on medifast is better for me having invested in the food and taken the planning out of meals with the exception of lean & green I seem to be more disciplined..

I have not been in the habit of excercising for sometime now but after I complete 2 weeks on the diet if I am losing successfully I am going to do as recommended and add in excercise gradually...

Comment #56

I finished week 1 of transition. I managed to stay with in my goal weight by 1/2 lb. I didn't think I was doing things right. Then this morning I looked a little harder at the tools and found I did things just fine. Now I'm on week 2. I'm so not ready for this..

I hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #57

Good morning weigh in day, I'm down 1.8. I'm happy!.

Donna -congratulations, you are an inspiration to the rest of us..

I have a breakfast meeting every Thursday and I have been eating before I get there. I'm looking around the room and people are just shoveling food into their mouths without any thought. It made me nauseous. It was weird in that I wasn't hungry or jealous, I just was thinking how they feel afterwards eating so much so fast. Anyway, I'm glad I can even notice something like that, over eating is such an addiction...

Comment #58

Weigh in day and I am down 2.3 lbs in 5days almost 1/2lb a day. All I have managed to lose on 1200 calorie diet is 1/2 to 1lb per week. I have set my goal weight 2lbs lower to put myself in the normal BMI range. I hope I can maintain the rate of weight loss it is so motivating...

Comment #59

Hi Ho Shorties ~.

Hope everyone is doing well. We finally have some sun and above freezing temps (and no precipitation) here in PA. It's nice to have a little sun on my face for a change..


- we have matching weight loss weeks. I am down 1.8 this week (week 2) for a total of 10.2 pounds..

Great job,.


, on the big loss!.


- nice nice job on getting down below the drivers license weight. That had to feel good!.


- I know how you feel about those meals you don't like. I have some things that are not my fav and I'm trying to do 1 or 2 of them a day NOW to get them gone before my next order. That way I can order only my favs and not let the rest sit at the back of the pantry. For the things I really cannot stomach (like the peach oatmeal gak) I have been trading with others when I can..


- congrats on getting to goal and through your first week of transition. I will definitely be following your progress and understand your trepidation. I'm worried about it and I am only on week 2 of the weight loss phase! Sounds like you are doing great..


- *waves* hi, friend. Hope all is well and you are out enjoying some of the nicer weather!.

Hello to anyone else I missed and to any silent readers of the post..

Have a great OP day everyone and DRINK YOUR WATER!..

Comment #60


If you're not ready for week 2, feel free to repeat week 1 until you do feel ready. There's no reason to rush transition. That's the beauty of the plan! It's really flexible that way and is there to make you comfortable in your food choices and preparations..


, no need to worry... if you follow the transition plan, week 4 (final phase) becomes your maintenance plan. If it's easier just consider yourself in permanent transition, final phase. It's what I do mentally to keep myself accountable and on plan..



! *waves*.

Happy Superbowl Sunday. Remember to drink your white dolphins (water) and stay away from the junk. Pack a meal and an OP snack for yourself if you're going out for festivities. If you're staying home, enjoy. Hugs to all who need it...

Comment #61

I'll admit it: I'm proud of myself. I dragged my sorry butt out of the house and walked almost 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym this morning. Definitely a step in the right direction (no pun intended)!..

Comment #62

Good for you,.


! It does feel good to get some exercise in, doesn't it. I did some shoveling yesterday (we still have tons of ice in the drive from the last storm) and I hated hated hated the thought of doing it. Then I hated hated hated doing it ... for the first 20 minutes. After that, the endorphins kicked in and I was enjoying myself. I didn't want to come in and almost wet my pants because I stayed out so long.

Yes, I know I shouldn't, but I weigh every day. Can't help myself..

Another OP day for me because I know it works. Yippee!!! Hope everyone else is doing well, staying on-plan, and drinking your water!..

Comment #63

Morning all!.



! Good job on walking..

We've been chopping ice here for two days getting stuff cleaned up. The town even came to do some extra plowing because they did such a crappy job... which means we had to shovel out the cars again! LOL...

Comment #64

Yesterday, I came home from the gym to find a 4 foot pile of wet snow and ice blocking most of my shared front porch and walkway. The snow removal crew had finally gotten around to clearing the roof of our apartment building. So, yeah, I had to do a shovel workout, too. I hope we don't get too much more snow this year - we're seriously running out of places to put it! The pile in front of my building are already close to six feet high (higher around the parking lot). I can't throw wet snow much higher than that..

And wouldn't you know it? It's snowing! We've gotten a few inches of soft, fluffy flakes overnight and it's still snowing. Beautiful though. Everything is white, down to the smallest twig. Pretty as a picture...

Comment #65

Another snow event is working it's way up from Texas. It is going to blow south of us, thank goodness, but I feel for those people in MS and AL who don't get snow in normal winters! Bright sunshine here, which means COLD. Of course, I'm always cold, so what does it matter?.

This week I am 100% committed to being 100% OP, and so far, so good. Lots going on in my life, keeping me occupied and too busy to think about cheating..

Have a terrific Tuesday, SHORTIES!..

Comment #66

Hi All My weight ticker is not showing the correct weight loss. I changed my goal weight don't know if that messed it up. I lost another 1lb Sunday but nothing yesterday but I am still showing a 3 1/2lb weight loss for 7 days..

We had a light dusting of snow this morning Dec & Jan was bad but so far Feb has been OK with little or none snow. Snow shoveling is good excercise though once you build your self up to do it...

Comment #67

Happy Tuesday Shorties..

It is cold and windy in Upstate NY! Holy cow! It was warmer this morning when I went to the gym and tanning!.

I decided to go back to the Weight Loss program. I have been playing with losing and gaining the same 2lbs for 2 weeks. Daily weigher! Now it's time to loss extra 5lbs and then re-evaluate. I'm really wanting to go to 146lbs. That would be a total of 50lbs..

Thank you all for the support. It really makes my day...

Comment #68


Every time you change your ticker on your personal page, you have to copy the new one to you discussion boards signature...

Comment #69

Mia, I did that after a week or two on transition, went back to weight loss and revised my goal. Good thing, too, since I am not one of those who continues to lose during transition. You can do it!.

Not so bad today weather-wise, until the afternoon. Starting to get bitter and very windy. Supposed to get down to 11 degrees. With the wind chill, who knows! And I have to go walk a dog down by the beach (read extremely windy) at 9:30 tonite. Brrrrrrrr.....

Comment #70

Mia, glad you figured out what you needed to do. I think most of us on Medifast changed our goal at least two or three times..

Bitter cold again here in the NE. Hard to walk the dog in this stuff. Even he isn't happy...

Comment #71

WI has me down 3 lbs this morning! Wow! It puts me below my original goal weight (boy, am I happy I changed that!) and below what I weighed when I got pregnant with DS4! Woo-hoo! I haven't weighed this little in 16 years!!!.

Cold in the midwest as well, but they promise warm temps and melting snow this weekend. I'll be SOOO happy! I can actually go outdoors and walk the pups. Or jog with the big dog. Right now everything is covered in ice and snow so there is no place to walk or run...

Comment #72

Thank you Shelly I updated my ticker. I gained 1/2lb yesterday and I don't know why I have not strayed from the plan..

Comment #73

Morning Shorties!.

It's warmer today (kinda of) without the windy. Only 9*. I was up early this morning to take DS1 to drivers ed. 530am. Okay not my time of day! Still need to go grocery shopping..

Tkye- it may be water weight. Don't worry. Drink more water today..

My brain is not functioning this am..

Thank you all for the support on changing my goal weight! I 'm glad I did. Today is my WI day. Oh, so happy!!! 158.8lbs...

Comment #74




Way to Go!!!.


- I agree with mia; relax, work the plan, drink some more water. No rhyme or reason to why the scale does those little blips. {And I fully expect you to give me this same pep-talk when I bemoan my scale in the future - cause I am sure it happens to us all!}.

So I have to share two scary scary food instances with you all. When I went to dinner with my sister and the kiddos last Saturday, I was sitting eating my totally on-plan meal and chatting. About 1/2 way through I got this sick feeling in my stomach as I was putting a forkful in my mouth. For a second, my mind played tricks on me and I thought I was eating something I shouldn't. I had to stop and concentrate for a second before I realized this was okay to do. I think most times I am eating I am totally aware of what I am eating and how it fits into plan; but this time I was not paying attention and just enjoying conversation.

I was having SF jello for a snack. It tasted really good and after the first few spoonfuls I became very nervous that maybe I had made the sugar'ed kind and not the SF and had now ruined everything by eating sugar'ed jello. I went and took the box *out of the trash* and checked it. Thank goodness it was SF. Whew.

Weird how your brain tricks you, isn't it?.

Well everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful OP day and drinking your water. I am ... because it works!!!..

Comment #75

Congratulations Kerry..

Thank you Ame for the pep talk I am down 1.2 lb this morning so I was panicking for nothing it is just that I have been trying other methods of weight loss for so long without success and I really need Medifast to work for me..

Reading all your posts and watching your weight loss success is very encouraging and motivating for me..


Comment #76

Morning all..


, I've had that happen to me. Still does once in a while. Odd but hey, shows our commitment I say..


, yep water weight will happen, so as long as you know you are on plan, take the blips with a grain of salt. This is also why we say measure yourself. The scale will lie but your measurements won't...

Comment #77

Hey Shorties! It sounds like you all are doing great! Great losses this week!.

Sounds like everyone is trying to stay warm too! It was cold here in MD this morning too, but at least in the double digits -yikes.


- 9 degrees?! It sounds like for us a warm up is coming, by Sunday we will be in the 50s and maybe in the 60s this time next week - hooray! I am running a 5k on Saturday, and it sounds like I won't need my "under armour" layer - but I will still layer up! There is nothing worse than getting too hot while running!.

I hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #78

This close to goal, I am still struggling with a sweet tooth. I thought I had it under control, but nope. The problem is adding splenda, davinci, WF, etc to things like pancake and oatmeal muffins. And I should really just stop the herbal tea completely. I read blondierae's blog today and oh-my-gosh 4 LITRES per day! I can't fathom drinking that much. And yet I know that the weeks I have a few 100ounce days I lose weight like crazy..

This really is a lifetime change, isn't it. There will be peaks and valleys in success and I'm on my way out of the valley. Step one - stop replacing sweetening syrups when I run out. And post sticky note reminders that sweet food = hunger..

Grabbing my water bottle! Happy Thursday...

Comment #79

Yep it is really a life style change. I'm still drinking about a gallon a day of plain water. It keeps hunger at bay, makes my skin healthier and honestly I think it helps pretty much all of me. I get less migraines and I have less GI issues since I started drinking all this water. I'm sure moving to a clean eating regimen has helped too, but I contribute the bulk of my improved looks after goal to water...

Comment #80

Donna - I have found the opposite. I think everything tastes sweet now. I used to drink tea with splenda all day long. I still drink a lot of tea, but I have stopped using splenda in it at all. I think it has something to do with the sweet taste I have in my mouth from the ketosis. I even find that the soups have a sweet aftertaste to me.

Maybe you can start weaning back on the usage of the extra sweetners. Try 3/4 your usual addition for a week, then a 1/2, then a 1/4, then eliminate. You will probably adjust pretty easily. It's certainly worth a try, anyway...

Comment #81

I was kinda of freaking out because I only lost .4 so far this week, and then I got ready for work. 3 pairs of pants removed from my closet because they are too big! Now I feel better...

Comment #82

Ame - you're right, cutting back slowly will probably be the best thing. First cutback = no more additions to a Medifast meal, it gets eaten as-is no matter if I turn it into a muffin or straight out of the package..

Sucking down the echinacea tonight because there is a horrible cold brewing at the back of my sinuses. Lovely...

Comment #83

Robin this is why time and again, we tell people to take measurements. The scale is a big fat lier! Only the tape measure will not lie to you and when the scale doesn't move, Mr. Tape is your friend...

Comment #84

I had a little NSV yesterday at the office that talks to MT's post of this:.

A co-worker said to me "I don't know what you are doing lately but your skin looks so incredible." I'm absolutely sure it's a combo of the soy products and all the water. Over 100 oz every single day I've been on this program; which is only 23 days, btw. That's 23 ON-PLAN days!!!! < I guess that's yet another NSV..

Have a great OP day everyone and drink your water ... so you, too, can have loverly skin...

Comment #85

Weigh in day, down only .6.

, but at least it is going down...

Comment #86

I weighed in today and after 3 days of staying the same I found I had gained 1/2lb. I am following the plan to the letter including my lean & green. I don't understand how I could slow down to a stop & then gain when I have not been on Medifast two weeks yet..

I have emailed nutrition support to see if they can help me with a plan I am so frustrated..

I have not been having any of the optional snacks. I was so thrilled with my intial weight loss. I have increased my water intake & that is all I can do until I hear from support..


Comment #87


- hang in there! If you are OP the weight will come off. It is hard to explain how our body behaves, but sometimes it just doesn't want to let go! You may want to hold off on daily weighing - that can really mess with you. Also, as MT has said over and over again, take your measurements, because while the scale may not be so nice, it is amazing how your body is still changing (shrinking). Look into how much sodium you are taking in too, that can be a big factor..

Had to share this with my shorties for Valentine's Day. Look what they had at my local grocery store today - Heart Shaped Ribeye! The pefect L for our L&G on Monday! Everyone have a very.

HAPPY Valentines Day!..

Comment #88

June and Robin.

Don't get discouraged by these blips on the scale. It happens to everybody. It could be related to TOM, a tic too much salt, a tic too little water, or for no reason at all. Most folks have their first blip around their third week on Medifast (give or take a week) - the infamous Week 3 Curse, where a person loses nothing or gains some weight back, even if they're doing the Medifast plan perfectly. I gained a full pound during mine. It's normal..

Think of it this way: If you take a toddler away from her normal routine (change the food you give her, change her bedtime, change everything for her own good), she'll go along with the changes for a little while just to figure out what's going on. But after a while, if things don't go back to what she's used to, when she expects them to, she's going to throw a full-force screaming temper tantrum. That's what our bodies do at some point in our weight loss journey. They throw a tantrum. And just like you would never give in to a child's tantrum, don't give in to your body's. Grit your teeth and plow on through it.

Don't go into the whole "This diet's not working, I'm quitting, I'm a failure, I'll comfort myself with food" mind-set. That's the kind of self-destructive behavior that got us all here in the first place. Don't do it. If you've ever lost even one measly pound at some point in your life, you've successfully lost weight and you can do it again. But no one ever claimed this was easy..

Success lies upstream. You cannot drift there..

And that stream may be filled with rapids, sharp rocks, dry spots, waterfalls, hostile natives, and rabid grizzly bears. Keep paddling. You may get washed back downstream from time to time or get hung up on the rocks. Keep paddling. You may have to haul your kayak out of the water and crawl along the river bank for a while, then find you way back into the water. Keep paddling. You will get there, and you will be a better, stronger woman because of your struggles...

Comment #89

As the other have said, stay with it! Don't get hung up on the normal fluctuations our body has. You will lose. Keep in the forefront of your mind that this is a "fat melting" food plan. That tells you right away that the scale might not move but you have certainly shed fat. Fat is not very dense. That's to our advantage as well as our disadvantage.

Three simple things you can do to get the scale moving again:.

Count your condiments and stay at the 3 or less per day limit.

Drink more than 64oz of water if you're not doing that already.

Stop adding salt if you do..

Comment #90

Hi everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Can I join your group? My name is Sandy and I am not really a newbie to Medifast but recommitted myself last month. I have been reading what the shorties have had to say and I could use some support. BTW, I did lose 2.4 lbs this week which was betterr than the 1 lb last week. Yay! Have a great day everyone!!!..

Comment #91

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!.

To celebrate, no candy for me, so my family's supporting me with cards and non-food LOVE! To celebrate, since I am such a chocolate lover, I am going to stay OP but eat all chocolate flavored Medifast meals for my 5 + 1 today!!! Yum!.

Like the song says:.

Christina Aguilera.


...And everywhere we go.

(everywhere we go).

The sun won't always shine.

(sun won't always shine).

But tomorrow will find a way.

All the other times.

'cause we are beautiful no matter what they say.

Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no.

We are beautiful in every single way.

Yes, words can't bring us down.

Don't you bring me down today..

Comment #92

Thank you everyone for your supportive messages it really does help..

Here are my measurements for this week..

Beginning measurements: upper arms 13 in.

Chest 39.

Waist 36.5.

Hips 44.

Thighs 26.

Total inches 158.5.

Today's measurements upper arms 13.

Chest 38.

Waist 34.

Hips 43.

Thighs 25.5.

Total inches 153.5.

Total loss 5in.

I knew I had lost some off my waist because of the way my jeans fit now..

Thank you all again it helps to know you have all been there..


Comment #93

And here's the link, if you'd like a song for the day....


Comment #94


- great story or example. I think I needed that one too!.


- good job on losing inches - that's awesome!.


- nice that your family is supporting you!.


- welcome to the SHORTIES!.


- can't say that the raw heart-shaped ribeye looked that appealing to me - maybe after it was cooked....


- again, what would we do without your precious words of wisdom? Thanks for continuing to be here..


- well, things could be better (computer is still not working, some of my long-time clients are going elsewhere, I ate off plan and gained some weight last week), but they will get better - I'm back on plan now, and drinking a lot of water, and I've got several new clients to replace the lost ones. So I'm blessed, and trying to remind myself of those blessings..

Have a great day!..

Comment #95

Sandy - welcome! We love having new faces here. Congrats on recommitting and the week's weight loss. Take a look at anything different you may have done this week and keep it going. You'll be to goal in no time!..

Comment #96

Thanks so much Donna and gkrism for the welcome!.

Babny that is a great way to celebrate Valentines! Everything chocolate Yum! I made these fudge balls that I really enjoyed just for today. It counts as two of my meals but atleast I feel like I'm eating candy lol..

My Valentine is in Afghanistan and usually I talk to him almost twice a day (once in the evening and once in the morning) but for some reason he didn't come on last night nor this morning. Hmmmm maybe his internet is acting up again. I can't wiat to wish him Happy Valentines Day, hopefully tonight!.

It is amazing to think all the other Valentines Day I used to spend it eating boxes of chocolate. I used to wait until after Valentines for when they are 75% off lol. Boy did that get me in trouble! Thank goodness Medifast has chocolate favorite meals..

Comment #97

Gkrism Sorry to hear about your lost clients and pleased you are getting some new ones..

Babny Thank you for the song link.

Sandy Welcome.

WE have a nice bright milder day today & I see some shoots coming up in the garden. I think Spring is coming we could have another cold spell yet but I think the worst of Winter is over..


Comment #98

Nice fresh faces here! Hello and welcome!.

Happy singles awareness day. Or happy off plan stuff day or whatever you want to call it..

I call it the all Medifast chocolate day and stay OP!.

How about all of you? What do you call today?..

Comment #99

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.