Has anyone ever tried Nutrisystem or any other weight loss program?

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First question I have is Has anyone ever tried Nutrisystem or any other weight loss program? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I didn't really notice the "Mindset Makover" part of this program the last time I did it. Perhaps that's why it failed for me a year ago..

I'm interested in the thoughts of those of you who have used this element of the program, and if you thought it has helped or not. If you haven't used it then perhaps someone's input will give us an idea of if it's worth the time or not...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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It was a big help to me and something I need to do again...

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I've got the physical part down - what do I eat? when do I eat it? etc. Now, I've got to make a change from food dominating my life to me being in control of what and how I eat without so much work. That's the part of the mindset makeover that I need to incorporate into my way of living...

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For me, food is an addiction. Or better yet the feeling of.


That I get from eating certain types of food is an addiction..

All addictions work basically the same way. The introduction of certain substances cause the activation of what is called "The Reward Pathway". With this introduction signals the brain to release endorphins. These endorphins are great in natural amounts, like the amount that is released for instance; The happy feeling you get at, let's say, the birth of a child. Think of how happy that felt and multiply it artificially by 10X or 100X. That's what drugs do.

Once this substance is introduced, the body then requires that substance to operate anywhere close to normal. Every time a person uses after that may get them a little higher but never as high as the first time..

Where addiction comes in is, during the periods where you deprive the body of this substance, where a person drops below 'normal'. The introduction of artificially causing the body to release endophins has caused a depletion of this necessary brain chemical. That's when you HAVE to obtain the substance again, you HAVE to chase that feeling you get from putting the substance in your body again. You have to have that release of endorphins into your brain..

It is only after a person abstains for long periods of time does the brain revert back to it's normal function of releasing the endorphins only when stimulated naturally by positive events..

You may ask how a simpleton like me could possible know such things as FACT? I have had and BEATEN every one of those addictive substances. I have stood at the gates of hell, only awaken to hear the words "We have a pulse". My cocaine addiction led to the end of my rope, literally. 6 months VA rehab. over 4 yrs clean. I really can't even imagine going back to that and seldom even think about it these days..

The comment about.

"Now, I've got to make a change from food dominating my life to me being in control of what and how I eat without so much work.".

By Dick got me thinking. All of those other addictions were beaten by abstinence, total and complete abstinence. How does one abstain from food.?. You can't. What you can do is abstain from crappy food choices. But, that's when it get's difficult.

That's why I sometimes have more than one Nutrisystem 'Snickers' at a time. I need to start ordering the stuff I don't like. Lol.

Thus the reason for this long rambling post. Idle hands and all that. How's this for irony; I'm typing this really long post about food addiction as a.


To keep my mind busy and off my food addiction for a little while. Don't knock it, it worked. As a matter of fact, I bet you haven't thought about eating either since you started reading this ridiculously long ass post. Mission accomplished. "I wonder where I could find a cheap banner for sale....hhhhmmmm"...

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Right on Damon. I am reading Dr. Kessler's book "The End of Overeating". It's got a lot of clinical mumbo jumbo, but it shows how certain foods (especially fat and sugar) are not only addicitive, but make you crave even more fat and sugar. This goes back to pursuit of dense calories because the next meal was always uncertain. You have to overcome the mental cycle to 'just say no' to unhealthy foods and unhealthy portion sizes..

That being said, I have never used it nor do I know how to use it...

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Thumbs UP on this "ridculously long ass post"..

Re: Mindset Makeover it can be a great tool for leaning how to maintain if it's taken seriously. I'm still surprised when I see people get to maintainance and go 'what do I do NOW?'. (The answer is do the same thing you've been doing, but start thinking for yourself if you can't do that yet, better keep your Nutrisystem order current.)..

MM teaches how to maintain while you are still on the program. It incorporates Nutrisystem lessons into the rest of your life with or without the Nutrisystem food...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.