Has anyone gone on those Nutrisystem/Nutrisystem diets? If so, how does the food taste?

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My question is Has anyone gone on those Nutrisystem/Nutrisystem diets? If so, how does the food taste? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... I was watching Sean Hannity this evening and he had Jillian Barbierri (sp?) on his panel. They were talking about health care and obesity and Hannity mentioned about Jillian being on Nutrisystem and one of them (I can't recall which) said something about Hannity also using NS. Anybody heard anything else about that?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Without getting into a politcal argument, as I think it is a lot more fun to be on the boards for fun discussion, I will just say......

I forgive you Damon........

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That's the reason I deleted my original post (it was really harsh). I usually leave politics, religion and the such outta my posts but since my name was mentioned I just couldn't resist taking a shot..

Plus, sometimes I'm just a tool...

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And the left is so tolerate and never insights things with hate speech and things like that -..

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Kinda reminds me of an old saying..... Opinions are just like (a part of the human anatomy) everyone has one..... I guess that is what makes America.... America!!!!!!..

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Actually, I voted for W. both times. I had to vote for change this time. Who knows in 4 years, I may change my mind again. That's what makes America great. When I enlisted, Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief, that's when my Republican background began.

Just today Rush offered to send Judge Sotomayor a vacuum cleaner so she can clean up after the hearings. How Racist can you get? Surely you fine folks on the right of the debate can never support such a racist person. Even if any of the GOP comes forward and denounces that racist talk they will just have to call Rush the next day and apologize. Believe me, If their were people on the left doing this crap I would scald them as well, so don't be so condescending. Just healthy debate..

That is the last I will say on the subject, so let it go..

I wish MzHelenp was still posting..

As you were!..

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Yet there are whole left wing organizations that are just as crazy, as opposed to a few nut jobs...

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Because sotomayor never said that an hispanic woman was better than a white man.....

Like you said, a topic for a different board...

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In matters of Race Discrimination.....A wise Latino woman given the richness of her experience would reach a better conclusion more often than a white man in matters of Race Discrimination. And I agree..

And I also agree that this is a topic for another forum, especially since it looks like I'm the only moderate leaning liberal here...

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Was that racist or sexist? I thought it was like the "iron my shirt" signs people held up for Hillary...

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Hang in there, Damon. I agree with everything you said - except for the voting for W part..

Limbaugh may be a blowhard, but nothing he says is an accident. He managed to work in both ethnic and gender slurs into a single comment. He is a skilled broadcaster, a master at crystallizing a position into a sound bite, and he hits people where it hurts with devastating accuracy. That's why he's so appealing to many, and so abhorrent to many others...

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And yet I have yet to see him lead a riot like "Rev" Sharpton...

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