Has anyone had a web build through 123

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Quick question... Has anyone had a web build through 123 Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Whats wrong with them?.

I swear I'm never gonna use them again. Ever..

I backordered and won a name with them..

Two days later they send me the required info about my registrar (some weird German one)..

However, three weeks after acquiring my name, the Whois STILL hasn't been updated..

Of course when I contact them, they say that I should resolve it with the registrar..

The registrar, it seems, doesn't even understand English. I've written countless emails to them, but no response..

I can control the name in my control panel, redirect it to a different nameserver. But the Whois is still not updated..

On the contrary, Snapnames always gives me my name within two days and I've had much much better registrars. Heck, a couple of my $60 backordered names were registered at eNom...considering that registering a single name at eNom itself costs $25, that's a huge steal..

And I'd use any day for regging domains.. sucks..

If a rep happens to be reading this, please ask your company to take it's head out of it's a**ho*e. Its not a good view, as your company might like to believe...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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Thanks mbuna!.

Now if someone could just verify if that was right.....

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We already have a thread setup with Pool's CEO to help us resolve such issues with them..


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I won a name on a German site a couple years ago, and had trouble reading the interface. I used google language tools to translate the text, but found that the interface would even have been confusing in English. I waited a couple months and after a couple failed attempts finally transferred it out..

Every couple months I go through my pool and snap history to see what I registered. Those that are a few months old, I transfer to my normal registrars. NEVER wait until the last month or so to transfer, since you may have troubles. do it 4-6 months before expire and you can redo several times until you get it out if necessary...

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This sounds better:.


Ich habe vor kurzem gekauft und mchte die WHOIS Informationen aktualisieren..

Knnen Sie mir bitte erlutern, was ich tun mu, um dem WHOIS registrant Informationen zu aktualisiert fr diese Domain?.



Short time ago I bought and want to update whois information..

Can you explain, what I need to do, to update Whois registrant information for this domain?.


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Thanks a ton Zoki.

I'll mail them this thing and see if something happens..

Rep added...

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Just short change (i was too quick today morning).

Knnen Sie mir bitte erlutern, was ich tun mu, um dem WHOIS registrant Informationen zu aktualisiert fr diese Domain?.

Replace with:.

Knnen Sie mir bitte erlutern, was ich tun mu, um dem WHOIS registrant Informationen fr diese HostGator zu aktualisieren ?

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I would actually include the whois info you want to change and ask them to do it for you...

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Hey Sashas, please contact me and I will ensure your request gets addressed as quickly as possible. My direct email is.

And you can recah me by phone at 613-221-1207...

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