Has anyone had negative results with the Medifast Diet of similar fad diets?

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My question is Has anyone had negative results with the Medifast Diet of similar fad diets? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... Welcome.

Team PINK.

To February!!.

It's the season of love......

It may be that we let ourselves get into our current physical (and mental) condition because we didn't love ourselves first. Many of us are caregivers in our professions and/or in our homes with our families and are used to serving others instead of ourselves..

This month we will focus on loving ourselves first! First thing in the morning we will love ourselves by starting our days off OP, last thing at night we will post to PINK one loving thing we thought or did for ourselves that day. During the day we will love our bodies by taking care of them. Not abusing them with food but instead nuturing ourselves with exercise and the right kinds of food in the proper portions. It's about loving ourselves..

We are worthy! This weight loss journey is something we are doing for ourselves and our health. The benefits will be many!.

LOVE you!.

Here's the link if you want to check up on January's thread:..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Hi PINKs,.

We are snowed in. I must of been sleeping with my nightgown on inside and out backwards for the last two weeks. (one of the PINKs said that is a sure way to get a 'snow day off from school'. LOL).

Last night we stocked up on food, got gas for the generator in case we lose electricity and Hubby's work actually called him at home to tell him the business was closing for the day. (thats never happened before!) He was pretty happy about it..

I am feeling better. I got my younger children back after them being gone two weeks!! We got them back yesterday afternoon just in time before the storm/blizzard came. They have stories to tell and we have stories to tell them..

I am still on pain meds but will start going to iburprofen in a few days. I feel ok parts of the day but other parts I am stiff and achey. And I can't walk standing upright. All day yesterday I walked bent over. And if I laugh or cough, OUCH...pain in the adomin. is like FIRE..

I had the drain removed (and gladly no infection) but am sweating out my bed at night. DRENCHED. Swelling is going down and my belly button is going to be ok, close enough and maybe just right. but really I am not worried about it because NOone will ever see it, I was just commenting on it being off a little so you would all know it is a possibility when having this kind of surgery, in case you are thinking about it in your own future. My own belly button has never seen the light of day! LOL.

Since hubby is home from work today he made a HUGE yummy breakfast that filled the house with those yummy smells but I turned my plate away and ate my Medifast oatmeal earlier and a Medifast shake later. I am not at goal yet. I haven't weighed and won't for a long time yet. Still swollen and not feeling at all smaller than before surgery but I must be..

Eating my LG but with some carbs snuck in from other people providing the food for me. I must be more diligent about that now that the church ladies are done bringing over food. I am feeling good today and ready to press on to goal. I had secretly hoped to wake up skinny from surgery, LOL, but that doesn't happen with swelling/bruising/nonOP foods during recovery. Doc said swelling could be 6-8 months to completely go away. LOL.

That can't be right?!.

OH and I want to have a word or two with that office lady who originally tried to tell me that having TOM at the same time as the surgery was going to be OK. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I didn't listen and rescheduled. I would of been even more miserable and seriously unable to take care of myself if I had..

(((Team PINK))).

I have a lot to read up. Love you and miss you all...

Comment #2

PL, glad you're feeling better. In addition to everything else, you're endlessly creative in thinking of themes for the month and homework questions..

We got a quarter inch of ice last night and are due for another ice storm tonight about sunset. I've been doing laundry in case the power goes out. Last time that happened we were out for nine days because we're on "rural power.".

I did something nice for myself recently; I bought a sun lamp to help combat my S.A.D. and I think it might be working. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I'm not having so much trouble making myself get up and do things in the morning when I don't have meetings scheduled on campus. If nothing else, it's been nice to have more light in the house because it's been an obscenely gloomy week...

Comment #3

Leita, that's a great gift to love yourself. You deserve to bring the sunshine in. I just opened up the curtains myself before reading this. We are DEEP in snow but I let some sunlight in. We are rural power too but usually have a better chance of keeping our electricity than our friends that live 'in town' because they are different electricity providers. You are past your half-way mark and from the last pic I saw of you, you are looking amazing! Our mutual friend gave me glowing reports or your progress!!!..

Comment #4

PL is is so good to see that you are feeling better. It has alway been my goal to have a tummy tuck (even before MF) but all the pain that you were experiencing scared me. So glad that you are doing much better. YAY!!!.

I love the challenge of doing something nice for yourself. This is something I rarely do and if I do I feel guilty..

Leita sorry to see that you too are having bad weather. The other day it was 75 here but I must have gotten too happy because today is freezing..

It nice to see that you found an alternative to sunlight by getting a sun lamp. Whether it's a placebo effect or not, the fact that it is making you feel better is great..

All other PINKS hope that you are having a great OP day...

Comment #5

Hey everyone. HAPPY FEB!!!.

I told my husband that all I want for V-day is for him to get me a card and cook me a nice steak and veggie dinner.

Oh and he has to make me a Medifast Brownie for my "choc fix".

He agreed.. I agreed to clean the house for him for that day and do the dishes. It works out for both of us. I love the fact that he supports me 110% in this weight loss. He knows the sooner I get to a healthier weight the sooner we can have a child and hopefully with just some meds- we will be able to concieve ...

PL hope you are feeling better. TOM sucks. I am going through mine now. My scale didnt budge from yesterday morning to today.. not even an ounce dang TOM!.

Leita- keep safe with the weather.. We are just going to get some rain and that is about it..

Staying OP!!!.


Comment #6's good to be among PINKs again! This has been my longest absence in all PINKdom history! LOL.

(((Team PINK))).


I just ate my Medifast brownie right before logging on. Can't beat them for Choc fixes! lol.

LOVE those things and great news about your hubby supporting you. Sometimes our husband's don't know how to react to our weight loss and sometimes they don't know what to say (or not say) so good job btwn you and your hubby on your weight loss journey!.


, don't let me scare you...but be assured it is no quick-fix or walk in the park! LOL I've had 5 c-sections and three hernia repairs so I thought I was a seasoned surgery veteran. In a way, I guess I am, but with a tuck, there is no cute baby to occupy your time/distract you from the pain of recovery. LOL This time it was ME that wanted to be babied. I figured at least my older boys owed me that! LOL They learned to help their momma but it took some on-the-job-training. LOL My hubby wasn't so sure the meds were good for me (mentally) even though they helped me physically. I got pretty emotional there....and the perfect for this month's theme of loving myself.

I am struggling with guilt of all the things I should be doing/paying for/kids/family/church/house and home. Whew! Just this morning I woke up and said to myself, "I can't believe I really had a tummy tuck!" LOL How crazy is that, that reality is just starting to settle in. I've always said I wanted one from the first baby (18 years ago!) and now I really did it. I am still swollen but see the difference in my future. Right now I am covered in bandages and then when they come off I will have a whole new wave of emotions when I have to deal with the new scar (and accept it/come to terms with it/ignore it? LOL).

Basically the doc said he would cut around me as far as he could with me lying on my back. eek. The imagery for a tuck is NOT pretty! LOL.

Anyway, feeling good today and loving the beautiful snow outside my window. It's about 18 inches in our yard all around...deeper in some places up to 21 inches and maybe one drift about 5 feet tall!..

Comment #7

It's snowing! It's snowing!!.

My first real blizzard! LOL.

Picture taken in my backyard. It's started snowing/blowing again since then and still going!..

Comment #8

We both were home today since Texas pretty much shuts down when it is bad...the roads have 2 inches of ice on them. Quite funny that this happens when the Super Bowl is in our town! HAHAHA.

My work is closed I will be staying in tomorrow. I have a dr appointment at 8:05, but it's in Denton and not sure we can make it up there. Might reschedule for Friday morning. Which happens to be my bday...hahah...what a present...doing my 1 hour glucose test..

Hope everyone else is doing good!..

Comment #9

Hello PL & everyone!.

I'm Martha and would like to join up with you to get healthy; plus I love the color pink!.

I'm a 58 y/young Gma of three and live in KS..

I just enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my grndau. Alexis..

After we took her home the hub n' I went to the movies; the last show was at 4pm due to the weather; when the movie was over we were leaving the theater and black ice was everywhere; I didn't see it and went down twisting my left ankle and bonking my left knee as my leg bent while I fell flat on my back at the same time; I was lucky to get up and walk without any broken bones esp. at my age, lol!.

I am learning to love myself on my wtloss journey..

Enjoy your evening!..

Comment #10

Happy Groundhog Day all!!!.

I think it is funny we celebrate in such a stupid tradition, but hey...... they are cute little critters I guess.....



I think I lost 3 or so.

It has been a challenging week, but it is good to have the kids say to me and to others, - "No, she is not eating white things or bread right now. She's gonna be skinny".

Last time I tried to do Medifast, my youngest did not want me to get skinny. SHe was scared I would become a different person and loose my cushyness for her to snuggle with. Now, she is my health coach! LOL.....AMazing what a 9 year old can do for the spirit..

PL- I am happy you are doing better. The sweating is most likely just excess fluids coming out any way they can. Just make sure you are not running a fever. The pain med you have most likely has some form of tylenol or advil in it and will mask a fever should youhave one. So take your temp about 5-6 hours after your last dose of pain meds before your next one. Just trying to help..

The blizzard looks beautiful there, but I so am glad I am not living there. I was talkign to a friend yesterday..... it get beyond hot here in FL in the summer and we whine and carry on....but we NEVER, except for during hurricanes, have to stay inside. We always have the option of going outside and enjoying the sunshine. SO I am glad you are there and I am here. I do not think I could do that weather at any time..

Well, I have got to get dressed and take kids to high school and get the lessons plans ready the two who I school at home..

May you all have a blessed day and stay OP.......

Comment #11

FIRSTWELCOME MARTHA!!! (I love your ticker!) -and OWIE OWIE OWIE!! I'm SO glad you didn't break anything! I work as a surgery scheduler in an OR so I'm REALLY glad you didn't have to go there!.

SECONDThank you MaryJo! I had ENTIRELY forgotten about Weigh In Wednesday!! It cheered me up some. (yesterday was a rough day in Amelie-land).


210.4 5'5"..

Comment #12

Welcome Martha!!! :-).

Hi Pinks. I am home today. I have been in so much pain, I just needed Vicodin. Well, I can't go to work at the nuke plant while on Vicodin. Only a few more months to surgery. I am so scared about it and praying for the first time since I was 19 I will be pain free.

I havent been able to for more than a week since 2007.

I have been so busy and in so much pain... sorry I have been MIA. I miss all the PINKS when I am down..

PL... so glad to hear you are doing better. I have been praying for you EVERY day dear!! <3 Hugging you..

WIW: 299.4.


Hugging ALL peeps PINK! Going to take a nap. <3..

Comment #13

Hi PINKs,.

Everything is closed and hubby is currently digging out our long driveway so he can get to work tomorrow. No snow truck has come down our street yet so he will have to rely on others to make a path on the street or he isn't getting out. We live on a dirt county road so the upkeep is almost none. We usually get ice...long history of ice storms here but this time we got SNOW! But we live flat as a pancake and so no sledding for us. Friends of ours live on hills but they are 7 miles east of us and no way for us to get there now..

Welcome Martha!.

So glad you are here and that you are still able to walk. eek. I have had a few falls myself and they are not fun..

It's WIW!.

Wow, the weeks are flying by so I also love Martha's signature quote. Amelie, I am glad that you are looking forward to WIWs. It's a good sign..


, is your birthday tomorrow? How old will you be? Glucose test-no fun. sorry!.

Dear Sharon,.

My friend, do not be hard on yourself. You do not have to be perfect- just don't give up. Getting back OP is tricky because there is ALWAYS something we can use as an excuse (i am good at that!) but we have to tell ourselves "no". Just no, very simple, like we would tell a baby reaching for an electrical plug (that is dangerous). Just a calm no, and removal of the hand. Think of that when reaching for the non-OP foods.

But the truth is the non-OP foods are dangerous to our overall health when we are trying to get our excess weight off. Don't get mad at yourself for trying, just like you wouldn't get mad at a baby for reaching for the plug. They don't know better. We would just correct the baby, protect the baby and slowly teach them that is not good/safe for them. You need to baby yourself, love yourself, like this month's theme is.

Losing weight is a mental game. We have to re-train ourselves from years (sometimes lifetimes) of unhealthy habits and it takes time. Love you, friend. I got your email from last night so was glad to see you post on PINK this morning..


, so great that you have your children's full support as you lose weight. My youngest son also told me he didn't want me on a diet in the beginning!! LOL And now he is like a WATCH DOG for me! LOL He's a cutie though at age 9 and the youngest of 5. Glad to have a PINK nurse on staff..

Hugging you..

I need to read up from the end of January's thread...I know I missed out on a lot and will "ketchup" today..

I am OP, baby!.

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #14

GRRR!!! Weight has not budged since Saturday!!.

WIW: 193.1 5'1".


Comment #15

Hi PINKS, hope everyone is keeping warm. Boy is it COLD!!!.

WIW: 257.4.

HEIGHT: 5'4".

Welcome Martha - so sorry to hear about your fall but so glad you did not break anything..

Every one have a PINKTASTIC day...

Comment #16

Hello PINKs~.

PL~ You are sounding like your old self! Glad you are healing+.

WIW 186.

HT 5'2"..

Comment #17

WIW 244.


We've had a terrible ice storm with power lines and trees down everywhere. Our power was out since midnight, but it just came back on. We're so glad to have the furnace for tonight, because now the wind and snow are really blowing and the temperature is dropping...

Comment #18

PL... Thank you. I love you my friend! <3..

Comment #19

Thanks bunches for the warmest of welcomes my new friends and for the well wishes b/c of my fall!.

PL - my c-section scar is vertical and have always wondered how that would work if they did a horizontal scar for a tummy tuck; still glad you are feeling much better; your progress photos are gorgeous - each of them & congratulations! I see it is WIW so for me that means a.

-3 lbs.

For my first week with all of you! Do I need to post actual weight and height?....I think I know what the answer is but thought I would ask it anyway,

Tonight I let myself rest and put off doing taxes as a chillaxin' gift to myself b/c I love me; I'm planning my food I will eat tomorrow and plan to get my water in as well!.

As I get to know you all better I will post more; enjoy your evenings PINK LADIES! (BTW, what is the T&M pink thread?)..

Comment #20

Is is too late to report my WiW?.

Been so busy all day!.

WIW: 196.



Comment #21

Just a quick hello to all you PINKs!.

I have been busy with tax stuff for my daycare families as is us..

I was a bit on the lazy side today, but will be back tomorrow to ketchup with you all..

It's time for bed now....good night PINKs!..

Comment #22

WOW! I think many of our pinks are stuck in that storm..... I so hope all are OK and getting their power back on.....

Today is our home school group, so I musn't take long on here..

I am excited I am getting energy back...this is good as I keep telling people I will do things for them! LOL.

OK, I will check back in tonight...have a great OP day all and welcome Martha and I hope you have a wonderful week.....

PL sounding like a good week is coming your way...sounding good......

FUNNY thought: So I was thinking the other day, "What do the peole at Medifast look for when developing a new food?" I am sure they do the normal stuff, like nutrition, calories, healthy stuf....BUT, I think they also make sure that all of the Medifast food can be consumed in 6 bites or less!!! I just haev to laugh..... a friend asked me how much you ate on Medifast and I told her"each emal is about 6 bites"LOL But, it is true and it works.....

Hope that left you with a smile to start your day!.

Stay OP and will see you pinks later tonight!..

Comment #23

Good Morning PINKS!.

It is a beautiful sunny, crisp morning. Gods creation never ceases to amaze me..


... LOL on the 6 bites..

I will be back later gaters... I took the day off work. Still in a lot of pain. Going to try to do some pick up here as the house is a wreck. Hoping that helps unstiffen me and take some of the pain away..

Hugging all peeps PINK! :-)..

Comment #24

Sorry, forgot yesterday to report in and do WIW so here it is.

5'7 1/2.


Very bummed that I have lost .2 lbs this week since Monday because I have been working the plan and not seeing much of anything in a loss.

Please tell me it TOM that started Monday with me that is causing this...

Anyways hope everyone has a great Thursday..

Comment #25

Christina-TOM probably. Isn't it also your 2nd or 3rd week? Those are almost ALWAYS bad.... (weight-wise I mean)..

Comment #26

I remember seeing someone a while back say that the new cinnamon pretzels weren't as good as the old. What an understatement! I just tried my first bag from an entire box of the things and they are almost not worth eating! Bleah!..

Comment #27

Hi PINKs,.

..been snowed-in since Monday...Hubby can't get to work...what a pain. I think Cabin Fever is setting in for all of us. He tried to drive our Suburban down the road last night, hoping it would clear the snow and he didn't get 4 feet..

My oldest son's birthday is today! LOL We are snowed-in...HOW to come up with presents?! LOL I am thinking I.O.U. slips??!! LOL.

Drinking my RTD now and then will head for the Medifast cappy now that I have it in stock again (thankfully it got delivered on Monday before the snow hit.)..

Comment #28

UMMMMM.....anybody know who's doing Queen of the Week this week?..

Comment #29

LOL I just thought of that this morning....sorry!.

Will do now...

Comment #30

I havent tried the new cinny sticks yet Leita- thanks for the warning though. If they arent as good- I won't be getting themLOL.

PL quit hogging the snow and send some my way please.

I love snow!!!.

This is my 2nd week.. So far hanging in there. I cooked a very lean london broil last night. Yummy! Plus left overs tonight for it.. Gonna do squash and zucchini as our veggies for tonight. Can't wait!! My dad has this awesome recipe that inchludes onions and splenda with them but since I can't do onions, I will just leave that out.

Yesterday the highs were in the 60's and today 40's again.. BRRRR I love cold but only when snow is in the picture.. Yes I am one of the rare people who love snow!! Guess cause I dont really have to go out in it to do anything so it's not a pain for me..

Anyways- hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday so far!.


Comment #31

Hi Martha, I had three horizontal c-sections and two vertical! LOL All gone now after the tuck! I also took some of my stretch marks away (most, but not sure if all, as I haven't seen myself without bandages yet.).

I am not quite up to 100% yet. I'll post the WIW rules here again. I used to post them weekly..



Queen of the Week Crown Rules.

~ New MFers joining team.


During their first week of Medifast are not up for the crown until they are in their second week or more on MF. (Because typically the first week is the greatest loss and we wanted to make it fair to all the.


Who have been losing for a while now.).



Works best if you post your weight on the first Wednesday you join team.


As your "baseline" weight and then the following week you will be up for the crown the following Wednesday..

~ Some people have other weigh in days that they would like to keep but still be eligible for the crown on Wednesdays. That is fine as long as you repost your weekly weigh ON Wednesday. (For example, you weigh Sunday but don't report until Wed. each week, as along as it is comparing a full seven day week.)Although it is more simple to just change to make your official weigh-in day on Wednesday..

~We actually post our weights and do not take it from our tickers (sometimes we get behind on our tickers). So please post something like this:.

WIW: 217.4.

Height: 5'4".

So anything you can do to make your weight stand out easier would be very helpful like adding large font, add color, and maybe even space it apart from everything else to make it stand out..

Thanks!! We are getting more fit each week! go.



Comment #32

I just backtracked to get all of the WIW from this week but now need to backtrack to last WIW to compare..

MaryJo, lol at the 6 bites. I can make a Caramel Nut Bar last longer...i nibble nibble the bar until it is gone and savor every bite!.

Leita, I tried the new pretzels and there was a difference but not that much of a big deal for me. Having something portable to crunch trumps perfect taste. LOL.

Christina, glad you are eating yummy LGs! We ran out of eggs this morning and I am wondering how I am going to make my son's birthday cake without them seeing how we can can't get out because we are snowed-in. I offered to make him a Medifast brownie and put a candle in it instead but he wasn't thrilled about that. LOL..

Comment #33

I sent last week to you PL! Sorry if it's too late!..

Comment #34

WOW!!! I did a drive by post yesterday cuz I was soooo busy... so much going on!!.

Welcome Martha!! I'm fairly new to the PINKS too...

PL- I'm so glad that you are doing better! I was considering surgery afterwards but now I think I'll wait and see how bad I look.. lol.

This last storm was soooo huge! I live in Phoenix and it's been so cold and windy here.. Didn't it affect the whole southern states of our country? And my dad just told me there's another storm starting again... this one isn't supposed to be as bad/big as the first..

DH went out of town with work... I miss him so much when he's gone, but to be honest it'll be much easier staying OP since I don't have to cook for him. My kids are boys and they can deal with hotdogs or pizza... something easy that I don't have to deal with. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get back to exercising this week..

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #35

Hello PINKs!.

PL~ I am amazed at how much snow you got! I am having "snow envy" We have about 6 inches here in western PA.

There is nothing better then a good hefty snow storm!!.

Martha~ Welcome to PINKs! I am a newbie to PINKs as well, though have been on Medifast since sept. Looking forward in "getting to know you".

Have a good day ladies..

Comment #36

Hi PINKs,.

Sorry that I got side-tracked before I got the WIW Queen announced. I got the info from Amelie. (thanks!).

About the tuck thing...I have been a coach a long time...and have seen other MFers lose 125-135+ pounds without the skin issues I had. They didn't have as many kids (I have five and none of theirs were by c-section) and exercised waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I did. Also how our skin responds is partly hereditary too. Some of us have skin that stretches more than others. The doc told me that once he just sewed my stomach muscles back together (from carrying babies) that alone would make my waist look smaller without even removing the apron skin (but am sooooooooooooooooo glad that stupid apron thing is gone!!) AND NEVER THOUGHT I would admit to having had one in public! LOL..

Comment #37

That was me....they kind of remind me of teething I'm use to them...definately liked the olds better tho!..

Comment #38

Good evening PL, childrenrgifts, greyflower, amelie, Christina, Leita, Sharon, Mary Jo, Meshka, beccab2003, Krystin, & Regina!.

Ran errands today with the hub; then watched a Harrison Ford movie. Took a care package to one of the children who has been off work for over two years.I am tired. Got my gallon of water in though woohoo! Wishing you all a good nite...

Comment #39

Hi Martha.

Congrats on getting your water in.. I can't seem to drink water during the winter times. I am hot tea and coffee ...

Have to get to bed and get up early for a chiro appt.. I am in so much left arm pain and neck pain right now. Wondering if I don't have carpal tunnel setting in as well. When it rains it pours with me.. But I am staying OP.

Take care and good night all..

Comment #40

I am doing a late night fly by....I am SO SO tired!.

I do not like the pretzles....they are just nasty to me...BUT, I DO DO DO love the nacho puffs....I liek to take them with me to the park......just right........

I was not very good today but I did not carb out like I would want to....I am PMS woman and very emotional as a good friend is kids are close to her kids and so on and so was having some stinking thinking going on..........BUT, I was able to contain myself but I did over do it on lean meats and salad. I figure as long as I ddi not pork out on the bread I was considering it is a good thing......we shall see.......

But, if I do not get to sleep, I will want to eat all day night all you pinksters........

I am sorry about the snow issue...we are 62 tomorrow and sun. Today was dreary adn grey...not a fun day, but manageable.... I hope you guys out soon....being thankful you have power!!!.


Comment #41

Hello PINKs!.

MaryJo~ I am with you with the PMSing....finailly went up and hung in my room with some of my kids just to get myself away from kitchen and "urges" it worked~ stayed OP~.

Reading the BECK Solution book....really getting alot in cool info about sabatoge thinking and ways to respond~.

Tomorrow is regional pinewood derby races for cub scouts. I have 2 little guys that have qualified and my 2 older ones are helping with the running of it (they are Eagles). I am NOT a mall person, but looks like I will be hanging out there tomorrow...yeah....sigh....

But on a good note in a DH is leaving early sun am for a week of rest in Florida with his parents. This will be good for him and it will be easier for me to be OP. I love him to pieces, but he does add stress to most days. It is important to him that things are orderly and house work done, no bed being made next week!.

LOL! He is a great husband and dad and so needed in our lives, but a little break is always good on both ends! In the past when he has been out of town, usually I have done some really yummy take out that is not FF. Not this time! Though, I think my kids will be eating alot of Mac N Cheese this week! I like my LG earlier in the day and it going to be nice to not have to make a big meal for evening sit down dinners. I think the kids will enjoy the change of routine too. I hope I am not sounding unappreciative of my DH, just he is a type A and I am a type B. Cool how God places two opposites together...we balance each other <3.

We have a Teens for Life Fish Fry today that my kids are working at. I get the best end of the deal where I am baby sitting a really cute 2 year old all day. My youngest is 8, so it is always fun to have a little one around again! Well, on that note, need to get playing with him! take care girls!.



Comment #42

Having a discouraging time todayput a lot of effort into having a jewelry party for my friendturn out was great, I invited over 60 people (9 came)had warm brownies & ice cream for everyone.... no one ordered. NO ONE. I got 3 outside orders, but I'm not even to the minimum amount to submit a SHOW..

Really kind of discouraged...usually you get enough rewards as a hostess to have it be worth having a party, but....(sigh) I may just not even end up ordering anything myself..

I don't know what's going to happen. I hope I don't have to hand back the 3 people's orders...

Comment #43

Amelie~ I am sorry that happened.

Those home shows can be tricky.....

Hopefully you will not have to return those orders. How much more do you need to make it work? I would be willing to order something if it would help? Message me and I will give you my email~.

~ allison~..

Comment #44

Hi PINKs,.

I over-did it again yesterday on the household stuff and could NOT get out of bed this morning. I drenched my sheets with sweat again last night. DRENCHED. Swelling might be down some this morning but I woke up hurting so took my painpills right away since I slept past time to take them earlier..

Neighbor used his backhoe to dig us out down the street so hubby could get to work. Maybe now we can get mail again and trash pick up. We've had nothing since Monday and today is FRIDAY..

I am OP, baby too! I let go off my eating schedule while I was in recovery, only doing half my schedule and eating when the food came. Now I am focused back to eating at 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. I love MF!.

Again I am sorry for not annoucing the Queen. Seems we had a lot more people report in last week than this week. Anymore WIWs?..

Comment #45's something funny...the swelling has moved to my breasts!! They are HUGE!!..

Comment #46

Happy Birthday.



Btw, rub that prego belly of yours for me!..

Comment #47

AWWWW!! Allison, thanks for making my day.

I would email you, but they have no online catalog (they want to stress the home parties I guess)..

Your willingness to help certainly cheered me up though! THANKS!!.

Going out of internet connectivity range for the weekend, so I'll have to find out who the queen is on Monday!.


Comment #48

Happy Birthday Krystin.

Hi everyone. Not sure where the heck today went.. Wow- flew by.. Not feeling all that well.. Gotta go to sleep early tonight. Hope you all stayed OP and had a wonderful day..

Anyone have plans for this weekend? Me- to sit around and have hubby catter to me.. Oh wait- that is a wish dream.. Umm.. Do some light cleaning and probably give my 3 dogs a bath.


Comment #49


It's snowing again. Hubby got out today just in time to get more groceries/supplies because it is SNOWING AGAIN. I think we are looking at a weekend in the house. Hopefully just to stay warm and not because we can't get down the road. The neighbor-farmer backhoed us out yesterday. two feet of snow on the road!!!!.

Marjo- I PMS bad and always crave OP relief for that is PB2 mixed in a Medifast brownie. YUM. Sorry about your friends moving, I know that is emotional..

Allison, I had a few cub scouts/boy scouts and one almost made it to Eagle so you did really well to have more than one make it! Pinewood Derby is fun! (I am sooo competitive! LOL) I am a chess-mom. Those are the worst kind! LOL.

Lisa and Allison will both be bacholorettes..

LOL I am actually best OP when with my hubby because he helps me out with the kids when he gets home from work. If he doesn't and it is just me and the kids...I cave easier because it is overwhelming. LOL My favorite way to be OP is at a restaurant where I can order what I want and they bring it to me! (so nice not have to cook!'s been a while since I ate at a restaurant though since the surgery and the snow storm.) I think I am ready to get out!!!.

Sorry, Allison, on the delay on the Queen. PINK Queens are special!!!.

I am OP,baby! one last meal for the day and then I am 'done'....what will it be? oh what will it be?..

Comment #50

Hi Pinks..... how's it going? I am just hanging out here now after an emotional and fun day...both in the same day? YES......

I started the day out by baking a box of brownines...OK, so I felt like I was making Easy Bake food, but they aren't that bad.... I am going to try to have one a day and keep them cooked in the frig. We will see how that works..

Then, we went to a play. It was called "Anne Frank and Me" and yes, it was about the Holocaust. It was very very tastefully done, but I still sobbed and so did my little one. This EVIL is so hard to teach the the kids, but it is so necessary. I am also apulled that some idiots are trying to say that the Holocaust never happened....that is for another discussion...It just burns my butt when ignorant people who think they are all smart say just stupid things..... I bet I have offened someone, so I am sorry.....

Then we went to lunch at a salad bar place with my friend who is was a great time.....

THEN is when I THOUGHT I was gong to have issues: We had a birthday party at a CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Yes, I mean where you go and make your chocolate and weigh it and eat it and bring it home. They had twinkies that you would run through a conveyer belt chocolate machine thing and then there were the dipped fruits etc etc and the list could go on all night but I will not torture you......

I really prayed before I went and I said "Lord, let YOUR light show" and I will tell you that I was SO good.... I DIDN'T EVEN LICK MY FINGERS!!! I was able to help the kids as they needed it (there were about 20 of them)....... and, I took a Smores bar and one of the moms said to me "So you broke down adn got something. It's OK dear" ANd I just smiled and said "Oh no, this is Medifast and I had that as a chocolate for me!" Then I showed her the wrapper and she was amazed I could stay OP I am pretty rpoud of myself right now and I am going to mark this one down for the tough days when I have no will power.....

Now I am home enjoying the fam and watching Chitty CHitty Bang Bang and moving on.....

Is anyone out there on Facebook...I woudl love to be your friend....Mary Jo Calhoun Markel....I like FB a lot and have fun posting pixs is easier to use for me that this thread.....

I am so excited for all of us and PL I hope you guys get out of your house sometime soon.....

Have a great day PINKS and weekend!..

Comment #51

Hi Maryjo,.

I am high fiving you!!!!! WTG on stay OP in the face of adveristy!!! LOL.

I had a Medifast brownie today too. I've made them up ahead of time and put them in a ziplock with me. About three all stacked up inside a ziplock bag with a plastic spoon. It worked ok and they weren't refrigerated but it worked. I visited one of the concentration camps when I was a kid. My dad used to live there and I visited him.

Martha, what pretty balloons for Krystin!! Thanks for posting them. So colorful!.

How I loved myself today.

: I took a shower (still not a pain-free task for me), blow dried my hair and put on make-up. I also took survery in a full length mirror to evualuate my swelling and my fat. It is hard to tell what is swollen and what is fat at the moment but I surveyed as best I could. I need to call the doc's office and ask just how long these bandages are suppose to stay on. Shouldn't I be putting something on the scar?..

Comment #52

Happy Birthday Krystin!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!..

Comment #53

Hey PINKs!!.

Hope everyone had a great OP day! I didn't....BLT'd and went out to dinner with my family. Oh and I'm TOM....grrr! I hadn't been out to eat with them for a long time. I was really surprized that my husband wanted to go out. So we went to the new Mexican resturant on our hill. Very good food. I had fish taco's and they had a salsa bar...never done that before.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me.....boys hair cuts in the am and I'm getting my hair done at noon. Then DS1 has his basketball pics and then a basketball game a couple hours later..

Just wanted to check in before bed.

Good night all!!!..

Comment #54

Heading to spend the day at the mall doing scouting and pinewood derby stuff....grrrr....not a fan of malls.

But on the bright side, all 6 kids and DH will be there. that will be nice.

Should not be to hard to stay OP. Not sure when I am going to get my LG in. Prefer to eat it at home and not from a FF joint at the mall. We have church tonight at 6 bc DH is flying out early tomorrow am for sunny florida. Hmmmmm, have to think this LG thing out, maybe I will bring it with me.....

PL~ more snow! Wow! We have winter advis. out for today for ice and maybe 4 inches of snow...makes things exciting!.

MaryJo~ great job with being OP at a CHoc Factory! You stood firm! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang use to be one of our fav movies....part of it was bc it was so long and kept kids atten! LOL (i hate to admit that!).

Christina~ washing our dog is on the list for this weekend as well! My DH has alot of strengths, but no matter how ill, tired, pregnant, post partum I ever was, me hanging and him cattering to me was/is not one of them! I can relate on that point with you! So now, I have zero expectations that he will and am never disappointed that he doesn't! He is a Dr. and use to see ill, tired, preg, pp people all the time...I think this is part of the problem! Oh well...I am now blessed to have some great kids that step up to the plate when needed~ I do hope you wkend is peaceful and refreshing <3.

Meshka~ I cant seem to bounce bw being OP and not OP, so my goal is to always be OP. My weakness is the BLTs. That is where I do my battle. My goal is to have 3 of my boys get a well needed hair cut today while we are at the mall( I guess there is something good about being there...they have walk in hair cut places) basket ball pictures! With having a big bunch of kids, we have had to limit their after school activites. even with that, we still have ice skating, xc running, debate, english club, science club, cub scouts, boy scouts, chasity club, japanese club, piano...... alas, I am glad no basketball! Though, my youngest has been itching to play soccor.

I may need to bite the bullett and start that one up again in the spring.

Ok ladies...this is my sat in a nut shell~ tomorrow will be our peaceful hanging in front of the cozy fire place day~.

Have a good one! Stay OP!..

Comment #55

I will do my best to post at least once a day for a while. My chiro has told me to lay low on the computer as I think from 12-16 hours of gaming a day, my left elbow to hand has caught the carpel tunnel thing and that is why the tingling/cramping and sometimes numbness goes on with it. So I had to take away my time on gaming .. I only spend that much time because my hubby works all day, we have no children yet and we only have one car. I am not one to sit in front of a tv all day .. Computer makes me forget about food tv reminds me of itlol.

So I think I am going to go find a carpel tunnel doctor and see what he thinks. If it means surgery- then I will do it. Even though I have the tingling all along my left side of my body, the elbow to hand on left side has gotten about 50 x's worse.. UGH.

Does this crap ever end?? really?? When it rains it pours. All this crap started back in August- 6 months later- I still have no relief. And all of this because I started doing something healthy with my life and dropped 75 lbs.. I know live in pain because of it.. It can be very depressing at times. I even ask my chiro yesterday " If , I gain back all my weight, will the pain go away" LOL..

I can't stand pain. He did tell me though because of my misalignment and and phase 2 disk degen disease, that as I lose more weight, I am going to go through phases of hurting more because the weight is shifting. Great.. More pain for losing weight. WOOT- just what I need.

I guess it's true when they say- No Pain- No Gain.. /sigh.

Sorry for venting.. I sometimes get to the point of wondering why I had to have these issues. Who did I hurt as a kid /teen to get this kinda karma on me .. Just depressed wishing I could take away all the pain..

Take care.


Comment #56

Hi PINKs!.

I had a little siesta (nap) today. I didnt sleep well last night so really needed that. I am still wearing my spanx full time for tummy support. But I forgot to put it on this morning (sometimes I sleep with it on but last night I was so miserable I didn't) and it was half the morning before I realized it because my tummy already feels so tight. Now...if I can just get my thighs to deflate.. LOL.

I am OP, baby and the secret to my success has always been eating by the clock. I am eating at 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and willl continue that schedule even after goal to T&M (Transition and Maintenance). But in T&M I will slowly add back the real foods and still have some Medifast thrown in there because I love it the cappy. I can see having that forever. LOVE IT. and the brownies! (why eat real ones to get fat again when I love the Medifast brownies so much?) ....and the Caramel Nut Bars are Maintenance bars and they are AWESOME to me (much like a SnickersBar).

Anyway, I am due for my next Medifast meal in 10 minutes and I am not even hungry...that's the beauty of MF! NO HUNGER when OP..


OP girl!! I know eating out is a fun special time but can also be OP. Glad you got back OP asap though..that's the way to do it... My Medifast battle cry has been: "Cheating only makes me stay fat longer" (because I WILL get to goal and the BLTs just add another week of being fat.) Hugging are in a new weight decade now and pushing on to the next mini-goal!.


You wore me out just reading about your kid's activities! LOL We only do chess and that is plenty for us. It takes a lot of our time/money as it is. LOL.

We don't live near a mall (about an hour to the closest one) so I am not a mall person either. I do most of my shopping online and have them bring it to my door. LOL Living rurally, that is easiest for me. I am ready to move to the big city but my kids are holding out on me. I've got the oldest one convinced, four more to go! lol Does your husband deliver babies?.

Where are Becca, Leita, Sharon, Regina, Lynn, Christian and Lisa? Let's here how you all are staying OP this weekend? Got Superbowl plans? Is it going to be a temptation for you all? Who do you want to win? Do you care? What's on the menu for your Superbowl party? Anything OP? What's your game plan to stay OP?..

Comment #57

Ok PINKs~ returned from the mall and 6pm mass. Totally an OP day!.

DS 6 won 1st in Scouts Pinewood Derby Regional...DS 5 won 2and and oldest DS claimed 2and as well. DS 2 decided he was not going to race and manned the first aid booth. So I now have 3 big trophys to find a place for in our home.

PL~ yes, my DH use to deliver babies. He is boarded in Family Med as well as ER. In fact he delivered our last 4.

The first two I wanted him at the other end holding my hand! LOL! Now he is primary care Dr for the VA system. Much better hours and every weekend off~.

Christina~ Hang in there. I can not imagine living in cronic pain like you do.

It is good your chiro suggested decreasing your gamming time. Do you have any hobbies that work with your back condition? You have much you can offer others, I am sure! Even something silly like knitting scarfs for an orphanage is Russia (i say Russia bc out family is involved in one as an out reach, I could get you connected) Think about it....when I am feeling out of sorts for different reasons, I try to look out side myself and see what I can offer to others..... just a thought!.

Hang in there...this too shall pass!.

I can here my DH running around upstairs packing for his RR trip to Florida in the am. I am going to sign out and see if he could use a hand~ Good night ladies!..

Comment #58

Good Evening pinks.....

I am hoping you all had a lovely day today....I have to tell you I am on fire baby.....we went out to Cici's for dinner tonight. All the way home as I was thinking baout having to go there with just me and the lids, I knew I was going to crash adn burn and fall way down into the pits of NOT ON PLAN land.......

So, I invited another friend to go with me. And since there was another adult who kept me company and chatted, I was able to stay OP! I asked the manager (I have known him for years so I figured he would help) to make me a pizza with little sauce, little cheese and lots of veggies....he make it thin crust...thsi was easier for him as I just scraped all the toppings off anyways and threw away the crust. I had a nice salad to go with and was amazed (!!!!) that I did not even go and drewl over the wonderful fat filled, sugar coated cinnamon buns....but to be honest, I didn't even miss it... I was fuller than I felt I should have been, but I knew I had not eaten anything that would give me a headache tomorrow when I didn't have it again......

So, that made me ultimately happy and I wanted to share.....

Children: I also have many children and we do limit them to one activity. I have a Mock Trial/ law kid, marching band for two kids, Youth Brass Band for one, Boy Scouts, trumpet/trombone/violin lessons and ballet. This is pretty much my week in a nutshell..

It is all good and I cannot imagine doing anything else....I have learned so much through my kids and it is ALL good!.

Christina OK, you don't really know me, but let's be real...12 hours of gaming a day is not good for you. I have to control myself too and this is where we have it food, games, beer, drugs, sex ro whatever 'vice' we choose...most of us here have an addictive personality and we have to be aware of that. We have to hold each other accountable and also encourage each other as we go. I share this with you not to chastize you but to let you know we are ALL there with you to help you and we too, will turn to YOU for help as we need it. So, I like what Children saidturn the focus off of you and think of a way you can take your given talents and share them with others.... maybe you paint, or do needlework, or call on elderly people from your church and just sit and chat with them....

We do this thing called postcrossing, and you actually share postcards from others around the is very fun adn you learn so about getting lost in some good books? Shakespeare or Jane something you have always wanted to read and challenge yourself....Just some ideas...I knwo they have helped me in the past to actually see my worth, my value and that I love to share what I have been blessed with.....

PLI am glad oyu are up and about...keep it moving if you can get out the door...whatever you do don't go slipping on the ice...that would so be not good......

I am thinking all the ones who are MIA are the ones who are frozen in up north..... it is so nasty there, I feel terrible living here in FLorida where the high today was 79F (NOT!!!- I love it!) Soon I will be whining that it is too hot. We are getting our vegitable beds ready for planting, so that will be fun and then I have to get the butterfly garden ready for the first butterflies...should be coming back in mid-March/early-April.....

Have a great night and will come back tomorrow...I just so like the rock!!!!..

Comment #59


I am sooo sorry you are in pain. It just doesn't seem fair that you would be in pain because of losing weight. Losing weight will in the end be beneficial to you in so many ways, not just the alignment. I hope nothing your doctor said discourages you to continue on your weight loss journey. I think our bodies are not designed to carry the excess weight we put on them and so we must do all we can to return to a normal healthy weight. I don't like pain either.

LOL I just want to encourage you to continue on...MF works and works WELL when followed so that you can get to the weight you need faster (and adjust sooner and accomplish all the other things you want to). HANG in there..


Comment #60


Woo hooo on your pinewood derby winners and staying OP! That mall food court didn't stop you! yay!! LOL at your hubby being at this end and that end at different deliveries. lol Mine were all c-section but hubby was there for all (next to me)..

I can't tell you how happy I am to read your OP report-in for the day,.


AWESOME that you had control of your eating like that in a place that could of been a fold for you. We often don't miss the sludge we chose not to eat when OP. It is surprising but wonderful! btw, did you say, "plant a garden"???!!! We still have two feet of snow in the yard and I am wondering how we are going to get to church in the morning! LOL.

I am headed to bed in a bit with an OP day behind me..

Made contact with an old friend today and if we get together I wanna make sure I am lookin' good. LOL..

Comment #61

Hi Pinks!.

Been MIA, just been so darn crazy, busy! I am working with a buyer right now (yah!) and have a contract in on a house. The beautiful thing is that it is an investor that I am working with and he likes working with me, so hopefully he is going to keep me busy and keep the money coming in! I love what I do!.

So last night we took my mom out for her 70th birthday. We went to Babin's which is my favorite. I ordered the Babins seafood salad and asked for romaine lettuce instead of the mixed salad greens that has the carrots in it. The salad has charbroiled scallops, shrimp and crawfish tails with balsalmic vinigerette dressing. It was soooooo good, and OP. My mom got bread pudding as dessert and everyone was digging in, I passed with such strength.

Delish, and I passed! So my mom and dad were going on and on about how proud they are of me and my weightloss. Then I got the realization, that Ihave lost a total of 51 lbs in approximately 3 months. we all realized that I have lost the same amount as what my 8 year old son weighs. I have lost an entire 8 year old! That really puts it into perspective!.

The only downsize to have lost so much weight, is that I have gotten addicted to shopping again! (eyes rolling here) It has been so long since I have actually enjoyed shopping. I need to sell more homes just to support my new wardrobe bingeing! LOL. no just kidding! But it is so much funner shopping when you actually start looking cute in clothes again..

Hope all is well with everyone! Next week is my last week of training classes so I should be able to stay in touch better..


BTW: who was Queen of the week?..

Comment #62

Hey thanks for the ideas of what I can do. I have to be really careful because even though I am not on the computer, my hand will take time to heal so knitting or anything hand related can be tough for me right now. If I can do it one handed then it might work. LOL.

Nothing the doctor is saying is discouraging me- if anything it's keeping me on the right path.. Granted I am lucky to be showing a 1-2 lb lost this week and it's frustrating me but nothing I can do to make it any better right now. I have till Monday so we will see. TOM is EVIL!!!!.

I did watch 2 movies today forced myself to sit down and enjoy netflix for a bit. I live such a boring life I tell ya.. I need to get back to painting my bedroom that I still havent finished but it would kill my back , neck and arm!! ARGHHH.

Think I will take my pitty party to the mall tomorrow and buy something for me to cheer me up! hahah.

Have a great night all!.


Comment #63

Mary Jo~ great job staying OP!!! it is so empowering when we flex our resistance muscle and stay OP! Good for you!.

About all the kid activity is amazing how it adds up! I work hard at having family time at home with every one here. My kids appreciate it and I am thankful for this. The silly thing is (we are surrounded by big families) I am considered one of the moms that does not allow my kids to do alot! Even with this, my list of kids activies seems long...yikes! We live in an intense society! I like simplicity and time to just "be" with my kids and connect. This is such a short season in life, having our kids under our wings before they fly~ We are just starting the dating thing big YIKES! My 3 oldest at once! (18, 17 15) (the 15 yr old has a "special friend" she has agreed to wait until 16) But, I am finding my kids are making good choices in what they are doing, some of this comes from them growing up with alot of boundries...but it is still a big YIKES! LOL!!.

This parenting thing is all about Love and growth and not worrying about the little things.(I am saying this to remind myself!) We are blessed with a beautiful old house and the kids room are their own responsibilty. I have found that sometimes they are clean and sometimes I walk in, smile and turn around and walk out and am happy to close the door on the mess! 2 of them do own laundry and the others, if it is not in laundry room, it is not my emergency if they do not have their gym out fit for school. Hygene...that is another story! From what planet are boys from?! Brushing teeth? Changing underware? Changing clothes? LOL!!! This has taken alittle more patience! I would be doing laundry ( I am always doing laundry!) and realizing there are no little boys undies going thru! Hello! Then I realized that they are not wearing undies! Definatly a boy thing!!!.

Well I am on a rambling thing today!!! Gotta love this parenting journey, like MF, there is always much room for growth! But not in the way of weight! LOL!!!.

MFers, have a blessed Sunday.....being in western PA, I am enduring "super bowl steeler mania" I think I must be the only one that is not wearing gold and black and on the count down for tonight! It is crazy here!!! it is like a cult has taken over! LOL! I did not grow up watching foot ball, so it is not embeded in my soul like the folks around here!!! Wow!!.

For the well being of western PA, I am hoping the Steelers win, I would not want to be around tomorrow if they lost! There is nothing worse then a bunch of depressed and grumpy Steeler fans!!! LOL! Oh well! Have a Blessed Sunday!..

Comment #64

Hey all. I am off to do some shopping just to get out of the house. Cabin fever here.. And hopefully all the idiot drivers will be home watching the game.. Since I refuse to allow NFL anything in my house due to Michael Vick... I am just gonna head out for a bit..

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!.


Comment #65

Hey all. Well I went to the mall and did great .. Bought lots of goodies for me.

Carried too much though and now hurting. Also- found out my great uncle ( my dad's uncle) passed away this morning. I never met him and I am still so sad. I think I am sad because I am hurting for my dad and all of my great Uncle's family. He had cancer and was given a few months to live but 3 days ago had a major stroke and it just didn't help ..

Anyways- hope everyone is staying OP and doing great. Not excited to weigh in tomorrow but I will put my big girl panties on and deal with it!.


Comment #66

Good evening PINKS.....

So I love my family! Our idea of Superbowl is making some snacky foods, setting up tray tables, playing board games and watching the commercials. We turn the volume DOWN during the game and UP during the commercials.....LOL! And, WE DONT CARE who wins or looses...I think we are the only ones in America like this.....LOL.

I did collapse under the smell of queso dip tonight and did eat three chips with a tad bit of dip. I felt bad, but I am already back OP mentally and I think that is the most important thng. I ma praying for NO headache tomorrow...this is the hardest thing for me.....

Today was National Scout Sunday, so I went to church in my scout uniform. I am a liason between the church and the pack, so I had to be official and help was fun...the pack is so cute. Mine is now advanced into Scouts, but I still work with the is good...

Time for commercials....gotta run....have a great night all!..

Comment #67

Hi all.. Heading to bed ...

PL- got your text.. yes it was correct 14.4 lb lost for my first week back last week. Dont even want to get on the scale tomorrow.. not a good week for me even though I was OP...


Comment #68

When we don't have a chess event, I'm usually not online during the weekends; it's one way I consciously limit my computer time and attempt to have some family time. It snowed here on Saturday and we were so cabin-fevered we went out driving in it; slow going, but we didn't wreck as so many others on the highway did! Sunday we lit a fire and read books and played games. The teenagers had some friends over to watch Glee with them which made it a very late night..

I threw away some more clothes I'd "undergrown" and didn't like anyway. My hoarder impulse was to keep them, because they could be useful someday, etc. etc. but I considered it something I was doing for myself and marched them to the trashthey weren't good enough to give to Goodwill. Now I have some drawer space!.

MaryJo, I ate queso dip last night, too. But today I've had oatmeal so I'm back OP so far...

Comment #69

Hey Ladies.

Morning to all.. Woke up for my 2nd week weigh in for me and only lost 1.8 lbs. ARGHH TOM .. PLus I realized 4 days into it what I HUGE mistake I made.. And I want to share it with you all so hopefully someone doesn't make the same mistake I made.. This is what I think killed my weight loss this week...

So I switched to "I can't believe it's not butter spray" when I started Medifast back last August.. Got it again when I came on board 2 weeks ago. The little spray bottle doesn't last long when I have hubby using it as well. Notice it's 0 across the board for everything on the label .. I use about 7-8 squirts.. Well to save money- I told hubby when he was going to the grocery store last weekend to pick up a big tub of it instead ..

Why didn't I look at the label before using it?? I never in a million years think that the bigger version of it in a tub would be totally different then the spray. I guess I was niave- stupid, something.. That tub- has 8g of fat.. I didnt even look at the serving size or anything to go with it.. I saw 8 grams of fat , grabbed it and through it into the garbage..



Comment #70

Hi guys! I'm back in Internet Connectivity Land!! I started P90 (NOT P90X) yesterday, and today is day 89! which MEANS it's 89 days till VACATION!!! I'm hoping to complete the goal the DAY before we fly to the coast! YAY! Had a controlled bday weekend with a few bites & decided to do 4&2 and we'll see what my body decides to do with all this new exercise.

As long as I keep on keeping on it'll all work out.

I may be on a little less, but I'm here! I'll have to catch up later..

How many Packers fans are PINK?.

WIW in TWO DAYS!!!..

Comment #71

Hi PINKs,.

I am here...barely. I am swollen up again...puffy and LUMPY and trying to find the right mix of pain relief. Sweated out my bed again last night. I am visiably lumpy in the tummy. AND what about my staples? shouldn't they have been taken out by now? calling the doc now..

I was waiting for some confirmation on the WIW and got those. WOW! We had some great losses!!..

Comment #72

Hi PINKs,.

Just called the doc and heard back from the nurse...yep, staples should of been taken out by now and since it is a 2.5 hr. drive I can't get anyone to drive me there until Friday..

I could drive myself but I plan on being on meds to help with the pain of the staple removal!! LOL I can't believe it wasn't done before now! ugh! an oversite that they aren't admitting. grrr but anyway, it will be painful and I AM SCARED..


...and we are suppose to be 3-5 inches MORE of snow tonight.....


50 pounds down! woo hoo! It's a great milestone! You have a LOT to be proud of ! And as a realtor, how wonderful for you to hook up with an investor for repeat purchases. I love house shopping (to live in). LOL We used to move a lot so I know the routine. That seafood LG sounds AMAZING. YUM. One of the reasons I want to move to the big much opportunity for everything.

(Used to be 175 but probably he is up to 185, losing 50 and maintaining a 40 pound loss.) Anyway, take a picture with your 8 year old. And you'll be able to see how much you used to carry around with you. it's amazing! you should be sooo proud!!!.


2nd week loss is always lower after an awesome first week weight loss, ESPECIALLY after 14 pounds your first week!!!!!! But the solid fake butter vs. the spray...that could slow you down too. Spray is always less, like with dressing too. I love the spray salad dressings. Reading labels is important. A lesson we all have to learn (the hardway, sometimes).

I had cabin fever too. So today went to town to the bank and drove myself for the first time since surgery. I had to walk on snow/ice and was terrified of falling more than driving. I did ok. There must be some kind of hobby we can get you started on that isn't too physically demanding.

First, just walking then later calenstincs..


Too funny about you noticing what does NOT come through the laundry with kids! LOL I do the same thing. Sorry about the Steelers. I watched a little and was disappointed with the halftime show. I hadn't seen it in years....strange things these days. How is your weight loss going? Have you taken measurements lately?.

I loved hearing how.


Is enjoying shopping again..


I started looking at for matching bra/panties I promised myself after my tuck. I am still so swollen and LUMPY that I won't buy now but I enjoyed looking online and dreaming a little. Are you still able to shop in your closet? That is fun too! It's like shopping for free clothes when you can get back into your old clothes that fit again. One of my goals in losing weight is a size 8. I got stuck in size 10 and want to see size 8 after the swelling goes down..


Did you have a birthday this weekend too?.

Happy Birthday!!!.

....I know who the PINK Queen is......

Comment #73

Hi there guys....I just have to stop in quickly ecause I am super duper vranky today and just want to say do not want me to stay here.....

Nut, I am committed to checking in each day/ night to stay was a good food day and no headache....I am just cranky.... wonder which is worse....LOL.

Well, have a great day and I will hopefully be happier tomorrow and check in with a smile......

Comment #74

Hi PINKs,.

Don't mean to tease you with who is PINK Queen this's time for the big annoucement (and since it is sooo delayed this week, my apologies, so I would like you to keep the crown for a full week anyway. You deserve it!).

....and now for the envelope, please.....










WIW results.....

(last week/this week/loss or gain).

Amelie 214.8/210.4/-4.4.

Becca 198/197/-1.

Leita 246/244/-2.

Meshka 168/168/0.

Sharon 297.4/299.4/+2.

Allison 187 /186/-1.

Mary Jo 337.9/334.6/-3.3.

Regina 258.6/257.4/-1.2.

Lynn 136.8.

Christina 354.4/340/-14.4.

Lisa 194.2/193.1/-1.1.

Our new PINK QUEEN of the WEEK is.....




You did the right thing in being OP again and your body is already thanking you for it!.

14.4 pounds gone!!.

Wooo hoooo!!!!.


Your carriage awaits you....enjoy a week of being.



...and this dress to bedazzle you......

Comment #75

Omg THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! That was my first week that is why it was so much.. THis week weigh in is only like 1.8 lb lost but I will be have a bigger one this week. YAY ME!! WOOT I will wear the crown with honor. Thank you so much. Can't wait to pass it off the next week's LOSER.

( good loser btw ).

Heading to bed Been OP all day long.


Comment #76


That is sooooo awesome!.

You goooo girl friend!.

I am so happy that you are back! You are an amazing PINK!.

I love that dress on look amazing!.


Comment #77

Hi Flab2Fab10....we would love to have you join our team! Looking forward to getting to know you better!..

Comment #78

Hey PINKs!.

Sorry for being MIA a lot lately. I've been busy and trying to focus on getting totally OP again! I am ready and am ready to get back to that super FUN gym again! I really do love that gym....just haven't been really motivated lately.....lots have to do with my busy schedule because of the kids sports activities. So should I quit the gym and work out at home or still keep keepin on towards the gym and MAKE it there! I would rather make it there....that's where I am more that's what I have got to do....MAKE IT THERE!!! Gym here I come!!.

PINKs....thanks for being here at all times....I love you all!! (((HUGS))).

Good night!.

Be back tomorrow!..

Comment #79

Way to go Christina!!!.

OK, someone has to tell me how to make pretty pixs on their notes..... I so am computer illiterate sometimes and this thread thing makes me nuts...I can do most anything on email and other things, but I have a block here.....I MUST work through it.....

I am hoping for a less cranky day today...there is a lot going on here in the sunshine state. We have a new govenor who is about an idiot and is not only trying to lay off 30% of the government emplyees, but is also refusing the high speed rail adn rail system which was fought so hard for and approved by a vote.... and, to top it off, he wants to stop development which will then hit the roadway/ construction field harder.... all fo which my hubby does...he is a highway design engineer and was laid off in June and now working part time but we need full we might have to move etc I am praying this idiot gov gets a clue as to who wants/needs what and makes it is really tough and I am trying not to get sucked in but to stay positive and see that I am in the Hands of the one who created this is so tough some days to stay faithful........

OK....I have oatmeal calling my name as I forgot to eat when I woke up and jsut went for the wonder my stomach is growling....LOL.

I plan to have an OK food day....lots to do....we have a lot of things to make for the fair.... one week to go until we can enter all our goodies.... then we have to get ready for the NYC trip so we can see two of our kids play in Carnegie...that is going to be very lots to do and not a lot of time.......

Have a great day gang and I will look forward to chatting later......

BTW- Christina, where did you get that lovely dress? I so need one for NYC....could I borrow it?..

Comment #80

Thanks all.

Mesh- you brought tears to my eyes with telling me what a lovely pink I am.

You rocked my day !!! Way to go to getting back into the gym.. It's one thing I can't even picture right now unless there are lots of hottie men in there that will cater to my water needs and then help me exercise.

OK- dreaming again. hahaha.

Yes flab2fab- we would love to have you as a new pink..

PL - feeling any better today? One day at a time hun!.

HI Regina- How are you doing this week ??.

Mary Jo- I am not sure how to do all the pretty notes.. Ok- well I know how, I just dont know how to tell other people to do it.. I will leave that to a professional.

If I tell you how- I would end up having you delete your hard drive or something. LOL The lovely dress that I am wearing came from PL's closest !! Isn't it lovely ?? She let me borrow it but not sure I can hand it back over.. hahah.

I have a 330 dentist appt ( just a 6 month cleaning) but dreading going. I hate the dentist.. Not sure why.. Oh maybe because they sit there and make me keep my mouth open and put all these instruments in my mouth and make me drool out the side.. Nice of them huh? LOL.

I didnt get much sleep last night. Just one of them sleepless nights. And hubby didnt know I didnt get much sleep so at 830 this morning he is like Hey Christina- RISE AND SHINE! ( /sigh) Had there been a hard object around my bed that I could have throne at him, I would have.. Not the nicest person in the morning when I didnt get much sleep...

Anyways.. Anyone have exciting plans this week other than work? Anything they are looking forward to for next weekend?? Monday blah day is over so we only have 4 more days left before Friday is reunited with us!!.

Ok- down to the niddy griddy hard part of being on MF I need ya'lls help!!! It's cold outside , not summer time and I can't seem to drink water. Every few days Ill have a cup of water with crystal light in it but for the life of me, I cant seem to want to drink it.. I'm just not craving it or thirsty for it. It's coffee or Diet Pepsi for me.. I need help!! For those who struggle with water- how are you doing it?? I may have to start a water challenge again for the pink team just to get my butt in gear to drink it...

Anyone else have confessions of something that may be tough for them ?? Maybe some others have some challenges and we can help each other break through them. Lets chat about it...

Take care all.


Where are the rest of the pinks?? Missing you all!!..

Comment #81

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Today is a new day and one day closer to goal..

I remembered to put my spanx on for tuck support this morning and already feel better. I forgot to wear it yesterday and swelled up like a tick. LOL AND I started my day OP, 8am shake. All is off to a good start. Will make sure to get my water in today too as that is suppose to help with my skin..

(((Team PINK))).

Together we are stronger!!..

Comment #82

Christina, I've had trouble wanting to drink water, too. I've been drinking a lot of a bottled water called Fruit-two-oh which has sucralose in it..

PL, I have indeed been doing more "shopping" in my basement. I got to the back of the bins I put down there this week, looking for summer clothes. I'm not into the ones I liked the last time I yo-yo-ed down, when my youngest was about a year old, but I fit into most of the clothes I own now. I've actually been trying to motivate myself to keep losing, because I'm pretty happy where I am...

Comment #83

Hello Pinks,.

Yes I have been MIA, but i'm back as of today. I was doing good, still loosing when my son went into cardiac arrest in August and the comma, neuro rehab, divorce, buying a home and moving, until the Monday after I moved in October I was diagnosed with lupus and have been on major steroids.....ugh. I'm on several other meds now that are hopefully kicking in to I can start reducing the steroids..

On a happier note, my son is doing much better, he still goes to outpatient rehab 1 day a week. His peripheral vision has improved very much, he has met his OT and PT goals and is now going to a local gym and making me go......

Since he can't drive yet..

It feels good to do something for me again and I look forward to seeing all of you and thank you in advance for your support!.


Comment #84

YAY Christina!!! I'm so excited for you!!.

Again, I'll be a fly-byI MAY be able to come back a little later though..

Had an odd week- I actually gained this week but because of a LOT of factorsI think it's mainly because I switched to a workout goalI went from 2 days/wk to 6 days/wk and I think my body's adjusting (and I'm sore) PLUS I'm WAAY low on sleepon top of that I temporarily changed to 4&2 & had a CONTROLLED amount of birthday goodies this weekend. I did well. It's just ...different for my body.

For those who don't know-I'm doing P90 (the original not the X) and I'm on day 88 (counting down) Day 1 is the day before VACAY!!.

Hubby's B-day today!!..

Comment #85

Just popping in to say Hello! Things are really starting to get real now! We only have about 11 weeks til the little man gets here (less I think...I am pretty sure he will be an April baby, but we will see). I was suppose to do my 1 hour glucose test last Wed but we were iced in, and I am rescheduled for tomorrow morning, but we have another big storm headed this way, and suppose to be here over tired of the ice/snow....I live in Texas..

Little man is super active all the time, and I can see him rolling...kicking...punching. I am ready to hold him.....

Comment #86

Awww Krystin- I am sooo happy for you.

And nothing wrong with him coming in May.

He can share my birthday month. I can't even imagine how excited and anxious you are.

WOOT <3.


Comment #87


Hi Christina!.

Hi Kpooh. AAwwwwww little man. I cant imagine how excited you are..

Hi PL!.

I am just flying by... been so busy on OT again at work and in so much pain there hasn't been much time for anything else..

I miss you all. BIG PINK HUGS to you all. <3..

Comment #88


- Welcome back WOOT My pink friend is back. So glad your son is doing better.

Watching what you write on facebook about everyday he is improving always brings smiles to my face. You have been through the ringer and back and you are such a stronger women because of it. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will be able to knock you down!!!.


Happy Birthday to your Hubby.

Maybe you and I are on the same sleep cycle because I am lacking there too ...


Slow down at work.. Tell them we miss you in chat.

And why are you in pain hun? Talk to us?? What is hurting you?? My neck is throbbing right now.. Drinking some hot tea, eating my choc crunch bar and going to sleep and hopefully feel better in the morning..

How is everyone else??.

Night all.


Comment #89

Sorry all... just a drive by post to let you all know that I'm still OP and with ya... I've been sneaking on the boards and reading the posts, but I'm so busy right now... tomorrow is WIW... hopefully everyone has had a great week with their #'s!!.

Good night..


Comment #90

Mary Jo.

This is a tutorial that Becca gave sometime ago on displaying pictures. Hope this helps..

Ok girls,.

Clip art! I just do a search in google images for what ever it is I wanted to post, right clicked the image I wanted and did a "save as", then you have the option to rename the file. My images went right into my pictures folder. I came to Medifast pink forum, click go advanced. scroll all the way down and click on manage attachments. Browse through your files until you find the image you want , then click upload. YOu can upload up to 5 images I believe.

Put your cursor where you want your image to go; then go up to the toolbar and click on the paper clip (next to the smiley face). There you will find all the uploads, click on the one you want to insert, and ta-da! YOu have art work or clipart or what ever in your message. YOu can play around with how your post looks, by click preview, I don't know why they make it so darn difficult by using text for images and font sizes, and color insertions. It is annoying, but Yah, I figured out, so now I can annoy everyone with goovey little pictures!!!!!! HaHaHa!!!!!.

Ok, back to work for me! sTay pink, Medifast sisitas!..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.