Has anyone had success on the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: Has anyone had success on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Want to be 100% On Plan this Holiday Season?.

Looking for Reasons to Succeed this Holiday instead of making excuses to fail?.

Do You have a Positive Attitude?.

Looking for support from others who are also 100% On Plan all the time too?.

IF so, Then this is the place for you!.

100% On Plan Medifasters already have the mindset and desire to be on plan 100% of the time all the time, But WE all need support as we ALL do this together!.

The Holiday Season is FULL of Challenges, SO what better time to learn new skills around dining out, going to parties, going to family dinners and just being around OFF PLAN food all the while STAYING ON PLAN 100%!.

We are all here to support each other..

If you want to be 100% On Plan, than you are most welcome to post here!.



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Mary, I so agree. Planning, Planning, Planning!.

And Practice, Practice, Practice..

No reason to ever feel deprived staying 100% On Plan!.

There so many delicious recipes we can make to help satisfy just about any taste or need we have!.

For Me I am going to practice making One Recipe a week..

I hope people will share lots of their 100% On Plan Medifast Recipes here too!.

Have a great On Plan Day!.

We can do it!.


Comment #2

What is Everyone's Favorite, Holiday Medifast Recipe? Or Just Favorite Medifast Recipe you like to use?..

Comment #3

Hi Dan and Mary.

Dan, this is a good idea. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend, so this thread is very timely for me! I am looking forward to hearing some recipes too..


Comment #4

Thanks Dan,.

Great idea that is greatly neededand appreciated...

Comment #5

Hi Penelope! The great thing about Thanksgiving is we can eat the delicious Turkey! What a bonus that is. I plan to have chicken Broth to dip mine instead of Gravy this year..

I plan to make a desert I can have out of a Medifast meal and Use my Green Serving in a new and different way too!.

So glad you stopped by, we are all her to support you!.


Comment #6


1 pack Medifast crackers.

4-5 oz. Water.

1 Chicken Bouillon Cube or Chicken Bouillon Crystals.

2 Tablespoons finely chopped onion.

2 - 4 Tablespoons finely chopped celery.

1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic.

A pinch of poultry seasoning.

Crush crackers in the packet, Pour into small bowl..

Mix Bouillon and water together, add onions & celery, saute until tender..

Add to top of crackers with seasonings, add water a little at.

A time to attain the consistency you desire...

Comment #7


1 Package Medifast Apple/Cinnamon Oatmeal.

1 Package Medifast Multi-grain Crackers.

5 oz water.

1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice.

2 packets Splenda.

Mix oatmeal, water, spice, splenda together..

Cook on high heat 2 min..

Stir thickened mixture..

Freeze for 10 min..

Spoon on crackers..

Comment #8


1 package Medifast Chai Latte.

1 1/2 Tablespoons Jello Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding.

1/2 package Knox gelatin.

3 oz hot water.

3 oz cold water.

2ice cubes.

Combine latte & pudding in a small bowl..

Stir gelatin in hot water. Let soften 3 - 4 min. Then stir until clear..

Process gelatin mixture & dry ingredients in blender until thoroughly mixed..

Add ice cubes one at a time until mixture begins to thicken..

Pour into bowl, Refrigerate for 2 hours..


1 Package finely crushed Medifast Multi-grain crackers..

Place in bottom of bowl..

Once latte is set, spoon over crackers..

Top with FF whipped cream if you wish...

Comment #9


1 Medifast Vanilla Shake.

6 - 7 oz cold water.

1 Tablespoon Egg Nog Sugar Free Syrup.

3/4 Tablespoon Butter Rum Sugar Free Syrup.

Sprinkle a little Nutmeg on top.

6 ice cubes.

Blend all ingredients for 1 1/2 - 2 min..

Comment #10

Wow, Dan! I'm so grateful for the holiday recipes!! Keep 'em coming! The holidays are going to be especially challenging, but I'm not really feeling all that stressed about them. Maybe that's just because it's early yet, I don't know. But the recipes will be lifesavers!.


Comment #11

Hi Dan, what a great idea! Thanks for the recipes. I'm working on a couple, I'll let everyone know when they are just right!.

Kim Y...

Comment #12

Thanks that you are getting ready for the season!! I will definitely need all the help I can get. That's why I love reading all what everyone has to sayit keeps me going. You are doing so awesome too!!! I hope to do wellI shall see on Monday(weigh-inI can't wait, really excited!! Have a great weekend!..

Comment #13

Woooooooooo hoooooooo count me in on this one! And keep those recipes coming can't wait to try them. I have a huge challenge. Every year I open my house to my church, friends, co workers and family and I start baking now until Christmas. Although I don't anticipate cheating not licking the fingers will be a challenge. Hopefully I've done this long enough now it won't be unconscious. I am famous for some of my recipes nad my church looks forward to this every year so can't stop cause I can't have them. So looking forward to the thread!! Thanks for the invite! Hugs and blessings Diane..

Comment #14

Perfect timing on this thread I was already thinking that Thanksgiving was going to be my day to cheat a little. I really don't eat much but the broccili casserole. I have no problem passing on everything else. How great would it be if I can get to goal before then and start transitioning even though I like not having to think about what I am going to eat everyday...

Comment #15

Kim, I wish I had more recipes. I know there are so many creative individuals on Medifast, there will be a vast array of delicious recipes. I know it's early, but I want to practice, get prepared if you will for when they are here. Have a game plan so to speak and practice making recipes, etc. to be prepared. Can you tell I was a Boy Scout?.

Thanks Kim Y! So glad you are here! Can't wait to try your delicious Recipes! Woo Hoo!.

Makana, I am right there with you as I think many if not most are too. I know I sure need extra support around the Holiday, I don't expect anything to be different, but things pop up, events, Parties, more OFF Plan food at work, More outsiders saying, It's a Certain Holiday One bite won't hurt you, One Drink won't hurt you, I need to be doing Medifast Pushups and be prepared! So glad you are here! Look forward to seeing you Monday!.

Diane, SO GLAD you are here! YOU service work to and for your church is to be commended. The nice thing is you enjoy baking and we can do anything on Medifast if we are doing it for the right reasons. This is my humble opinion of course. I will just be accountable when I am doing things like this to the group and then all the while I am doing it, I know I have my group cheering me on and after the fact, holding me accountable, they/we will say, so How did it go, we were thinking of you? That helps me think of them while I am baking, etc and is one more positive influence to help keep me 100% On Plan! So glad you are here! You will do great!.

Benifer, Glad you are here. You have a good attitude and now you know, you can get through Thanksgiving WITHOUT the Traditional Broccoli Casserole if you want too. Have you ever thought of making a Medifast Version and Taking your own? Like, Crumbling the Medifast Multigrain Crackers with a cup and half of chopped broccoli and mixing with 1 melted wedge of light 35 calorie laughing cow cheese? Might just be what you are looking for? I know many will have better solutions and even that recipe could be doctored up greatly as I just pulled it out of my hat. But, what better time to get creative all the while staying On Plan! The key is you can do it!.

So glad everyone is here!.

I love the support from each and everyone of you and everyone ON Medifast!.

We can and are doing it!.


Comment #16

Good Morning..

I don't usually scroll through the new posts, but did the morning and say this thread. Dan, what a great idea! DH is doing Medifast too, and we've already been talking about the holidays. Of course at work we are already planning Thanksgiving & Christmas meals. I already told them we can eat the turkey! I'll just bring a salad for us. I'm sure I'll have to make it extra big. The guys always want salad when they see it..

The in-laws will be the tough one. Not the food, but the "One bite won't hurt" thing. We'll just hang tough. It helps that there are two of us doing it! Of course, he will probably be in transition by Christimas..

Recipes??? I haven't tried any. I just stick with plain old shakes, etc. I may just have to try something new...

Comment #17

Renee, So glad you are here! The nice thing is, if you so chose, you could split your lean and green that day and have a little white turkey meat and some of your delicious salad you are bringing. So nice to have options! You have a great attitude and will do so well. I am just practicing now, to be ready as those Holidays are right around the corner. I love your positive, 100% On Plan attitude, that is GREAT! Keep up your hard work! Dan-O..

Comment #18

WooHoo!!! Thank you DAN! I will hopefully be close to if not starting Transition around Thanksgiving time and nervous as all get out! I'm totally going to try your chicken broth suggestion and maybe the pie recipe too. It's so nice to have options!.

Question though, if I have an Medifast pkn' pie with my L&G won't I be over diong my meals or at the least messing up my timing? Do I skip an Medifast meal or something?? I SO want to try that darn pie!..

Comment #19

Hi Dan and everyone!.

What a great thread!!.

The holidays start with Halloween in my opinion. Candy Corn is my weakness. I bought the Yankee Candle of Candy Corn and Buttercream and I am searching out some glass Candy Corn to fil up the candy dish that has been sitting empty on my coffee table..

Life is good! We can do this!..

Comment #20

Lynn, Congrats on Going into Transition! That is WONDERFUL! Woo Hoo!.

While I like the recipes, they are not mine, so I cannot take credit for them, they were posted on my support group by Blanche on the program who got them from someone else etc. You pose a great question and personally, I would 100% agree with you, but for many this is an option to going OFF plan and having a real piece of Pumpkin Pie. I personally would have one or the other or save it for later, etc. These are just "options" for fellow MF'ers to work into THEIR program. I will be content with Juicy White Turkey Breast Meat and plain green beans, but as you know we are all different. And, I may change my mind too!.

So my suggestion is to just incorporate them into your plan IF and when you want too, if at all. Hope that makes sense. So glad you are here and Congratulations Again! GREAT Job! Woo Hoo!.

Hi Karen, Great job on not bringing Trigger foods into the House, Environmental Control is ALWAYS important but Especially this time of year. Also, YOU could always just remove the empty candy dish right? Put a Halloween Decoration there instead? New behaviors are hard to practice but it's so worth it. My luck, I would try to eat a glass Candy Corn or one of my guests would..

So glad you are here! Your weight loss is amazing! Thank you for your continued support!.

I love all the support on these Wonderful Medifast Boards!.

WE don't have to do this alone or feel alone on our journey! Woo Hoo!.


Comment #21

Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I'll be checking here often...

Comment #22

Hi April, So glad to hear it. We all need all the support WE can get! Look forward to seeing you soon! Congrats on your 56 lb. Loss, Woo Hoo! Super Job! Have a great On Plan Day!.


Comment #23

Instead of plain green beans or broccoli, maybe just saute some onion, add beans in unsalted chicken broth...and maybe then add some Medifast broccoli soup and bake the beans or broccoli as a casserole. For serving size, just adjust the portions before starting so that you know whether you can eat the whole casserole, half, or a quarter, for example, at one meal...

Comment #24

Dan, thank you for starting this thread. I love the idea of planning ahead for the big "eating" days ahead..

In reading through the thread I remembered that my town has a 5k walk / 10k run every Thanksgiving morning. I have just committed myself to this community social event that is NOT food related..

What other things can we think about to do on Thanksgiving / Christmas that are not food related???? I cant wait to hear all your suggestions..


Comment #25

This is very motivating for us going through our first holidays on MF. I am hoping to be serving Thanksgiving dinner at the mission this year to keep myself busy and it's something I love to do! My holidays will be blessed with all the positive comments I know I'll be getting from the relatives who haven't seen me since my transformation! I'm looking forward to bringing in the New Year at a weight closer to my goal...I should be almost there by Jan..Whoo Hoo!!.

Happy Holidays to you all,.


Comment #26

What a great thread!! looking forward to working it through the holidays! YEA US!!..

Comment #27

Thank you, Dan!!! I just returned from a shopping trip to Costco and about fell over with the Christmas cookies/candies, etc. already in the store! I was able to walk past them, but did have to double back in the store to replace the infamous "yard of beef" just thought of all that fat and sodium, to say nothing of the crackers they need. I CAN do this...just need to keep the right attitude..

I'll be back!.


Comment #28

What a great idea Dawn! I am interested and finding something like that and normally we all like to get outside to do some activity, but it has been different with having a baby. Now DD is 2 and it easier..

Great thread Dan-O! Love the recipes and keep it up!..

Comment #29

Nicker, Great and useful Idea! Thanks, So glad you are here and thanks for the super suggestion!.

Dawn, Thank YOU! lol, They do that here too! Duh? I am going to sign up for it too. It's a walk/run, I will be walking but what a great way to start the Thanksgiving Day! Positive Actions help me stay in the success cycle! Thank you so much for bringing this up!.

Patti, What a super idea to get outside ourselves and serve others. Being of service to others helps me so much too! It isn't all about me today. Great idea. When I go to a relatives I always like to dish or salad of something "I" to can eat and enjoy and know "IT'S" on plan! Great ideas, Thanks!.

Susan, I am so with you, Yeah, All of us! We are all doing this program together. I love Medifast and all the friends, Like yourself that I have made. We don't have to do this alone or feel alone, we get to support each other and be supported. I know I need it and that is good too! I used to want to do things, on my own. Today, I know it's ok to support others and most of, be supported and accept help! So glad YOU are here! Thanks!.

Judi, There is hope, YOU CAN AND ARE Doing it! One Day at a time! Congratulations on your thoughts and actions today! What a Wonderfully Positive Attitude you have! You are definitely in the Success Cycle with Positive Actions and Your Positive Attitude! We are all here to support you! Keep up your Great Work and YOU can do it!.

Hi Angela! So glad you stopped by! Many of the walkers at the Run/Walks, have Strollers and do the walk and usually their children are lulled to sleep and it's fun for the whole family. Afterwards they have refreshments for the entire group of attendees. Hope you can find something you can do, if not, a morning walk before the day starts is always a wonderful option with or without a friend. Plan it, so you will do it! That is what I do and just a suggestion of course. See you soon!.

I had a nice 45 minute walk outside today! The Weather is So Beautiful Here is Lexington, KY, Gotta Love Fall!.

Hope Everyone Continues to have a Great On Plan Day!.

WE can do it!.


Comment #30

Last year, I started Medifast on Nov. 7 so I had to go through all the holidays right there as I was starting out. One thing that really helped me was Egg Nog flavor drops. I used 'em in my shakes and in vanilla pudding it really helped!..

Comment #31

Dan My daughter went to Blue Chip's basketball camp in Lexington, KY this past summer. If she goes again next summer, I'm gonna look your skinny self up & give you a big ole Marathoners HUG! LOL!.


Comment #32

Dan, this is a great thread. I've already been thinking about the holiday cuz, as you said, they're just around the corner. I'm going to test out the stuffing and pumpkin pie recipes you posted - they're two of my favorites at Thanksgiving. Thanks for starting this thread. I think it will give me some added support that I need. ~Lynita...

Comment #33

Joanne, Thank you SO Much! Sure glad you are here! You have the experience and we will greatly appreciate your support and anything else you can share! Thank you again!.

Heck Yeah Kim, You all can stay at my Cabin on the Lake! It's Beautiful and no hotel room! And so Close to Lexington! Hope she comes back so I can meet you and get me that Big Hug!!!!.

Lynita, I am with you, If I don't think about it early then it gets here and I am not mentally, emotionally and physically prepared. So smart to test out recipes early, then when it comes time to making them, you have the kinks worked out and/or improved them! It's fun and supportive of our program too! So Glad you are here. I look forward to your revisions and your recipes! It's also fun to think of our favorite recipe, whatever it is and try to revise to the Medifast Way of Life all the while staying 100% On Plan as we are SO worth it!.

Have a Super On Plan Night!.


Comment #34

Dan - great the recipes. This will be my first Holiday Season on Medifast, so I know I will find this helpful. Thanks for getting us started in the right direction..

Debbie (a/k/a HockeyFan)..

Comment #35

Hi Debbie, I am RIGHT THERE With YOU! My first year on Medifast and the Holiday Season! I Know WE can do it, but the extra support will be so nice for all of us. Accountability REALLY helps me too! Have a great night. Dan..

Comment #36

Hi Dan! Whoo-hoo!! So glad you started this thread..

I already love the recipes you've posted. I'm planning on checking back here often - it should help us all stay OP for the holidays!..

Comment #37

Good Morning Susie, I am with you! I need all the support I can get everyday, but especially over the Holidays! WE will Stay On Plan over the Holidays! We can and ARE so worth it! So glad you are here! Feel free to post any of your favorite recipes as we are all here to share! Come Back often! See you on Fresh Starters! Dan-O..

Comment #38

Dan thanks for starting this thread. It's my first holiday season on Medifast and for the first time in my life I will have to seperate the day from the feasting that has symbolized the holiday season for me and my family for generations..

Can't say that I am not worried about how I will manage, because I am. Knowing that you and so many others are experiencing the same challenges and even being successful is encouraging..

I'll be sure to check here often and once again, THANKS!..

Comment #39

Carla, This time of year too we have a bit of that instinct, where we want to hibernate indoors where it's warm, curl up with a blanket and a bowl of something warm and fattening. I also think, we do stay indoors more and it makes exercise more of a challenge, we have to get on our treadmills or worse leave the house to actually go to a gym or walk outside in the cold. For many, Seasonal Depression sets in. The Holidays are chock full of so many more challenges combined with our subconscious wanting to reminisce days and ultimately FOOD gone By. Our Traditions around the holidays are so full of memories of FOOD and even if the loved is gone, we always tell ourselves we have to partake in a certain food or it wouldn't be that Holiday and/or we do so out of homage to our loved one we miss so dearly, at least subconsciously. That is my take..

I am practicing all new Traditions this year around Family and making it NOT about Food, but about spending time with Family, no matter what event or Holiday. I want to make it about the company I keep not about the food that is eaten..

Carla, So glad you stopped by and look forward to walking through this with you! WE can do it! The nice thing is we are all in this together. As a team if you will, WE can get through the Holidays On Plan 100%! IF we have the willingness and desire to Stay on plan and to say NO to anyone, even our loved one's around the subject of food and if we are willing to Plan ahead, I think each and everyone of us can make it through 100%!.

Look forward to seeing you soon!.

Have a great on plan Day!.


Comment #40


You are so right. I've been really trying to switch things around at our house and in my mind too.....making the gatherings w/ friends, traveling, vacations, celebrations, holidays about the PEOPLE and the FUN we have together, not about the FOOD!!.


Comment #41

Thanks for the thread!!! It is soo helpful!.

For whoever asked about the timing of Medifast meals vs L&G and snacks: I have not always been able to separate my meals every 3 hours - Its just not possible with work.. I work in a busy retail pharmacy - and sometimes hours go by before I realize it. I do plan ahead and bring shake-cakes, bars or shakes with me - but sometimes I eat one of my Medifast meals on the way home - then eat my L&G within the hour.. (family dinner time) and I've still been able to lose weight each and every week!.

I've also made a COC soup "bread" and used it as a "bun" for a turkey burger! (1/2 of L&G).

I guess I need to buy the multi-grain crackers now!! (I love choc pudding pie at the holidays - but I can definitely make it Medifast friendly without going off plan!).

Medifast Chocolate Pudding Pie.

Crumble multi-grain crackers and layer in bottom of dessert dish.

Spoon on prepared Medifast choc pudding.

Dollop with 1 tbsp of FF whipped topping (if you wish)..

Comment #42

Dan, thanks for starting this thread and I love reading the recipes and can't wait to try them. It is always a challenge for me also because I go visit my family for a whole week and they are all skinny!!! And so we are always going to movies with tons of popcorn and candy, going shopping stopping for hot dogs and ice cream, macaroni & cheese, barbeque, you name it... everything unbelievably fattening. Then thanksgiving we have 4-5 different families come over and they bring, OMG... some of the most awesome and fattening stuff!! So I'm going to have to really plan ahead and psych myself up to do my own thing and stay OP. This hopefully will be very helpful!.

Thanks again. Have a great day 100% OP day everyone...

Comment #43

WOW - we are a talkative bunch!!!.

Count me in on this one too! Here are some recipes I found on another thread (don't remember where, but I was savy enough to copy them onto my computer:.

Here are recipes:.

Green Bean Casserole (MF Recipe).

6 cups frozen cut green beans.

1/2 cup onion, chopped.

6 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese.

1 packet Medifast Cream of Chicken soup.

6 oz. water.

1 packet Medifast White Cheddar Soy Crisps.

Preheat oven to 350 deg. Combine gr beans, onions & parmesan in a medium baking dish. Mix Medifast Cream of Chicken soup with water & add to gr bean mixture. Bake about 45 minutes. Remove from oven & stir. Crush soy crisps into small pieces & crumble on top of gr beans.

Cal 140, Fat 3.5g, Chol 10mg, Carb 15g, Pro 11g (4 srvings).

Medifast Mock Apple Crisp.

2 cups raw zucchini slices.

3 T lemon juice.

1/4 cup Splenda.

1/4 tsp cinnamon.

1/8 tsp nutmeg.

1 Medifast BS&M or AC Oatmeal.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel zucchini & slice lengthwise. Core/seed the halves then then cut into 1/4 inch slices (or however thick you like in order to look like apple slices.) Put slices in sauce pan with 3 T lemon juice. Bring to boil & cover & cook for 5-6 minutes, until tender. Drain throughly. Place the slices back into the pan & add the Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg & 1 tsp of the Oatmeal powder.

Pour into small oven safe bowl.

Melt 1 T trans fat free margarine & pour over remaining oatmeal. Mix. Sprinkle over the 'apples' & bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or until 'apples' are bubbling & topping is browned..

3 green servings of cooked zucchini (approx 1.5 cups cooked).

1-2 condiments (juice is drained so don't know how much is retained).

1 fat.

1 medifast meal__________________.

Caulipotatoes (This is a RG Recipe).

1 cup raw Cauliflower (amount dependent on # of servings.. This is for ONE serving).

1 tblspn fat free feta cheese.

1 tsp low carb half & half.

Salt & pepper to taste.

(this is easiest for a single serving to make in a MB or Medifast Blender).

Take cauliflower & put in the MB with cup of water & add steamer lid..

Microwave until soft (about 2-4 minutes depending on your microwave).

Drain water.

Add 1 tsp half & half & feta cheese (might need a splash of water).

Add the chopper blade & whip until smooth..

Serving size should be cup cooked!.

My family STILL Doesnt know that it is cauliflower & I'm CONVINCED that the feta helps with the texture!.

Sage Stuffing (This is RG's Recipe).

1 package cream of chicken soup ( I tried it with Cr. Of Broccoli. There isnt a lot of difference taste-wise, just watch it in the oven because it seems to cook faster than using the Cr. Of Chicken bread!).

Tsp baking powder.

3-4 tblspns of water.

1 tblspn onion.

1 celery stalk.

1 tspn ground sage.

1 tsp ICBINB spray.

Make bread.

Combine Medifast soup, tps baking powder & 3-4 tblpsn of water. Plop on a glass plate in the microwave for 2 minutes. (it is ok if it is dry you want it to be for stuffing!) Microwave time varies!.

While bread is cooking, dice celery and onion (or be lazy like me & buy pre-diced onion.. No crying necessary!).

In a bowl combine the rest of the ingredients. Break off the bread into small pieces & add to the bowl..

Stir well..

Put in a glass baking dish (I used the same one I use for my shake cakes)..

Cover with tinfoil and Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes or until moist! (you CAN stuff this into a turkey if you have room for optimal flavor but will probably add more fat from turkey juice but will make a moister stuffing!).

**side note**.

The first time I made this I did NOT use celery, I used 3 tblspns of raw shredded cauliflower (shredded in MB). It was moister due to the water in cauliflower when you shred it but the texture was a little different, more like stovetop stuffing! It is a personal preference!.

Pumpkin Pie!.

There are 2 different versions of this recipe..

One, IMO tastes the MOST like real pumpkin pie but doesnt have a crust. It's more a snack option.

The second is more LIKE a real pie and counts as a MEAL but is higher in carbs so dont eat a bar too!.

Both recipes have been approved by Medifast & the breakdowns are included..

Each recipes statistics are for ONE FOURTH of the pie. Therefore, if you are using the snack option (13 carbs) and wanted to LOWER your carbs then eat 1/8 of the pie instead (6.5 carbs). All of my kids love thesnack version.

Pumpkin Pie as a snack (This is RGs Recipe).

Medifast French Vanilla 55 shake 1 pkg.

Pumpkin Pie Spice 2 tsp.

Egg beaters .5 cup.

Splenda 2 pckts (optional).

Libbys canned pumpkin (15 oz can) 1.75.

Add 12 ounces of water to vanilla shake.

Mix all ingredients..

Pour into ungreased 9 inch pie pan.

Bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes..

Reduce Temperature to 350 and bake 45 more minutes or until fork inserted in middle comes out clean!.

Cool on rack for 2 hours..

(this one is 88 calories and 13 carbs but could be counted as a snack or veggie... it has no crust!).

MF Response to snack recipe.

Option 1.

Total Calories: 307-358 (used 332.5 as average = 83 calories for of recipe).

Total Carbs: 52.6-54gm (used 53.3 as average = 13gm for recipe).

Total Protein: 27.9-30.96gm (used 29.43 as average = 7.35gm for recipe).

Total Fat: 4.1-5.78gm (used 4.94 as average = 1.23gm per recipe).

This recipe sounds yummy and could be used as a snack IF the person has the appropriate budget allotment in terms of calories and carbohydrates. This recipe option 1 recipe is not quite high enough in calories and/or protein to be considered a meal replacement, and possible could be used as a vegetable option as 3 servings of broccoli is equal to 81 calories, 5.58gm of protein, 16.8gm of carbohydrate and 0.96gm of fat. The vitamins and minerals from the Medifast shake & the pumpkin would also be adequate to be used as a vegetable..

Pumpkin Pie as a meal (This is RGs Recipe).


2 packets M&BS oatmeal or peach.

1 tsp I Cant Believe it's NOT Butter spray.

Tsp baking powder.

8 tblspns Water.

Mix oatmeal with ICBINB spray (1 tsp) and 8 T of water..

Press into the bottom of the pan. (barely covers bottom of the pan).

Bake in oven @ 350 degrees about 15 minutes.

Remove and set aside.

Turn heat in over up to 425..


2 vanilla shakes (or 1 vanilla shake and 1 chai tea latte).

1 cup pumpkin.

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice.

1 cup water.

C. S/F gingerbread or spice blend or vanilla davinci syrup (optional, if you dont use, add c. water).

C. egg beaters.

In the MB mix vanilla shakes (chai and vanilla is even better) with 1 cup of water and cup of s/f davinci syrup (or extra water), pumpkin pie spice and egg beaters..

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and slowly mix in pumpkin..

Dump in already cooked shell. Bake for 15 minutes..

Reduce heat on oven to 350 and bake another 30-35 minutes or until a fork is pulled out clean..

This accounts for 1 meal and .25 cups of veggies (pumpkin)..

I know that pumpkin isnt really in the 5/1 plan, however, of this pie would still be equivalent in carbs to a bar and lower in calories..

MF Response to meal recipe.

Option 2 (both databases came up with the same numbers!).

Total Calories: 482 (120.5 calories for recipe).

Total Carbs: 80 gm (20gm for recipe).

Total Protein: 50 gm (12.5gm for recipe).

Total Fat: 5gm (1.25gm for recipe).

Option 2 sounds yummy too and could be used as meal replacement on the 5&1 meal plan due to the higher calories and protein level, just advise clients it is closer to a bar in the carb content, therefore they may want to use this in place of a bar.

I hope this helps!.

**please note that these recipes and statistics are for 1/4 of the pie!**..

Comment #44

Kim, You know I agree with you 100%!.

Danielle! First of you are doing GREAT! And we just have to do the best we can given our life circumstances, work, etc. So Keep up your good work! You are doing Super! Wow! Thank you so much for the Delicious Sounding Recipe! MMMMMM! Please keep them coming!!!!.

Tammy, SO GLAD you are here! You are so right, First of all YOU CAN DO IT and secondly, you just have Plan Carefully and for the surprises too! We are all here to support you and look forward to your wonderful input! Please come back soon!.

MICHELLE! YOU MADE MY DAY! Thank you SO Much for these Wonderful Looking Recipes! Wow! More ammunition to combat the struggles of Holiday Entrees and Deserts! I am so glad you are here! Wow! Thank you SO much! You are the Best!.

Keep up your Great On Plan work!.

WE are doing it!.

Have a Super Day!.


Comment #45

Dan-o I got the email about this thread Thanks a lot for the invite.. Its An Awesome thread ,,, thanks every1 for the recipes.. we Can do it yall!!..

Comment #46

Cecilia! Thanks so much for popping in! We all need the support and are here for you too! YOU are so right, WE can do it! Dan-O..

Comment #47

Ok Group! I made a Banner AND it Stinks! Anyone Care to Help? Someone maybe with a bit of Artistic Capability? UNLIKE ME!..

Comment #48


Wow, all these recipes are great. I am going to have to do some ordering from walden farms and capella..

BTW your banner is pretty good. I am impressed that you can create one. I haven't tried that yet..

Does anyone have recipes for the shake cakes? My husbands birthday is coming up and so is mine. I could make a little cake for myself..


Comment #49

Hi Patti, So glad you are here!.

Thanks for the comment on the Banner, but you are WAY to kind!.

But it's truly appreciated!.

If you have Krogers in your area, they now carry Walden Farms and they are on Sale this week! 2 for $5.00..

Here is your recipe!.

Shake Cake.

(1 Medifast meal).

1 Medifast Shake (any flavor).

1 tablespoon egg beaters.

2 tablespoon water (or 3T water if no egg beaters).

Teaspoon baking powder.

Mix all ingredients together. Pour into a Pam sprayed glass bowl. Microwave for about 2 minutes (microwave 1 minute at a time, as microwaves will vary)..

Keep up your great work!.


Comment #50

Thanks for the recipe Dan-O..

I don't have Krogers around here, Jewel, and Dominick's. I think I will see if that buy one get one free coupon still works on-line..

Have a great afternoon!..

Comment #51

HI Gang heres the link.. Let me know what you all think??.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt='Create your own banner at!' border=0 /></a><br>..

Comment #52

You are most Welcome Patti!.

Cecilia, Michelle is working on One too!.

Yours looks great! We can do what we did at another group of mine and put it to a vote..

Thanks SO Much for taking the time to help out!.

IT Looks GREAT!.

So festive!.

Thanks Again,.


Comment #53

So sorry!!! Having trouble with getting the code.

I deleted the other poll, and will create a new poll once I get Ceclia's code right! Thanks everyone for your patience!..

Comment #54

Michelle, Did you see post number 59, where she posted it on here too?.

I am sure I don't understand. Mr. NOT Technical!.

Anyway, Thanks for working on it! Dan-O..

Comment #55

NO Cecilia! Thank YOU so much! So glad everyone is here and we can all support each other! How awesome is that! Thanks again! Dan-O..

Comment #56

Hi Cecilia! When I copy and paste the code, all I get is: the code - no cool banner.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt='Create your own banner at!' border=0 /></a><br>..

Comment #57

WOO-HOO! I got it - Thanks Cecilia!!! Ok - here is the link to the new poll..

Comment #58

Thanks Michelle and Cecilia for all your all's hard work! Sorry, poor English! But Thanks!.


Comment #59

Does that come with an accent as well? - LOL..

Comment #60

Great Banners Ladies!.

I just voted..

DanO, the green bean lasagna was sooooooo delicious! I used frozen green beans so I let it cook for a while longer, probably 30 minutes total. My hubby even wanted some...

Comment #61

LOL Michelle! YEP! LOL Southern Boy here!.

Thanks Patti!..

Comment #62

Cookies and milk out; eggs, beef, chicken, cheese in....

North Pole Santa Claus announced today in his annual pre-holiday press conference that he has begun the popular Atkins diet, and is asking for help from families around the globe. Atkins dieters are allowed to consume large amounts of high-fat foods such as eggs, beef, and cheese. Carbohydrates, which are found in pasta, breads, and fruits, and sweets, are not allowed..

Mr. Claus said that he decided to start the diet after he could not fit into the trousers he wore to deliver gifts last year..

"I couldn't bring myself to buy new trousers, and I haven't had a good body image lately. I had to do something, and quick", said Claus. "Having a belly like a bowl full of jelly is one thing, but being a complete fat is another. I mean, even my jolly little toe has fat on it." According to inside sources, Mrs. Claus may have also played a part in his decision to lose weight..

An elf, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Mrs. Claus "is getting more and more involved" with day-to-day operations, especially as Christmas nears. "She pretty much runs the toy factory, and she is making all the elves work a lot of overtime. Plus, she made us all sign waivers saying we wouldn't sue if we got injured on the job. Now, Santa suddenly goes on the Atkins diet? I guarantee that is her doing. She's a real pain in theWe've all started calling her 'Yoko'"..

Santa says that his goal is to lose twenty pounds before he delivers gifts on Christmas Eve, leaving him plump, but not grossly obese. And, says Claus, he needs everyone's help to stick to his diet..

"I am asking the families of the world to leave snacks for me that are low in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, this means that the traditional snack of cookies and milk is not acceptable. Good alternatives are scrambled eggs, cheese, beef, or chicken.".

Experts agree that a thinner Claus may be a healthier Claus, but think that the new snack requests may spoil some of the fun and tradition of Christmas..

"I think it's great that Santa wants to lose a few pounds", says holiday expert Michelle Bosler. "But a great Christmas traditions is being altered. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus dates back hundreds of years. I don't think families will enjoy scrambling eggs or broiling a T-bone for Santa quite as much. And these low carbohydrate snacks are much more expensive than a couple of store bought cookies.".

Despite the criticism, Claus vows to stick to his Atkins diet. "I'm going to do this. I've tried other diets, and I just can't stick to them. I mean, have you ever had a SlimFast shake? Tastes like liquefied wood.".

North Pole spokesperson Sandy Ashton said that if families are uncomfortable leaving eggs or meat as a snack, they could opt to leave no snack at all..

"We'd rather Santa not have a snack than eat foods that are high in carbohydrates. For families who don't wish to leave a low-carb snack, we ask that they leave a note of encouragement for Santa, or some bourbon, which is a low-carbohydrate beverage. Dieting is difficult, and he needs support if he is going to succeed."..

Comment #63

Hello all you wonderful MFers!!.

My dad came into town this weekend to visit with us until Wednesday so needless to say we have been busy, just goofing and having fun. My dad had a triple heart bypass early this year so he is a very healthy eater now, so no problem staying OP with him around. It's been really fun, but I haven't had the usual time to post!! I have to hope for a slow night at work to get some words in!!.

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend and it continues to be great through the week!!.

Oh by the way, the recipes look fabuloso!!.

Bye now friends!..

Comment #64

Pia Colada.

1 - packet Medifast French Vanilla shake.

2 - tablespoons sugar-free pineapple syrup.

1 - tablespoon sugar-free coconut syrup.

- cup tropical flavored diet water.

- cup ice.

1 - cocktail parasol / umbrella.

Pour ingredients in blender and mix until smooth..

Pour into glass and parasolnow when everyone is enjoying a cocktail so can you..

Counts as 1 Medifast meal..

Comment #65

Hello there 100% OP'ers! Dan...thanks for starting this thread! Any extra support is great with the food-filled holidays lurking!!.

Just wanted to share a holiday-inspired snack that I just learned of. I don't know the nutritional breakdown or anything, but it's similar to previous pumpkin pie recipies posted..

Basically you add 2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin to a single-serve sugar-free vanilla pudding, add a dash of cinnamon to taste and freeze or refrigerate until desired consistancy..

This is an adaptation of a snack a dietician taught to the teachers @ my DS's pre-school. (They used sugar-free yogurt.) Hope you all have great success during this holiday season! We can all do this!!!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #66

Hello Everyone,.

Not sure if I qualify for this group too but I am concerned about the Holiday food. I am the baker in the family and I usually spend 2 weeks making goodies for everyone before Christmas. I normally put on about 7 lbs. during that time..

This is only my 4th day and altho I do not have a large amount to loose, I have been tring to loose this weight for 6 years ( hormonal, so they tell me).

I will not be of help with food ideas yet , but I sure would like to read through the thread and copy some of them..

I am still having headaches and not much energy yet but would love to pop in here when I can..

I love all the banners, can we just choose one of them or do you a certain banner to use?.


Comment #67

Hello everyone!!! Hope you have a great 100% OP day..

Sarah, funny funny story... he needs to go on Medifast and not atkins...

Comment #68

Sarah! I LOVED your post! Love it! Thanks!.

Hi Susie! So glad you checked in!.

Susan, Glad you and you Dad had a nice visit. Helps when our families eat Healthy Too!.

Vikki! Recipe Sounds Delicious! Thanks!.

Heather, So glad you are HERE! I LOVE Your recipes, It's perfect for me, I love Pumpkin and it's SIMPLE, Easy and Delicious! Thanks again!.

Sasha, YOU More than qualify, We all do this together and we are all here to support you and each other! YOUR Goal is to stay 100% Over the Holidays, SO you Qualify! Welcome! Keep up your hard work and know, we are here to support you ANYTIME!.

Hi Tammy, So glad you stopped by! Come back soon!.

Have a Super ON Plan Day Gang!.


Comment #69

Hello Everyone , WE have to remember that yes OFF Plan Food is going to be in our faces around the holidays and yes it's good to say we have options (our MediRecipes) then to what we are customary to eating. we really need to change the way we think First off remember the holidays are about family NOt food thats why my banner says that it's about family not food ... we need to change the way we think about food and going off plan or the little one bite wont kill you sabotaging thoughts.. It will hurt your diet and you have to remember it's not worth it , Never go off plan you dont want to waste money nor time of going through ketosis again do you? you are worth it you are here to loose weight not to yo yo diet you made a commitment to yourself when you purchased the food and joined the boards because you were serious about what you want and you will get it but we really have to change the way we think in order to do so....

Comment #70

So true Cecilia! That's exactly why we are here!! To see the commitment we made for healthier lives to the end (and forever, really). I love this season coming because of being with family... it's never been about food, and I have to remember that. I am so glad these boards are here so we can be an encouragement to eachother... no BLTs (I so do not want to waste my time and money restarting ketosis - no thank you)!..

Comment #71

Hello everyone,.

I'm so glad Dan started this post, it is great! Thanks for all of the great recipes!.

Help please, I'm not very good with the banners... Could someone post the code for one of them? I like them all, so which every code is available I'll use!!..

Comment #72

Hi Everyone-I went to order my egg nog drops from Capella and they are out of stock. I wonder if everyone on Medifast is getting them in time for the holidays.

, hope they re-stock them. Have a great 100% OP Day!.

Hi Dan-O!..

Comment #73

Nov will be the hardest for me I am glad have you all to keep me fight the good fight.

I can do this..

Comment #74

Right On Cecilia and Michelle! I couldn't agree more! Right there with you!.

Hi Kim Y. SO glad you are here!.

Patti, You can get Egg Nog Flavor and many others from:.


Keith, The good news is you are working in and on the solution and can get through the Holidays, Even Thanksgiving. Formulating a Game Plan is helpful. We are all here to support you!.

WE can do it!.


Comment #75

My 30th birthday is in the middle of all this fun holiday stuff... but I knew that when I started MF! My DH thought he was being nice when he said I could cheat on Thanksgiving, my Birthday and Christmas... but I have informed my family that my intention is to stay OP until I reach goal... even on my birthday! It's the best present I could give myself!..

Comment #76

Michelle, YOU are 100% Right! Best Present EVER to yourself!.

WE are so worth taking care of ourselves!.

Great Post! Dan-O..

Comment #77

AWEsome Michelle whens your birthday Mines this month OCtober 18th..

Comment #78

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.