Has anyone had success with the Medifast Diet.?

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First of all Has anyone had success with the Medifast Diet.? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Goals. There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There's no telling what will happen when you act upon them...

Comment #2

Sparky and Kitty made the front page! I'm such a proud Mom!!!!.


Comment #3

Good morning Lori and everyone yet to come by!..

Comment #4

Good morning shams..

Sorry I'm not around much right now...I have a lot of shitz going on and it's a little crazy..

Hope everyone is staying OP and.....


Comment #5

Morning Capt- you sexy piece of azz!n (sorry I just saw your pix from Borgata) And how awesome that your babies made the front page!.

Morning Ang- Sorry it's still so crazy in your neck of the woods. Love ya..

Andrea- Happy belated Bday! You braved the weather- you go girl..

AFM- Thanksgiving was nice, we had 50 degree weather but rain the entire day. Woke up Friday morning (2am) to 20's and snow on the ground. Picked up mom and headed out shopping at 4am. Came back about 7:30 am as mom was having a piece of furniture delivered. Did some online shopping. Headed back out at 10, shopped until 3, picked up kids, dropped oldest at a bday party, went back out shopping, took oldest some clothes to spend the night and finally got home at about 9:30 pm! I got almost all my Christmas shopping done though.

Anyway need to go shower wake my youngest up (can't believe she's still asleep) then run and pick up the oldest. Haircuts for all this afternoon- and biy do we need them. Youngest has a play date sometime today and hopefully I just chill. ok enough- have a great one...

Comment #6

I'm exhausted and need to take a nap after reading this!..

Comment #7

Morning shammies,.

Lori - love the front page and the quote..

Angela - hugs.

We are going to finish decorating today and then are having two couples over for dinner. I am having turkey and salad..

Hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #8

I put the fourth week template on the challenge thread. Please post some time between now and Sunday night. Thank you. I hope we rocked this week...

Comment #9

You're doing great..

You have a happy day, too...

Comment #10

Lori - very neat about the "kids".

Ang - hope life calms for you....

Dawn - nice to see you - have a great weekend!.

Lara - have to ECHO Lori - WOW!!! made me tired reading it!.

Sandy - have a great gathering and enjoy your decorating....

Hello and welcome sleepy eyed shammies....

AFM - run's done - Rocket 'Ra is sleepy and back in bed already. even too Silk (pug pup) for my cool down walk - he earned it for being a good boy while 'Ra and I were gone - and before breakfast too.

Ont o finish Psych today and Burlesque later - can't wait!!! have a great day lovelies - catch you later..

Comment #11

Hey everyone! My name is Pamela and I am 26 years old. I have been on Medifast on and off for 2 1/2 years. 2 years ago I lost almost 35 pounds and went down to 162. I have gained almost all of it back and I am back up to 190. My husband finally said something to me and told me I really need to get healthy because he wants to be with me as long as possible and he doesn't want to be the "fat married couple". I know I need to get healthy because I had not being about to get into anything less than a 14 (which is tight) and just not being able to be as active as I would like..

I would like to hope in because I think you all seem very supportive and when I was doing well on Medifast 2 years ago was when I was very active on MyMedifast..

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!..

Comment #12

Hello DIVA Pamela..=).

By chance I am the first one to welcome you to a great group of MF'ers lol. Just read back the posts and see what great support and humor they bring here everyday..

Hi to everyone else. I feel like I have been away for a month and need to read back to catch up big time, but no time right now. I havent been able to sit down at computer for days. I have been helping close friends with a horrible tragedy along with caring for my sick Tim. I hope to be back later this evening, I have over 150 new emails to sort through and Medifast to catch up on, Facebook messages etc. life really.


Comment #13

Check out this sweater I just got a SUPER deal on-.


It was 20% off - free shipping - I had a gift card - AND it counts as a UPromise purchase with money back toward my student loan - came to just under $12 and that's BEFORE the UPromise cash back!!! AND - it's NOT Dry Clean Only.


Comment #14

Pamela - welcome! your avi looks like a grad photo - tell us more.

As Darlene mentioned - this is a great group of supportive peeps! as hte front page (daily new page...) states - we have new folks, long-term 5/1 (many almost to goal!!!), maintainers, and re-runs like you and me.

Glad to have you here..

Darlene - hope your day calms as well......

1/2 water down - now onto cranberry pom tea. warm yummy goodness!..

Comment #15

Andi, great looking sweater and fabulous dealmy kind of shopping. Hope everyone had a good turkey day. I was away yesterday cuz of our celebration and we had a really nice time. Everyone loved playing with the boys. Weather was horrendous here yesterday, freezing rain and blowing snow. My sister passed a several car pile up and had to take a detour on way here so needless to say, they left a little early last night.

Much better day weather wise. Now sitting watching the U of M/Ohio State game and though I don't expect us to win, one of the biggest rivalries of the nation, ever, and I love it. Gotta lot of clean up to do here too so I'll try and catch you guys later...

Comment #16

Darlene - I have been thinking of you. Hope you do get some calm time today..

We booked our Caribbean trip. We normally go every winter but since we adopted Ginger have not because we did not want to abandon her. Our trip to Steamboat Springs last August was a test to see how she would do at the camp. Anyway, I am excited. We leave on Jan 21 and return on Feb. 6th.

Sailing, snorkeling, wind surfing, circus,...... We have been there enough that it feels like a second home it just has been awhile. I will not be at goal yet so will need to decide how to handle that. Not going to think about it until 2011..

OK, back to decorating...

Comment #17

Hey Dude...I remember you from the Rubies. Welcome back!..

Comment #18

Your giddy was contagious..

Cuteness at a great it...

Comment #19

Driving by before I put baby down for her nap.....

Hi ya Pamela and welcome. We're practically neighbors...I live in Lansdale about an hour north of Philly..

Comment #20

Glad you had fun w/the fam even in the sh!tttty weather...

Comment #21

Good afternoon andi, Barb and Darlene. Welcome Pamela. I'm Lara 33 married with two girls. Started Medifast Oct 09 hit goal June 27, 10 and have been learning to maintain since, which has not been easy. This is a great bunch of women that support each other but will give kicks in the rear end when needed..

Andi- awesome deal on the sweater, love those kind of bargains..

Barb- Glad you all were safe yesterday. Have fun watching football today..

Sandy- You are one socialite! You have more dinners/ events in a week then I have all year..

Just cleaned my youngest dd room. She had taken EVERYTHING out of her closet and dressers last week because she wanted to switch out the summer and winter clothes. Needless to say she got it all out and that was it. She's been sleeping on the couch because her bed has been full of clothes. I finally had time to go sort them all out. Now I need to do other DD closet but that will have to wait for another day...

Comment #22

Hey Capt, Sandy and Ang. We were all posting at the same time...

Comment #23

This made me laugh - I can only imagine the pile o'stuff..

Comment #24

Morning Dawn! Hope you are having a great day!..

Comment #25

I am staying OP girl! Sorry you got so much shitz going on right now but it will probably be crazy through the holidays. We are here for you girl!..

Comment #26

Ok, I wont even tell you how long we were out for black Friday. Btw, saw your pics of you, s'dad,and Joe. Loving the sweater dress!..

Comment #27

Great job getting the decorating almost finished. Enjoy your lunch!..

Comment #28

Can't wait to hear the reviews on Burlesque. I kind of want to watch it...

Comment #29

Erin's gotten in touch w/me saying she's busy w/school and work..

Lauri, I think, is doing holiday stuff. I think she's away or something...

Comment #30

Oh - forgot to say - yesterday was a very productive fashion day - I am BACK TO RED.

Will try to attach pic..... - think it will be REALLY close up - sorry... but IT'S RED..

Comment #31

WOW - that was kind of bigger than life - sorry...

Comment #32

Welcome Pamela! This is a wonderful group. My name is Kori, 31 years old, no kids, living in southern California. Bf lives in Texas. I am a special education teacher. I have been on Medifast for almost a year now and have lost 127 pounds. Can't wait to get to know you and help get those lbs off so you feel more comfortable with how you look and feel...

Comment #33

Thank you..

As we know, it's a bit outside of my comfort zone and I wasn't loving it so much when I put it on. Plus, the tights I bought were way too small. LMAO. But it was pretty much all I had so I funked it up with the boots and leather jacket and was a lot more comfortable in it. And, you know, the hoops make e'thing okay!..

Comment #34

Loved Kitty on the TM - laughed then - laughing now.

My silker always looks like he wants to join me and then takes a nap in front instead.....

Comment #35

Hey Darlene. Been thinking of you. Glad you had a chance to check in with us. Hugs...

Comment #36

I have to close the door when I go on the TM now (which is definitely not often enough...but there's always next week) b/c Kitty WOULD jump on the damn thing and SURELY kill me..

The world is SO Kitty's playground...

Comment #37

Way too cute and what a good deal Andi! SCORE!!!..

Comment #38

Joe went to the outlets to get sneakers and came back with a big azz chicken and many fixings for Thanksgiving dinner..

Looks like we'll be doing that tomorrow and calling S'Dad to come over and join us..

I'm okay with it. Turns out to be a good compromise, really..

Joe loves the holidays and the cooking so much and he didn't do it this year (for me) - so - I got to get my head out of the holiday on the holiday and now he gets to get his cooking on..


Comment #39

So glad to hear you had a nice celebration with family. Enjoy football today...

Comment #40

Sounds great Sandy! Can I stow away in your suitcase???..

Comment #41

Kori - with all your shopping prowess.....10 year old boy. ideas??? thinking may an RC helo. know his pop would be OK with it... they have lots of outside.... game? thoughts?..

Comment #42

Nah. It's all good..

Everyone's happy..

Can't beat dat...

Comment #43

Me too! It is totally something I would do...

Comment #44

Oooo - gotta leave for movie soon. will be certain to report back ASAP. later lovelies!..

Comment #45

After losing the mad weight that you lost...I'm thinking the answer is "fo' sho'" you can stow in a suitcase!..

Comment #46

You don't wannt see "Love and Other Drugs" instead?.


I was thinking about going today but am too lazy..

Naked Jake sounds nice, though...

Comment #47

Ummm....yeah. I think of you every time input on hoops. Which is like everyday. So I am always thinking of you, chica...

Comment #48

Oooohhh, that was another one I wanted to see too! Me likey Jake, naked Jake even more...

Comment #49

Also thinking it might be too much of a downer and maybe something "lighter" would be better..


I'm going to check movies on demand!!!!!!.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!..

Comment #50

I think I am going to pull my butt out of bed now and go downstairs. Going ton hit the gym then need to get some things prepped for a party we have next week. Plus I want to play with my new kitchen aid mixer I bought yesterday. I have always wanted one and decided the deal was too good to pass up. Oh and going to return the sweater dress to Marshalls, it was a little too big I decided and I would rather get something smaller that will last a little longer..

Will check back in later hookahs..

Mucho love...

Comment #51

Let me know if you check anything out that is good...

Comment #52

Tree is done. Grocery shopping for dinner is done. So I am going to do my weight routine and listen to Christmas music and drink my water. I think I will do my daily chat with mom while meal prep is going on. Need to fit piano practice in somewhere. But weights first..

Love the red..

I will take as many suitcases as I can...

Comment #53

Maybe "Eat, Pray, Love".

Maybe "Hot Tub Time Machine".

I don't love movies so much..

Maybe I'll let Joe pick between the two...

Comment #54

Hey ladies! Day two back OP.... Feels so good.... And so bad at the same time : ) just ordered a little food so it will be nice to have some variety later this week. I am officially back at work this week... I'm looking forward to it..

Just finished watching grown ups it was pretty funny for those looking for a movie!!.

Going to take some tylenol for this headache will check back later!..

Comment #55

I totally love the combination. Two movies that the same person normally wouldn't like. But I would see both of them too...

Comment #56

Glad Day 2 is almost done. The variety will be very nice. Good luck back at work this week. How exciting and crappy at the same time...

Comment #57

Rocked the gym today. Cardio and Ab exercises..

Shopped a little at Marshalls..

Need to eat something, put up some Christmas decorations outside and then off to hockey again tonight..

Mucho love...

Comment #58

SO - if you even THINK Burlesque sounds good - go see it - it totally rocked! Makes me want to wear more make-up, throw on something short, tight and push-up and DANCE!!! makes me think I can be a sexy dancer like them... and makes me want to sing like Christina. and finally - just ONE MORE true indication that Christina is NO LONGER a Mouseketeer..

Comment #59

Hey JillyBean..

Horray for Day 2..

Hope yo' head feel betta way soon!..

Comment #60

Hi all!.

I feel like I'm apologizing a lot lately, but again sorry, I'm sorry I havent' been around much lately..

Long story short, I have a lot of family drama going on with my mom and I just can't get my head together to be chatty. Hopefully, I will get it together soon..

Sandy - my tree is up too.

And I'm loving OPness, red hair and getting through day 2.

Good night sweet shams..

Comment #61

Yeah. I'm way random like that..

I still surprise my g'friend Karen after over 15 years with my randomness..

I opted for "Hot Tub Time Machine", btw..

It was REALLY bad - but the music was fun...

Comment #62

I love me some Xtina..

She's wicked talented..

And, so, um....




Funny....when I was back at Boogie Nights with my crew, we talked about the dancers on stage and said it must be SO amazing and empowering. If I could give myself a full body lift and my face 20 years ago...I'll be alloverdatshit!.

Glad you loved the movie...

Comment #63

Well - I have the same(ish) prob with make-up that she does/did in the movie and my MidWest roots prevent the short.tight. and in your face... but I'm working on it.

And dancing - I'm SO there - in my Jammies in my room with a hairbrush as a mic - anyone relate?????..

Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.