Has anyone lost weight with nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, weight watchers, medifast, ect.?

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First of all Has anyone lost weight with nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, weight watchers, medifast, ect.? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Haven't been around much lately but Im still 100% on plan and things are going pretty swimmingly. Im happy to report Im down nearly 60 lbs in the last 90 days. Im down from a 4X shirt to a 2X. Im still wearing the same pants I started with (mostly because Im cheap) but instead of wearing them under my belly I have to pull em up past my navel.

I think it's obvious Im going to need to revise my own personal goal of losing 100 lbs this year.

The comments, compliments and support from friends has been incredible but more importantly now I notice the difference in the mirror. Early on in the diet I was checking the mirror so often I just didn't see it at all. I really wish Id started eating this way years ago! The only way I could be happier is if Nutrisystem started slipping something in the food to put the hair back on my head..

Im down to 350 so I still have a long way to go, but Im gonna get there!.

Side note, I find after my workouts in the pool I have that fantastic euphoric high where my brain is working like a swiss clock but about 30 minutes to an hour later Its like a train wreck. I really havent been exercising other than walking so I haven't had this problem until I started doing laps. I suppose I'll get used to it or adjust to it...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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Way to go! You are an inspiration to us here! Hard work, dedication, and exercise are yielding great results for you! Please don't give up! Keep doing what you're doing, be patient, and reap the rewards! You're doing great!.

Just as a precaution, if you have been on blood pressure medicine, be sure to go back to your doctor to make sure the dosage is right for your condition now. Often with significant weight loss patients will have to have their medication lowered or come off it completely. Your post-exercise symptoms are awfully similar to what I went through when I lost my weight the first time. Doctor lowered my dosage and voila...everything's fine...

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FanTasTic post Metsurge!!! What a GREAT feeling to see progress like this! I know what you mean about all the positives. Can't say enough good about how well this program works and others have been supportive. I'll say you'll have to adjust your 1 yr goal! Amazing progress. Stick with it! Another suggestion - if your weight loss is stalling, try a protien drink after your laps or other heavy exercise. You may find, as I did, that that was a key to keeping your metabolism going and feeling good afterwards. Your loss rate is so excellent now, I hate to see you change anything....

Keep it up!!! We'll all be doing endzone dances one of these days!!.


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Great job Mesturge..

Continue the great work and enjoy the ride...

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Thanks for the encouragement guys. Thats what I love about these forums. Im in it for the long haul. I hope to be at my final goal for next Springs (2010) graduation..

Im not on any blood pressure medication but high BP it does run in my family. Once I dip below 300 Im planning on going back to weight lifting like I did in high school so I'll certainly be looking into a body bug and protein additions then. I've only been swimming for a week now so I'll have to keep an eye on the numbers to see if I need to make any additional changes...

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Great Job, expect a plateau sometime. Just keep at it. You're amazing...

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Terrific job - you've found a lifestyle that works - keep it up!..

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Great Job, Mesturge. You truly ae an ispiration to us all...... Yo have done great, and I know it wi going to get better and better each day. I really enjoy hearing about the success others are having, It keeps me going strong when I tend to get a little weak..... Keep it up!!!!..

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Just had it about two weeks ago. End of May early April. Those were the hardest two weeks. Of course that may of had something to do with the stress of finals week. I just hope it's a long time until I see another one...

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Just a minor rant Nutrisystem has completely fallen behind on the Bears. So far they've missed my 20, and 40 lb bears. Next BBB I should get my 50 and 60 pound bears, I might even qualify for the 70 by then..

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Congrats Michael! You're gonna have to call to get the right bears. I have earned 10-100 but since I lost my way and went off plan I have given the last 4 of them to my housekeeper. I told her not to give them back till I earn them again...

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Damon's right, Met. You have to call. What's worse, it has nothing to do with what you do. I've stayed on my original program, updated my weight continuously on my Nutrisystem home page and receipt of Nutribears is completely and randomly messed up. The only one I received automatically was my first 10lb bear. I've had to call for 20 - 70, even gotten duplicate 20's and 50's a month or 2 late.

Just call them, tell them what bears you deserve and they'll ship 'em out to you right away. The customer service folks pretty much assume you're right and are used to getting Nutribear calls every day. Heck, my last BBB had a 60 lb (2 months late) and a Goal (I'm NOT at goal yet!) bear listed on the shipping ticket, but neither was in the box. They did send my 60 and 70 in a seperate shipment after I called. I've given up trying to figure any pattern to the Nutribear mess..


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I'll have to make that call. Its a little silly but thats the first thing I check for when I crack open a new box. Its like achievement Christmas...

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Yeah. It's silly for grown men to whine about teddy bears, but I love seeing them all lined up - now that I've got a line-up..


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Holy crap..

Well here ya go boys:.

I just figured it was that time of month since we're all talking about teddy bears...

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Well I have a previously discussed plan for my Bears. As a fine arts student I'll be immortalizing them by dipping them in casting slip (liquid clay) before tossing them into a 2250 Fahrenheit Kiln. The bears inside will be turned to ash leaving nothing but a ceramic shell in the shape of a bear. Its an act of creation and an act of destruction all at the same time. I'll be adding junk food items in the bears hands made out of clay and I'll have them all mounted together which should make for a kickass "dont get fat again" wall piece that last a lifetime...

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Ok, now.


Really did make me LOL in real life!..

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