Has anyone started the new Medifast Diet?

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My first question is Has anyone started the new Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Another quick question...

This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Last Week's Thread:.

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it? Or just leave it as the default?.

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

Bonus- L&G/main meal?..

Comment #2

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it?.

I usually customize. I like purple, so that's usually what I choose..

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

I found the soups to be very filling, my favorite was chicken and wild rice..

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

My lip gloss..

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

I am going as Glinda the Good Witch.

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do.


I keep a calender in my purse and at work I have a list by my desk. If it's something I have to do that day, I'll usually make myself a note on my cell..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

We are going out to eat, but I'm not sure where, so I don't know!..

Comment #3

Morning My Most Melodious Mamas! (okay, that was a stretch...).

Mer-your weekend sounds great, as usual. I'm thinking I may need to check out these dance games for the wii.....I LOLed at Frankenmuth.

Okay, today's the day. Boxing Day 1!! I'm so scurred. I know it's gonna kick my a**, and I have to baby my left shoulder, so I don't really know what that will entail..

Also, it's day 1 of swim lessons! All of us are excited. That is a rare thing for all of us to be psyched about something...

Comment #4

Hi/bye Dawn!.

I need to get back to work and since I'm in the shared office I won't be online anymore today, but I hope you all have wonderful days!..

Comment #5

Hi ladies,.

My weekend was crappy. Friday night out was ok but shopping on Saturday was a bust. Both stores I went to were almost empty. I guess they were changing inventory. I will have to go next week. Spending time with my ex has been stressful.

I like how he is acting now but I know this wont last forever. It never does. Everytime we break up, he acts right for a while but then gets lazy. I am DONE! I told him he needs to start packing today..

Also, one of my tires are leaking so I have to get that fixed today. I still have to finish my test by Wed. and prepare to teach on Wed and Fri. I am stressed to the max..

Good news is I bought my Dark Heart Queen outfit. It was $100 with all the extras but I don't care..

Mer - Sounds like you had a great weekend..

Dawn - Good luck with boxing and swimming...

Comment #6

Good Morning everyone.

Im home, had a great weekend..

Comment #7

Morning, gals!.



! sounds like a fun weekend indeed. glad you enjoyed church yesterday. have a blast in frankenmuth!.



- sorry you had a crappy weekend! I was completely unsuccessful at shopping this weekend as well. I looked for boots, winter clothes, a jacket, AND stuff for my apartment... no luck. luckily I didn't spend too much time doing it. boo about the ex stay strong! YAY about the dark heart queen outfit! I wanna see pics..



! boxing AND swimming today! y'all are some action-packin' fools. can't wait to hear how both things go. also, I found a CSA from the link you sent! AND I shared it on twitter. local yokels unite!.

My weekend was fun. one of the community co-op radio stations was having a benefit all day saturday and sunday at one of my favorite places (called club de ville). it has a rockabilly theme (decor), like... the sign looks like the famous "welcome to las vegas sign." pretty cool. my friend paula's band played on saturday night, and ryan's band played last night. paula's actually his oldest friend in austin they've known each other for almost 10 years, and they played in a band together for 5 of those years.

That was before my time..

So the benefit was cool, and the radio station raised a good chunk of change. AND I was a big winner! there were giveaways and on saturday, I won a free haircut (score!), and last night, I won a t-shirt that says, "STRIKE THE EMPIRE BACK." tee hee. it was pretty fun!.

Other than that, practiced a good bit with my improv troupe on saturday and met with a sketch writers group that I just joined...

Comment #8

Word up,.


! glad to hear you had a great weekend..

Forgot to mention my favorite thing about club de ville! the stage is outdoors, and the backdrop is a natural limestone cliff. they built the stage right up next to it. so the lights shine up into the cliff, and it's purrrty. it was in the low 70s both days perfect weather for rockin' to local music outside!..

Comment #9

Hey ladies.....

Get funky.

Hope all is well with everyone..

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it?.

I change it..

Or just leave it as the default?.

I like purple too, Mer, so that's mine is colored..

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

Eggs, puffs, and stix.

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

My makeup bag.

4. What are you going to be for Halloween?.


If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

Still not sure.

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

Mental notes and I use the calendar on my cell.

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Maybe a MSF griller at lunch with a piece of fruit...

Comment #10



! I know I should just make a comment on your blog, but I looooooved the zebra jewelry! beauty-full...

Comment #11

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it? Or just leave it as the default?.

I change it. gmail has "themes" i'm currently using the "planets" theme. if it's a color option, I usually go with green..

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

Oatmeal! my aunt just joined Medifast and doesn't like the oatmeal, so I have 3 more boxes of it now..

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

Burt's bees!.

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

I'm going to be frida kahlo. I dressed as frida a couple years ago, and she was a HIT. i've never resurrected a costume before, but this year, it had to be done!.

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

Well, I ended up getting the iphone last weekend, and i. love. it. so. much. I keep all my work and personal stuff on the same calendar on my work computer (and just make the personal stuff private), which syncs with my phone.

Stuff I wanna do around my apartment, letters/cards I want to mail to friends,etc..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Tuna and veggies!..

Comment #12

Hey Yall!.

Hi Sheila and Amy.

Taylor, Your weekend sounds fun.

Im glad you had a rockin time, HA!.

Dawn, careful on that shoulder girl, get it girl!!!.

Mer, boo on the trainer! Yay for a fun weekend and find churches, thats always good!.

Jessica, it's hard saying no to the person you fell in love with (the nice and caring one) but it always ends up the same, sucks. Sorry you didnt have any luck shopping..

I had an ok weekend. Went out on Saturday and it was fun but my friend got WAYYY to drunk and it was just too much, like she kept pulling on me, needing me to keep her up, I had to walk away a couple times. But I got to dance and I am STILL sore. Oh and someone stole my phone! Second year in a row on my bday my phone gets stolen.

Anyways I had the mytouch and went into tomobile yesterday (one night with out my phone and it was horrible, I felt so naked! I went to sleep at 5 am on sat(sun morning) and woke up at 9 because it was bugging me, with no nap yesterday, needless to say I have bags under my eyes. Anyways so I got a red (fav color) mytouch slide. Its pretty awesome! So I'm happy.

Anyways my brother and Jose share a bathroom (along with Alex when he is there) and It hadnt been cleaned since the last time I cleaned it, when alex cut his head open. Anyways it was DISGUSTING, and I told them OVER and over again to clean it. I know it's not my house but hey, my son lives there part time too. So nothing was done about it and I did it for Alex and it was spotless, I clean like a crackhead when I'm tired and after a night of drinking, it cures me.

Then I did all my laundry cleaned my house, joses room and went to dinner with my bestie at applebees. Life is kinda hard right now and I should be making better choices, but I'm also on Tom so it could be the female crying within. HA! Anyways today I get off at 12:15 so I can go to the pumpkin patch with my lil pumpkin. It includes: a pumpkin, hay ride, the corn maze, the petting zoo, an apple, apple cider, a donut, a sticker, and the orchard tour. Its with Alex's PreK class I have to go or else he doesnt get to. And since Jose doesnt have a background check on file, I get to go.

Oh well, ill just be me..

Sorry for the book...

Comment #13

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it? Or just leave it as the default?.

Yes, I love personalizing things.

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

Oatmeal pancakes or pizza crusts..

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

Lip gloss and camera (hate it but debit card LOL).

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

Snu to the ookie (snookie) ha!.

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

Right in my mind. I have an AMAZING memory. I remember some things from when I was two, but I guess it's cuz they were big things..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Not sure, just trying to stay clear from the apple and donut..

Comment #14

Didnt know I'd have to pull this out so early.....

Comment #15

Its really quiet this morning, I have to go do some stuff then work, I'll check back after work.

Have a good day..

Comment #16

Hey, Melly!!!! So, did you take pictures of your outfit from the weekend? Don't you just hate it when people can't control their liquor and ruin a great night? Sorry about that, honey. I hope you still enjoyed yourself. I'll be mailing your gift today..

You all check out my blog. I just posted some new jewelry. I hope you all like it. I was hard at work all weekend on my line, I can tell you that..

We went to the state fair last night. It was the last day. I rode one ride and had a funnel cake and I was good. That's all I ever want to do when I go to the fair now as an adult..

It was fun though...

Comment #17

I'm baaaack! (I always say that, don't I??).

Boxing. Rocked. My. World. I'ma be a pro...j/k LOL!! But really, I love it so hard it's not even funny. Great start to the day and the week.

You need stamina in boxing, that's half the battle. I have NONE. So I'm thinking the C25K will help with that, and I'm planning on making some sort of ab goal for myself. I haven't thought it out yet..

Jessica-My tire had a screw in it, and it kept losing air, so Mark fixed it for me this weekend. My tire got screwed, LOL! Oh, and about your ex: Stay strong. Just come here whenever you feel yourself getting weak. I'll even give you my celly if you want..

Amy-So glad you had a good weekend! I saw you had lots o' fruit.

Melly-That stinks about having to clean the nasty boy bathroom. What is it with men and bathrooms??? Sorry you lost your phone.

When is your birthday? Did I miss it? Did I already wish you a happy birthday? Am I crazy? Do you not like birthdays??? Wassup???? Yay for pumpkin picking!! We aren't going this year. Too much other ish going on, and we don't ever really do anything with the pumpkins and it's expensive.....

Hey Sheila!!! *waves*..

Comment #18

HAHAH Dawn, You are not crazy! I celebrated on Saturday with my friends since this weekend I will be going to VEGAS! But my REAL BDAY is tomorrow the 19th and I love my birthday, I celebrate the whole month...

Comment #19

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it?.

Usually I can't be bothered, but I do like to change my gmail. Right now it's on the space/planet purty (hey Tay!!!). I used to have the ninja one.

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

I liked the soups too. Just add some extra water and some hot sauce. Yum..

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

Debit card and Burt's Bees (again, hey Tay!!!)..

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

I'm gonna go to a party this year (first time in...forevah), and I'm doing Sally from NMBC..

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

Things have been getting busier and busier, with swim, workouts, group therapy, school, volunteering in the I have a red leather scheduler thingy that I put EVERYTHING in. Due dates for homework and just everything. Then I use a post-it note on the front for little things that need to be done that day, phone calls, notes to school,'s working well..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Meatzza and some sort of veg...

Comment #20

Melly, I try to celebrate the entire month of my birthday month too but since it's in December it's very hard to do that since Christmas falls that month too.

I go all out for my birthday every year though because no one ever remembers it because it falls between Christmas and New Year's.

Hubby always does nice things for me and makes me feel so special onmy birthday though so I guess my aforementioned statement was when I was single. My BFF always took me to dinner at my favorite place (Maggiano's) when I lived in Indy and we would throw back martini after martini. Those were the days......sigh..

Comment #21

Sheila, ima check out your pieces in a bit. I did take pics, but on my phone, which was stolen.

I hate stealers. They sucks gigantuous donkey balls...

Comment #22

Fun! And I'm sorry.

December Birthdays do get over looked! But atleast you can party HARD on new years..

Comment #23



! sounds like a busy weekend. not cool about having to take care of your friend, but that's what friends are for, and YOU are a good one! i'm glad she had you there for her. geez! SUCKS about your phone getting jacked! booooo. but your birthday is tomorrow! yaaaaaay!.


, awesome sauce (as you say) about boxing!!! I bet it's a pretty kick-A start to the week indeed. great way to get out any tension, frustration, nega vibes, etc. very, very cool..


, ry's birthday is two days after christmas (and mine's two days after valentine's, funny how that worked out), so he never got to have a party in school, and it always got lumped in with christmas. he goes home to north carolina every year for the holidays, so he's never gotten to celebrate with his friends here in austin, and he's been here 10 years! I want to throw him a party this year, but he haaaaaaaates being the center of attention. maybe something low-key. we just got a maggiano's in austin i'll have to try it out!..

Comment #24

Sheila, I know (well hope) you will appreciate this..

This is the cake I made for my sisters bday, she is a die hard Colts fan, I'm giving it to her tonight or tomorrow. I cut MAJOR cals by using a can of diet coke instead of the water, eggs, and oil. Came out so moist too!..

Comment #25

Nice work,.


!!! I had no idea you could use diet coke instead of water, eggs and oil....seriously?!?!? I want to go home and back right this minute...

Comment #26

Yeah Taylor. It saves alot of calories and it rises fine and is more moist than using the other ish. But the only thing is that it's SO moist the top is kinda sticky. You can use diff flavors of soda to flavor the cake, like rootbeer, cream soda, orange, mt dew...all good stuff!..

Comment #27

Wow! I always marvel at you crazy cake makers. I have no skillz in that arena. Good job, Melly!..

Comment #28

Wow! Melly, you did the damn thang, girl! Love that cake!!!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Oh, and I'm so sorry about your phone. Thieves are such cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! But just remember karma is a major b*itch!!!!.

Taylor, you and Ry will looooooooooovvveee Maggiano's. Very romantic setting if that's what you want, but it can also be just a swanky sexy place too. Love it!!!! And the food is FI-YAAAA!! I won't even go there with the martinis. I love them all!!!!.

Dawn, glad to see you went boxing today! Take care of that arm though...

Comment #29

DeathMuffin!!! *glomps extra hard*.

SheShe-When I was drinking, and we went out, I loved dirty martinis. Mmmmm..

Oh, speaking of drinking, or rather, NOT drinking. I am 3 months sober as of last Friday..

Comment #30

Today sucks so bad!.

I just $300 on tires and had another fight with my ex. He still doesn't get that I don't want him back. He said he thought the last few days were going well. I said, yes they were but I don't think they will last. He does this everytime we get into a big fight or break up. He is amazing for a week or so and then he goes back to the way he was.

I don't trust that he will stay sober yet. He has been fighting this for 3 years. I don't want to waste more time on him to end up in the same spot..

I am so stressed out. My bugs aren't growing well. I have a lot to do for my test due Wed. still. I need to get ready to teach on Wed. I am even more broke after the tires.

I just want to run away from it all but I don't know where to go. There are too much stress and memories here. I don't want to go to FL because it will be more of the same. Last time I ran away from home, I ended up in Lousiana with a friend of a friend for a week and a half...

Comment #31

Monday Questions of the Day!.

1. If given the option to customize colors on websites (like yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, etc.) do you change it?.

I usually pick a pink theme. Hotmail has cherry blossoms..

2. What Medifast meals do/did you like to eat on days when you are/were super hungry?.

Oatmeal and the crunch bars keep me full..

3. Of all the things that are in your purse (besides your cell and keys), what do you use the most?.

My lip gloss is poppin'.

4. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you are not dressing up, what WOULD you be?.

I'm going to be a masked fairy..

5. How do you keep track of everything you have to do?.

If I don't remember it, it won't happen. So I have to tell myself something a million times and then store it..

Bonus- L&G/main meal?.

Dunno what's for dinnah today...

Comment #32

Jessica- Hugs girl. IM sorry you are having a hard time...

Comment #33

Shelia - I know! I told him this morning that he needed to start packing his stuff and his responce was to try to get an interview lined up locally. I don't know how to get through to him besides start tossing his stuff in the backyard. That may be next. My mom used to toss her ex's stuff at the Orange tree in front of our house but I don't have a tree big enough..

Good news is that I made it through round one and have been nominated by the local chapter to the national 15K scholar award. There are 81 national scholar awards that they give out yearly. 3 girls out of the last 4 years that the local chapter nominated have won. I like those odds a lot!..

Comment #34

Jessica, I'm sorry if I'm not being sensitive right now but I've had it with your ex treating you the way he does and causing unnecessary stress. I've become an EXTREMELY NO BS type of person and I have no patience for it at all. I do feel for you though. I don't want you to think I don't. It does make it hard when you love someone but you have to remember that he is NOT the person with whom you fell in love so what's the point in all the added crap, ya know?! Hang in there, honey. It's going to be fine.

You will learn things about yourself you never knew before and it will help you to learn what you want and NEED in a man. Not what I heard, something I know firsthand. It's not always fun going through the alone period but it is so necessary to get to know yourself again. (((HUGS))).

EDIT: CONGRATS, Jessica on moving forward to the next round!!!..

Comment #35



!!! happy monday to you..


, i'm so sorry you're dealing with BS from the ex. i'm with sheila. his being around seems to make everything feel more stressful, and just think this is him when he's being "wonderful." you will start losing again, the bugs will grow, you've moved on to the next round (congrats!!!) for your scholarship. good things are happening/will happen, so focus on those. you can't run away, but call up a good friend who will affirm what an amazing person you are and focus on that!..

Comment #36

Well said, Taylor. Jessica, although we have never met face-to-face that matters not. We all care about you and what happens to you. You have enough things to think about and the ex is just making it harder. Sounds like he is trying to wear you down and that in itself is exhausting. It is OK to be selfish right now! You can and WILL do better so never shortchange yourself, k?!..

Comment #37

Ok, I guess I did kill it today.

I'm out now!.

Have a great evening ladies!..

Comment #38




I've been editing a spreadsheet with over 6,000 records for the last 3 hours. my eyes are bleeding!!!!!!.

Not really. but they're close...

Comment #39

Shelia you arent being insensitive. I used to be able to be forceful, not take BS and be able to get my point across clearly. I just cant seem to do that with him. I know being sober is still very hard for him so I am trying not to be too much of a b***h. I dont want to be the thing that drives him back to drinking..

I was fine with being alone. I was finally starting to be happy with everything until I went to FL and then he came up here. As soon as he gets his stuff out I am done talking to him..

Taylor I may run away to Texas. My cousin is in Lubbock. I dont know when I will be able to afford it since I am broke...

Comment #40


, lubbock is pretty far, but if you end up closer to the austin area by chance....holla!..

Comment #41

Yikes...I was swamped again today. I was running around like a goof all day. I wore new/old pair of pants today. They are a cool shade of brown, the even funnier part is that my shoes matched them almost perfect. I got more compliments on my weight loss today..

My pants size was a 12..

They are a bit snug but better than falling down the hiney like the rest of them are..

My graduation party went well. I got some gifts which was unexpected..

The birthday party for the kid went well. He loed his cake!! I resisted the cake. I made medifast cake batter from the shake. Little bit of water, sugar free syrup and nuke for a was AWESOME!..

Comment #42

Morning ladies,.

I am feeling a bit better today. After I got off of here it was more of the same with my ex. I stopped talking to him and would just get up and walk away but he still followed me. I ended up calling BT0 (0 because I met him before I broke up with my ex back in April/May and we were flirty then but I let him slip away because I wasn't single and didn't want to cheat). He randomly called me a few days ago so I guess I have another BT now. It was a nice, unstressful evening..

Today, I lab for most of the day and then a birthday dinner tonight. I am going to do my best to ignore/avoid my ex today..

Taylor - I will do. :-D.

Katie - YAY for size 12 pants, unexpected gifts, and not eating cake! You rock!..

Comment #43

Morning ladies! Only 5 pages? I'm disappointed, lol..

Hi Jessica!.

Had a good day yesterday, we went to a giant Christmas store (Bronner's if you are curious) and out to eat. Didn't have any time to do much else, traveling with a 3 year old is very different! But we had fun with friends and now I am back at work..

Off to backread!..

Comment #44

From backreading:.

Jess- sorry you had a crappy weekend.

YAY for your Halloween costume!.

*hugs* You are welcome to run away to Ohio!.

Congrats on being nominated for the scholarship!!.

Hi Amy!.

Taylor- lol on your Empire shirt.

*jealous of TX weather*.

Hi Sheila!.

Melly- your phone was stolen again? People suck.

Hope the pumpkin patch was fun!.

That cake looks awesome!.

Hi Christina!.

Dawn- congrats on 3 months sober!.

Katie- congrats on size 12s!.


Comment #45


Good Morning Vixenistas!!!.

As I posted on fbso sore!!! I woke up, stretched, and tried to roll over, and oh the pain!!!! I took an ibuprofen..

I am off to my lab practical exam today! Ugh. I studied a little yesterday. Not nearly as much as I should have, I think, but I wasn't lost while studying, so I feel like I have a good grasp of the material..

Swimming was so wonderful. It was really a nice bonding time with Ivan. He was very nervous and scared at first, but then the teacher brought out some rubber duckies and he was distracted. The skin on skin contact was lovely and it was fun just being focused and doing something together.

Jackson had fun too, and he was one of only two in his age class! Semi-private swim lessons! Score!.

Mer-Okay, here I go again...*stab stab* Christmas store.

I'm happy in my denial, and you keep just putting it out there!!! j/k.

Jessica-Hope you have a better day today! Stay strong sistah!.

Hey Katie! Whoop whoop for smaller pants!.

Okay, I'm out, talk at you ladies this afternoon!..

Comment #46


Happy Birthday Melly!!!!.


Sorry I forgot!.

Mer - Traveling with kids is really different. Glad you had fun. I'm not thinking of Christmas until after Halloween. My costume should be here in 3 days. I will post pictures..

Dawn - :-( on being sore. You will feel better soon. Good luck on your exam. Yay on the swimming lessons going well...

Comment #47

Hey Dawn! Glad you are enjoying the swim lessons!.

Jessica- usually I'm with you, no Xmas until after Halloween, but this year has been different..

I need to go, hopefully I'll be able to get on later!..

Comment #48

Hey chicas!.


I know I posted on your FB page but I wanted to show some love here!!.

Hey, Merz! We miss you being here full time.

Dawn, sorry about the soreness. And good luck on your lab test..

Jessica, I know things will look up for you soon as far as the ex is concerned. YAYY for BT0!.

Hi, Heather and Amy!.

I'll be posting more new jewelry this morning...

Comment #49

Morning, glorious gals!.






! glad the day trip was fun. I don't know many 3-year olds, but I bet it was a different kind of trip! bye for now..


, awesome about swim lessons! even cooler about j's being semi-private..

You have lots of fun stuff going on right now. kick your exam in the a!.


, yay for a new BT, and sounds like you have good perspective on mr. ex. have fun at your birthday dinner, and can't wait to see costume pics!.


, aaaaaawesome about your pants! I agree, falling down the hiney = no good. glad to hear the party went well, and that your friend's boy loved the cake! no surprise there. way to resist. I sometimes think I hear cake speaking to me, but I just pretend it's speaking a foreign language, and I can't understand it..

Speaking of cake,.


Funnel cake is one of my favorite things EVER. hafta find a way to make a low-cal version of THAT!!!!!.




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Im so irritated this morning, grrrrr. Sometimes I think my Husband will never have anything nice to say. Last night he told me all I do is yell at my kids and that Im not a lovey dovey Mom.

With him I feel like everything I do it wrong.

Sorry random rant..

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Morning ladies!.

Happy Birthday Melllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!.

How' ya'll doin' today?..

Comment #52

Aw thanks guys! You all make me feel so loved.


They decorated my cubicle princess again (i love it) and we are all wearing lil mini tiaras. hahahah. Im wearing a black zip up hoodie with wings on the back and a crown on the front hahah! we are having a big food day here!.

Dawn- I love being sore after a workout. Last night I went ot the gym and I was still sore from dancing saturday. boy it felt good!.

I turned in my financial aide papers, now all I gots ta do is wait.

Jessica- hugs again girl. Love the BT0 hahah..

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Thats not nice. I seen you with your kids, and how you talk about them. You are an awesome mom. Your with them more so I know how it is with kids. Sorry Amy, tell him to hush or melly will come kick him in the hiney!..

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Yay Melly...are you going back to school??????.

My family and I went on a short bike ride last night after dinner. It was so beautiful outside. I love when there is zero humidity during the cooler months, in Florida. Came in early since it gets dark early but we rode for about 30 minutes. It was nice...

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Amy...I really don't see you as the type of mother who just screams at her kids. Maybe he was just having a bad day or he's on his male period?..

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I had an awesome afternoon/evening with my kids yesterday. I took them to Bend to pick out Halloween costumes and let them have McDonalds while we were at Walmart, and we just had a good time. they were nice and well behaved besides asking for this and that haahaa but thats what kids do. Well then I come home and I'm trying to get the kids to bed and my Husband just sits and plays the PS3 and doesnt help, so I say you know, bed time is really important and I need your help, my Oldest son who is 12 got out of bed 3-4 times, so I did yell from the front room go to bed, but it wasnt like I was sitting here constantly yelling at them, and thats when my Husband said that.

Just ruined my good day..

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Xtina, thats my plan. I was already starting the process with out knowing what I wanted to do. But after seeing my nephew born and taking care of her and him in between the nurses doing so, I want to be a nurse that takes care of pregger mamas and babies. Idk what you'd label that as..

Today is Xavier's bday too huh! (what a perfect day :-P) Tell him happy birthday, which I'm sure you have..

Alex doesnt understand it's my birthday ha, hes like ok you can have one and then it's my turn... I'm like you JUST had one, he was like nu

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Guys, I'm struggling. I just can't seem to get back on track and stay back on track. It's always "tomorrow" or "just one more." I know this is a mental game for me right now and I don't really know why I keep losing. I swear my eating is rivalling what my drinking used to be like, but I think this might even be worse. They say success is getting up 1,001 times after falling 1,000 so I will keep trying....

Anyway, here are the.


1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.

2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

4. What is your favorite soft drink?.

5. L & G and exercise for the day?..

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Amy, I dont think it's actually the yelling, it was the interrupting of his games. Bed time is important, my mother always taught me that. You're a wonderful mommy...

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Carolyn, I know exactly how you feel. Im sorry I am just trying to over come my issues with the same thing and really dont know how to help. I started medifast feb 2009 and lost 65lbs. was doing awesome then I just kept slipping and slipping, Ive gained all but like 15lbs back, and I am so angry with myself. I never talk about it on here or really to anyone..

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Thats probably true, Melly. He never wants to get off his booty and help me get them to bed. he just sits there, like it's his time and he doesnt have to do anything...

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1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.

An ER nurse/DR, I couldnt do dealing with death and crazy ish, id be on the floor all day..

2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

Colts, Blazers and Ducks (who are #1 btw).

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

"Whats the soup de'jour? Its the soup of the day...MMM that sounds good, I think ill have that. Dumb and Dumber...hahahah not meaningful but I love that movie and we quote it constantly here at work, well randomly do the mock ya ing ya bird ya...thing between me and a fellow dumb and dumber enthusiast (sp?).

4. What is your favorite soft drink?.

Diet coke, coke zero...YUM, hate regular soda.

5. L & G and exercise for the day?.

Um not sharing LMAO, and I'm plannign on going to the gym at 6 so I can watch the bad girls club...

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You could be a nurse midwife Melly! They deliver babies! What a fun job..

Amy- Maybe he was just having a bad day. It wasn't fair of him to snap at you like that...

Comment #64

Aw, Amy, thanks for sharing. Sometimes I come here (not really to this thread, but to the Medifast boards) and I'm taken aback by all the people and their wonderful success stories. Often, instead of feeling inspired, I feel intimidated, like I am never going to be a success story. I've had self-esteem issues my whole life and it is really hard for me to believe in myself in many ways, especially with weight, looks, romantic relationships..

And then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, you know? My "I can't" attitude proves true and it just reinforces my negativity..

I really think I need to go back into therapy and work on changing these thought patterns..

I wish you the best as well, let's become our own success story!..

Comment #65

You need to, or you will keep slipping. We are here for support, not judging Amy. We all have issues with food. Im always here to talk!.

And yes, he prob said that to make you feel bad so you wouldnt yell and interrupt him anymore..

Whats funny is I love watching people play video games, I had to beg jose to play them sometimes. HA! But I could totally understand if it came to a problem..that would suck. Im sorry!..

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1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.

I thought of this question while driving home yesterday and seeing one of those people by the side of the road dressed in a Halloween costume and waving a sign for the Halloween store. I would hate that. Good exercise, though!.

2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

Redskins, Hokies, Yankees. The first two because of where I live, and the third because my dad grew up in NYC and he grew up a Yankee fan and passed that on to me and my brother. I'm not a bandwagon jumper! :P.

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live - from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone..

4. What is your favorite soft drink?.

I go in phases with soft drinks. Lately they have been tasting really good to me. Coke Zero is a favorite. I also love cream soda, but I haven't found for a long time available in diet..

5. L & G and exercise for the day?.

Palak Paneer (no rice!.

) and treadmill...

Comment #67

Amy, I agree with Melly. Both of us need to come here and share because it will only give us strength. My AA sponsor always told me it takes more courage to ask for help than go it alone...

Comment #68


1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.


2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

University of Miami football. Twins baseball..

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

"And I was like Emillliiiiiooooooooooooo!".

4. What is your favorite soft drink?.

Coke Zero or Diet Coke.

5. L & G and exercise for the day?.

Not sure...we're going to go out and celebrate for Xavier's birthday..

Hoping to run around Chuck E. Cheese's for a little bit...skeeball counts as exercise, right?..

Comment #69

I'm right there with you guys, Amy and Carolyn. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with getting back on the diet when my medicine is slowing down my weight loss. I lost those 70 some lbs so realize it's not coming off as fast as before sucks...and well, I keep falling off the wagon...or jumping, I'm not sure. Either way, I'm trying hard, this time!..

Comment #70

Amy, I feel your pain with the hubby today! UGH! I'm so sorry.

Hang in there. He must have had a bad day or something..

I don't usually do this but I need to vent a little here too. I just got off the phone with Hubby and he basically accused me of cheating. W...........T..............F is that all about???? All this crap started Friday night when I ordered pizza for our company. My friend was over and he had guys over working in the studio. Well, I ordered a pan pizza and a hand tossed pizza. The order got screwed up and there were two pan pizzas delivered to our house.

OK. Well, by the time we realized all this it was too late to get it replaced because they were closed. Well, he made it seem like I didn't try to get it replaced. He said I had plenty of time which I didn't because when they delivered it was like 11:50p. They closed at midnight.

I was up late so I had no idea he even had an attitude still. The next morning he had to work and when he left I called Pizza Hut and asked for a refund on my pizza that was wrong. They honored my request. Later that day, Hubby came home still with an attitude. He ordered another pizza to replace the one I had just got refunded so he got it for free.

I left my house around 6:30p and got home around 10p. My folks and I were sitting and talking at the restaurant for quite awhile. We went somewhere kind of out and when we were leaving we stood out in the parking lot and talked for another 20 minutes or so. Well, when I was on my way home I got lost because it was in an area that I was not familiar with. I didn't call him because he was acting like such an a*s already so it took me longer to get home.

I told him where we went to eat and that I had gotten lost getting back. He obviously didn't believe me. Sunday we went to the fair and had a nice night. I thought all the crap was behind us. Well, then this morning I asked him if he was feeling alright because he wasn't feeling well yesterday.

I wanted to meet him at home for lunch (lol) and he said why?? I told him and he was like why at lunch? We had all weekend. I told him not with the way he was acting toward me all weekend! NOPE! Well, then he says Saturday night you came home with your hair all messed up (not true) and wouldn't give me any. Me: Of course not. You were being mean all weekend. So I asked him are you trying to accuse me of something because that's what it sounds like.

I'm angry because that hurt me. I would never cheat on him. I know he is mad because I refuse to back down. I was very honest about where I had been and all that. He works until all hours of the night in the studio and then wants me to wake up at 1 or 2a. SCREW that!!! I am usually in a deep sleep by that time.

That's just not fair. What did I do wrong here?????..

Comment #71

Wow, She She...sounds like hes feeling really insecure for some reason. There is no reason to accuse of cheating especially since he knew you were out with your parents. Maybe he feels intimidated because some of his friends find you attractive? I think when guys realize that other guys think his wife is hot, it's like red flags and sirens get dropped..."other guys think shes hot. she's going to leave me for someone else...she's cheating...I know it!"..

Comment #72

NIGHT at the roxbury Xtina? I say THAT ALLL THE TIME!..

Comment #73

Sheila, I agree with what Xtina is saying. Its not you definately. These are his issues and he needs to work them out and talk to you about them before accusing and believing that stuff. You love him 100% I know you would never do that to him...

Comment #74

Xtina, I do that ambulance thing too alot beeeeeupppppp beeeuppp..

Comment #75

LOL...Melly! That movie has some awesome one liners...yesterday we were saying "what's up? What's up? What's up? What's up?...It's like hottie overload in here! Pace yourself!!! What's up..2, 3, 4...What's up..2, 3, 4.....what's up 2, 3, 4...."..

Comment #76


1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.

Being a kennel cleaner. I did it for a week and I spent half the time holding back my puke. It was NASTY..

2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

Patriots & Red Sox.

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

4. What is your favorite soft drink? Diet Cole & Diet Dr. Pepper.

5. L & G and exercise for the day?.

L&G. I have no idea. I am getting out at 3 today because I was in my office by 6 am this AM. I plan on leaving that early but the reality is that I probably won't leave until 4ish..

I am planning on taking my bike with me to the farm. I will go for a short 1/2 - 45 minute ride and than work horse my horse...

Comment #77

Ok I feel a little better now.

I told my Husband that I was irritated with him because he just sits and plays games or whatever while I struggle almost every night to get the kids to bed, I told him that I want him to help me and he say Okey dokey, So hopefully things go better tonight..

Comment #78

Off to lunch...thinking a nap sounds good. See ya'll later!..

Comment #79

Ive got to get ready for work, catch you all laters..

Comment #80

Aw the girls spoiled me at work. I wanna cry.

I have amazing people in my life, who wudda thunk people actually liked me ha!..

Comment #81

Hi Heather!.

Hey Sheila!.

*hugs* Sounds like your hubby has a bug up his butt about something. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong..

Hi Taylor!.

Hey Amy! *hugs*, sorry things are tense with the hubster..

Edit- glad you had a talk! Hopefully he will be more helpful.

Hi Christina!.

Hey Melly! Happy Birthday (again)! That's so awesome that they decorated your cubicle!!.

Carolyn- *hugs* If you are struggling, ask for help! We are here for you!!.


1. What job do you think we would absolutely horrendous to have?.

Plumber. Lots of grossness..

2. Name some of your favorite sports/sport teams..

Fave sports to play- volleyball and track.

Fave team- Ohio State.

3. Share a quote you really like from a book or a movie..

I don't think this is from a movie, but it's my favorite quote..

"Failure is only an option.".

4. What is your favorite soft drink?.

Diet Coke.

5. L & G and exercise for the day?.

Exercise-none, took the day off.

L&G- no clue.

Hi Katie!.

Back to work, hope you all have a great night!..

Comment #82

Good afternoon, all!.


, i'm sorry your hubby is giving you crap. the way you talk about your kids, sounds like you're a wonderful mom! good for you for getting it out there, better than holding it in. hope things are smoother tonight!.


, not cool about hubby! sounds like it's his own thing going on. someone else on here said it could be insecurity about you being so FINE, and that very well could be the case. he has to know deep down you'd never do anything like that to hurt him..

Big HUGS to you both!!!!!.




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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.