Has anyone taken Medifast with oral contraceptives and mood stabilizers(or other presc meds) without

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone taken Medifast with oral contraceptives and mood stabilizers(or other presc meds) without Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

Here is the code for our Can Do Crew banner... remember to remove the *'s before saving.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

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I want to apologize for being late starting the weekly thread. I went to Houston for a Joyce Meyer conference, and Sunday's church service was with Joel Osteen. Praise & Worship was with Martin Smith of Delirious, which was so awesome!!! I have been so tired since getting back, but had so much fun!!!..

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Yay for getting on that treadmill!.


Thanks for getting us started.


Glad you are joining us in the holiday challenge. The more the merrier I believe!.


Exercise: 4 Mile Run.

Water: 175 oz.

OP: Yes Maintenance..

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- Thanks for getting us started. Glad you're back - we were worried about you! So glad you were off having fun!!!..

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About our Challenge.

We're having our own little Crew challenge to help us all get through the holidays. It starts this week and here's the format:.

Report daily with a summary on Sunday. I will track the summary numbers - daily reporting is for accountability - and post 'results'..

For this starting week, please tell me:.


(Weight Loss, Transition or Maintenance).

Medifast Starting Weight.

Challenge Starting Weight.

(Any day this week that you weighed will work if you don't have a Sunday/Monday weight).

Goal Weight.

Most of this I've gleaned from tickers, signatures and the Posse Challenges.

Each day, report the following:.

On our plan (5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): yes or no.

Water: _____ ounces.

Exercise: ______.

On Sunday or Monday report your weekly summary:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

I'll compile the summary data and report back. So far, here's who I have participating:.











I have all the 'starting' data I need for everyone, with the exception of.

Heidi. 138 your goal weight?.

For those in Maintenance, I'm going to invoke the "fuzzy rule" - if you're within your goal range, report your goal number. That way, minor fluctuations aren't interpreted as gains.

Or losses.

Here's the banner - take out ALL the ***.


WE CAN CREWS through the holidays HEALTHY!!..

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Thanks for the details.

My goal is 140, but I lost a few after goal and I bounce around it some. Using 140 is great! Thanks again.....

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Jan, I had a great weigh in today. I hadn't weighed in 2 weeks because I wasn't near my usual scale last week. Do you want me to use my last weigh in of 230 or today's most excellent weigh in of 219?.


Weight Loss.

MF Starting Weight.


Challenge Starting Weight (Any day this week that you weighed will work if you don't have a Sunday/Monday weight) Use which ever one you think appropriate as above.

Goal Weight.


Each day, report the following:.

Here's how Monday went for me.

On our plan 5+1 yes , with extra lean protein.

Water: _80_ ounces.

Exercise: _45 minutes shoveling snow, 18 miles with the dogs on the atv, (3 hours total time to load, harness, hook up, unhook, re-load, and unload at home) Don't know how to track activity for all that, but it's a workout..


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Thanks, Christine! I'll use your most excellent recent weigh-in, otherwise the first week summary will have you losing over 10lbs! Course, that's not all bad.

P.S. Where are those pics? I answered your PM with directions.....

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On our plan: no.

Water: 100 ounces.

Exercise: no (unless shopping counts LOL).

Wow, I bombed on Monday. I always exercise during the week, but got home so late, that I was ready for bed early. I am leaving work soon, so I can exercise!!!..

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Jan, my pics are too big!!! Is there a way to resize them or change format? All are 1.5 MB.

Any other thoughts on how to get them on the board? Ifnot I'll just upload them to my blog page..

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You need some kind of picture software that compresses them. Windows Picture Manager that comes with the latest Microsoft Office will do this. So will Photo Editor that.

Came with the older versions of Office. I'm sure other picture editing software will do this, too, I just don't have anything but Microsoft.

(not a big fan of MS)...

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Hi, Crew!!.

I'm so excited about our challenge and I will really try to be checking in, though I bet the resort we are at won't have a scale in the room (if I'm lucky...) JUST KIDDING!.


Maintenance - yes.

Water: __84___ ounces.

Exercise: __no____.

Well, ladies, the sugar monster is really in my face, but I refuse to let it take over. I am packing my summer clothes again for tomorrow's CA trip and I am so afraid they will not fit as well as they did in the SUmmer, but like my dr. said, if they are tight, well, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Will do..

Dh just went running in the dark and asked me to join him, but, I don't know, I just HATE doing that, now that he's back, I wish I would have gone for a walk at least. Took the dogs to the kennel today, so had less pressure to get out there and walk. No good excuse, I know, I am packing my tennies though, in my suitcase. The other word I just got is that we are leaving late afternoon, so I will get in my walk in the a.m. and will be able to make it all about me without the dogs. I sound crazy right now, but exercise is always my nemesis - well, it should be my best friend....this I know..

Off to do some dancing in the kitchen - just re-loaded my iPod with my favorite doo-wop oldies and I figure 30 minutes of dancing is something good. DH laughs at me, but I always make him dance to a slow song with me. My kids used to say, 'They are kitchen dancing again....' HEY! gotta keep doing what we love and - just for the record - most doo-wop I love was my older cousin's music.... She used to practice dancing with us when we were at her house! HA! Those oldies but goodies.....

Have a great evening, CREW!.


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Hi everyone. Busy week. Play is next weekend, so thre crew is in rehearsal with the cast. I'm out just about every afternoon and/or evening..

Jan, do you need anything from me?.

Starting weight will by 139. So I am below my goal of 148, but not in my usual range high of 138..


On my maintenance plan, yes but, I had not planned to dip into the bank today and I did (maintenance means I will cut Tuesday and put 100 calories back in the bank).

Water: 90 ounces.

Exercise: No.


On my maintenance plan: Yes and returned put 200 calories in the bank.

Water: 90 ounces.

Exercise: Yes: 45 minutes step aerobics and sculpting, ab work.

Have a great day everyone!.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

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Went back and did a little reading from yesterday. Glad to see so many people up for the challenge. I know it is going to be hard for me. Being accountable here will help me SO much! Thanks everyone for being here for me and each other. I for one, really appreciate it!.


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Barb, you can do it! The accountability of this challenge is a great tool for us.

And will help us sail through the holiday season and into the new year making resolutions that aren't weight loss related... whoo hoo!!.


Comment #16


, dancing is a great exercise! And getting DH involved makes it more fun.


, how did your day go? Been thinking about you! Stay focused on where you are going... because goal is within sight!!!.


, I vote you get to use today's MOST EXCELLENT weigh in!!! You go girl!.


, I'm a little jealous of your amazing weekend... hope you are feeling refreshed....


, a 4 mile run... you rock! Do you happen to be a member of Nike+?.


, are you a techie??.

Hugs to all my Crew friends~..

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Good day today.

OP yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise 45 min of physical therapy exercises/exercise ball..

Comment #18

I am happy for this challenge too.....

Op today.

Water 90 oz.

Exercise - yes, leslies 4 mile boosted walking, half hour of running on the trampoline..

I got my order of food and so feel more confident since I am back on 5 & 1 for a bit. today is the first day I havent had some sort of chocolate.

It is definately something I need to stay away from..

Did school today, parent teacher conferences and dinner is done. I am pooped!!!.

I hope everyone has a great day out there..


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Having my last meal of the day - I LOVE my brownies! I got my order today, too, just in the nick of time. I was all out of cappuccino, my standby breakfast, so put a vanilla shake in my coffee for my commute. I had 4 cappuccinos at the office, so I brought them home, but now I can refill my stash there..

So, I'm OP today and I got in my water and exercise..

Hard for me to count the ounces because I have several bottles - a couple 17 oz. size for my flavors and several 25 oz'ers that I put in the freezer. The big ones I'll refill if they're really icy. But I always drink at least 3 of them, not counting refills. really felt good to do the treadmill this morning. I haven't been on that for A LONG TIME! I watched one of my DVR shows, so it was done after 46 minutes and DH was leaving for work.

So, I hopped back on to even it out - just call me Mrs. Monk..


- I love that you kitchen dance! I'll have to try that - DH will only do slow ones with me, but enjoys watching me be-bop around. Have a GRAND trip!!.


- I think I've got everything I need from you. I'll post our starting stats, probably tomorrow - give any missing folks a change to weigh in, so to speak. If I've misinterpreted anything, you all can let me know and I'll get it fixed. This is the QA part of the process...I learned the hard way to do it.

At the beginning..


= Glad you'll be joining in the challenge. And, yes, I'm a techie. Over 30 years doing database work - it's all I can do not to put this challenge into a database.


- running on the.


Glad to see you, too, on board. Happy you're enjoying being a student again, too..


- let us know if you post your pics on your blog. I'm anxious to see them..


- missed texting you today...but I emailed.



- I think shopping counts as exercise.


- come join us in the challenge. I miss hearing from you!.

Nighty night, you Crewsers!!!..

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Oh my!! I miss a day and look at all these posts!!.

Way to go Crew!! Sorry for the delay in getting my starting stats in, Jan!!.

Here we go:.


Weight Loss.

MF Starting Weight:.


Challenge Starting Weight:.


Goal Weight:.



OP: Yes.


Exercise: Nope.


OP: Yes.

Water: 96oz.

Exercise: Chasing kids - does that count?.

Had a big day at my endocrinologist (thyroid doc) today. It's been since April that I was there. They were VERY pleased with my weight-loss and instead of seeing my actual doc today I saw his PA and she said she really didn't recognize me!! Anyway, my labs were perfect EXCEPT for my thyroid levels - instead of being 0.3 to 5.1, my level was 27.8 which means my body is SCREAMING for thyroid hormone. She said this could definitely have an impact on me not losing weight lately - I really haven't lost any weight in about 5 weeks. Although it is encouraging to know this might be the answer, I wish I would have considered it a possibility. She also said the soy could impact the absorption and I have been eating quite a bit more tofu.

She also said the hair loss (lots after a shower) is due to the massive weight-loss, it's just part of the body reacting. She said it'll take about 4-6 months after I stop losing for that to stabilize - and again she commented on how great it is that I've lost the weight..

Glad to see you're back.


- glad you did have a nice weekend. How is everything with your husband and his recovery? I haven't seen any updates lately and was just hoping all the stress of his absence, injury and recovery have stabilized for you..

And good to "see" you too,.


Looking forward to your encouraging words through the holidays!!.

It's nice to see such a challenge will bring activity back to the boards on a daily basis!! We've got two weeks before the turkey arrives...let's go Crew!!..

Comment #21

Hope it's not too late to join! I'm recommitting today (my bday)! I want to be able to celebrate my next birthday at a healthy weight!! Hope it's not too late to jump in - I've been reading your post and I love how involved this group is...I need the accountability and encouraging words..

Phase - Weight Loss.

MF Starting Weight - 291.

Challenge Starting Weight - 291.

Goal Weight - 185..

Comment #22

Ebarron, Welcome aboard!!.

So glad our little challenge inspired you to speak up....this is a.



I'm tracking the weekly summary stats. Report 7 days worth on Sunday or Monday. It's up to each of us to report daily if we can..

I'm trying to report twice - a.m. & p.m. (more is better, right?.


Just did the treadmill again - only 20 minutes today for 1 mile. It's going to be another beautiful day, so I'm planning a walk at lunch..

Time to get cleaned up.....

Comment #23

OP: Yes.

Water: 124oz.

Exercise: yes, 30 min treadmill.

I can't believe how accountable this challenge made me yesterday. I didn't realize how many times I would reach for a piece of candy corn after I got home. But, not yesterday!!! It made me think about what my hands were doing that my brain wasn't seeing..


, wlecome and Happy Birthday!!.


I have had past thyroid issues, and all my numbers are in range riight now. The weight lose has lowered my glucose and blood pressure. Dr is very happy about that. I also had a lot of hair loss about 4 months into MF, but it has since stopped. Glad to hear you DR was happy for you..


, Medifast brownines are my favorite!!! I have one everynight topped with some PB2..


Enjoy your trip. If I find my clothes getting tight it makes me more accoutable. But on the other side, when my clothes are too big, I get lazy. So I always have some spare pants that are too small just waiting for the day that they will fit..


Can't wait to see your pictures..


I had a great OP day, thanks for asking. no BLT's..

~~~waving to everyone~~~ Barb, Melissa, Diana, Bobbi, Brenda..

Comment #24

Good Morning Crew - just weighed in and.

Wed. -.

Weight 121.4.

Exercise - 30 min. walk (leaving now).

Water - 64 oz. for sure (I'm halfway there already).

Hopefully more by the end of the day).

Have a great day and welcome.


- you'll love it here with the Crew! Happy Birthday!.

DH's birthday today and we are going out for a nice dinner tonight. I am planning on one glass of wine and he'll refuse dessert, so that will help us both, though I prefer the wine.

As my treat..

Happy day Crew!!.


Comment #25

DebbieIf we should ever met we'll have a kitchen dancing moment together. Put a glass of wine in my hand and line the veggies up on the counter and a salad will be made as I dance to whatever song is playing on the iphone in my pocket. It is amazing I still have all my fingers..

Janwill try to compress the pics at lunch today. The iphone ones all seem to transfer to the computer between 1.2 and 1.7 MB..

I had dinner with "the boys' last night (all my medical colleuegues.) After dinner 2 of them told me they didn't hardly recognize me. I was very OP at dinnerhelped that I arrived a bit late and was able to avoid appetizers and pre-dinner beverages..

At home I made my famous banana creme pie as requested by a staff member for her birthday today. Made it through the baking session with a bite of banana and 3 BLT's before I washed the pan. Wow. My roommate made her famous meatballs for lunch today. I limited myself to 2..

Crew, accountability and progress helped me through all that last night. Now I have to get through the potluck at lunch today. Knowing I am reporting in will help me..

So here's yesterday's report.

OP5&1, yes with exception of BLT's mentioned above.

Waternot so great, only 50 ounces.

Exerciseit was a rest day for me and the dogs..

Bobbino chocolate for me either yesterday. It is my nemesis too. Can't ever seem to have just a little..

Way to go Crew. Tonight is another run with the doggies..


Comment #26

Hi ebarron. Welcome..

CourtneyI vote chasing kids counts. And double points if you don't eat all the cookies, goldfish, and cheerios they drop behind them..


Comment #27


Way to go staying OP at dinner. I love the showing up late part, that could really work for me. Appatizers are a weakness for me, that is propably why we don't go to dinner very often. BTW, I just realized (after many months) that I have been spelling your name wrong, sorry.


You b-day too? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!..

Comment #28

Wow! Loving the boards being this active!.


When I went on my vacation after I got to goal a few months ago- I would just call down to the front desk and ask them for a bathroom scale. A few of the hotels would send one right up. Hope you have a good OP trip!.


I looked into getting a Nike + but the reviews I read made it seem like it is very inaccurate. What do you think? Do you use the special Nike shoes or do you put the pouch in your regular shoes? My iPhone has the Nike plus capability but I'm not sure if it's not accurate then maybe I shouldn't get it. Hmm..


GREAT weigh in! Keep it up many more like that to come I'm sure.


I'm excited for the accountability too. Just knowing I have to come here and report relaxes me a little. Yay for the calorie bank! I haven't figured it out yet but as long as I stay under 1400 I'm happy..


LOVE the penguin taking a shower!So cute! Where do you always come up with such great graphics?.

Welcome Ebarron!!!.


OP: Yes.


Exercise: 90 min hot yoga.

Looking good crew! Love reading about how successful everyone has been since starting the challenge. Really gotta thank Jan for getting us started in this new path!..

Comment #29

Good morning! Today is a fun day. I am taking a day off school to go to seattle with hubby for his routine doc appt. I really look forward to the break.

Courtney, I sympathize with you on your soy problems. I have to be really careful too what I eat and how much soy is in it. Crazy, but it can cause serious weight loss stalls in some people. I am happy that now you will see those last pounds just shed away..

Op: yes.

Water hope to get 100 oz today.

Exercise: 30 minutes elliptical.

I exercise early just so I get it done.

Otherwise I put it off until the next day or couple of days..... sigh.

So I am off to seattle but wanted to touch base first..

Have a great day.


Comment #30

JAN - your little penguin is TOOOOO CUTE!!!! In fact, I'm off to the shower myself. I'll try some of his moves!.

I think the time is off on my last post, but my computer is right, anyone else having that trouble? Not that it matters, but I just noticed it...

Comment #31

Thanks, JAN - I'll pass on the birthday wishes to my MR. Debbie. Ha, love that! So nice of you. He'll get a good chuckle..

Off to the airport shortly , hang tight everyone and have a great OP day!.


Comment #32

Barb deserves some thanks, too. She got the format and accountability thing all ironed out. I was floundering on jsut what/how we should do a challenge. I just knew I needed some extra CREW support.

I love all the activity here, too. Gets me through the day OP..

Comment #33


I'm excited to join the has been good so far! I planned out everything last night, seems like that is the only way to stay OP!!! And that is my goal....

And you can call me Ebony!!.

Thanks for the warm welcome...

Comment #34

Jan- I like the thought of posting twice a day!! Yes - more is better in this case..

Sherry - I agree - the thought of me having to post daily and share how well I did is keeping me focused. I want to make sure that I can answer the questions the way I think they should be answered if I'm doing 100%!.

I'm even making a goal as far as water, so I can make sure to meet that goal everyday!! And since I didn't make it to the gym today, I'm trying to rearrange my evening, so I can at least do 30 minutes!.

Accountability is what I need and I can already see..this is the place to get it!.

Looking forward to sharing daily progress later...

Comment #35

Holiday tips from one of our Happy After MFers.....

Comment #36

Oh I definitely agree! Thank you Barb and Jan!.

Has anyone tried the new Extra sugar free Dessert Delights gum? The mint chocolate chip is to DIE for!! Really helps me with cravings. I take one piece and make it last a whole day. They have a strawberry shortcake flavor as well but it's definitely not as good...

Comment #37

Where do you get it?? I'm in desperate need of new flavors!..

Comment #38

I got it at Publix which is a Florida grocery store. I've seen them at convenience stores as well. If you go on Extra's site they have pictures of them. If you can't find them I will happily mail you some they are that good!!.


Comment #39


, I saw this on the self, but didn't try it yet. Extra is my favorite gum and I usually by the big pack at sam's club. I am stopping the store on my way home to get some!!..

Comment #40

Sherry, I did the typo. It is a normal Christine spelling..

Sorry about that...

Comment #41

Flying by Crew friends....

OP: Yes.

Exercise: 50 min run.

Water: 120oz.

Yesterday was a Banner Day... and today's looking like another one... whoot whoot.


You've found an amazing group of gals... great to have you join us!.

Hugs all around~..

Comment #42


, I love my Nike+! You are correct, it's not perfect. There is a way to calibrate so that it is as close as possible to your true pace. Even though it's not perfect, I love that it tracks my progress and helps keep me motivated to do more. I've logged 1,740+ miles so far and I still want to get up and run each day! HA! I use my Nike+ with my Ipod and have created different playlists for different runs. You can set it up to tell you when you've run a certain distance, or a certain amount of time. The options are cool and they keep my workouts fresh and new...

Gosh, can you tell I really like mine??.

Oh, and I started out with Nike+ shoes, but as I realized I was going to be running more, I decided to look at other brands and decided on a non-Nike shoe for my 'kicks' of choice. So I currently am using a pouch on my sneakers...

Comment #43

Evening checkin...having my brownie - I want a smiley face that's licking his lips.

Water: yes!! I finished my 80 around 4...who knows how much I've had by now!.


Exercise: didn't get much of a walk in to supplement the treadmill..

I stopped on my way home & got a pack each of the Chocolate Chip Mint and Key Lime Pie gum. YUMMY! They didn't have a 3-pack. Melissa said it's probably still too new. I'll need to go to Walmart or somewhere - they were $1.29 a pack!!!.

I know some of you remember gum for a nickel a pack. The CCM was definitely worth every penny...just opening the wrapper...YUMMMMM..

Have a GREAT OP evening, crewsers. Pleasant dreams, my friends!..

Comment #44

Quick fly is play season....we open next Friday. Busy busy busy..

I love the gum..

Love my Nike+ until I lost the little white transmitter that goes into the iPod when I was in Maine..

Welcome Ebony..

Love challenges..

Bobbie is playing hookey from school. I give detention for that! Hehehe!.

OK... I have this thing for penguins, so I just love the showering penguin! Does anyone watch the Penguins of Madagascar? Definately not a childrens cartoon..

I'll be around Friday for a little catching up.....I hope!.

On Plan: Yes.

Water: only 80 ounces so far. Will try to get a few more in before bed. That's low for me..

Exercise: Yes...stairs for my backside (I do these when I don't have much time and I want to burn calories quickly).

For those in maintenance.....Dannon Ligth and Fit makes a new Pear yogurt. Yummy..

Glad to see so much chatter! Accountablility helps me SO much..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #45

OP - No (2 L&Gs).

Water - 100 oz..

Workout - No.

Today...was a lesson for me with recommitting, I have to PLAN...especially my workouts. I've already set the clock to get up at 5:30am and head to the gym. I think the morning workouts are going to be important for me because my evenings get a little hectic sometimes with work. Again...planning, I will have to carry all my meals for the day with me because days like today - when I don't get a chance to come home when I think I will...I pass my 3 hrs and I'm starving, so today I had another L&G (thankfully that was available)!.

Tomorrow will be better....I look forward to getting better everyday!!..

Comment #46

Hey Crew!!.

OP: Yes.

Exercise: nothing specific.

Water: 80 oz so far.

Good day...busy day...glad the kiddos are in bed and now it's "my" time!!.

So that really means time to catch up on everything that didn't get done today!!..

Comment #47


Thank you for all the great Nike plus info. Definitely sounds like you hate it! Lol! I actually went and ordered one through amazon. All the benefits you were talking about definitely outweigh the negatives. Some accuracy is better than none. I can only run the same route in my 'hood cuse I tracked it with my car. Would be nice to have more options for sure! Thanks..


I have a strange love of penguins as well. I make these.


Every year for Xmas eve. They are so cute and a healthish appetizer if you use low fat cream cheese...

Comment #48

This challenge is really helping me. Thanks to Jan & Barb for getting it going. I start to go off plan and then think I'll have to post that and I don't want to. So I stay on plan. I even exercised while babysitting today..


OP Yes.

Water 80 oz.

Exercise 30 min/1.5mi on treadmill..

Comment #49

Wednesday stats.

OPwell, a few BLT's at the potluck. So I guess that's officially a no..

Water 94.

Exercise3.5 hours out with the dogs, 15 miles on the trail, still pulling the atv's.


Comment #50

LOL, thanks for letting me know, I thought that I was more observant than that to mis-spell your name for months. Apparently I am observant. You hade some awesome results over the last couple weeks!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!..

Comment #51

I stopped on the way home too, but CVS was out of the choco-mint flavor so I got strawberry shortcake and key-lime. Both are yummy, but I really want the choco-mint. The fact that the box on the shelf was empty makes me want it even more...

Comment #52

Brenda, Me too, I really needed a challenge to get me to be more accoutable. I didn't even realize that I was being a little careless...

Comment #53


OP: Yes.

Exercise: 30 min TM.

Water: 132 oz..

Comment #54

Morning check in:.

Exercise: 25 minutes, 1.25 miles on the treadmill.

Starting on my water.

This challenge is helping me a lot, too. I know I've said this before, but I've been doing the Posse challenges for months, but being accountable to them isn't the same. Especially these last 2, chatter slowed WAY down & it was just posting results (or lack there of). Barb & Brenda were here when I started - Heidi, too. You 'guys' are my BMFFs!!.


- Sounds like you were CREWsing on that treadmill!.


- those penguins are adorable - too cute to eat! So, did you run?.


- I'm not a fruit fan, so I passed on the Strawberry flavor, but the KLP is good..


- I don't think you're supposed to exercise your first 3 weeks unless that was already part of your routine. Your body needs to get used to the drastically reduced calorie intake so it doesn't go into starvation/hoarding mode..

Already had my shower, but gotta get rollin' here..

Waving to the WHOLE Crew..

Have a FABULOUS OP Thursday!!..

Comment #55

And Diane, too!! She was just getting ready to go off to Italy. And Bobbi!! She was my exercise headlight.....

Thought of them while I was packing my lunch and didn't want to leave them out. If I forgot anyone else, I'm sure they'll come to me on my commute.


Comment #56

As promised, here's our challenge start up stats for your review. If I have anything wrong, please let me know before Summary reporting starts..

Nice little group - there's 12 of us....the Dirty Dozen? No, we're OP & CLEAN!..

Comment #57

WAIT!! Here's a better one! I included an extra column that shows what percent of our original weight we've lost...pretty cool. WW always focused on losing 10% - we're WAY beyond that.

OK, now I've gotta focus on my.



Comment #58


Thanks for that great pdf chart!! Didn't realize what my percentage was because I never calculated it. Thank you!.

Wednesday's Stats.

Exercise- Yes 2 miles thanks to Jan's encouragement.

Op- Yes.

Water- 180oz..

Comment #59

Hi, Crew! I am checking in since we are in the hotel room for a few. I must say that yesterday I was able to get in all my water, exercised early morning, which I reported I think, and then last night at dinner, well, I couldn't resist one bite of DH's birthday dessert... I won't describe it's deliciousness, but one bite wasn't enough. I enjoyed every bite, but not to worry....I got back to the hotel and 'tossed my cookies'-.

It is probably because it was too sweet and I did have a glass of champagne. The mix wasn't a good one, I don't think. No matter, I was OP til that darn dessert. So, however Jan reports that in summary....

Today, I went out for a walk around the hotel property, which DH told me was 3 miles. I got most of the way around and thought I'd gone the wrong way. Made several feeble attempts to cut across to the resort, but ended up retracing my steps to go back. All in all, I went 15,000 + steps and over 6 miles. I had rubber legs, but I was very happy..

Had a nice salad for lunch and a bar for bfreakfast before I left for my walk. I'm OP so far and plan to stay that way. Chugging water and enjoying the warm temps in CA..

I agree with all of you, this challenge has lit a fire under me that I didn't realize had waned so in Maintenance. Thanks Jan & Barb and everyone checking in. It's great to feel the love.....we aren't "The Can Do Crew" for nothin' - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jan's comment on the BMFF's. Right back at ya'!.

The gum, the Nike+, the holiday tips, the penguins, gosh - I love learning from the CREWsers! Thank you!.


PS I'm going to be visiting my great aunt while here, she is 93 and throwing herself a big birthday bash next week!!! She's working 3 days a week and my Mom said, you can't get her at home, just call her cell!!! HA! I'll try to get her secrets while I'm with her. (She was a lifeguard at the beach in her 70's)...

Comment #60


It's not how.


Report it in summary - it's up to.

You to report.

A weekly summary. I can barely keep track of my own daily stats!.

You should also know that it was.


Comment about challenging yourself to whatever it was that got me off my keister and got this thing rolling. I was thinking I needed a Crew challenge, so you were part of the inspiration!.

WTG on your walk!! It's beautiful here - 60+ degrees & sunshiny. At least it was before it set. I hate this early darkness!!.

And I think I'm missing an F...should be BMFFF!..

Comment #61

< LOVES that the Crew is on track and losing!!! Whoot Whoot!!.

Wednesday's Challenge Report.....

OP: Yes.

Exercise: Ya, youbetchya! 50 min run.

Water: 120oz.

I've told a few of you this, but besides being at a healthier weight (which equals a smaller clothing size) the thing that I love most about having found this plan is that I have learned to LOVE exercise! Most days I have to schedule something in my morning so that I stop running/walking. Yes, I know that this isn't normal....

I've been trying to keep it to an hour or less... though somedays... it's longer..

My hope is that each of you will find a form of exercise during this journey that you love and that you find your day isn't complete without!!.

Oh, and did I mention that the Nike+ will track your walk just as well as it tracks a run?? hehehe.


(Disclaimer: For those on 5&1, exercise should be 45 min at a moderate pace. Once Transition and Maintenance have been reached, long periods of more intense exercise are ok...)..

Comment #62

Okay, JAN- it is the way IIIIIII report it, you are right. I was so 'veklempt' at the outcome of last night's dinner, served me right.....anyway.

Regarding the challenge, it takes a village to get these things going sometimes and we are a heckuva village, right? thanks for the acknowledgement, but you'd never see me doing the hard part (i.e. stats ) Also, aren't you glad your keister is so much smaller now?.

It's 4:00 here so I was surprised when you said the sun 'set' - ugh, just the time I get used to this time zone, I'll be homeward bound. It also figures that when it is a nice stretch of weather at home, I am somewhere else....oh well, we're still very lucky to be enjoying a mild November, that's for sure. DO hate that early darkness, though, it's a real bummer..

Have a great day tomorrow everyone and I will be checking in. I didn't report my weight today, but I am going to try to call down for a scale since someone (Melissa?) suggested that...good idea!.

Happy day, Barb, Heidi, Melissa, Bobbi, Courtney, Ebony, Christine, Sherry, Brenda, Diana, (who did I miss???.

) it's almost TGIF!!.


Comment #63

BYW, I did get my water in 64 oz. so far today and I will get more in, but can record my 64 oz..


Comment #64

The challenge seems to be doing good for all of us. I just read through the posts. We are having great weather here in Eastern Missouri. It has been over 70 for the past 5 days. I got in a cleaning frenzy today, opened the windows, and spent all day cleaning..

OP yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise yes if you count spending the day cleaning and going up & down the stairs way too many times..

Comment #65

Debbie, I love the story of your great aunt. She sounds like a real pistol..

Brenda, cleaning and going up and down steps is most definitely exercise..

OK, so I stopped at Walgreens on my way home for choco-mint Extra brand gum and they too were sold out. Now I am on a mission to find it.... it must be good!.

Once again today, the challenge has saved me a few extra BLT calories. Thanks team!!..

Comment #66

Dang pie was left out on the table at work today..

Dang dang dang, blew my OP with 2 bites..

At least it's gone now...

Comment #67

WOW.....43.5%. I never realized that. Makes me feel pretty good today. That's a motivator if I every saw one..

Melissa, that recipe looks good..

Debbie, love the penguin..

Jan, thanks for the stats..

Hi everyone.....quick check in..

On plan: Yes.

Exercise: No.

Water 100+ ounces..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #68


Love hearing about your Aunt!! Gives me hope I can be so with it at that age!.

Thursday stats.

Exercise Yes 4 miles.

OP Yes.

Water 180oz.

Ran with a friend for the first time tonight. It was so fun! It really helped to keep a decent pace. We actually went 4 miles in 38minutes. We weren't super fast but we were steady. I think we are going to make it a weekly thing. Yay!..

Comment #69

Evening check in, a little late for me.

And again, just finishing my brownie. Got an extra 10 minute walk in this afternoon and drank all my water, plus more....not sure how much more..

If anyone uses My Plan to log exercise, you'll see there's all kinds of every day activities that you can log, so.


, cleaning, gardening, chasing kids around...all burn extra calories!.


- must be break a leg time....on with the show!.


Past my bedtime.....

Comment #70

Thanks Jan, but I've been working out 5-6 days a week, so my body is use to it. I actually have a trainer, since the summer, so I've lost about 20 lbs since I've started with him. It's a part of my life and I take it easy, but it keeps me focused and I have it scheduled in my day (unless I oversleep)! He's really more of my inspiration than my sometimes I just find myself doing more hanging out than really working out. I think since I'm already in the groove my body won't suffer too much, I did it today and I felt fine and I think the fact that I go in the AM is a good thing..

Question for the team...Do you all share with people around you that you are doing MF??.


OP: No (treat for my bday celebration, yes, I gave in & felt bad afterwards).

Water: 100 oz..

Exercise: Yes...45 minutes/cardio mix..

Comment #71

Wow...I think this chart has given me some inspiration/motivation! I know I just started but...I'm definitely fighting again some numbers here with the most to loose and the least % lost.....

The athlete & competitor is coming out in me I love a challenge & don't like to be last!..

Comment #72

I totally agree, I was dreading posting tonight! Sadly during my celebration - I kept thinking I'm going to have to post that I was no OP, I feel soo ashamed, but it is a good thing! I already have my lunch & meals ready for tomorrow, no excuses, tomorrow I've promised myself that I will workout, stay OP, and drink 100 oz!!!.

And I know the "crew" will be checking!! TGIF!!..

Comment #73

Hey Crew-.

It's late...almost missed posting today...although I have read throughout the day!.

OP: Yes.

Water: 84 oz.

Exercise: nothing organized; just some stretches and pull-ups..

Comment #74

Thursday stats.

OPnodang pie.


Exerciseno. Chores and dog food run. Resume training tomorrow..

Comment #75

Morning, crew. No treadmill for me today...I have to get to HQ.


To get my laptop fixed. The screen went out on me at 4 yesterday..

I'm supposed to be at the backup center today because we have our community volunteer appreciation banquet tonight (DH is on the board...we're backwards from the stereotype family - he's on on all the charities and I go to the office everyday.

) Anyway, it's at 6, which means we leave here at 5 all dressed fancy. Bottom line, I'll be spending most of my day driving to and from work with no means of getting much work done. I want to call in computer is sick after all.

It's causing me much stress and, off to the shower and hit the road!..

Comment #76


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: 34 min TM.

Water 144 ounces...

Comment #77

Having some bad days. How do I get stuck in this rut so often? Today I work 1 to 9 so I will workout before I go. I HAVE to stay on plan today..

The gum was featured on biggest loser this week so that's probably why it's been out..

Gotta go.


Comment #78

Hello to my fabulous Crew Friends!!.

Reporting in....

OP: Yes.

Exercise: Yes / 55 min run.

Water: 120 oz.

Remember, if you work the plan, the plan will work for you!!.


Comment #79

Went to breakfast with a good frined this morning. I Hop has a great egg beater omlett with spinach, peppers & tomatoes. It also has fruit but I gave that to my friend. Afterwards I was looking forward to going shopping with DD & the 2 GKs but my GD was sick. So I stayed home with her, poor thing just sit and leaned against me all morning..

I think that if you can stay OP for 5 or 6 days it is easier to stay OP from then on. You stop getting hungry and craving no-no foods. And the longer you stay OP it does seem easier, at least for me it works that way. Thanks, thanks thanks for the challenge..

OP yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise 30 min kettleball routine..

Comment #80

Hi, Crew - it's 6:00 Pacific time, so I'm late posting for Michigan time, but anyway, had a good walk today, so can report.

OP: maintenance, doing well today, yes.

Exercise: yes 4 miles.

Water: yes 64 oz. so far.

Weight : no scale available for the room, and still haven't decided to pay $20 to use the fitness facility, so will weigh when I get home Sunday..

Hopeyour Friday was a great one everyone. Here's to an OP saturday!..

Comment #81

Friday check in:.

Weight: maintenance.

On Plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes, 3 miles walking...sigh no run.

Water 100+.

Busy, busy, busy. Ate 3 Medifast meals today to heep me focused and on plan. Nice to have those bars and pretzels handy when life gets busy..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #82

Well Barbs little plan ahead voice saved me tonight. Went to yoga from 6-715 then I had to leave from there and go immediately to the movie theater to meet a friend. I knew I wouldn't have time for dinner so I put a chicken breast in a plastic bag & ate on the way. Yes this was not the most appetizing thing to eat but sure as heck beats getting sick from popcorn! So thanks again for saving me barb! Also helped that I knew I would be texting Jan so couldn't slip up anyway!.

Exercise 75 min power level 2 yoga.

OP- Yes.

Water 160oz..

Comment #83

Friday report.

OPsigh, no. Small piece of cake at dinner function. But no wine, and believe me it was flowing..


Exercise3 hours activity with the dogs, atv run. 60 minutes dancing at dinner function..

3 inches of snow predicted tonight. We'll see if it happens.....


Comment #84

Melissa..... if I had a nickle....wait maybe a penny.....for every time that I ate something that wasn't the most appetizing, but kept me on plan or keeps me in maintenance..... I'd be rich! Nothing like looking at food through new eyes. You are fighting the good fight!.


Comment #85

Melissa, it was probably a good thing you didn't have to text during the movie!..

Comment #86


- you got me laughing out loud..

I left my phone in the car (not on purpose) - good thing for Melissa cuz I was going to text.


And she would have been at the movie. Bad form to.


Texts at the movies, too. How was opening night?.

Got home late from the banquet and I had lost my internet connection which means a reboot - I was pooped so just went to bed..

Report for yesterday:.

Water: YES - TONS.

Exercise: abbreviated stair climb.

OP: Realized I had skipped 1 Medifast meal.

Plus, I did have a BLT at the banquet. Having to report both here and to the OP police via text, kept me from having more than a bite..

Overall, the banquet food was very OP. We had a choice between steak and something else (we chose months ago) that looked like a pot pie of sorts - everyone at our table had steak, so hard tellin...and WHO CARES? Steamed green & yellow wax bean & a few baby carrots that I traded with DH for more beans. Scoop of mashed potatoes which I totally ignored - very used to that. Small salad to start. I usually bring a little bottle of dressing, but had forgotten in my rush, so had it naked..

Tonight is a different story, though....beware Melissa! Yet another function - this one has a buffet. It's another fund-raiser for our local (Ann Arbor) music venue (The Ark, pretty well-known in the folk world) and the theme is the Frog Island Festival, which was their primary fundraiser for many years way back when. A 3 day outdoor festival, so I'm thinking festival food at the buffet. BBQ was a big one....we'll see. I'll go armed with pretzels, bars & brownies and split my L&G to make sure I get enough protein. Chances are the available protein will be layered...veggies, too.

Busy day with other meetings before the event tonight, so may not get much board time today..

Have a FABULOUS OP Saturday - YAY for the WEEKEND!!..

Comment #87

Hey Crew-.

Here's my belated Friday check-in:.

OP: Yes...BUT, had a little extra BLT at dinner.

Water: 96 oz.

Exercise: 15 min quick body workout.

Busy with housework this morning...ready for a fun day with the family and having a friend over for dinner tonight..

Have a good day everyone!!..

Comment #88

Happy Saturday Crew Mates!.

Friday's check-in....

OP: Yes.

Exercise: Rest day.

Water: 100oz.

The weather here in PA this weekend has been spectacular!!! Warm and Sunny... loving it!.

Keep working the plan....


Comment #89


Ha! Had a good laugh at the reason for you being a millionaire! While I was eating a cold piece of chicken breast out of a bag I was thinking guess I am committed to this being healthy thing! Ya texting Jan from the movie prob wouldn't have been a good idea! I did text her before then put my phone on silent but I did check it a few times!.


OP text police! Ha I love it! Let me know if I'm getting annoying.

Exercise 75 min fusion hot yoga.

OP- Yes.

Water 150oz so far.

Had a great shopping day with my aunt today. Buying size 4s never gets old! Then we went to whole foods to enjoy their salad buffet. I discovered the have plain chicken at the end of a buffet. Definitely a good quick OP option for anyone that's in need & close to a whole foods...

Comment #90

Hello all! I missed a few days. It is conference week for my kids so they keep me busy and off the computer..


Op yes.

Water 90 oz.

Exercise 30 min elliptical, 1 hour of leslie.


Op yes.

Water 86.

Exercise: no, planned day off.


Op yes.

Water 96 oz.

Exercise: walk for half hour.

I am glad that next week will be more "normal" for us. It is nearing the end of the quarter and all those tests..

Brenda, how is the kettleball workout? I have considered those but have just been doing what I do.....Maybe once or twice a week would mix it up a bit? Do you use them daily?.

I am off to cook dinner. We are all doing so great on this challenge..


Comment #91


OP: Yes.

Exercise: minimal walking.

Water: 120+ oz..

Comment #92


OP: Yes.

Exercise: no.

Water: 140 oz.

This was a good day for me, challenging, but good. We had a community yard sale in our neighborhood. My mother, her BF, my DD, were all here. I watched them eat fast food hamburgers for lunch, then DD got a pizza for the GK's and they GK's are spending the night with us. Now they have had snacks and ppcorn, but I resisted. Hope you are all doing great...

Comment #93

Quick check in after a LONG and challenging day, especially with no phone! Details at 11 - that would be 11 am tomorrow.

OP: almost, which means a no, but no real cheats.

Water - you betcha, probably enough for tomorrow too!.

Exercise: running around busy & a little dancing at our event..

More tomorrow....nighty night!..

Comment #94

Aw sherry, it is so hard to watch others eat. My family tries to eat the food I cant eat, in another room. I can still imagine it.

Just dropped by to read more..


Comment #95

Hi All, this sounds like a great group! I am not sure what you mean by pasting the can do crew banner link? does that get you to this group in an easy manner?.

I am on Medifast 3 weeks today. was feeling awful till 3 days ago and now am doing well! I have lost 15 pounds so am really excited..

I know I need the support of groups, so glad I found you!.

Thanks, Sharon..

Comment #96

Welcome Sharon!.

Congratulations on 15lbs down! YAY!!!.

There is nothing like the Medifast Melt....

The Crew banner link will add the banner (see below) to your signature. It won't help you get back here easier... sorry! You can go to the top of the page and click on Thread Tools and 'subscribe' to this thread. I know it will send you an email letting you know when someone posts after you. I think there is a link to getting back here too (though I'm not positive)..

Sunday's usually mean a new thread for the Crew. Look for it with the date of tomorrow through next Saturday....

So glad to have you join us... AND it's not to late to join in on our Crew challenge. Just start keeping track tomorrow friend....


Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.