Has anyone tried BOTH Nutrisystem AND Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Has anyone tried BOTH Nutrisystem AND Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. I'm curious how many of you guys have joined gyms? My wife and I checked out a new one about 3 miles from our house today, tomorrow we're going to do a free trial of the place and possibly sign up and commit to a year. For you guys who are gym members, what are the pros and cons? I've already lost all my weight, so I'm looking to add a bit of bulk and improve my overall strength, plus I'm sure it would help me as I transition into maintenance mode...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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I have a YMCA membership. Works pretty well on travel. Not the cheapest though...

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My wife and I belong to LA Fitness. There is no committment so we can quit when we like. Pros: all weather exercise, variety (racketball, swimming, weight and aerobic equipment), group activities, nice... ahem... sceneary. Con's: costly, can be boring if you are an outdoor exerciser (as I prefer), you have to plan to go, peak times are crowded...

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I actually belong to the gym at the hospital where I work, and my family has a membership at a gym close to the house that I use as well..

I would be hesitant to commit for a year based on one visit. Most of the gyms where we live do a month to month thing. Shop around a bit to get this, or ask for it when you talk terms with them. This is the best way to go if you are uncertain about your staying ability...

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I have been a member of the local YMCA for years. Most of the time I haven't been active but I have been going the last few months. The more I go the more I like it. I have been lap swimming lately and just recently started going to a Start up Strenth class. It all feels good! I have been lifting weights as well. The commitment will really get you going.

Spend the money. You will sleep well..


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Gym membership does not do anything. GOING to the gym does miracles!! I was a member for YEARS before Nutrisystem and NEVER went! Seriously, a gym membership (that you USE!) is a terrfic way to go. With a few tips from the guys there, you can create a routine that rocks. I'd recommend a 4-day, 4 muscle-group strength regime (15 min), coupled with 1/2 hr cardio. After a couple weeks, you'll be addicted. Gym membership also opens up lots of other possibilities - classes, personal trainers, etc.

You've got to build it into your daily schedule..

Good luck!!.


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Right on the money again, Gordon. (is this guy good or what??!!)..

Strength training will tighten you up a bit by adding a little muscle in here and there to the areas that may have a bit of stretched-out skin or more than likely sagged over the years - like your upper chest (.


Flys, bench, dumbell press will do the trick), shoulders (military presses, upright rows ...) , back (machine pulldowns, seated rows) and arms (you know the drill)..

It's fun. It's addictive. It's good for you. Start off slow as Gordon mentioned - 15-20 minutes on a machine circuit (full body workout) will do wonders in the beginning. Then hit the treadmill to round out your hour..

A bunch or us can point you in the direction of some great beginner routines. Better yet, you can shadow someone in the gym that looks like they know what they're doing. Most guys in there will be more than happy to help you out if you ask..

I've known a ton of people over the years that have had ties to the healthclub industry and they've all mentioned the same thing: The money is in the membership dues. Such a huge %% of the people that join only show up for the first few weeks (or days??!) then never return. DON'T BE A STATISTIC!!! If you have your doubts, hit up a Planet Fitness. It's basically free at $10.00/month with no contract and no $$ down. Not really the gym for me but it may be a good one for you - if not a perfect starting point..

Oh ... one more thing:.

Don't buy a home gym!.


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If there's one thing that I guarantee you guys it's that if we join, I will go. I'm one who really watches my money, so if I'm paying monthly dues I'll be going at least 3 times per week, if not 6 or 7. Today I'm going to measure the exact distance, because I'm thinking it may be a perfect jogging distance. I'd love to think that I could jog to the gym a day or 2 per week, do my work out, then have my wife pick me up. I'd love my wife to make the same sort of commitment. She had a gym membership 2 years ago, went a bunch for 2 or 3 months, then lost interest.

However in her defense the gym was located 15 miles from our house and big hassle to get to. I really think one located right here in our small town, 3 minutes away, would have different results for her. Time to decide..

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I kind of lucked out, there's a gym in the basement of my office building. Free (well, included in the lease anyway), couple treadmills, full set of dumbells, exercise ball, swimming pool, racquetball court, etc. I hit it every day @ lunch, 5 days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri, 45 minutes on the treadmill, Tues-Thurs weight training), best decision I ever made. Honestly I think it's helped my overall health more than starting NS..

I've been in this building for 10 years, can't believe it took 8 years for me to get off my butt & take advantage of it!..

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Right-On Bungle!! To be honest, it was a change in positions where I work that lets me go out to the gym over lunch that really helped me help myself in this. I agree that the fitness aspect is as much a part of the life-makeover experience as the weight loss was. Can't really seperate them in my mind as they happened together, but, OH, what a difference!.

Rads - Sean knows his stuff on the weight-training end of things. I'm more of a "user" than an expert at it. Also - Make your wife jog home after she comes to fetch you. Seems fair to me!.


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I have a 24 hour fitness membership. Works well on travel, only two miles from my house. Cheapest membership for me, $20 per month. (They do have some specials running in some parts of the country?)..

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Just in case you guys check back in...

I work in a gym and sell membership agreements. One year commitment and $20 a month is a great gym sells a no commitment agreement for $10 a month. No sauna, no fuss, but all the equipment you'd need for cardio and strength. Free classes to teach you how to use the equipment, also a free sit down with the trainer to work out a work out program to suit your personal goals....

One thing I have to either live or work close to your gym, or you really won't use your membership to it's potential!!!.

Good Luck!!..

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Well I have a membership to Planet fitness that runs me $10 a month and it's right down the street from my house but I dont really use it. The gym has alot of equipment but I'm too lazy to go. I am thinking about switching to 24 hour fitness for $25 a month because they have a pool and basketball courts. I also think ill go more because ill feel obligated to because I'm paying more. If anyone has a planet fitness near them the charge 50 for a start up but only 10 a month with no commitment which is a pretty good deal but I dont think it's for me with my weight loss aspirations..

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To compute your mileage. It's more accurate and it can show you alternatives that might make for a safer route...

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Dick, thanks for that link. That's a really cool running mileage calculator. I mapped out my normal route and it came to within about .01 mile of what my iPhone GPS app says it is when I jog it. It's definitely a great way to preplan routes!..

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It won't be long and you will be running home as well...

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Too funny! I'm just out the door to jog to the gym. It's 2 miles almost to the foot. It is absolutely gorgeous out here in So Cal!.

A good day to be alive!..

Comment #17

I did 2 miles today too! 38 degrees and rainy.....

First time outdoor run in a long time here....


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I'm now a proud member of Alpine Fitness Club.

The run there was great, I ran the 2 miles in 15:48. That bodes well for my goal of going under 26 minutes at my next 5k, 2/6/10. I'm not so secretly hoping to break the 25min barrier, but I want to keep it real. I'm now starting to train for a half marathon in June. If anyone wants to join me for the San Diego Rock and Roll half marathon, do it!..

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Where in SD are you?.

If it's too many miles on the run, biking to the gym is also very pleasant and sort of intermediate in the run versus drive in terms of speed and exercise. Just a thought...

Comment #20

She bikes while you run? She bikes while you blade?..

Comment #21

We won't be getting much together time at the gym unfortunately. Where are you at Poly?..

Comment #22

Julian>Alpine. Just messing. I live in a shack on Mount Palomar and steal bandwidth from the telescope...

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Sounds like you should be doing one of the upcoming 5k or 10k's with us, or the Rock and Roll Marathon on 6/6/10.....

Comment #24

Seriously??? I've driven up to Palomar a few times when I lived in So Cal. Means even more after reading the book "First Light" by Richard Preston. Beautiful area, and just amazing to see..

Sorry, not meaning to drag this off topic. Thats the amateur astronomer in me coming out.....

Comment #25

Joking. Lived in Point Loma in the early 90s...

Comment #26

That's funny, I was at the ASW base in the late 80's/early 90's...

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