Has anyone tried Medifast recipes from Deceptively Delicious? Does food really taste that good?

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First question I got is Has anyone tried Medifast recipes from Deceptively Delicious? Does food really taste that good? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Does anyone know the reason for waiting an hour after eating to drink fluids? I thought it was to feel fuller, but thinking maybe there are other reasons too. I ate some dill pickles today and couldn't wait an hour, really thirsty from all that salt. lol What are the consequences? I learned in one of the seminars that when we don't want to lose more weight to add fluids back in with meals. Any comments appreciated...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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I guess the sleeve is a little different because the valve determines when the Medifast food empties. I have always taken little sips to keep things moving, even when it has been well chewed..

My new medicine Victoza, slows the emptying of the stomach and the absorption. For the first time I am full with 3-4 ozs, and don't get hungry at all. It is working great!..

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I concur with Jenny, It is to limit the intake, as for the hour,,, I was told 30 minutes for bypass and 1 hour for.

Lap band.


I don't always make the 30 minutes, but I do try!.


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I also have to stop drinking 20 mintues before eating, so in all it's almost an hour without drinking so I can consume food. I find this to be incredibly inconvenient with my job! I am a sales rep and my schedule changes daily depending on when I have appts with customers. If I have several in a row, when I get to my car, I am hungry AND thirsty, so I have to decide whether to eat or drink! Also, if I only have half an hour to eat lunch I might have to go quite a while before having time to drink anything! It'a s real pain in the a$$!! I asked my nut if This would ever change and she said not really. Bummer!!..

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Thanks for your comments everyone, it make better sense now. It is aggravating at times but I really try to wait an hour...

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Oh! I just HAD to test it a few weeks after.


Folks, it HURTS like crazy. I was afraid I'd hurt myself bad..

It is hard to wait sometimes but it is all worth the wait. If I'm planning to have something salty I try to load up on water beforewaiting at least a half hour before eating..

I don't think I'm a very good vicarious learner. I have to test it all. Trust me on this one, don't even go there!.

Anyone want the description about trying a soda right after eating??!!! I called it attempted suicide by Medifast diet Dr. Pepper. Oh, don't ever go there...........

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Carolee, My program is like yours. 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour after. Makes it hard when traveling. I had some conferences last week and was very dificult to get the liquids/nutrition in. Today I found some tuna and chicken salad in small boxes. They must be canned with crackers.

(They don't need to be chilled but could be)..

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The reason they tell you not to is because it makes the Medifast food move through your pouch to fast and can cause dumping,pain, or other discomforts...

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A little sip goes a long way. Chewing crushed ice, if you stick to a small amount, also should not fill, wash or stretch the pouch or sleeve...just my opinion, you should weigh your teams recommendations.....

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I'm with Less2Luv....I will eat chew on a litte ice because it isn't hardly more than swallowing saliva and sometimes I just have to get a "little" moisture in my mouth...

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