Has anyone tried nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Did it work for you?

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First question I have is Has anyone tried nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Did it work for you? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I guess I will start this..

I will officially weigh-in tomorrow for my starting weight, but I am thinking of setting my goal at 199.9..

Time to get out of the 200's and back into one-derland...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good call Moe..

Feb 25th will be the end of my first year on Nutrisystem and I need 9 more pounds for the 150 Bear. I'll shoot for 11 lbs this month..

Start: 266.

Goal: 255..

Comment #2

I'll set my goal at 219 - I want to get back to overweight!..

Comment #3

I actually achieved that goal today on my Wii Fit. I'm officially overweight according to a piece of electronics that can't take into consideration my muscle mass...

Comment #4

Thanks for getting this started, Moe. I'm going a new direction with this month's goal. My goal is to maintain under 180 and go to the gym at least 14 times, completing a full work-out each time...

Comment #5

At my weigh in on saturday I was 344.8. Will set my goal for 325. I think that is being conservative but no idea how well this will work so being tenative...

Comment #6

Weigh in tomorrow mo. I may be short of the 2/1 goal - that's ok. I want to be below 210 by mid feb and below 205 by the end. wife is in on this too - she wants 205 by mid feb and below 200 by march 1. I might catch her, that's her motivation :-)..

Comment #7

Man thats taking a friendly competition into trash talking territory.

You beat her and you've earned it..

Comment #8

Oh yea, and we are talking $ here so she better get on it - she is so nervous I will get lower then her...then again, I didn't pop out 3 kids - I had something (very small) to do with that - but it gets bigger every 15 lbs :-).

Our bet together has something to do with the 15 minutes in heaven you may have played in HS but on a different level - too much info I guess but she's laughing..

Comment #9

I'll set my goal to be 335. I was already thinking to try to hit 340 by my birthday (19th)...

Comment #10

I'll play along..

Goal weight: 265 (at 277.0 this morning).

Goal BF%: 29.2 (31.2% as of Saturday)..

Comment #11

I'm in!.

I hit 219 at weigh-in this morning..

My 3/1 goal is 209..


Comment #12

Finished JAN right where I wanted to be. 162 at beginning of Feb. Will be 163 at Mar1, with lifts going up...

Comment #13

1st week check in. Down 4 for the first week!.

02-01 - 266.

02-7 - 262.

03-01 Goal: 255..

Comment #14

After a stall my first week of the month my goal of losing 20 pounds for the month looks far off but I will keep chugging away. Im going to break out of the 300's if not by March than in March...

Comment #15

Tomorrow is my first weigh-in (I am going to weigh myself just once a week). I have no clue how much, or how not much, I have lost. I know the program says expect 1-2 pounds per week, but I am hoping the effort I have put in will pay off more than that...

Comment #16

6.6 pounds left to go for my 3/1 goal as of this morning. These pounds are getting tough now!..

Comment #17

I am in 325 sounds like a good number that is 10 lbs in 13 days. If I stay at the rate I have been losing at I should be able to do that...

Comment #18

My goal is to maintain at 162 for FEB. Have been a little up and last few days slightly low. but basically doing well..

Will get my bf% checked at end of month and will give myself anothe pound. think I may be slightly adding muscle faster than the rate I allow weight to go up (which is fine as I can still lean out a little)...

Comment #19

Hang in there Poly. I noticed the same thing. I had 4 pound swings. I could eat a piece of toast and gain 4 pounds and drink a glass of water and lose 4 pounds. I just tried to keep myself accountable and kept my weight at 218...

Comment #20

Just quoting myself for the update ease..

Hit 256.8 this morning giving me credit for the 150 lb bear and 1.8 lbs away from my 03/01 goal..

Up next 175 lb bear!..

Comment #21

Now considering dropping my goal down to 207 just so I can be eligible for the 200 lb bear as well. How awesome would that be. Oh well one step at a time..

Never thought I'd be anticipating a Bear without the word "gummy" in front of it...

Comment #22

Now THAT's a great line! Fantastic job, Mets!!.


Comment #23

Sturge kicks butt. Love his accomplishments as well as his calm, positive vibe..

P.s. Something wrong about you having that signature, huge-y...

Comment #24

So sturg go!.

Maybe you can make a leather coat with the extra skin?..

Comment #25

Honestly havent had any problems yet with saggy skin. Of course at 256 Im still fat. Crossing my fingers it never becomes an issue...

Comment #26

Well...this month was a total disaster for me. Monday I'm back 100%...not sure if I gained, but I know I damn sure didn't lose...

Comment #27

I have been good, been at or really close to 100% but I been stuck at 330 for over 3 days now. Hoping I can get out this weekend and work some off worked well last weekend have not given up on my 325 goal yet...

Comment #28

I didnt get to where I want to for the month. I didnt however put the required effort forward so I'm the only one to blame. I started this month at 319 and I'm 310 now. I wanted to be out of the 300's by march but it's just a minor setback. Im going to work hard to get down to 290 by april...

Comment #29

Same here set my goal for 325 and been setting at 330 for the last 3 days so will have to see what happens this weekend but not looking good...

Comment #30

Like MrATC, I won't make my goal, and I blame it on myself. I was being a little aggressive with my goal setting considering I knew I'd be dealing with the Superbowl and my birthday, but even with those things, the other non-100% days did me in on this goal this month..

No worries, I'll set a new goal for 4/1 and continue forward!..

Comment #31

Feb has been good to me. Already one lb under my month goal, hoping to pick up another or two lost in the remaining two days of Feb..

Any loss is a good loss...

Comment #32

I'm maintaining pretty well. Am at 164, 2 over my target of 162 (want to be exactly on, not lower or higher). Will get another pound allowed in March. Am gaining strength on lifts so believe muscle is adding. first 2 month bf% check on Monday. All seems pretty good...

Comment #33


Ain't nothin' wrong with setting ambitious goals, but as long as the numbers are going down, it'll all work out...

Comment #34

Hey guys, it ain't over till it's over! FWIW, during my "active loss phase" I set a 10/month standard goal that for me was fairly easy to achieve. You're both doing great! The time/weight goes by faster than it seems while you're stuck in the middle of it. It's slogging through time..

Mike - You continue to SHRED the program!! Fantastic!!.

Poly - Big kudos for your rigid control in maintenance. You really have the focus..

It's not "over" yet, but I hit my Feb goals as well. Back into the 100 lb. club and comfortably in 32's on all style pants. I'm actually leaner this time than when I was down here in December due to resumption of lifting these past 2 months, so I've put on some muscle and lost more of the residual under-skin stubborn padding. It took me 2 whole months to recover from my planned 2 week deviation vacation over the holidays, but it's all good. Never lost sight of where I was and where I intended to go.


Comment #35

I will not make my 209 goal. I did not realize what a battle these last ten pounds would be! Well, yeah, I guess I did, but I was hoping to get to 209 by 3/1. I am at 214 this morning and I still have the two full days...

Comment #36

Good job Gordon. You need to get Scott Brown to advise you on how to pose for Cosmo..

Robert, keep it up. You are rolling to get that red line down punctured...

Comment #37

So 328.4 this morning almost 3 pounds off goal. I should have worked out more and I probally would have made it but I am still happy with what I did accomplish...

Comment #38

Just to wrap it up. Todays the last day of the month and Im happy to report I blew the doors off my goal..

Start: 266.

Goal: 255 - goal of 11 lbs.

Actual: 252.5 total loss 13.5 lbs.

Who's ready for an April 1st Challenge? No fooling..

Comment #39

So last day didnt make my goal but got near..

Starting weight: 345.

Ending Weight: 238.

Goal: 325 missed by 3 lbs lost 17 lbs..

Comment #40

Hmmm.... how much does your right arm weigh? Better do your left so you can still sign autographs..

What in all that's holy made you think you'd get 20 lbs in a month? 17 lost is an AMAZING feat! Way to go, trilvan!!.

You "newbies" are weight-loss monsters! I guess no one ever told you couldn't lose this fast..


Comment #41

Having a cat avatar is a proven method of amping up your loss rate...

Comment #42

Finished at 340.2. Was short of my goal (335), but still down 9 pounds for the month that had a number of challenges for me (Superbowl, birthday, wife having surgery)...

Comment #43

I was shooting for 10 lbs in 13 days and I missed it. I lost 6 lbs, so I am still looking at it like a victory. I got stuck at 330 for about 5 days and that is what slowed me down, but I am now officially in the 320's...

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