Has anyone tried Nutrisystem? share story's?

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First question I have is Has anyone tried Nutrisystem? share story's? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Is it just me or it just a phase?.

I have been on the program for 6 weeks now. I have been losing just fine (approx .4 lbs daily) But last week and this week I have been constanly hungry. I eat the meals and drink more than enough water, but still not satified. Is this normal? What do you do when you get hungry? Do you go off the plan for a meal a week? I have been staying with the plan but wonder if I have a regular meal once in a while if that would help. Don't get me wrong I am not wanting an excuse to eat. I just looking to ya'll for advise,.

What do you do.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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You could try spacing out your food. When I was losing, I would eat hourly during the day rather than eating every few hours. Same amout of food, just more intervals. I think it also helped boost my metabolism for quicker loss..

If you're still hungry, add a veggie serving here or there. If you work out alot, you may want to add a protein. Could always call a counsuler for advise too..

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I just drink more water when I find myself hungry. If that doesn't work I have Sugar Free Gum and Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers or Sugar Free Life Savers. If Im still hungry after that I might have a healthy snack like sugar free jello or a piece of fruit..

I've also found just finding something to do often distracts me from the fact that Im hungry. Sometimes I'll go for a walk and by the time Im done I've forgotten I was ever hungry in the first place...

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Totally agree with spacing out the food....

For example, I will often have oatmeal at 7:00 AM, English muffin at 8:00, and an yogurt and banana at 9:00. This seems to keep the cravings away during mid-morning..

I also don't limit my vegetables. I didn't get fat eating vegetables and it hasn't hindered my weightloss one bit..


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Eat a ton of the free foods like celery, cucumbers, and hot peppers..

Oh, and then just be a man and suck it up. You'll live, I promise...

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I've gone through phases (thankfully brief!) when I've felt hungry. Usually near a meal time. Danger! Danger! Will Smith!!.

Those where the times I would do something stupid. I'd recommend moving up your meal time when the pangs hit to avoid that. If necessary, have an extra dessert snack that day. It won't kill your plan - just don't make a habit of it. Always wait at least 1/2 hour after eating to see if you're still hungry. The Nutrisystem stuff does a really good job of satisfying if you give them a chance to work..

I've also taken to a great deal of flexing of eating patterns. I don't get hungry at all early in the day, so I tend to pile it up in the evenings. Works for me!.

The important thing is to avoid hunger. That's when it's easy to fall off the wagon. Mess around with timing and meals to see what works for you..

Good luck!.


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I think he is blowing off the add ins..

Eat your cucumber salad, spartacus...

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I'm no expert, I'm just an average guy who lost 148 pounds on NS..

I found the longer I could stay 100% with no cheating (which was a real effort for me the first 6-8 weeks) the easier it was to stay 100% after that. If you need some belly filler to offset the hunger pains, crunch on celery. If celery doesn't sound good then you aren't really hungry, you are bored and want to stuff your face. Your body is looking for that old feeling of comfort with a full belly. Stay the course, it gets easier believe me. I've been doing this now for more than 15 months and it's not even an effort anymore.

If you are working out like a mad man, an extra protein won't hurt you, a boiled egg or a couple slices of turkey should satisfy you without damaging your weight loss progress...

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I've had exactly that issue... was doing great, not hungry, losing regularly, and suddenly after several weeks I started getting hungry all the time... i'm dealing with it by trying to pay more attention to when i'm on and off plan, what i'm doing right and wrong and make little course corrections and not beat myself up about it....

In my head i'm telling myself it's ok to hang here for a while til I can get truly re-focused... in typical "guy fashion" I can "tough it out" til I sort it out again... after all, i'm down 45 pounds since new years (35 on NS) and while it's certainly not goal, that in itself is a good thing....

Hang in.....

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Gordon's advice is spot on about timing. Somehow two days ago I didn't get to start breakfast until 10am (normally I'm starting my meal days at 8am and am on my 1st snack at 10:30am), and that was the most effortless Nutrisystem day yet. Timing IS everything...

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You have been given some excellent advice thus far. I would only add that if you will go for a walk or participate in some form of light exercise you can ward off the hunger pangs. Has to do with the old.

"Fight or Flight".

Phenomenon. I've never craved a Cheeseburger in the Heat of Battle...

Comment #11

You probably should go over your Mindset Makeover again...assuming you have already done that..

Go through the drills and figure out if it's "Internal or External" hunger your experiencing..

Follow the instructions and figure it out before you act on any plan to make changes...

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Meal timing is everything I eat at least every two hours if not every hour...just spread out the meal... Also throw in some excersize and that will help step the hunger for a it helps with the overall wt. loss....The more active I have become the better I feel..

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My battle isn't with hunger (growling stomach) but with appetite (a desire for a favorite food). There is a difference. In the beginning I found it difficult to discern between the two. I now recognize that though I'm not hungry, I have these cravings that celery and water simply can't resolve...

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You're not hungry. It's a figment of your imagination. This is hungry....

You are simply uncomfortable. Your body is going through about a million chemical processes. The by-product of these changes is abdominal discomfort that your brain translates as hunger. I too get these pangs but I make a conscious effort to remind my brain that the feeling of hunger is the same feeling as burning fat. So when I get especially uncomfortable I follow FitTom's advice. He says hunger is your body asking for fruit.(paraphrase).

"Trigonometry is hard. Controlling what you eat is simply a decision." ~ Dean Wormer..

Comment #15

Right between the eyes, Damon. Thanks for that reminder...

Comment #16

Thanks for the information. I think you are correct, My timeing of meals is off..

I am a team truck driver with my wife and she is on the plan also. She drives durring the day and I drive at night. She has her meals at regular times durring the day and I have mine the same time as her. I am left from about 5:30 pm till approx. 3:00 am without eating. then I get some sleep then eat breakfast around 7:00 am yes I have been eating free vegies but only durring meal time...

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Space it out more. Get one of those soft, cooler/lunch bag things. Put fruit and lunchmeat and stuff in there. Are you allowed to eat at all while driving?..

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