Has anyone tried Nutrisystem with any success?

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Got a quick question: Has anyone tried Nutrisystem with any success? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Anyone pay attention to this?what does your team need?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good luck!i ve never been to seattle.closest I got was vancover b.c...

Comment #2

NY Giants - they need a #1 wide receiver. They seem to draft smartly so I'll trust they'll make the right move...

Comment #3

My step son is a HUGE Vikings fan he's been reading every mock draft and report out there all week. It's like a holiday weekend for him he's so excited..

I stopped caring much about the NFL when both teams left LA and the Oilers left Houston..

The Rams were my team as I was growing up...Roman Gabriel, Jack Snow, Merlin Olsen, etc. My brother played for the Oilers and the Raiders...all of them left town and I stopped following the NFL with any passion...

Comment #4

I'm really hoping the Giants trade for Boldin. They seem to be leaning more towards Edwards...

Comment #5

I am a Browns fan. Or should I say Clowns. I have heard rumors of them drafting Crabtree and trade Edwards to the Giants for somemore draft picks. Edwards has not been sick this winter because he can't even catch a cold! Sorry Giants fans!..

Comment #6

49er fan for life.

I am looking forward to the draft and I hope they get a good Offensive lineman with the first pick and a bruiser RB with the next one. They need to be able to run the ball with authority and a 1-2 punch of Gore and a bruiser would fit right into what Singletary is trying to do..

After that, I hope they get some help in the defensive back and possibly a quarterback..

All that being said, if Sanchez falls to the # 10 pick, I wouldn't mind if they grabbed him. I don't think Seattle wants to pick Sanchez. They still have a large contract with Hassleback and I'm not sure they want over 100 million going to the quarterback spot..

Should be a fun day..

Comment #7

I live in the DFW area..

Do they pick coaches in the draft?..

Comment #8

Being that there was no NFL team here when I was growing up...I rooted for the Cowboys because they were on TV every week. I'm still a Cowboys fan at heart...but since the Titans moved here I can't help but love them too..

The Cowboys need help on the d-line...they released Tank Johnson and lost Chris Canty to free agency so that should be a priority. They could also use some help in the defensive secondary so I wouldn't be surprised to see them go there. They traded their #1 this year to Detroit for Roy Williams, so they won't see much action early unless they pull off another trade....which is very likely. The Cowboys have made the most draft day trades of any team in the past 5 don't count them out..

The Titans need very little help. They could use a gamebreaker at WR and I would love for them to go get Boldin, but that's just not their style. They will more than likely end up picking a defensive lineman or cornerback in the first round. Losing Albert Haynesworth was tough, so they may look to fill that hole first, but they could also easily look to draft a cornerback to replace the aging Nick Harper. They could also use some more weapons on offense, but Jeff Fisher's style is to run the ball, play defense and grind out's ugly...but it works...

Comment #9

Ravens here - Big two issues for us are at Right Tackle (we had to use a TE to give Flacco pass protection all season) and a WR (maybe a trade for Boldin if the price comes down)..

Comment #10

Same here. Another OL would be great, though we need serious help at WR, Safeties, and DL...

Comment #11

Cowboys need a new owner,head coach,d backs o line #1 receiver and a qb who can win in dec..

Dont get mad I been a dallas fan since 1968..

8-8 next season...

Comment #12

Houston Texan fan here and we need to continue to build up our defense in both the secondary and linebackers - I expect them to trade down and take a linebacker. The offense does well enough but the defense seems to have an excuse me complex. Either way the constant improvement in this team has been encouraging and fully expect to see them have their first winning season...

Comment #13

Bears fan here. I know with the trade for Cutler the Bears gave up the first rounder, which is a good thing I suppose. The Bears only seem to do well in the lower rounds of the draft, maybe this will be the year they dont draft a bust running back...

Comment #14

Don't worry, as long as they have their current ownership and coach I don't have any respect for them or any hope for them doing well..

I actually live in Irving and work right by Texas Stadium. I was a Cowboy's fan until they hired Barry Switzer. I gave them up cold turkey that year and I just started watching again last year...

Comment #15

I would agree on the coach...but the rest I think they're good. Love or hate Jerry Jones, he always spends the money to try to build a winner and they've won 3 Superbowls under his ownership. I would love to see Jason Garrett take over as head coach though...Wade Phillips is a really good defensive coordinator...but he sucks as a head coach..

The d-backs aren't that bad really. They do tend to get hurt a bit though..

The o-line isn't bad overall either. We have a legit #1 WR in Roy Williams and now that the big distraction is gone...I expect him to flourish. He's only 26 years old and has the size and speed to be a dominant WR in this offense..

Romo is a stud. Everyone's starting to bag on him for not winning in December, but the guy has only been a full-time starter for 2 and a half seasons. All quarterbacks have to take their lumps and mature enough to win down the stretch and in the playoffs. Romo isn't the reason that team didn't get in last year...they couldn't stop the run and with all of the distractions that are now gone (T.O., Pacman, Tank Johnson, etc) they will be a better team this year. They have a trio of stud running backs, a pro bowl QB, the best TE in football and a legit threat at WR. They'll be 10-6 minimum.....

Comment #16

Is there any way the Raiders can draft an owner?.

Someone needs to push Al down a flight of stairs, this is beyond ridiculous...

Comment #17

Panthers fan - We need Defensive backs! I'll take some high school kids or anybody who can stop the other team in the last quarter!..

Comment #18

I live in Minnesota - therefore I am a Vikings' fan - therefore I suffer. We need wide receivers and a quarterback. Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson? Are you freaking kidding me? We didn't need to bring in a quaterback who could "compete for a starting job", we needed to bring in a STARTING QUARTERBACK (see Jeff Garcia or Jay Cutler). We have the 22nd pick in the draft..


Comment #19

I think that you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised with Rosenfels. He got a bad rap around Houston after his "helicopter" game against the Colts where he blew the game, but the guy is a competitor. I also think that game was a learning experience for him that will only make him better..

I miss the guy but wish him well. He might be the last piece of the puzzle over there..

Look for the Texans to take the top defender on the board in the first round. The speculation around here is that it will be one of the USC linebackers...

Comment #20

Another Chicagoan here. It looks like the Bears finally have a quarterback, but there's no one for him to throw to...

Comment #21

Speaking for all the other Redskin fans out there, our #1 need is a new owner who understands that you build a champion, not buy one especially at the fan's expense (tickets, parking, etc..)..

There was even a rumor at one point that Snyder was going to put a dome on Fed-Ex field so he could charge for air. Talk about greed..

Comment #22

Just a side note...Cutler and Earl Bennett were a potent combination in college...I know the Bears drafted Bennett and he didn't contribute much...but I wouldn't be shocked to see him in the slot for the Bears this year since Cutler is familiar with him.

There is a rumor on ESPN right now that the Titans are in negotiations to trade for Anquan Boldin.....

Comment #23

After the Cards lowered their asking price (in terms of trades), it really caught the interest of a lot of teams...

Comment #24

I have been successfully avoiding the draft since 1975, and plan on doing the same today..

Whoops-wrong draft!!..

Comment #25

Good point on Bennett. He was a stud in the SEC. Odd thing to say about a Vandy player but it's true...

Comment #26

I was so excited to see a hcokey thread...then realised it read NFL not NHL...

Comment #27

And the Bears mystify the crowd by selecting absolutely no one. Should save the owners a few pennies...

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