Has anyone tried the Medifast Diet on line?

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My 1st question is: Has anyone tried the Medifast Diet on line? Thanks for any answer. Another question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

Thanks, DIANA - Cutest graphic EVER !!!!!!!.

Hope you are well and catching your breath after the rush of the Season. Stay right here with us, we miss you! We are all struggling to bet back into the beat and we need your input, too! Happy New Year!.

Take care..


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You will get there and you will be able to be okay at parties! I purposefully avoided parties like this until I absolutely had to. Truth be told I wasn't even going to go but my friends made me feel dumb for not going! ha! So glad I did it though!.

Weekly Report.

Weight- maintaining 128.

OP 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 5 (fighting a cold)..

Comment #4


, gorgeous graphic!.

Just returned from my 30 minute walk. I'm still sick, but cabin fever rages so I had to get out. Today I 'chose my hard'. Staying in bed was hard and going out was hard. I chose the hard (going out for a walk) that would benefit me. It helps that this is the third day in a row that I've walked and I'd like to think I'm on the way to making it a habit, the way I did with the water drinking..

My diet horror story for today is that when I was 8 years old my mother put me on Metrecal. If any of you are old enough to remember Metrecal...? So I'm on this vile stuff and each night when the family was eating a real dinner I was put outside to wait until they were done. 8 years old. Did wonders for my self esteem. Not...

Comment #5

Okay Barb here is my marathon list. In order of desire to attend!.

1. Rock N'Roll in Savannah, GA Nov 5th.

2. Rock n'Roll in Miami Dec 11th.

3. Ft. Lauderdale Nov 13.

Okay those are the ones I can find now. Its hard because you can only go Sept, Nov, & Dec, right? Most of the ones then are closer to me. Let me know what you come up with. Of course I can only do these races if I actually make it through the one in April!..

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Does anyone remember the Ayds chewables diet program? My Mom used to use Ayds, along with my aunts to lose weight in the 70's, I think. It's also the time Medifast became popular with them..

My Mom, however, was always very skinny until the 70's. Before that she still weighed 90 lbs. after 7 kids. When I was very young, she used a product called 'Weight-On' tablets or something like that to gain weight. She had to take those several times a day, Heaven only knows what was in those. Funny, I've never needed any pills to do that!.

What they didn't know back then........geesh..


Comment #7

Hey Crew,.

Warm and wet up here still. Taking the dogs out tonight since I didn't yesterday. The good news is that the area where the race is this coming weekend is not above freezing so hopefully the trails will be in good shape. The ones around Anchorage are a mess, soft and mushy. Will be a tough run tonight..



, you'll love this Crew for motivation and support. I'm addicted to them..

Guess we're all settling back into work and routines? This is the time of year when we all make those hideous New Year's Resolutions, like, " This year I am going to lose 100 pounds." That used to last all of a week for me. Distractions set in too fast. The one time I was fairly successful longer than a few months was the time I started the Protein Power program on January 2. I was in Buffalo in my residency and I lived alone. No one but me to cook for and bring stuff into the house. It worked and I dropped about 80 pounds in 6 months.

But then I moved to Alaska and slowly put all the pounds back on, and then a few. I didn't stick with it to goal and I didn't transition off. I really missed fruit and vegetables. When I look back on that time and the frustration of gaining it back I realize I do not want to go there again. And now I am 70 pounds lighter than my lightest weight doing "Protein power".

But I have incorporated parts of the Protein Power into my Medifast program. On big days when I need extrea calories I reach for the protein. I realize that I am a carb addict whether it is fruit, sugar, chocolate, or bread. Control my carbs and I will be successful..

Jan, here's last week's stats.


OP-6 days. Whoo hoo!!!.

Water-7 days.

Exercise 6 days.


Comment #8

Hello all. I am back after two weeks of torture..


That is a horrible story. I was overweight as a child from the age of 5 or 6 till I was 13, then the weight just fell off and I weighed 120 lbs during my teens 20's. But, during this time I went to Medifast with my mom and tried "Elaine Powers".... remember that one. Kinda like Curves of the 70's..

So, I haven't been here which means I haven't been good. Today was my first day that was somewhat back OP. Tomorrow I will be back to work and back OP. I did manage to get all my water and 5 days of exercise, but ate rather poorly..

Last week:.

Weight: 146 was last weeks and I did not weight this week so I have to go with that..

Op: 0/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 5/7..

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Mom and I go shopping on New Years Day, it is just our thing. That is the day that Dillards goes to 75% off and 50% off previously reduced items. I got a $40 crock pot for $10, a set of Lenox wine glasses for $15...etc. The best thing was that I bought 2 pair of pants that are size 6. I am sure they are more of an 8, but that tag says 6..


, I have been watching the movie.

Call of the Wild.

And it makes me think of you and the dogs and sled racing...

Comment #10


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: YES!! Yay, me!..

Comment #11

Happy Monday crew! Back to work day. Why is the first day back always so long. My throat is tired from talking again. I still have some step aerobics to get in tonight, but other than that I am happy to report..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: When Im done here I will be stepping and yes..


, thanks for getting us started..


, I guess I am old enough to remember Metrecal. And we wonder why we are messed up? My family called me DB.for double butt, when I was young. Mind you, even at 16 and 57 I didnt weigh more than 120 pounds. Today that would be considered too thin and unhealthy. And we wonder why it takes us so long to deal with all that stuff. Took me 30 years of yo yo dieting to deal with it.


, I like the idea of doing a rock and roll. I hear they are good as well. I will check into flights to Savannah. Ill also check the other two. This early, I have the flexibility to set my graduate class schedule for next fall, so I will plan around the date we select. I dont mind heading south..


, I remember Ayds as well. They were little chewable chocolate candy like things. I didnt gain weight until college, so I never used them, but I had a friend in high school that probably weighed over 240 pounds in HS. She never fit into the desks. She used Ayds. I dont remember her ever losing weight, but I do remember the emotional stress she went through as a HS student.

What was so amazing was that she also changed her name. She wanted to shed her past. How powerful are those emotions from our childhood?.


, I also took some of the best things about my most successful program called Healthy Inspirations. It focused on protein as well. I reach for an egg, cheese stick or an Medifast meal to carry me over those times. I have to stay away from the carbs as well. Funny, but protein doesnt hurt me at all. Now if they could just develop a chocolate that was all protein.


, I remember Elaine Powers from my mom. I think she did that as well. It was an exercise thing. Another program that is gone. Anything that says 6 is 6!.


Where ever did you find that ad? There are days when I can't believe what you can find on the internet..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 139. I am healthy!..

Comment #12

I'm laughing as I'm reading these posts. When I was looking up Metrecal, I came across Ayds...I had forgotten about that one, too. My mother & sister were using it - I used to sneak them cuz they were chocolate. I was always thin, thin, thin as a kid and into early adult-hood. Not til I was into my 40's was I way overweight..

Anyway, sounds like everyone's into the daily reporting. We might as well keep on goin'! We need a new theme & banner, though....Barb had a title - I'll go look it up and play around with it..

I'm not quite back to OP yet...still eating carrots, but they're almost gone. I go back to work tomorrow and it's always easier when I'm on a schedule. Plus, I can take all my non-OP food there and give it away..

Water - yes, exercise - yes!.

Gotta hit the's gonna be tough to get up at 5:30 and do the long commute...

Comment #13

I am having a hard time drinking all my water. Its much easier in warm weather!!..

Comment #14

Happy Tuesday Crew. I am back to work and finally BACK ON PLAN. I can't believe how un-accoutable, un-prepared, un-aware..... that I have been. Well, maybe not unaware, I did get all my water in each day before I would allow myself other drinks, and I did continue my exercise as much as possible even with moving the treadmill in and out of the living room. Last year I put the TM away a week or two before Christmas and left it put away for several weeks saying that we were having company it had to stay put up.

At first I was eating Medifast food during the day and would have off plan food at one of the many outings. Then I got to the point that I was eating leftovers for breakfast and having no Medifast food. ***The really cool thing is that the last few days, I have been looking in the pantry for Medifast meals because they are much more satisfying than anything else and I have turned my nose up at the left overs. The rest of them will need to go in the trash this evening. I am determined to be 100% OP for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

I will not promise to be 100% while I am gone, but I promise not to be out of control. I usually make good food choices as restaurants, so I can handle this too. My bad food choices come in the evening when my hands are "bored" and I want to snack. Although food is available around the clock on a cruise, it is not in my face or in my room you do have to go to it..

Hop you all are doing well...

Comment #15



, It is much easier to drink more when the weather is warmer. Right now I have a head cold or sinus issue and I am so dry that I can't get enough water.... good for me..

How have you been? Hope you are back to hang out with us...

Comment #16


Glad you are back OP and you are committed. Where are you going on your cruise?.


Glad you are in agreement about the Rock N Roll races. I've read that quite a few people really enjoy them. Having live bands every 1.5 miles seems like a fun party atmosphere. That and Savannah is such a beautiful city it will be lots of fun to run there I think. I will say thought that I probably wont' sign up until after my April 1/2. I'm kind of stressed for it.

I run on the weekends though so I hope thats enough!.

Monday stats.

OP Yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise 75min Power Yoga..

Comment #17


, 3 day cruise to the Bahama's with about 10 other girls. My SIL started making arrangements and it has grown...

Comment #18


Oh wow! 10 girls thats a large group! Sounds like you guys will have fun though! Which port are you cruising out of?..

Comment #19

Happy Tuesday one and all. Here is my report:.

On Plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

On the running front, I am slowly adding mileage. I am not back to my pre-knee state yet, but no pain. Just a weird feeling I can only describe as stiff. It doesnt hurt, it just feels a little stiff. Weve got some cold weather moving in this week, so I wont be able to get outside, but thankfully we have a few treadmills at school I can use for free..


, I agree. I have much less trouble when I am at work than when I am at home. I can't wait to see you work your magic with the banner..


, what is the weather like down there? I would love to have a day when I wasnt freezing. It would make running so much easier. We have snow in the forecast for this weekend. No long run outside for me..


, I could use a warm, sunny cruise right now. Once I move to Maine in the summer, I think I may have to move south for the winter!.


, I am going to hold out until I can see how I do on my knee. Id like to make sure I can do my lake run (6.2 miles) without too much difficulty. Once I know Im ok there, Im sure Ill be ok for theI still want to check the airports to see how easy it will be for me to get in and out..


, congrats on an on plan day! Keep on fighting the good fight!.

Have a great evening everyone and an on plan day tomorrow!.

Fight on!.


Comment #20

Leaving from Cape Canaveral, Jan 20th. Looking forward to it. There are at least 10 maybe more.... Will be exciting to say the least...

Comment #21

For today - Tuesday.

OP - almost, but no.

Exercise - yes!.

Water - yes!.

I'm doing a Medifast blitz for 2 weeks starting tomorrow - I got more of my packets out and will do a 4 & 2 or something like that. I want to use at least 3 packets a day. I just made 4- bean salad and also cleaned lettuce and made turkey taco meat for salad - all lunch and/or dinner for the week. I'm bummed that I'm so sloppy about it right now, but I am very happy to report that all of my winter coats that I just dug out of storage are way too big and go to the women's shelter tomorrow. woo-hoo. I needed that reminder that I have changed EVERYTHING - now if I can just change my brain all the way, too.......

Good job today everyone and I hope tomorrow is a great OP day for everyone. See ya' in the funny papers ... (remember that saying? ouch, I believe I just dated myself once again.).


Comment #22

Good morning all. I am happy to report I made it through the entire day yesterday OP. I was going to eat the rest of the veggie salad that has corn and black beans in it for dinner, but I tried to pick around them and gave up and dumped it, fixed some mashed cauliflower and chicken..


Op: yes.

Waer: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #23


Definitely no rush on signing up. We have until June to still get the $85 registration price on the Savannah race. How far have you gone on your new knee?.

Tuesday Stats.

Op yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise 45min elliptical w/weights..

Comment #24

It's working, all the water and the walking and the MF. Another two pounds gone!..

Comment #25

Way to go.




, your cruise sounds like fun..


, I like your new picture..


, good luck testing out the knee. I live in my underarmor all winter. Have several pair in various thicknesses..



, the women's shelter will appreciate your donation..

Not much news up here. Weather warm and trails icy in the Anchorage Willow area. Trails for the race this weekend seem to have escaped the super warm-up so are predicted to be good. Temps predicted to be between 10 below and 10 above. Perfect for a dog race..

After a great OP week last week I'm 0-3 Sunday thru Tuesday this week. But drinking my water everyday and the exercise is still there. Not sure how I'm going to stay OP for a 3 day race. Mushers burn 4000-5000 calories and the dogs 10000-12000 depending on temps and trail conditions. Probably will just not worry about it once the race starts and get back OP when I finish. Trying to pack more protein dense foods but must have some quality carbs in there as well.

On the positive note clothes are super loose again and everybody is noticing yet another drop in my size. The scale is back down to the lowest point ever in my memory but haven't broken in to Onederland yet..

Crewhave a great week. Thanks for all your support and motivation. And rememberthe days are getting longer now. By February we will really begin to notice..


Comment #26

Chris, no buts about it, you are doing great!..

Comment #27

Happy Wednesday! So far, so good. On plan, water in, and getting ready to exercise. A few more calories to eat, but on track..


, I will up my Medifast packets on some days, especially if I am not exercising and want to raise the number of calories in my bank for the week. I also use omlets to do that as well. Good luck with the blitz. I find when I up my Medifast and refocus my lean and greens I feel much better. I just can't do it when I have a long run. It is always great to focus on where we have come from.

I wish I could say I could fit in one leg. Close, but not quite..


Great job! Sometime it helps to just throw it away. I know that is hard, but sometimes it is the only way..


I have done a little over 3 miles on it. It seems to be doing ok during the run, but the next day I have a little stiffness. Not pain, but a weird stiff feeling on the back of the knee. I am working on stretching it a little bit more. If it persists, I am going to ask for a physical therapy session to figure out what is going on. I will definately know by the time you run your 1/2 in April if I can do it..


Congrats on flushing away another 2 pounds. The water really does make a big difference. Of course, there is the increase in the toilet paper bill to consider. Well and the fact that you will have to buy new clothes because you are flushing that weight away. But hey....I think I'd rather flush..


Good luck with the weekend eating. You are right about the carbs. While my sister, who was a lifelong dieter, was training for her marathon this fall, she was eating with her dieters mentality. Low carbs, high protein, no starch, etc. She was actually running out of fuel on her 16 and 20 mile days. On that level, you just have to fuel the body with carbs.

Since you are going to be burning so many carbs, make sure you go for the high quality carbs. I have also learned that you may need to take in a certain number of grams of carbs every hour. Look at some of the marathon training nutrition data to get an exact number. There are many ways to get those carbs that won't cause digestive issues. Good luck! I'll be thinking about you and hoping that you qualify!.

Waving to.

Jan, Bobbie, Brenda, Courtney, Heidi, Diana.

And the rest of the crew!.

Fight the good fight!.


Comment #28

Been home sick all day. Not OP - just 2 bowls of soup and a TON of water. It's a chest cold/sinus thing with a slight fever. My head is clogged. I've been watching movies and sleeping. Thought of you,.


While I was watching Australia. Man-oh-man that is one LONG movie. Good thing I had all day to watch it! It was good, though..

Back to bed for me....have a great evening CREWsers!..

Comment #29

JAN - Australia, ahhhhhh. I also am fighting a sinus crud thing since Christmas. However, it has not gotten to me so that I have to be laid up - yet. I did hit the couch early tonight so that I can get warm with some tea and enjoy a movie. I sent to Turner Classic Movies for the movie "Heidi." It comes in one DVD, but both black & white and color versions are on it. It was always my very favorite movie growing up and used to be on every Christmas.

Watching the black & white version first, of course. ("Grandfather! Grandfather!").

FEEL BETTER and glad you are lying low and taking it easy. (and with Hugh, yet...).

KITTY - you are doing so great!.

MELISSA & BARB - you running machines! How neat to be planning to get together to run. I'm sure it will happen at some point. Nice to have a good connection, and running partner..

CHRISTINE - you sure are doing well and I don't think you have to worry one bit about using the carbs during the race, you have to do what is right for the activity. I'm sure you need the energy and always can make it up with Medifast when you are back in routine. So happy that the cold is holding up for your race. Please send pics if any are taken of you and your gang..

SHERRY - I am planning to report tomorrow that I stayed OP, just like you. Great victory for you! Sure is hard getting back into the routine. Well done..

Still putting Christmas stuff away, maybe 1/2 done, not counting the tree...ugh. But, many trips up and down stairs which helps. I'll be done by Sunday for sure..

Have a good evening all..


Comment #30

Jan and Debbie.

I hope you are both feeling better..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

On target for the week!.


Comment #31

Hey ladies! I did Medifast over 18 months ago, and when I did it I connected with the Can Do Crew! Not sure I recognize all of you but I thought I'd once again turn here for support.

My name is Alyssa, I'm 22 and a first year student in law school. I've struggled ever since I can remember with my weight but I'm ready to change for good..

Hope you all have been having a great new year!..

Comment #32

Hey there, PAM & ALYSSA !.

Welcome (back) to the Can-Do Crew!! Glad you're here!.


Comment #33


OP - not quite.

Water - yes.

Exercise - not enough..

Comment #34


Isn't it great to find clothes you put away last year are too BIG this year. I am slow to get rid of clothes that are to big. I keep a few things "just in case", but I am slowly but surely getting rid of the favorites that I had saved. The really cool thing is that the clothes that were too small that now fit... either I don't even like them or the are too big. Hope your sinus crud is getting better, I have the same thing, but it is not got me laid up..




, Hope you are both feeling better..


Hey girl!! I remember you. How you been? Is your dad still MF'ing with you? There are a few of us still here that you will remember...

Comment #35


, AWESOME JOB!! I think you need to pay close attention to what your body tells you it needs. Mushing is more phyical labor than I have probably ever done in my liftime. Thanks for the comment on the picture, I do not avoid the camera like I used to, and actually ask someone to take my picture so I can have an updated avi...

Comment #36

Sherry! A familiar face.

So glad to be back!.

And he's not currently doing MF, however, I would put money on him placing an order over the course of the next month when he sees how well I'm doing and remembers how fun and easy it was and how great he felt.

Thanks for checking in!.

By the way- LOOK AT YOUR STATS!!!! Go you!!! that's amazing! you are truly an inspiration! keep it up!..

Comment #37


Sherry is actually the one going on a cruise I'm just the jealous one!.


Physical therapy session sounds like a good idea. Maybe you can incorporate new stretches to help with the stiffness. I know when my dog had ACL surgery I had to give him his physical therapy 2x a day! ha!.

Oh my I am SORE today. So very sore. Started going to a new yoga studio and the classes are way harder. Here I thought my old studio was pretty hard but nothing compared to the new place. I am loving it. Going again on Friday.

Wed stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise- butt kicking 75 min yoga!..

Comment #38

Melissa, I really have the wrong impression of yoga. I pictured that as mellow, quiet stretching. There is an Anytime Fitness opening around the corner from my house soon. I am curious to see what they offer...

Comment #39


, There have been some wonderful additions to the Medifast meals since you left. My personal favorite... the BROWNIE, yum. I have one every night with a little PB2 on top. There is also pancakes, pretzels, cheese puffs, and ice cream...

Comment #40


I find that the more mature you are age wise (no offense!) the more common it is to think of yoga as a relaxing stretching kind of thing. The truth is yoga today is really a total body work out. It is cardio and strength training. It also helps with agility, balance and just makes me feel very lean. There are more laid back studios but the ones that offer a power flow class is what you want. Those are the classes that really challenge you. I say you should definitely check it out!..

Comment #41

Hi Everyone - well, it's my turn to be 'laid up' with this sinus/bronchitis thing. I had to cry 'uncle' and go to the doctor this a.m. Now on antibiotics It's bronchial asthma flare up and today I woke up feeing kind of weak and shaky. Knew this was getting worse. Oh, well, it's a good excuse to just stay on the couch for the next two or three days..

We are having soup for dinner and I hope that just being in for a few days will help me stay on my plan and get my grip back on it. cappuccino, soups, all good stuff and I'm well stocked with those..

More later, hoping I can get in a little nap..


Comment #42

Debbie and Jan, I'm sorry you are under the weather. Jan, it sounds like you're coming down with the thing I'm just getting over..


OP: no.

Water: I lost count while out & about, so I'm going to count it as a no..

Exercise: yes.

Ladies, here's what I did today: I PUT IN MY RETIREMENT PAPERS!!! Effective June 1...

Comment #43

Happy Thursday Crew! So far so good. I am going to try to put away my Christmas decorations tonight. Lets hope I can get it all done. I didn't get much out due to the limited amount of time I had in December, so it shouldn't be too bad..


Welcome back!.


I just got a chuckle out of "not enough". Some days I wonder if there can ever be enough exercise to eat what I think I want to eat. The only good thing is that I really can't eat it anymore. A blessing! Feel better..


One more day on plan! Yea!.


You also gave me a laugh. There is just something so weird about "butt kicking" yoga. I thought it was suppose to relax you! I guess I'm in the "mature" group as well!.


Congratulations! One of my coteachers put in his papers this week as well. I am a little jealous. I know there is so much I could do with this time..

Fight the good fight everyone. It is SO worth it!.


Comment #44


Have you ever used the salt water nasal rinse? It is the thing that works the best for me. I have been doing that this week, hoping to ward off the doctor. However, this must get better soon cause I have mini-vacation prepare for...

Comment #45


, Congratulations!!! What is your job? My DH took an early retirement a few years again when the company we work for offered early buy outs. They added 5 years to your age and 5 years to your years of service.... to good to pass up for us...

Comment #46


, I can't wait to see what classes Anytime Fitness offers. We kinda live in the middle of a lot of houses, but no bussinesses. Now the area is finally getting some commercial development. I have been waiting for one of these type places to open...

Comment #47


How is the knee? Hope your recovery is going well and that you got all your matters with MIL's stuff resolved. I am still OP. I have a few challanging weekends ahead of me. Dinner at MIL's house this weekend, B-day party next weekend, then my cruise...

Comment #48


I have to laugh too when I hear people talk to me about how relaxing it is to "just stretch" in yoga! I'm always like if you consider sweating buckets and feeling like my heart is going race out of my heart as relaxing then ok! Ha! Although I do feel very peaceful after class mainly because I'm completely exhausted!.


When does the new fitness studio open up? My friend in Orlando goes to Full Circle yoga studio. She says it's a great challenging studio. Might be something worth checking out!..

Comment #49

MELISSA - I don't do yoga right now, not sure if I can go back to it due to arthritis in my wrists, but that feeling that yo have coming out of a good yoga class is just wonderful. Of all of the exercise classes I have taken, yoga leaves you just feeling amazing. I must have been lucky because the classes I have been in were pretty strenuous, at least for me..

SHERRY - It is exciting to get a studio right near your home, it sure helps the mind when you don't have to go too far, at least for me...unless you are walking, that is. Then far is good..

JAN - Hope you are resting well and will feel better tomorrow..

BARB - Unlike Kitty, I will give myself a pass on exercise while I am under the weather..

You are right, is there ever enough exercise to balance out where my mind tells me I want... I hate to say that I am truly hoping that the antibiotic that I got today is the same one as I had last year when I had pneumonia - it gives you a metallic taste in your mouth and you don't want to eat much. Dumb, but true..

KITTY - WOW, your retirement papers, good for you! What will you do with all of your time??? What a nice thing to think about..

Hope you are feeling better now, too..

Okay, kids, I'm off to do some reading. DH isn't giving me much sympathy - he needs to step it up, what the heck! lol....


Comment #50



, I'll give you some internet, long distance sympathy. "Awwwwww, hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.".

Yea, what the heck with guys. If they are sick the world comes to a halt. Women are still expected to "tough it out"..


, have fun on your cruise..


, I may have to try some yoga after mushing season. You make it sound like the best activity..


Retirement? You don't look old enough in your picture for that. What will you find to do all day long?.

Home to pack for the race. I leave early in the morning. Will be out of touch until at least Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. This race has a web page. It's called the Copper Basin 300. We're supposed to have a SPOT on us so people can follow our progress, but it's their first year so there are always gliches..

I have to admit I'm quite nervous about failing at this race. So many things can happen. I've had so much support from all my friends up here, I sure hope I don't let anyone down. Wish me luck and I'll be thinking about all you guys..

Waving to.

Barb, Courtney, Jan.

, and anyone else I missed..


Comment #51


The good news is that the knee is holding up fine. Just a weird feeling that I can't explain. No pain though! MIL's stuff is coming along. 60 years in that house and not really cleaned in a long time. I know you will remain strong over the weekends. You can do this.


It must be that hot yoga you do. My daughter is doing it now and she loves it. She says it is quite to workout. They offer a class at school, but it is the calm and stretching kind. Quite a few teachers take it. I've thought about it a few times, but I haven't done it yet..


Take care! I've been waiting a year for DH to resize my rings. Men!.


You will do your best and then you can't let anyone down. What is meant to be will happen. As long as you give it your all.....and fight the good fight..... you have succeed! Look at how far you have come..


On plan: yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.

Have a great evening!.

Fight the good fight..


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Quick fly-by. Still sick & staying home and sleeping..


- I checked out the web site - are you #7? Nice pic!! I know you'll do your best....looking forward to a report...

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I've tried all of those except the cheese puffs! I love the rest though! The coffee ice cream is pretty good as well!.

I haven't tried/used the "infusers" yet though - can anyone explain them and how they feel about them.


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CHRISTINE - thanks so much for the long distance sympathy, I can feel the love......

We are all rooting for you to get out there and do your best this weekend!! (You may hear us along the way, a lot of cheering and rah rah go Christine!).

However it turns out, you must remember to be proud of yourself for your courage. Although you are used to it, we are all in awe. Your best, do your best, that's what your friends (including the Crew) are proud of you for! Give those pups an extra hug for the Crew, we will be 'pulling' for all of you and a few prayers will be floating around for your safety and fun and good weather! You Go Girl!!!.

SHERRY - Yes! I absolutely use the 'neti pot' for irrigating the sinuses. Funny, our integrative doctor, from a "Center for Healthy Living" always suggests it. However, my MD, who I saw today, chuckled it off when I said that I was using it. Thus the difference between purely western medicine and integrative docs. He actually smirked! Well, we know it works!.

BARB - I just got my own rings sized - I'd still be waiting probably.....

Good Night Crewsers - 'see you' in the morning.



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ALYSSA - The infusers are added to your water 1) to help you get your water down (I use them when I'm craving sweets or just want something 'a little more than' plain water.).

2) They do increase your metabolism, with 100 mg. of caffeine, according to MF. I still use one a day (on Maintenance now) but you can use up to 3 a day if needed. They are a good boost and I look at them as a treat/snack, but getting the water in. I use one packet for 32 oz. of water (it's very sweet.) I love and use the Strawberry Lemonade mostly; the Green Tree Lemon is Lemonad-ish and good, too..

I like the puffs very much, I got to really love them after a while. Sure saves me in that atfernoon stretch when I want something crunchy. I also mix the Cappuccino and chocolate shake (or cocoa) with the water in the blender with ice for an iced cappuccino drink - really yummy! (Makes 2 'meals').

Thanks for reading and posting with the Crew!!! We're glad to have YOU!.


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Thanks for the help!.

I LOVE Strawberry Lemonade so I may have to include that in my next order! Thanks! And which of the puffs do you like, or do you enjoy them both?.

The last time I did MF, I too learned the art of mixing/blending haha.

I've mixed regular brewed coffee with the vanilla shake, the cappucinno, etc. Very yummy!.

By the way- congratulations on your loss!!! Goal is right around the corner for you!.

Everyone else.

Good morning! Hope you have great OP days!.

So far so good over here, had the chocolate chip pancakes with 1 morningstar sausage patty (I'm a vegetarian...this will count towards my "lean" for the day!) how is everyone else doing?..

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Comment #58



Definitely a little empty in here today! must be a Friday thing?.


Good luck on your race! Can't wait to hear how it went!.


You are correct I do go to the hot yoga classes! It's a little different because it is a fusion class. Which is a hot yoga/power yoga hybrid. You should check out the class at school. Stretching is always good for us runners!.

Friday stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yoga & 2 mile run..

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Hey there Crew! Having a day home, which is so nice. I haven't exactly stayed in bed, but I did appreciate getting some things in the house done, like laundry and taking down a little more Christmas. I made soup and it smells good. I'm pooped and down for the count now..

MELISSA & SHERRY - wow, it was quiet here all day, huh? Let's see if everyone is on tonight or maybe it's a hot date night..

JAN - hope it's a better day today for you. The snow was so lovely and I was happy to watch it from the inside, weren't you?.

CHRISTINE - well, she's probably on the trip already, but we are sure thinking of her and wishing her success!.

ALYSSA - I prefer the parmesan puffs and find them so easy to take along for travel. Thanks for cheering me on to goal - I'm hoping I can revisit that number in the next 10 days to 2 weeks. Darn holidays and those pounds creeping up.......

More later, Crew, have a good evening!.


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Happy Friday. We had a 2 hour delay for a dusting of snow. Oh well, got my exercise done early! Dental work today, so I know I'm not going to eat anything else, so I might as well report. I have a hot cocoa or two left over, so I may drink one or two to up my calories a bit..

On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Friday brings weigh in and I am holding at 139..


, I checked out the website. Great picture! I hope it goes well..


I love the strawberry infusers. There are lots of new things. Even though I'm in maintenance, I still eat Medifast food at times. Love those brownies..


I was going to have them resized, but he said he wanted to do it, then hasn't done it. Our 25th anniversary was in June, so I thought for sure they would be done for that. But no. Even my MIL told him to do it before she passed away. She told him he might lose me to someone if he doesn't!.


I stopped by the trainer at school today and he gave me some stretches. I'll see how that helps..

Have a great day everyone!.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 139. I am healthy!..

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Friday OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: no.

What will I do with my time when I retire, you ask? Live my frickin' life.

The way I want.

To!!! Get up when I want, wear what I want, go where I want when I get the picture. I have paper crafts to do, with ideas up the yingyang but no time now to execute them; and I will do some volunteer work, and will very likely go to the gym 5 days a week with dh the way I used to...

Comment #62


OP yes (still have a brownie for tonight.

Water Yes.

Exercise No..

Comment #63



Op: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

Weight is back to pre-holiday status.... yeah!..

Comment #64

Good morning crew! Snow this morning cancelled my stage crew meeting, so I'm home working on my school work. It would be so nice to get a little ahead..

Congrats on getting back on track.



Have a great on plan day everyone..


Comment #65

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm finally up & out of my bed although a day watching movies in front of the fire sounds much better than taking Christmas down. But, it's time. We had a nice dusting of snow last night and it's a beautiful sunny day here..

I just checked on Christine & her race. My brother uses SPOT for his motorcycle adventures and it's quite a vicarious adventure..

Here's the link to Christines race....


You can see where the 2 leaders are in the race as well as the race route. Pretty cool..

I want to post the final stats of our holiday challenge and get started on the new one..


- I know you posted your final, but I can't seem to find it. This would be the week of Dec 26 - Jan 1 or Dec 27 - Jan2, however you're counting. Others still missing, if you're reading, are:.








I'll work on a banner for our new one...what time frame are we looking at? I know the theme is out with the old diet habits and in with the new healthy habits, not exactly Barb's title, but I've got that tucked away somewhere..

Here's DH with all the Christmas tubs, so I better get to work. Have a great OP day everyone!!..

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Hello everyone! Did you all have a great saturday? I just got back from the library (studying, ugh) and am enjoying my L&G! Hope all is well with everyone!..

Comment #67


Hope you add travel to your retirement plans too! Congrats very exciting!.


Let me know how the stretches work out. I realized last week my knee stops hurting after 3 miles. Guess that's when it is warmed up. Going to try for 6-7 tomorrow. Wish me luck!.

Sat stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yoga(of course!)..

Comment #68

Good morning everyone.

How is everyone's weekend going so far? Is everyone weighing in tomorrow? Or are there some other.

Not-Monday weighers.

Out there like me? I'm a Wednesday weigher now! I think the first time I did Medifast I weighed in on Fridays (my Dad and I decided that we were going to start.

As soon.

As we got the Medifast food...same thing happened for me this time around) anyway, have a great OP day everyone!..

Comment #69

Good morning everyone..


On plan: you bet!.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

Weekly total:.

On plan: 7/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 5/7 (met exercise goal in minutes, + 50 minutes).

About my exercise goal. This week, I started with an exercise goal in terms of minutes of aerobics, sculpting and running in miles. Due to the cold weather and weird schedule, I decided to change my focus to total time exercising. I think this is better for my long term health. I figure that I need to exercise a minimum of 150 minutes a week to maintain at my eating level. Running time, step aerobics, etc all fit into this.

So I try to total 210 minutes for the week. This makes more sense for me in the winter. We shall see how it goes..




Suggested once to me to walk before I run. I try to walk .3 to .5 miles before I start running. It warms me up and makes a huge difference at my age..


Congrats on another on plan day. Water is looking great to!.


All I can say to Go Terps is....We are Penn State!.


Out with the old, in with the new works for me as well..

Waving to.

Debbie, Brenda, Diana, Courtney, Bobbi,.

And the rest of the crew...

Comment #70

Time for a water week!.

Keep track of your ounces of water this week. If you drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of weight, you earn the banner. So if you weigh 140 pounds, you need to drink 70 ounces of water. Of course if you are Melissa, you need to drink 3!.

I'll post the banner on Saturday!.

Drink up Crew...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.