Has anyone tried the new propoints Medifast Diet?

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Got a quick question: Has anyone tried the new propoints Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Morning girls!!.

Up too early, will take a couple of days to adjust to the time change....makes for long days for certain!.


- I would have been very upset as well, how disorganized. I could read the disorganization in your post. Perhpas next time Hard Rock should put you in charge!!.

Last evening with Rob's family was a success. Really enjoyed myself, they had way too much food but I was a good girl for 80% of the dinner. I failed at the dessert and had to have a piece of my chocolate cake I made, it was delish! His Mom is having health issues so the departure to Florida for the winter months is delayed until she is cleared medically. This was our Thanksgiving/Christmas gig. His parents are always over generous with the giving and it makes me feel bad. The provide the adults 2-3 gifts to open and then one gift is of cash which I'm always stunned by the amount and as I said, it makes me feel bad.

It's Monday which means spinning but first need to get thru the next 12 hours of the day. Have a good one!.

Ali - COME HOME!!.

NA - safe travels.

Pattishakes - ride on sister!.

Sandy - we love you!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

I have had to go down stair 5 different times, to question her about just W T Flip did she do. I've got a screaming headache and have only made 2 entries in my report so far..

I don't wanna play any more nope nope nope.

Oh goody now I have to go check out the bosses aquarium LOL I really need to go back to bed..

Comment #2

I hear ya Monica - I'm having one of those days as well. I mean really, are these people new?!..

Comment #3

CHARLY - Does the spin class tighten your muscles because the movement is so repetitive? At least in BC you were doing different stuff all the time..

Glad you had fun with Rob's family and you can have cake once in a while, so don't worry too much about it..

MONICA - What a mess that was for sure. I don't imagine the Tribe will ever do a benefit again after this one. It was for a great cause though. I hope they made good money..

I have no.

Idea which of the puppies is mine, I just know it is not the blue boy. I just have to wait until Carolyn decides which one will be best for me..


Have had to go down stair 5 different times, to question her about just W T Flip did she do. I've got a screaming headache and have only made 2 entries in my report so far""".

No idea who SHE is, but how about she comes up the stairs to you once in a while...

Comment #4

No news today of any worth. Cora and I spent an hour in her favorite 99C store today. That place has brands I have never heard of..

We leave tomorrow and hope to be home Monday...but the weather might be iffy, so we might go to the coast...darn....yeah, right. I love the coast. LOL.

I might not get a signal until we get to my brother's on Thursday evening, so if you don't hear from me, not to worry. Hugs, NA..

Comment #5


It's Tuesday............

NA - Spin class believe it or not works your entire body. You have to keep control of you while up/down during class. No hip swinging, no belly dumping, no shoulder flailing, no sloppy knees. Surprisingly enough, you can get a total core workout. Trust me, I feel the need for stretching the next day. This weekend I'm adding a pilates class then going forward there will be strength training mixed in.

I was/am giving myself a two week break from any targeted muscle workout. Feel/felt as if I need healing time..

Can't wait to see your puppy and Christmas isn't that far away now..

Onward with the day. xo..

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I've heard very good things about spin classes, I would do some myself but they are almost all during the day here or to early in the evening for me to get too. I should check again though maybe the winter schedule is different..

Nothing much here just going to be a super busy day for me, but feel really good about being almost completely caught up..

Overcast and may rain, kind of a cozy day,..

Now if Miss Ali will show her face all will be good..

Where is you Ali.

NA safe travels no matter which way you go, hope the weather holds for you.

OK off and running..

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Yea - I was wondering where Miz Ali is as well!!!..

Comment #8

My Tribe at the Make a Wish foundation show, I wasn't part of this show. So only the girls.

April, Claire, Lena, Paloma and Cecile.

Sully (our teach) Nicole (our own beauty queen and part of tribe) no idea who the blond is.

The performers without their cover ups.

Paloma just turned 20, Claire a 50 year old grandmother, Cecile (Frenchie) from France and her last name is Divine LOL..

Comment #9

Frenchie with her sword, it's real and weighs about 8 #'s.

Paloma bend over backwards.

Shimmy entrance.

This is why I feel like a blob around these girls, It would be better if I was even half the dance they are LOL but I guess I love em all anyway lol..

Comment #10

Wow good pics but it would take a LOT for me to go out in public like that!! I give them tons of credit for doing it!..

Comment #11

I don't know Charly am beginning to worry about her, maybe she meet some handsome guy and ran away with him???? Or maybe she decided to visit her kiddo in cali..

Come on back Ali, let us know how your doing...

Comment #12

I can send harrassing texts messages to her phone (LOL)..

Comment #13

Do it LOL she's not supposed to be gone this long..

Comment #14

Gotta make sure I have her number, she sent it to me once but not sure I saved the dumb thing!!!!!..

Comment #15

She should know she can't hide from us LMAO..

Comment #16

Found her!! She's in CA as you thought, with an expected return Friday (LOL)..

You're right, she can't hide.........(ROFL)..

Comment #17

I'm psychic I am LOL, makes sense though being that close to her kiddo and probably not going to see her for the holidays..

I'm ill this am, started last night with sudden congestion, Musilic (sp) helped with that but just don't feel right. Am probably going to stay home, give myself a few more minutes to see if things clear up. On another note my elbow hurt like crazy, must be going to storm LOL..

Comment #18

Oh Monica - sorry your not feeling well. Hugs for feeling better!.

I was up and @ spinning this morning @ 5:30a, insanity for sure but now my evening is free..

Bet Ali didn't expect to be chased down across the US (LOL).

I'll be back to check on you Monica!..

Comment #19

Monica - feeling any better?.

I'll be back to check..............

Comment #20

Not doing to badly, meds and slept away the morning helped, bundled up watching the tube now.

Thanks for asking..

Comment #21

OK, I am confused. You feel like a blob, but most of them look over weight to me. And I know you are skinnier than that. I think you are way too hard on yourself, Dear Friend. NA..

Comment #22

Glad you found Ali, Charly, and she is OK. Silly girl not telling us of her change of plans. Hehe...

Comment #23

Monica, get well soon. Sorry about your storm pains too...

Comment #24

We are in Arcata, CA where my brother lives, so I have access to internet again. Missed you all. Our motor home is at the doctors. We lost the transmission on the way from Santa Rosa to Bodega Bay on the coast. Going up a long hill, it clunked and stopped dead. I have this picture of us following the tow truck taking us to the Ford dealership to get a new tranny installed.

LOL At least no one was hurt and no one ran into us. It was pouring rain and there was a curve behind us and another in front of us. I felt so sorry for the tow truck driver, he was soaked with rain. He took us to an RV park for the night and then came and picked us backup and took us to the repair facility. Thank you AAA..

We should be able to get the car at the end of next week. So we will go back to Sacramento on Sunday and wait with Cora. NA..

Comment #25

NA sorry about your transmission, seen that so much..

I am hard on myself, Frenchie is the only one over weight, she is VERY curvy and can dance like no one business. They are all young, with the exception of Clair who is 2 years younger. so no cellulite. I still have quite a bit of belly fat and pouch out terribly when I don'r suck it in and it becomes a lumpy mess when I hold it in. So no win in my head anyway LOL I'm working on it.

Still feel like carp but am going to go in anyway may leave early, I have a few things I want to get done,I"ve enjoyed being almost caught up. I could do my filing today thatpretyyy brainless, but will see how it goes after I get there..

Am not happy have been up all week and was totally OP till yesterday. I didn't really eat just had soup and 1 Medifast meal, which was good calories and carb wise but probably too much sodium. Didn;t realize those lunch size cans of Cambell's mini chicken noodle and chicken and stars only have 70 cal and 10 carbs. so after 3 weeks on Medifast I'm up to 187.4 after last week at 186. Feel like I'm beating my head against a wall, but am determined to use all my food up..

Ok off to get dressed, am not going to shower EWWWWWWWWW LOL but don't want to chill myself. Will check back later..

Comment #26

NA good to see you and hate to hear about the tran issues, that has to be painful!! Glad you were able to get help, I wouldn't be without AAA either!! Keep us posted..

Monica - I have to agree with NA that some of the girls were a bit on the 'poofy' side and I just couldn't go out like that. You need to go to a mind cleansing of some type with how you are thinking about yourself. BUT I'll go with you cause I could use it as well..

It's Friday and that's about all I got........bbl..

Comment #27

HELLO GIRLS!! I have returned! I am so sorry that I didn't tell you of my change in "return" plans..didn't mean to worry you. I thought since I was so close to the kiddo I would just hop over those mountains and visit her for a few days. She was surprised to see me as was the messy apartment. LOL That child is a pig! Had a nice visit with her and am just glad to be back at home..

Took my Medifast meals to Vegas with me but didn't have anything for the trip to CA so I "winged" it for the week. Ate mostly salads and chicken it was just hard with the protein/carb thing for snacks. Tried some different protein bars, cut them in half and ate for two snacks so we shall see what happens on Mondays weigh in. If it's ugly, I'm not changing the ticker. LOL.

I'll try to catch up on all the posts...going to start the laundry and put the bathroom crap away..

Talk to you all later.......thanks for worrying about me and sorry for not letting you know where I was. It's nice to be missed!..

Comment #28

YEAAAA Ali's home!! I'm glad you got in the visit to your daughter, that's awesome!! I'm sure you loved your time there, how cool. You didn't miss much around here. You will see that we need to kick Monica's bootie for the way she's feeling about herself, you will see that NA is traveling the world and ran into tranny issues and you will see that there is absolutely nothing going on with me! (LOL).

Heading to my first pilates class this morning, not really looking forward to it. This hip thing is present again and not sure this pilates will be good for that. Spin class right after that class, we'll see how it goes. Then heading south to see my parents today. The town where they live is having what they call Christmas around the Village. Not that there are a lot of shops but people setup and sell the wares throughout town.

Weather is supposed to be gorgeous so it should be a nice day to be out/about. All my house work is caught up as is laundry so I get a 'free day'. Rob will stay here and is going to do some work outside and Charlie no doubt will help him...

Comment #29

Welcome back A;i you were missed.

Glad you got some good time with your Kiddo..

Charly I would think that Pilates would help with the hip, all that nice stretching. I like pilates doesn't feel like your doing much but it will giveyou that long and lean look you want..

Nothing much going on today but cleaning, feeling somewhat better, so may try for cleaning the carpets. KIddos off in Tx this weekend so have the house to myself..

Need to get moving have to hit Sam's this AM am almost out of dog treats..

Will check back later, unless I find some nice trip like Charly's to do today, sounds so much better then cleaning house LOL..

Comment #30

Morning Girls!.

Charly thanks for catching me up on things..

I started to go back last night while I was sitting on the couch catching up on the programs I DVR'd and I feel asleep. The Christmas shopping sounds like a ton of fun. No one does that around here, they are all inside the school gyms or church's. Weather today seems a tad cold, especially considering where I was but fall has hit Chicago and the winter weather is right around the corner. I need to get into the backyard and pull up all the butterfly flowers that died while I was gone..looks like a jungle out there and it looks like rain to boot..


Monica I was looking at those belly dancing pictures you posted, those women are not small by any means and from what I have seen of you, you are smaller. Don't beat yourself up. Hell you guys are going to have to drag me back up on Monday, I can feel it already. Woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time, I feel fat. Not a good sign. But we shall see what Monday brings.

ARRGGGHHH!! I'm so excited for her because she looks wonderful but in 4 months she's dropped 53 pounds and just changed one meal out for some shake thing. Oh well, I can only hope she keeps it off this time..

Other than that..nothing else is new! Have to go pick up the fish from my friends house and bring him home...just what I didn't want was a pet and I ended up with the child's fish. LOL.

Talk to you all later.......

Comment #31

ALI - You are forgiven for sure and I am glad you had a great time and got to see kiddo. Don't worry about the messy apartment - - it is her life to live and you don't have to look at it often. LOL I know my Mom was horrified when she came to my house too...I am not a very housekeeper either. But I turned out OK. LOL NA..

Comment #32

Morning Girls!.

BURRRRRR!!! It's cold outside this morning! Geez, starting to feel like winter!.

Did really well yesterday, MFwise! Not much food left, mostly ice cream and brownies so it should be interesting eating in the next month. LOL Been reading lots of books, looking at tons of labels, writing so much down that I think I'll have a good sense of what to do when the food runs out. Wishing I could get back on that "exercise horse" but have no desire. I've been walking but that's about it..

So what's on everyone's agenda today?..

Comment #33


Not doing to bad this AM, spent way too much money yesterday, but got some nice things for the house. Cleaned the carpet, doing the kitchen today, but that should go quickly, house is looking good..

I dropped 5#'s this AM on today's weigh in sheesh, why couldn't I do that on friday, that actually just puts me a little over 2#'s down from last week. I'm going to add some more protein to my 5&1 menu, that's what happened yesterday and why I think I finally dropped on the scale..

Going to make some soup today for next week, nice and OP and love the warmness,also some Medifast sweetbread and I've got to go spend more money at Walmart.

Oh well off and running.

Charly how was your visit with your folks, hope all went well.

Ali a fish isn't bad could have been a dog LOL, what kind of fish?..

Comment #34

Morning Ali!!.

Chilly out here this morning too, actually chilly isn't even a good word for it. Didn't buy much yesterday, I'm not much into the things these people were selling but it was fun to walk with Ma. Seen Dad for a few he was in one of the local establishments. I popped in to say hey and told him I would stop by his place before I headed home. I did do that and he was asleep in his chair so I didn't bother him. I closed the door and headed home..

Monica - Pilates was interesting but certainly not easy. Having stretched some things I'd apparently not stretched before had me awake @ 3a this morning with horrible horrible back pain. Wiped the tears away and went to the other bedroom where the bed is more firm, was able to find a good position without pain and got back to sleep. I've popped a couple of aspirin and a codeine pill this morning. Thinking I had better go buy a beginning pilates DVD as this class is only offered 1 time a week and if I'm gonna limber up I'll need to do it more often..

Spinning was killer right after but knocked out my miles and on with the day yesterday..

Today is a couple of loads of laundry and staying out of Rob's way. He's on a rant about something and I prefer not to be subjected to it. I might just leave the house and go do some minor Christmas shopping or whatever. I"m having the 'Tastefully Simple" and "Thirty-One" party here next SAturday and have about 18 rspvs. Most likely these people are coming out of 'nosiness' (LOL) as 99.9% have never been to my house. It hsould be fun though, I'm looking forward to it, sort of..

Off to see where I can keep a low profile at for the day. Ali, I'd be terribly curious to know how/what your niece is doing to loose that type of weight in that period of time...........

Comment #35

Monica - we were posting at the same time.........(LOL)..

Comment #36

I kept looking for your post Charly LOL.

You did it backwards should have done spinning first then pilates, hope your back straightens out soon..

Ok better get moving..

Comment #37

OMG, I'd be doing one or the other....spinning would be enough for me! LOL I don't think I could stretch that much in Pilates anyway. Hope your back feels better..

Hey Monica..did you enjoy your purchases? That's all that counts. Sometimes you just have to splurge a little..

Oh the fish...he's a spoiled beta!..

Comment #38

Monica - congrats on the loss - that FABULOUS!!.

Unfortunately the pilates class is prior to spinning so it wasn't that I had a choice. I've found the spinning to be a hate/hate/love relationship (LOL). Not that crazy about it but not that hateful either. I've 3 weeks left of this promise to do it so we'll see how I really feel on 04-Dec (LOL).

(ps - that promise is to myself, no one else...very important (LOL))..

Comment #39

An introduction to M&M and Dexter, Ali be happy you have just fish LOL.

M&M stand for motor mouth (kiddo penned M&M) she's a talker.

Dexter is named after the serial killer LOL I swear he just doesn't care, he will steal the bigger cats food and just sit there while they beat on him and the big dog OMG he walked right up to him (this is the dog I'm keeping away from the kittens till they are a bit bigger) and started slapping him.

He's a character for sure...

Comment #40

They look so innocent! YOu sure you are talking about those cats (ROFLMAO)..

Comment #41

Ok - just made 2 shake cakes for today and 2 for tomorrow. The other meals will be oatmeal or pancakes, hot coco and chicky soup!!..

Comment #42

Well I had a brownie for my breakfast and morning snack...doing a choc. shake for lunch and some ice cream for afternoon snack...chicken/salad for dinner and ice cream for tonights snack. Not much else left in the cupboard. LOL.

Monica they look so innocent!.

Charly check your email!..

Comment #43

Ali - I did, nothing there - check your PM here..

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.