Has anyone used 123 reg to start a website?

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My 1st question is: Has anyone used 123 reg to start a website? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... I still manage to "hand-reg" (out of the blue, brainstorming) a few nice/decent/very good .coms every few months..

What's your best HAND-REG.

(.com only) in the.

Last month.

Or so?.

Today, I got >.

List your best 2, if you got 'em..

My 2nd best lately is:.




There's still lots out there in .com land!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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Got this in the past few weeks while watching the news. It's a cliche but "I couldnt believe it was there". sold lately for $10,400 !..

Comment #2

Nice work dental pro. I regd a week or two ago...

Comment #3

Nice hand-regs folks..

Any development plans, or resale?.


Comment #4

Geo + something.

In my case, all United States related..

Comment #5

My favs that I have regged in the last month..Hmm.

Comment #6


Registered from expired, fave all-time that I still own:, as conduit loans represents about 20% of all commercial loans. Gotta love some of the regged ccTLDs too like

Registered from scratch (names never previously taken), fave all-time that I still own: in that it's a fresh reg about good expired domains, but I absolutely loved this name and even though I use and nowadays, I do still brand my expired domains lists as Elite Deletes. Props also to,, and some of my .in's like and

Recent fave registered from expireds:, have already gotten offers up to $150 since I got it a few weeks ago, but I'm holding onto this one with a kung-fu many people get suckered into loans they can't afford, and this would make a great brand for a lender who doesn't do that kind of crap (if one exists!).

Recent fave registered from scratch:, amidst all the Surface name regging, got a lot of Multi-Touch, Touch, and Tabletop names, and this was arguably the best one I got ( and were good, but always gotta worry about TM stuff). I figure there's a reasonable chance these types of computers could be called touchtops, in which case I'd be holding the Surface equivalent of or

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Sidenote: Loan underwriters are now more stringent in years past because of the recent fallout in home mortgages. I've seen instances where A paper borrowers going stated docs had to verify employment going back 2 years..

The days of "can you sign your name? Good, here's a house" are finally over...

Comment #8

In the past month?. or

All-time?. (August 2004). (February 2006)..

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Maybe not a lot of traffic yet, but two of the more famous western figures in american cowboy culture...

Comment #10

I have a shop and I sell getting was my best ...

Comment #11


(Olympics) was nice ....

... but even better, I think, was.



(I had just seen another database HostGator go for high $ at eBay, and a "telephone database" is a commonly sold - and high-priced - commodity.).

Also like:.

TwoThousandEleven(.) com.

(all other upcoming years were taken)...

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My best one was regged a few months ago, so I hope that is OK. It's 5Yearcom...

Comment #13

Reg. in less than a week.

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