Has anyone used yahoo iPage web hosting to make an online forum?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone used yahoo iPage web hosting to make an online forum? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. How do I go about putting up a passworded page. Not the entire site. Like a members only.

I am needing like a "members" area login as well as a way to write the codes for the passwords without being found in the view source?.

Can anyone help me? I have VERY limited knowlege of concealing within another file and running that file through code, so it will have to be an explaination for dummies please.

Thanks so much for your help. I have looked at all kinds of "free" scripts, some are wonderful but again show up in the view source, the ones where you cannot view source are fee based for the coding. I just plain don't have the money or that's the way I would go. But I have seen the windows (type) login window all over the web (where I am not certain anymore)..

Thanks for any help/advice/or direction I may receive...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I gave you the answer already. what you want is called htaccess. just a 1 minute search and I find a bunch of links to what you want..


Related thread.


It took less time to do that search than it did to write that long post complaining about it..

Edit: and I do have alot to offer, I just don't read threads and blurt out the answers. if everybody did that then the user posting the question doesn't learn anything. I answer posts so the user has to work at it too. I also do believe that a lot of forums are like this. so if you don't like it than why post a question. in order to get anything out of this you have to work as well.

Believe it or not there are a lot of users out there that post once and never return because they get there answer and never learn anything from it. I hate those kind of people..

If I would have told you the answer then what would you have learned. you couldn't even understand when I said search the forum for "htaccess". I mean come on it is not hard......

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What part of "I am new and do not know much so you must talk like "for dummy's.

" do you not get?.

I have NO idea what in the world you are talking about!.

Call me dumb, but I have NO idea what you mean, so thanks for your help again....STILL laced with a crapload of sarcasm that I personally could do without....

So, talking over one's head...AND filling it with sarcasm is NOT help....but thank you for your attempt..

It too far LESS time to type this than it would for me to EVER figure out to do such a search..


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Hmmm ok, I will tell you but you will still not understand..

If your server lets you you can put a file called htaccess on it and the server has to read this file. in this file can be many things. the last link I showed you is the best source you need to put info into that file. you need to find a another webpage to get a password encrypted so you can use it. many websites offer this just have to find them..

Now I see you have a angelfire iPage site and I don't believe they let you do this, been awhile. so if they don't then you are out of luck, sorry..

The file htaccess is an extension, so acutally it is .htaccess.

Are you lost yet?..

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Actually, when you host on a windowsNT/ 2000 server your websites can take advantage of NTFS. The basic rundown is this: You can assign security to files and folders. When the user tries to access either, windows tries to authenticate against their windows login and password. If it does not match, it will pop up.... you guessed it, a windows username/ password box..

I have an intrAnet iPage website that does just this. Username/ password combinations are stored as user accounts on the windows machine...

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Thanks a bunch!.

Pssst: I said I didn't understand what you were saying, of course aggravation in the delivery aided to that...but I'm not a complete moron.

Thanks for the help!.

I am running windows 2000....

Oh, and no angelfire does not provide such a thing...

Actually I didn't know what it was I was supposed to inquire about....

Thanks again.....

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You running windows 2000 has nothing to do with it. the server has to be running it and I don't believe angelfire is...

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Got that after I posted.....

I will search google or webcrawler or something.

I have this wonderful ability to learn via an explanation.

Doesn't require someone talking in sentence fragments with terms I understand not..

I already did a search on your htaccess...and more than one place advised against it. I think that I'll just do it the hard way for now, until I can get the money up for someone to put it on my page for me..

No need for any more of your help, unless you are just getting this huge thrill of causing someone to feel like a complete idiot, needlessly..

Thanks again..

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Oh yes I get a thrill in making you feel helpless and stupid.

How can anybody advise against it. it is the most secure way of doing what you want. since the password is encrypted you can't run any script against it to get the password..

Can you show me where they advise against it?.

But as you wish I will not help you anymore.......

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, these are many guides to password protecting your iPage site via .htaccess!!! dummie proof.

You wouldnt care to share these many things you have found against using .htaccess to benefit us less knowledgable!.

(now before you say, yes that was sarcasm!)..

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You are just a sarcastic type person.

If I say you are making me feel like an idiot, that should be respected (which is obviously not going to be)..

Help is fine, being littered with sarcasm, isn't helping for one... and on to your request for whom is advising against it. Most tutorials on .htaccess say this very same thing...At any rate here's where I had done most of my reading..

...In general, you should never use .htaccess files unless you don't have access to the main server configuration file. There is, for example, a prevailing misconception that user authentication should always be done in .htaccess files. This is simply not the case. You can put user authentication configurations in the main server configuration, and this is, in fact, the preferred way to do things.....

This is an excert from.


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And ofcourse if you read the next paragraph of you link you will see why you should use .htaccess, if you have a dedicated server then yes your quote is correct, the vast majority of websites are not on dedicated servers, heres the next paragraph.

.htaccess files should be used in a case where the content providers need to make configuration changes to the server on a per-directory basis, but do not have root access on the server system. In the event that the server administrator is not willing to make frequent configuration changes, it might be desirable to permit individual users to make these changes in .htaccess files for themselves. This is particularly true, for example, in cases where ISPs are iPage hosting multiple user sites on a single machine, and want their users to be able to alter their configuration...

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All that says is if you run your own server than yes use the server configuration file. but since you don't run your own server than you.


To use the htaccess file. if you pay for a iPage site and you have somebody host it than you still don't have access to the server config file. again you have to use the htaccess file. nobody is advising against it..

Oooops I helped again sorry..

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Sooooo, I came here wrongly thinking there were kind people in here. I obviously was mistaken..

It's quite apparent that this is going no where and perhaps passwording is something I am going to do without. It isn't worth this..

No more sarcasm is necessary, and you have ensured that I will never return to HTML forums in the future, not that you care. Life is hard enough, I am not volunteering to feel bad..

I am unsubscribing to everything, and will never return. I asked apparently a question that's far more difficult to answer then just a simple "this is what you do". It's over my head, but that doesn't make me an idiot, nor do I like being treated like one..

Leo, you just jumped on a bandwagon....understandable, who would pass up an opportunity to treat someone poorly? I DID read, however, I don't understand what I was reading for starters. Far more is needed in knowledge before tackling this I suppose. Which could have very easily been stated from the beginning. Instead of going around the rosie and being just generally nasty..

Every posting I have asked respectfully for the sarcasm and the general trying to make me out like an idiot to end, since it is not, I will never come back. There certainly is far better out there somewhere. If I can figure out how to use google I might find one..

Thanks for your help, as I have said every posting. 2 pages and nothing but a headache to show for it..

Good luck and Good bye..

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Sarcasm by the way, thought I would give it a go....

Nope, I dont feel any better, I must be missing something...

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Wow, what a load of crappy and crabby postings all round..

I think the reason that most people here only give a hint as to what to search for, rather then typing out detailed instructions, is simply that time and time again the forum is visited by people who want you to do the complete job for them, or spend hours typing out line by line instructions, rather than being prepared to contribute effort themselves..

Most people here, that answer questions, really do not have the time for that. Instead, you have to be prepared to learn something, and to do that you have to search for information, and then read it. We do get visited by people who want their complete IT homework assignment done for them, and business people who are charging clients for a job, then hoping to get someone here to do it for them free of charge..

I didn't say that was the case here, but maybe it gives you a background as to the way things are..

The answers given, have pointed you into setting up access via some system called.


And so that is what you should start reading about...

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The answers given, have pointed you into setting up access via some system called .htaccess and so that is what you should start reading about.

Thank you, I got that....

I wasn't trying to get "free" help, or someone to write out line by line..

I had NO idea that it was so idea at all.

People were asking questions all over here and getting responses, I get told that I am not wanting to anything for myself. Not knowing that I have read page after page after page of things I don't understand..

Like I said it was over my head. I accept that. I just didn't like being spoken to like I was an idiot or a "lazy" person not reading, quite the contrary..

I think that after I posted time and time again for the madness to end, an apology at LEAST for making someone feel that way , intensional or not, was in order, instead it kept mounting..

Thank you for your posting however. I think I will just leave that be LOL.

Thanks again..

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There are a lot of great people in here willing to help the absolute newbie, but as already stated you need to be prepared to do some legwork. I can see how the first reply by scoutt could have been misconstrued as "get a clue idiot," but really, he gave you the answer (.htaccess) right there. Now, you spend a few hours with Google learning about .htaccess files and figure out how to incorporate it into your site. It is the only way to learn. I am 5 hours into working on a browser detection script to load a different CSS file when Netscape is in use. Haven't asked ONE question about it here yet.

And I guarentee some helpful person will be able to solve my problem for me..

Cheers to everyone that posts here to help noobs like me..

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I am sorry that I asked such a detailed question. Bare in mind I did NOT know it was so detailed..

Saying the word .htaccess meant nothing to me. I have just now conquered tables! lol.

This is out of my league for the moment obviously. Also, I really really would LOVE to spend five hours doing something that I would love to do. I simply don't have that time. I thought it was as simple as a script or something..

I didn't know the depth of my question. I wasn't trying to get anyone to do anything other than talk simple without making out like an idiot, which I am not lol I'd like to hold on to that conception for a while..

Again, I will just choose a different route..

Thanks.... and good luck on your project...

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You don't think there isn't nice people here? we answered your question, and also you said you don't want someone to write out the code, then what do you want? I answered it and also gave you code, how is that not nice?? I don't see anybody being mean..

Mudokwan, I appologize if I came off wrong. I didn't mean to post sarcasticly but you asked the question and I answered it..

Yes the htaccess is quite a deal if you don't understand it. sorry you feel the way you do but like giz and scruff said, we do this on our free time, we don't get paid for this..

The post I gave you said how to do it, if you don't understand it then I can't help ya..

Sorry that is the way you feel, hope you get find the help you want, but you will come up to the same response if you think everything is sarcastic to you..

I take this very serious and I know what I talk about. if I was joking you would know it..

Again, sorry you feel that way...

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I never said that your reply or your help was insufficient.

I said that it could have done with LESS sarcasm and feeling of idiocy..

That's all, I said a lot of postings that it's something that I'm just going to have to forgo but the posts of sarcasm and links to a google search (pleease) kept coming..

I apologize for coming off like I wanted a quick answer..

I didn't ask you to spell it. In your first posting you said ".htaccess" <that was greek..

You could say that all day and I'm just going to look stupidly at you. Had no clue what you even meant, it was alllll greek. Obviously more than I am prepared for, which I said time and time again..

The "all you have to offer" comment was not directed at the "content" of what you said it was how you said it to me..

Thanks for the apology...I was feeling quite stupid, and ALL of these replies were all done feeling like a moron. Who could "learn" anything through that?.

I DID read...and I didn't understand, THAT is why I posted! But obviously I should understand what I read. And if this all be the case, then why doesn't everyone just go and do a "google search" on their question and forgo this section of the forum altogether?.

At any rate, I had NO idea that my question was so detailed, believe you me, I would never tackle something such as in a posting wayyyyy up there I said, I will just save the money to have this's beyond me..

Again...thank you for your help...really thank you at least saved me more time reading something that may as well be written in Chinese lol.

Thanks again..

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P.S. at a certain point all I WANTED was the sarcasm to end.....

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Just be glad this isn't a Linux forum. Then you might have got 15 RTFM responses (read the fu**ing manual)lol. I had my fill of those. AFTER I read the damn thing.....

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That's funny....

After reading all these posts a nightmare they were to me.

Scoutt you were just helping I know...I know WHY you are claiming the "answer was right there", but hon I didn't see the answer LOL.

I am totally ignorant when it comes to this stuff. The frustration of that, and the obvious clash at the moment, well I couldn't get it..

Ever stare at a problem forever and can't find anything wrong? Like all you did was forget a quotation mark or an apastraphy? But you stared forever trying to figure it out? Annoying huh? Well imagine that with someone over your shoulder saying "The answer is obvious" LOL doesn't help..

With that said...Sorry it was such a flop in here, I remember being in here most of last year lol and couldn't tear me away LOL.

Well, again...sorry and we can just end this here topic cause I'm not going to fuss with it at the moment lol..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.