Has iPage removed free web service?

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Quick question... Has iPage removed free web service? Looking forward for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hi...I just installed my first osCommerce store. Everything installed right, I thought...but I get the following error at the top of the page:.

Warning Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: /home/users/web/b1725/pow.wintersun/store/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk -.

Please set the right user permissions on this file..

Here's the URL to the site:.


I would sure appreciate any help anyone has on how this can be fixed..

Thank you very much,.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Satish...that didn't work...lost total access to iPage site w/ a "FORBIDDEN - you don't have access...." screen..

Anything else it could be?.



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Oops...never mind...I had changed permission on the root folder...not the specific "includes/configure.php" - have since changed it, and it seems to work..



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I tried both 444 AND 644 and the message is still appearing in pink at the top. HELP!..

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Your FTP tool command are not successful..

This happens generally when Your iPage site is on windows server..

Use iPage hosting cpanel and the file manager go to the file and set path..


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Forgive my ignorance, but go into WHICH file and set WHAT path..

I'm not using an FTP program, I have set permissions on includes/configure.php to read/write, and have also tried read-only, but I still get the warning message..

(FYI - I say read-only, because I have no idea what these numbers everyone throws around are, 777, 644, 444, no clue, read/write/execute/delete that I understand) :0)..

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4 is read,2 is write, 1 is execute..

And there are three groups..

So it can range from 444 to 777(read read read is the minimum that is always there)..

This file:.

/store/includes/configure.php should have 444 permission..


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Ok, that makes sense, but it doesn't really solve the problem. I have set permissions for all users to read-only (except system and admin which I don't have the option to change) and I still get the error. I'm iPage hosting with webhost4life. Anyone have any ideas?..

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Not even for system admin..

It has to be read for all..

When System admin wants to change first thru FTP modify permission and then work..


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Try this >.

Configure.php permissions quick fix on windows based systems..

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I tried this too, but no matter what, when I try to run protect.php in the browser, I get the message 'Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /catalog/admin/includes/protect.php on this server.'.

My protect.php-file looks like this:.


Chmod('configure.php', 0444);.

Chmod('/catalog/includes/configure.php', 0444);.


And like this for the one in the /admin/includes/-folder:.


Chmod('configure.php', 0444);.

Chmod('/catalog/admin/includes/configure.php', 0444);.


What can I do? I also tried editing the configure.php in the FTP program and in the filemanager from my host...

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Made .php file as told but gettting errors like:.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Unable to access /customers/ in /customers/ on line 2.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Unable to access /customers/ in /customers/ on line 2.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: stat failed for /customers/ in /customers/ on line 2.

Script is:.




Have also tried the protect script and getting errors like:.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Unable to access configure.php in /customers/ on line 2.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: stat failed for configure.php in /customers/ on line 2.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Unable to access /shop/includes/configure.php in /customers/ on line 4.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Unable to access /shop/includes/configure.php in /customers/ on line 4.

Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: stat failed for /shop/includes/configure.php in /customers/ on line 4.

Script is:.


Chmod('configure.php', 0444);.

// need to replace /../ with your directory structure.

Chmod('/shop/includes/configure.php', 0444);.


What can be wrong... is it some problems with safe mode off that is not available on my host??.

Thanks for any help//..

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How did the www come in..

Please chek thru server info whats the document root or scriptpath..

I feel that the path stated is wrong..


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Ok if the server rout is: _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] /customers/

And the URL is:.


(root is shop/protect.php).

How should the protect.php script look like then?.

The default script from above is:.


Chmod('configure.php', 0444);.

Chmod('/../catalog/../includes/configure.php', 0444);.


Thanx again for any help!..

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I got it right this time, was doing the path a little too fast the first time... everything is working - Thanks for Your help Satish Mantri!.


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