Have any healthy fish Medifast recipes that might appeal to a fish-hater?

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Got a question... Have any healthy fish Medifast recipes that might appeal to a fish-hater? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Today I am officially 4 weeks post op...and I am down 27 pounds since.


.. Is that good?.. what are your averages at 4 weeks I was 274 on day of.




.. I lost like almost 20 pnds in the first two weeks and then it way slowed down which I think is pretty normal. I have been having issues I am still on liquids and mushy (really really mush) foods as I am ulcerated and anything else comes right back up but it is getting better.. ;-) I am just curious if I am on track weight wise....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Good girl...I don't go back in til next Tuesday...the 19th...I am scared to get on the scale til then...I am tolerating many more foods than you...actually had a half cup of cherrios today, and thought I was in heaven...I have had taco meat with shredded cheese, salmon patty...all kinds of stuff...not alot of it, but branching out just the same..

The key for me is portions...always has been. so glad I have a good grip on that...also so scared of being sick and vomiting, I just don't go overboard with anything..

Also starting to finally get in more fluids, and that is elemental I think....

Trying to find that energy I had lost some weeks back...that's a hard one also....

There is just so much to this...good grief..

Easy way out my lol lol...

If people only knew.....

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Amen sista... Yes you are tolerating many different foods.. I may be able to I just don't want to push it so I am takin it slow......

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I cant say whether or not that is right on track b/c as you know that is contingent with a lot of variables such as BMI, comorbidities, age, and all that good stuff. Dont get in to the habit of comparing yourself with anyone b/c it'll really plague you. I will tell you that 30lbs in one month is fantastic. That's 4 and some pounds a week..

You are doing great and transition in to this easy. This is not a race and it is better to adhere to your plan. We'll get there together..

Congrats on your loss so far and keep it up..


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That is wonderful! I know we all have a tendency to compare and also think..."geez, only 27 pounds in 4 weeks? Shouldn't I have lost more?" Just try and think of it from a different perspective. Seriously, when else in your entire life have you lost nearly 30pounds in a month? I knoe pre-op I couldn't have done it. You are doing great, I'm proud of you!..

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I think you are doing great! Like everyone says, don't try to compare yourself with others because everyone is very different. I often feel like I am the slowest loser on here, but then I haven't been able to really.


Much, so I'm just thrilled that I continue to lose, even though it is slowly. Also, be prepared to hit a plateau, which seems to happen to everyone around the 6th week. People always freak out, but if you read the posts, it happens to everyone! Again, you are doing great! Congratulations, and I.


You will be able to add new foods soon!..

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Well, I think everyone has said it already. That's great you have loss 27 lbs in four weeks. Keep up the good work. I have slowed down at 3 months, but I KNOW this is normal and I expected it. So, I am not depressed or sad. Too many on this site has gone before me and paved the way for me..

So hang in there, you will lose how your body wants to lose. We all are different. Good luck...

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WOOHOO! I think that you are doing great! I am 5 weeks post tomorrow. I am down 42 lbs, but my doctor said that was actually too much. I am having a lot of trouble with swelling in my pouch and intestine and it has made it VERY hard to eat ANYTHING. So yeah, I think you are right on track!..

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GREAT JOB! You are right on track....for someone said earlier...NEVER compare your losses etc. to anyone else! We all lose differently and this can become a nightmare for you down the road...some lose faster than others and some stay on plateaus longer...this is all due to the fact we all have different matabolisms and our bodies know what is right for our own individual long as you continue to follow your program you will consistantly lose!.

Keep on keepin on!.

Karla~ spoken from experience! It's 22moths for me and I have shed about 230lbs! It is incredible how it works,,,as long as you work it!..

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