Have any ladies tried the "SmartBurn with Medifast" diet pill?

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Got a question... Have any ladies tried the "SmartBurn with Medifast" diet pill? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... ~Galloping Gals~.

Welcome to September!.

Hope you have wonderful Fall weather and lots of riding!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I actually got to ride the big boy today. He makes me laugh at some of his green horse moments. We have been working on him breathing when I mount and dismount. Today he was chilled and breathing(he holds his breath when scared). I did my 10 minutes of ground work prep before I mounted him. Today I got on him with the instructor just standing there.

Than we did LOTS of walking and giving to the bridle. He gave nicely 3 times which is GREAT!! Also went over walk poles. I was talking to the trainer and looking at her. I was aware what he was doing but LET him make the decision. he walked over the poles and no falling on his face. He did better than the broke to death horses that were in the ring..

So it was time for the dismount. Last time I dismounted my knee got caught on the cantle and kicked him in the rear. YES he had a moment with that. So my stirrups were a little higher so my leg had some support. I had him give to the bridle and move his head side-to-side(gets his brain engaged). I pet his withers, dropped the stirrups and popped right over.

I scratched his head and loosened the girth. We than had to stand there while the others finished riding. He leaned his head on my moma..I am SO tired hold me..

Did I mention he is BIG. 17ish hand of Irish love...

Comment #2

Kemahaney - sounds like you & your big Irish guy had a great lesson! Isn't it such a thrill when everything connects between you!.

Well - our weatherman lied, misjudged, is 100 degrees here again today & now not supposed to cool down to the 80's until Wed or Thurs. I didn't go out this was already way too hot by the time I got up. I may settle for going out this evening, lather on the mosquito spray, spend time grooming Dusty real good & maybe take an easy peasy bareback ride at sundown...

Comment #3

Hey everyone... So school started and suddenly life went crazy. I'm in senior year of college now which means:.

21 credits.

Varsity equestrian team (english).

Club equestrian team (western).

Senior design project.

Studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

And of course job searching....

I have only been on a horse once this month and am going crazy... Hopefully once the semester gets going for real everything will calm down!..

Comment #4

Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Been so busy with everything. Medifast is doing wonders for me and have been so excited with the weight I have been dropping. I was talking to one of my horsey friends who started the program and she was like have you picked up a 50 lb bag of feed lately cause thats what you have lost! Its hard to imagine that I used to have that on me! Hope everyone has been enjoying the weather and riding. I need to get my butt in the saddle!..

Comment #5

Well, today I am back on the Program with a will..

I got to eat quite well all summer, mindfully, but I have stayed at the same weight, a bit higher than the lowest I'd gotten down to. And no amount of MODERATION gets me to lose weight. Not even coupled with 3 hour trail rides, I am just not proceeding towards the goal weight I want to be at..

SO, time to recommit. And the Fall Equinox feels right, time to take stock and reap what we have sewn, and say to myself that the 160+ pounds gone have to be the focus, to prove to myself that if I get back into the strict ketosis and stick with it I can certainly slay those last 40 pounds. THEN I can go back to the way I've been eating this summer (except for the European food, that was WAY out of bounds) and I'll be at a healthy weight henceforth..

So back to logging in everything I eat, back to no excuses and no extras, and to watching the scale slide magically to the thinner self..

Yesterday I did a 3 hour ride in the front country with a couple dozen experienced riders, we went straight up the mountain in 80 degree heat, and I KEPT UP !!! In fact, Mr Mule and I were simply fabulous. There are women in the group who are all a bit morbidly curious about my weight loss, people who previously didn't want to ride with me because they thought it was cruel to ask my equine to carry that much weight. Uh, did I mention he's a mule? He can do it. He carried me at that heavy weight, he can do better now but at no time was he in pain or injured by me. SO I get the sense they are all gossiping that I must have done GBS, I take pleasure in telling them it was will power and changing what I eat..

But I am humbled that JUST eating moderately does NOT reduce weight as the Medifast ketosis does. So today, I recommit, and I am back full tilt to slay the flab and be the slim and trim equestrian...

Comment #6

Today I happened to look at my Sagittarian horoscope online, something I almost never do, and it said:.

"The banquet of life is bountiful, but don't overeat enjoy a slice of restraint.".


I feel completely ready..

It is the same mood I was in when I started MF, and I feel OK with having taken the summer off to sort-of level into this new weight, and practice moderation. It was good training for me. But in order to get that last weight off I am convinced that I need the tool of complete strict adherence to Medifast and staying in the ketosis state. When you're trying to eat so little food but NOT in ketosis it makes you suffer, and cheat. And "Cheaters never Prosper." At least, they don't get slimmer on the timetable they ought to! And I am now back to logging food, blogging thoughts, and in for the long haul to get to GOAL...

Comment #7

I may give up on this group, since no one else seems to be posting, but for quite a while I have been posting my blogs here because the REASON I fessed up to the issue of my weight problem was because I want to be a rider. I am one now. And I thought that I would find here a like-minded group of people whose passion for their equines was their motivation for their personal transformation..

For those who stumble upon this group, take heart that you CAN succeed and become slim and then achieve that goal. And the centrifugal force that pulls you out of your saddle when you are heavy will not be an issue when you are thinner, you will be set free to be at one with your animal in a way you cannot when you are always worried about falling. And if you DO fall the consequences are likely to be much less severe..

That said, here's my day's blog:.

Now that I have recommitted to the plan, and the effortless discipline that it represents, it seems so EASY. But I do have the back-story in my head, the internal conversation, that is examining WHY I slipped off and did not complete the course..

I did have a lot of travel and other distractions over the summer, and now that I look at it I used those intermittent 6 weeks of "off habit living" as an excuse for a 6 MONTHS of eating just a bit off plan. I can't really figure out NOW WHY that seemed like such a great idea, since I can remember few of those meals I seemed to have been so eager to consume at the time..

I know that my body continued to reorganize itself to adapt to the weight lost so far, and put back on 10 pounds. Those are almost gone now after very little time back on plan, and I very much want to GET THE POINT about this DETOUR and not be one of those people whose weight bounces around and is perpetually complaining. I want to be back to moderation and mindfulness..

Today when I saw the scale dip once again below 220 I realized part of the equation. Much as I am loath to admit to fear of being thin, there was a long time when I was motivated into horse/mule ownership by the fact that I couldn't RENT a horse because I didn't weight under 220. Right now, when I saw 219 on the scale, I had the insight that that number had for years seemed like a legal slap in the face, unattainable for me at my high weight. And maybe something in me had to accept that milestone and I didn't. Or it felt like ENOUGH for a while..

I keep thinking of the phrase "Fear of Flying" and somehow I DID hit a wall at 216 and starting then I started acting out. Willfully, and against my best interest..

So, I'm back on the trail and soon I'll start moving that ticker down to the goal..

Yesterday I got my drivers' license renewal form and it says that after 12 years I have to go back in for a new photo instead of renewing by mail. I am now close to the weight that it has SAID on it for so long, which at one point was perilously close to half what I really weighed. THAT feels excellent.........

Comment #8

Congrats on getting back on plan and that new drivers license! I have been so busy and hardly on here at all. I am having problems with my mom so as of last night she decided to let my mare be leased out by a 13 yr old who is not a quiet confident rider for her to use. I am sorta mad at this but I am glad my mare will be in work but I don't think the situation will work out. We will see and that is if my mom and I are still talking by then.....

Comment #9

I have been using MediFast products for almost 2 years and have shed 160 pounds. I find it an easy way to reorganize my food consumption patterns while I am examining my intellectual relationship with it. I find that the small frequent meals keep me from sugar moodswings, and making some of my formerly high-calorie foods off limits has helped me see that I was addicted to them, not just enjoying them. For a person who is ready to take responsibility for their own health Medifast is an excellent tool...

Comment #10

Major life goal achieved for me, this last weekend I did 4 straight hours of endurance riding on Mr Mule, and the entire time I was speed racking, loping, or trotting. No walking along, no getting off, just moving out!.

You know how those gals in the tight pants in horse shows have thighs the same size as their calves? Always mystified me.... now I get it. They post up and down while trotting for hours, and the thigh muscles get a total workout..

So there I was on Saturday, sailing along through the chaparral in the front-country mountains, with the air saturated after a rainfall and the plants smelling like California heaven..

No chance whatsoever that I could have EVER done this at my previous weight. Most of the people who ride endurance are 90 pound gals on Arabians, and there I am still over 200 pounds on my big 16hh mule, but we are doing it! I am not in it to compete against them, I am competing for my personal best, and I can say absolutely this is the first time in my life that something that requires athletic endeavor has seemed like a good time!.

For me this physical transformation is unlocking a future in which I am not an old lady struggling just to walk around. I am claiming a body that will take me to adventure. And if that means I can't eat cheese, well, fair enough...

Comment #11

I post up and down for hours and my thighs are not the size of my calves. My thighs just get stronger..

Things have been crazy busy for me at work. I have had to start getting up at 4:30-5:00 so that I can squeeze in the exercise. Otherwise, I just don't have the time to work out after work. With the time change coming soon if I try to exercise before going to the farm it will be dark. SO I am getting in the habit now of working out in the AM before work. I have a spin bike at home so it isn't like I have to go far...

Comment #12

Happy Celtic New Year !.

Samhain, and the start of another year. It is the time for taking stock, harvesting what the year has grown, and setting things to rights in the gathering-in season..

I did a fabulous 4 hour trail ride on a private ranch, a fund-raiser for a local art museum, and met some nice people on that happy trail. We started the day driving to the ranch in rain, but the skies cleared and although the trails were muddy no injuries and all fun..

I look back at this last year and I am completely astonished at the levels of personal growth and accountability I have achieved. I take complete responsibility for the fact that I ate irresponsibly, for so long, that even after 2 years of Medifast eating I am still slimming off the excess. I also take compliments and credit for having stuck with it, and every day I am stronger..

Over the time I have been doing this I have watched how several people I inspired gave it a try, then they all fell away. I did not expect that. I really thought if I could stick with it, if I could do it, that these fat friends of mine could, would, should do it too. But listening to their excuses, I understand better why programs for weight loss fail almost everyone. I find Medifast so easy, so helpful, that I thought I'd found the cure. But now more than ever I am thinking about the component of responsibility.

Remember the 1970's Jethro Tull lyrics:.

"Don't want to be a fat man.

Have not the patience to ignore all that.

Hate to admit to myself.

I thought my problems came from being fat..."..

Comment #13

I examine frequently why I seem to be able to put my MIND and HEART to a task and achieve it. IT IS THE SECRET why I have a self-employed career and so many others prefer to be told what to do. It is the focus of the will, exactly like they say in the film and book THE SECRET. What you focus your mind to you can achieve..

I would like to be a better friend and example to my heavier clients, I so relate to their position, but I listen to their defeatist self-excuse talk and know that everything I can say to them does not apply until they have that "moment of clarity" that says they are ready for change..

Part of my personal psychology that I had to overcome was the negative image that my adoptive mother ground into me all my childhood. So I understand these people. I get it why they wallow in a self-defeatist mode, it is a comfortable place to lie. But it is a LIE. Because this IS the life we have, and whatever you do to undermine yourself HAS to be seen as a personal act, one you either take full responsibility for or gather up the will power to change...

Comment #14

Almost 6 years ago I turned 50 and I decided to buy a horse. 18 months later I wised up, re-homed him, and bought a mule. The rest is pleasant evolving history. So as my birthday comes up in 2 weeks I am thinking back to how it felt to make that life decision to become an equestrienne..

I remember that I Googled around and found the sport of endurance riding, and saw photos of the amazing ranches and wild places that the long distance riders explore on the backs of their animals. I wanted THAT! Yet how far I was from being able to even contemplate such activity. Here I am now, having just completed my very first endurance event, 13 miles in 8 hours riding on a private 40,000 Spanish land grant ranch. Just heavenly! I learned a lot, about my own capabilities and about my mule. He is SUCH an athlete that when almost all the other horses were required at the "pulse and respiration" checks to wait and get their heart rates down he was waved through...... mules pace themselves and have stamina! And me, well I admit that at the 10 mile point I made a vow to learn how to post because trotting alongside Arabians was giving me a really sore behind.

Mostly I am just filled with amazement that I have created a new me, a sport enthusiast who is capable of keeping up with these people who have been fit and physical all their lives...

Comment #15


I just got back from taking my sweet QH to his new home up in CT. What a LONG trailer ride and such a pain. I am exhuaseted both mentally and physically from doing this..

My eating stank royally while driving up there but I was just trying to get up there as fast as I could with having the horse in the back. I was also by myself...

Comment #16

I certainly find traveling tempts me to go off plan, so I take extra bars in the car and lots of bottles of sparkling water..

I stopped at a gas station on my most recent trip towing my mule and there were the chili lime peanuts, on the rack in the mini-mart, singing to me. But when I stop to read the label, that a serving is 30 pieces (and they are half-peanuts) and THAT amount is 140 calories.... I looked at the little bag and KNEW it would be two days worth of Medifast calories just to mindlessly nosh on them as I drove..


And afterwards I'd just have sticky fingertips and regret..

We just have to stay conscious, because it is obvious what unconscious eating does, it is visible everywhere you look...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.