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First off, Have you done the Medifast Diet plan? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' MOVIN IT MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Sorry about the caps...I didn't intentionally shout.

Forgot I left them on for the "Title" post where I meant to shout~~LOL.

OK, falling behind here...need to go lift and jog...TTFN..

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Everyone has inside of them a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be. How much you can love. What you can accomplish. And what your potential is...

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Morning Capt and Jo. Guess Ang hasn't woke up to reality yet-lol..

I'll have to go back and read. I checked in a couple times last night and no one was around, so they must have gotten chatty after my last check in..

Today I will get my azz in gear and get these few pounds off! Water- water- water and exercise-exercise-exercise. And of course healthy eating..

Have a great day everyone...

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Good Morning! I am getting back to reality, slowly but surely, lol..

The whole house is sick so that is about all of the reality check I need....sigh...

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Lauri- hope the sandman finally visited Nevan and you last night..

Darlene- Loved the cake pix. Thoughts and prayers out to Timmy this week..

Sandy- Hope the pieces of music you picked out will work. That would be awesome to be able to play a duet..

Kori- movie review?.

Andrea- Thanks for the soccer mom support. Still feel bad but it needed to be done. Besides she is still training with her team, this was just extra over the winter...

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Oh Ang, hate to here that. Hope you don't get what they have...

Comment #7




That always happens to me. I get on the thread at night and no one there...then as soon as I go to bed the thread starts rolling...Glad it is just not me..LOL.


, get ZIACAM....if you havn't allready. It will prevent you from catching it..

OK, need to pack Pauls lunch, get breakfast ready and wake up the sleepyhead....bbl..

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Thanks Jo!.

Your shouting must have woke me up. lol..

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Good mornin' Miss Lara ~ I hope today is better than Friday. It's got to be, right? You'll do great with the few pounds...

Comment #10


Do you work today?.

What did DH think of the tattoo?.

Oh! You know how the bumper sticker goes...REALITY SUCKS!.

Just keep thinkin' about your time with Lori and you'll start laughing. We'll call this "your happy place"...

Comment #11

I listed my car for sale on Craigslist yesterday. The stingy side of me was thinking, "don't even worry about it, no one will inquire because: 1) it's an SUV and everybody wants to save the planet; and 2) it's too expensive and everybody's broke". However...when it comes to my car (which is awesome) OR my DH (who is also awesome)...and a few visits to Jo's web-site (did you all know she had a web-site?)...the DH wins. Anywho...someone wrote at midnight and wants to test drive it...

Comment #12

Good Morning.


Just got hubby out the door and I have an hour to play...woo-hoo for me..

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Hi... dont have any time to read. headed to an all day training an hour from home. still need to make coffee and pack Medifast food. yikes. love to all and ill be back late tonight..

You know the deal. much love and OP day to all......

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Jo ~ Did you get or did you already have the info. I was passin' along here for the I thought of your kids when I read about it...

Comment #15

Thank you for reminding me. I did see the posts and didn't have time..(whats new) huh??~~LOL I will look this morning..thanks!!!..

Comment #16

I'm going to try it, too. As soon as I get some $$...

Comment #17

That is AWESOME!!! And they have one near me. I am going to use it myself and tell my kids about it...Mostly my son with the 2 baby girls...they could really use it!!.


Comment #18

YAY!!! It sure looked good to me. Andi had great things to say about it and said she and her DH would have done it but it was too much food for them...that's a GREAT sign..

I think the kiddo snack one would be great for Nevan. He is SO picky, it's mostly finger foods which would be great snacks for him..

I also read where it's enough food for a single person to eat for a month...

Comment #19

Jo ~ In case you come back...I'm going to go straighten my hairs..

I will chat with you later..

Have a great day!..

Comment #20

Morning shams,.

Hope this is a good week for everyone. Guys are outside working on our barn this morning. Maybe the door came in. However, it's only about 36 degrees this morning so it's kinda cold. They need to stain the add on part but it's got to warm up for them to do that. It was really nice last weeklet's hope it's warmer this week too.

Did anyone watch The Amazing Race last night? That ice hotel was very cool but no thanks about staying there. Give me luxury with hot tubs, Want to go read last nights posts so bbl...

Comment #21

Good morning Barb ~.

Burrr. It's cold here in the a.m., too. It's been nice in the the 75ish area..

I wouldn't do well in an ice hotel either. Do you find that your knees hurt worse when it's cold out?.

Have a GREAT day!..

Comment #22



36 degrees.


, is your hair straight???.

After I texted each of my kids to call me if thier up...I proceeded to read about the angel food minitry and then remebered my youngest son (no computer) ask me if I could update his account with the Florida assistance by the end of the month so he would continue to recieve his food stamps...I allmost forgot all about that, so another.


If not for the Food mintry site I still would not have remembered. Then when the 4th of November rolled by and he didnt recieve his food money I would have felt terrible..



Sounds like things are going well with you and yours. I am happy for you. Is he attending any meetings...are you?? Just curious and IMHO they help immensley. One day at a time...

Comment #23

Hi Jo and Lauri. No, he hasn't been attending meetings and I haven't gone in years. However, we do continue to discuss it and I tell him how I feel and that I wouldn't be able to take another slip up so hopefully he'll do what's right if he feels those old demons coming on. Lauri, that was a good tip regarding the Angel Ministries site...

Comment #24

Good morning lovelies..

It is a beautiful morning here. My Mom is at her Phoenix home and had a good trip. We are going to see her on Friday. I have piano lessons today and DH plays golf. Hope everyone has a good OP day...

Comment #25

You KNOW I'm going to be OP!.

Have a great day Sand!.

Love ya!..

Comment #26

Hi from work..

It's awful..

I seriously don't know how much more I can take..

Forgot to tell everyone....

With all of the craziness of the weekend with me feeling so lousy and being so geriatric, etc.....


Do you feel like I just went through this less than two weeks ago?.

If so, you're right..

I did..

Good times..

Mad love...

Comment #27

Should I use the picture I posted yesterday morning as my new 2-years-at-goal-swagger-picture?.

Or should I take a better one?..

Comment #28

Both. Can't have too (two) many pictures. Congrats on two years at goal. That is a huge accomplishment...

Comment #29

Lori ~ I thought you looked awesome in that picture!.

Mornin' Andi!..

Comment #30

My Ginger dog is doing OK. We talked to the doc when she had her stitches out and she said in 3 weeks to one month we will know if any further reaction. YAY then we can stop worrying about her and book our winter vacation. she has been really licking the IV spot to a point of being raw so we have that wrapped and she is not happy about it but tough for her. It is that tough love that all of us parents need to do. Ok, off to practice for lesson and do my workout routine.

I am using 5, 8, 10 and 15's now. I got rid of my 12's when cleaning out Denver because I thought I had a pair here. Oh well. One of the guys from our Francophiles said there is a place that will trade weights. That is good because I ended up with two sets of 15's.

They do a French movie and have a chocolate fountain. DH was not interested in going this year. I think he was trying to protect me but I am really OK with these activities. I know what I am doing and bring my sparkling water and have fun with friends and watching people. It truly is interesting to watch what and how people eat.

OK, Sand keep talking to your self. You can do this...

Comment #31

Morning Girls.

I got inspired to dig up some pictures of cakes I've made and scan them in to share with you and my facebook friends. Forgive me if I have some duplicates. I will have 1-2 more posts to share some others, if you can 'stomach' them =).

Note to Capt sexy are workin those jeans! Is that the photo you are asking about? better get a copywrite on that one.

Hugs bbs..

Comment #32

Love the cake photos. You do a great job. Thanks for sharing...

Comment #33

Few more to share..

Hope you are doing well- you & your kids,dogs,cats,DH..laundry day?.

I still have a great Michael Buble story to share, no time right now because it will take is a good one..

Thanks again to everyone and all the great recipes..Andi you really stepped up to the cookbook for me. Sandy- love love love the sparkling h20! My fav trick..

Hugs bbl..

Comment #34

Hi all...bye all.. work sucks but it's almost done!.

BTW, that's Sparky and Lucky in my avitar..

Comment #35

Hi all..


Even though Angela loves to call Kitty Lucky, his name is really Kitty..

Cakes are beautiful. Super talent there..

I'll try and catch up more in a bit...

Comment #36

Darlene- love the cakes. Wish I could do that. Guess if I ever took the time to learn I may be able too..

Jo- Glad you remembered your ds assistance. That would have been bad! I've tried the food ministry once, it's really a good deal..

Lauri- did the guy come test drive the SUV? What kind is it again? Even though you love it, it's only a car and you can get another one when things are in a better place. Hugs coming your way..

Lori- Sorry about Jack, he finally came to visit me too. I'm the opposite of you though he only visits every 5-6 weeks and then only for 2-3 days. Lucky I know- just hoping it always stays that way. Sorry work sucks right now- know the feeling all too well..

Ang- I think work sucks for most of us right now it seems. Are the girls feeling any better? Sure hope so..

AFM- homework _ACK!!! DD has an essay due tomorrow that she evidently didn't know was due tomorrow so she didn't bring it home. She said she had 3 of the 4 paragraphs done. So now, she re-writing the whole thing. And it counts for a grade in 3 classes! so she better do a great job. Co-worker is totally ****** for me hiring someone she did not really want, but I think she'll be great. Everyone say a little prayer that our pool passes it's initial health dept inspection tomorrow as I have a conference there this weekend.

It would not be good. And I have found out that they are probably going to move me office into what is known as the "Inner Hallway of He11." How lovely- that will make work oh so enjoyable- NOT! Oh well what can you do. So instead of worrying about it, I'm gonna go play a mean game of vball tonight. Mad love your way!..

Comment #37

Hope things go ok with the test for DD and the pool. Oh how I miss playing volleyball. I captained a city team for several years (I think it was probably about 15 yrs. ago) and we always seemed to take 1st or 2nd place. I love playing. My dtr.

But she was great at every sport she played (soccer, basketball, track and volleyball). Needless to say I know all about going to games and tournaments but I loved it and missed it when she graduated. Son also played soccer and football so same thing goes there. Hope everyone has a great night and if I'm not back later I'll see ya soon...

Comment #38

You got this Lara! Hope the water and exercise worked out for you today!..

Comment #39

THanks for getting the group started today. Will have to go back and read from last night...

Comment #40

Ang - THat totally sucks. Hope the family feels better!..

Comment #41

Lara - We went and saw Jackazz in 3-D. I grew up watching that show on MTV so I found it completely hilarious. It was mindless gross out fun. Just a word to the wise, definitely don't eat before or right after the movie. Oh and be ready for some full frontal nudity from those crazy boys. They can't seem to keep their pants on!..

Comment #42

LOL. Lauri - How is the plan going so far? I went back and read what it was and I think it is an awesome plan of attack. I think planning is such a key part to being successful on MF. I know you said you have been moving down on the scale since sticking to "the plan". Just wondering how it's going still...

Comment #43

Kind of sucks to sell the car but it will be good for the bank account Fo'Sho'~..

Comment #44

We have done it with our family several times. We did it through a company called Treasure box but it seems like the same idea. They offered "Protein boxes" as one of their options and there was always a bunch of meat that was OP. Chicken, ground turkey, pork loin. We usually bought a couple boxes for our house and a couple boxes for each of my sister's families. It was very convenient and helped stock up the freezer...

Comment #45

Hey Barb!.

36 degrees???? Kinda cold???? It's hella cold fo'sho'!.

How is the MF'n going? Keeping on track? Need any help? Thinking about you my sista friend!..

Comment #46

Holy Moly...slow day here in Shammy town..

I have been telling everyone at work about Angel food ministry...what a good deal for people struggling. Save 1/2 of your grocery money for something else, like bills~~.

What a terrible day at work....

Our computers went down and when it came time to give tables thier all came down to remembering what everyone had....writing a check, using the old fashioned hand slider credit card thingy...After a few hours when the computers came back up we had to manually put everything back in and manually transfer all the credit card numbers, exp date, etc....I made a few mistakes or forgot a few items that I actually served to a few tables and it came out of my tips.

So, I had to stay longer then needed and came home with just enough money to put gas in my car and get something for dinner....broke again. Really s you c k s!!.

Making dinner now and will bbl,..

Comment #47

Glad GInger is doing well. Hope you were able to find a place to switch out the weights. Sounds like you have a great plan for the party. That is totally key...

Comment #48

Darlene - The cakes are beautiful! Such an amazing talent...

Comment #49

Lara - Hope your DD got the essay done. It is amazing how easily kids will "forget" to bring home work. Hope it got done since it counted for so many classes. Sucks about your office being moved. Prayers going out that your pool passes the inspection. Good luck with vball tonight...

Comment #50

Jo - Sounds like work was really crappy. Sorry that you missed some items and they had to come out of your tips...

Comment #51

OK guys - I am done talking to myself now. A little bit of a slow day. Guess Ang and Lori are having a hard time getting back to reality this Monday. I am enjoying my mini-vacation with my BF and leave tomorrow..

Went to the movies last night, saw Jackass in 3-D. It was hilarious. Then today we went to the shooting range and it was pretty fun. BF is pretty good with the shooting, way mo' better than me!.

Need to go and make some peanut butter cookies now. Will check back in later..

Mucho love...

Comment #52

Hi Kori ~.

Sorry to leave you talkin' to yourself. I've been working on the car sale. I think I'm taking her car in part (little part) trade. It's a 1997 Mustang. Mine is a 2004 Lincoln Aviator. We're selling it to her for $14,000 and buying her car for $ we'll pay off our loan on the car and have the rest to pay doctors and other boobs that want money.

Plan is going GREAT!!!.

I'll try to catch up with you all later..

I hope everyone is doing better..

Much love!..

Comment #53

LOL~~ I mis-read your post and thought you stated that you were going to use the money to pay doctors and for some boobs..

Comment #54

Hi all... been a long day for me. gonna catch up..

Comment #55

Glad you are having a good time. you deserve some nice relaxation!..

Comment #56

Hi again all.....

Hey lauri... I like Jo's idea better. LOL. sorry about the car switch, but good ideas too..

Barb... watched amazing race tonight with kids. loved the ice hotel, but from my warm couch in USA. LOL....

Sand... glad your mom arrived safely. I hope you know how awsome you are. you can do this!.

Andi.. hey there.

Lori... glad kitty and sparky are doing well. do they miss ang?.

Ang... hows the health at your house?.

Darlene... great cakes. is timmy ok? I think I missed a post. sorry..

Lara... hang in there. sounds like a lot of stress. hope vball helps..

Anyone ever try to make cookies out the Medifast pancakes? my advice...DONT. too flat and weird tasting. I'm down to the last of my food till later this week. training was ok, just too long. kids were annoying me tonight and I yelled too much. feeling super cranky. gonna go to bed early tonight...

Comment #57

Ugh.. my oldest will not stop arguing with me... I'm tired of being quizzed about geography and bothered about how the school lunch stinks... my give a dam*s busted!..

Comment #58

Did I tell you guys that I'm going to see Sound of Music, the movie-sing-a-long version? Its playing tomm at our big theater in the mall. same place I saw Beauty and Beast. I am really psyched. I'm a huge fan and I plan to sing my heart out. wonder if BF will sit near me?..

Comment #59

Sounds like you are getting a good deal. Getting the loan paid off, getting a car out of the deal and paying off some others..

Glad the plan is going so good! It is really hard to keep going when you are not seeing any results. Can't wait til you are below your ticker weight and can start moving it. I am so proud of you!..

Comment #60

LOL! That's how I read it the first time. Good thing I read it a second time!..

Comment #61

Haven't made cookies out of the Medifast pancakes but I have been making PB cookies out of the cappucino, pudding, and shakes for the past week and they have been amazing!..

Comment #62

Tell you oldest to go to bed and stop bothering you. Momma needs time to relax..

Comment #63

Sounds like fun. I would totally sit next to you! We could sing our hearts out and who cares what everyone else thinks!..

Comment #64

Alright I am back to watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I love Guy Fieri! He makes me laugh! Seems like he would be such a good time. I could just imagine the fun we could have going out for drinks and food. But...could he hang with the Shammies?? I don't know...kind of a toss up...

Comment #65

Hey kori... thanks for the good advice about sending the kid to bed. he watched the football game till half time and then finally went. I used to watch triple D with guy more often. now it makes me kinda hungry. I cnat watch man vs food anymore either.

At lauri's advice, I'm going to try the PB2. is that what goes in your cookies?..

Comment #66

Thanks hon. if only we lived even in the same state.....

Comment #67

Chicken Cordon Bleu.

About 4 Servings.


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts.

8 slices of turkey bacon.

4 wedges Laughing Cow Light Swiss.

Cooking Spray.

1/4 cup Egg Beaters.

4 Tbsp. Parmesan Cheese.

Preparation Method:.

Pound chicken breasts to about 1/3" thick. Place Turkey bacon on breast then 1 LC Wedge. Roll up; securing with a toothpick. Dip each breast-roll into Egg Beaters, then roll in Parmesan cheese and place in baking dish(sprayed with cooking spray). Bake at 350F for 30 to 35 minutes or until browned and tender..

Counts as 1 Lean (depend. on size of chicken breast, may need to use more or less Turkey bacon), 1/2 HF, 1 Condiment per serving.

Copied this from another thread...

Comment #68

I don't have PB2 yet. I ordered some and it should have arrived today at home. I will be making them with it when I get there. Until then, I have just been using regular PB. I have done it a couple different ways:.

1 Medifast Vanilla Shake.

2 T SF Syrup (I have used Vanilla, Chocolate, or English Toffee).

1 T Water.

1 T Peanut Butter or PB2.

Mix well, makes about 6 cookies on PAM sprayed parchment lined cookie sheet. Cook for 15 min at 350 degrees. Makes 6 soft cookies..

I have experimented and did it with a chocolate shake, chocolate pudding, and cappucino in place of the vanilla shake. They all tasted good. For the cappuccino I added 1 t. SF Decaf Suisse Mocha instant coffee mix..


Comment #69

That's a thought! LOL.

If I didn't get to keep my car, then my DH certainly isn't going to get new "toys" either. lol..

Comment #70

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.