Have you ever tried Nutrisystem? Can you tell me about your experience?

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First of all Have you ever tried Nutrisystem? Can you tell me about your experience? Looking forward for any response. Another question... I had been sticking to the program, but found that I was getting too muscle fatigued WAY too early during my work out..

So... I decided it was time to add another protein..

I went with 120 calories of tuna, 12 grams of protein....

Did that for 1 week, didn't feel as fatigued... gained 3 pounds..

I can still see the differences and the fat is definately going away and moving to other parts of my body. I actually can see my spare tire... instead of being uniformly fat all over!.

Miss you guys... hopefully things will settle down soon...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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This comes down to the fundamental reason we are doing this. If your goal is to make it to a number on the scale, then do only cardio and get to the number..

If your goal is to get healthier, look better, and decrease your body fat % then weight training makes sense. You may find your weight loss slows a bit, but you will keep losing inches. You may find that by following your bf% that your estimate of the weight at which you reach your goal was wrong..

We all want to get to A "GOAL" look, feel, energy level. Weight, and bf% (and lean body mass, bmi etc) are all just indirect meaures to help you figure out where you are on the path..

Don't sweat it if you are looking and feeling like you are moving forward...

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Don't fret it acoustic, you'll probably be down 6 next week - those odd fluctuations happen.....

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I agree with Fixbones...It depends on your goal..

My goal when I started was to get to a healthy weight first. I only did Cardio and it worked for me..

My personal feeling is that if you can live with a slower weight loss and you will workout consistently, than that is preferred..

However, most of us are impatient by nature and if we don't see results (and even if we do in some cases), we will stop doing what we know we should do..

I wanted to see the progress, so I stayed away from lifting (plus I hate lifting)..

Do what works for you since there is no correct answer other than to remember your goal is to be at a healthy weight that you can live with for the rest of your life..


Comment #4

Have you checked on multiple scales? I just don't understand this. Also, I see no uptick in your chart...

Comment #5

I have found out that when I lifted heavy that week my weight has gone up two pounds. I decreased my weight in which I lift and my weight loss has been crazy since. Ive lost about a pound a day since I started. I alternate though. One day I do cardio and the next day I interval train with weights. It works for me but all our bodies are different. Im sure it will work out for you man...

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About 3 weeks ago, I started weight training 4-5 times a week at about 45 minutes per session and have added about 150 calories of protein to supplement. I have also started playing 2 hours of basketball on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (This is in addition to a daily walk/jog of 3.5 miles on a local trail, and 1/2 hour on the elliptical 4-5 times per week)..

It seems my weight loss has slowed since I began weight training, but I'm down almost another notch on my belt and my clothes are becoming looser/fitting better..

Personally, I want to maintain the muscle that I have (or even gain some muscle) and lose body fat %. So I don't mind the slower losses on the scale..

I'm more concerned with being healthier and improving my overall appearance. I think it's working because I feel great and I'm getting even more attention from the ladies lately lol.

So yeah, what it comes down to is your preference on how you want to reach your goal. Good luck!..

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I know I can lose or gain reliably based on the amoung of lifting I do, all else being equal. Not going to debate the why's or whatfors of it. Personally, I think it's water retention in the muscles. I had a sudden dramatic loss that I blamed on a MRSA infection, that also coincided with a month away from the weights and significant muscle loss. I've managed to lose while lifting, but at a much slower rate than without. I'm going that route now, intending to get back below 185 in a week or so and also want to look more "cut".

Only 2 more lbs. I hope..

It's a very weird effect and a difficult balencing act for me. For me. For me only. Everyone has thier own theories and belief systems..

Keep on lifting! The effect will equalize at some point and you'll see the scale go down, along with the great changes you're seeing in belt size now..


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