Have you tried Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem?

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My first question is Have you tried Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question....

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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You got that right bigbit! I just posted in the Men's Maintenance thread, just to see if anyone's there. There's a bunch of OT stuff about trolls and such, but not much about what we're really all here for..

I'm a happy guy today. Just dropped some more. After hitting goal this month, I had some serously off-plan excursions and was derailed for a bit. Got back in the saddle and looks like I'll have a 7 or 8 lb loss for the month. Woohoo!!.

Not sure how low I should go, but still see a bit more to get gone..

You're doing great, Bigbit! Keep it up! Just stay on plan as much as you can and you'll get there. Might take a while, you've got a much longer journey than I had, but it's a "sure thing" as long as you keep on keeping on..


Comment #2

Hey Gordon,.

I know what you mean about "excursions". Last week we had our 2 godchildren out from NH, so it was a week of Disney, water parks, alpine slides, and car rides. The worst was Friday night when I went a bit overboard on pizza. Had a 4 lb. gain which I was able to finally eliminate this AM... Back to being a real loser!!!.

You continue to impress me with your success at / near goal.....

Comment #3

I've been lurking a lot, but I haven't been posting as much as I used to. Probably because I have been off Nutrisystem for a while now and I don't feel I should..

But my battles are the same without Nutrisystem as they were when I was on the program. So I still like to come in and support all of you that are on NS, as well as use the boards for my own (much needed) daily support..

Gordon and guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up..

Comment #4

Just wait till they come out next year and don't recognize you. :0.

I had fun with my sister who had not seen me for a year. She was scared to get out of her car when she saw me standing in front of our house. Thought I had a disease or sumpin..


Comment #5

I've had my share of excursions this summer..

So far it's been Amusement Park, Water Park, Wedding, Wedding, Wedding (in Vegas!)..

Comment #6

I suppose many of us are cutting ourselves some summer-time slack. Maybe that's why fewer weight-loss threads. I'm hard on-plan now in anticipation of my 2 week vacation coming up in another week!! If I don't gain 15 lbs, I'll be disappointed with myself..

Just kidding, but I do plan on enjoying some forbidden fruits over that 2 weeks and expect my first ticker up-tick since I started Nutrisystem when I return to the fold here. This upcoming beach vacation was part of my goal-setting time-line and a big motivator from day 1 back in November..

Mule - I can't believe how well you're maintaining w/o NS! That's remarkable. I delayed my next order by 3 weeks, due to flexing and my greatly anticipated 2 week vac, but I know I'll be using the Nutrisystem crutch for a LONG time. I'm committed to remaining under 200 one way or the other. Even if it involves cutting a leg off or something..


Comment #7

Yea, I know what you mean. The economy sux and people are skiddish to invest in NS. Most people think it's too expensive, little do they know it's way cheaper than $10 drive-true lunches followed by a dinner run that cost even more. Thus, less customers = less people posting..

I have found an outlet for my PWS (post ***** syndrome), I started hanging out in the Off-Topic forum. I've found that about 20% of the threads are penis friendly. The other 80% is strictly estrous based..

I view the OT forum like methadone for heroin addicts...

Comment #8

Hey Ya'll..... I have been around, lurking a lot, but have not posted much. I got on a tangent for about a week and became a food *****. I ended up gaining about 2 lbs. I got back on the straight and narrow Nutrisystem road last Monday. started back to my daily run, and have now lost that two lbs back...

Anyway,,,, hope and plan on being around a little more. I still have a long way to go to reach goal, but I WILL get there.......

Comment #9

I quit eating Nutrisystem entrees after about two months. My wife continues to follow the plan to the letter so I have lots of reasons to eat properly. I am always surprised by the idea that people are more willing to drop their diets during the summer than the winter. I guess it's because I'm usually kicking in the running plan for the latest marathon, etc. right when it's getting hottest. I'm a little nervous about cooler weather (back to work - school) but this year I've picked up some extra motivation in that I'll be coaching again - this time boys volleyball.

I also had another team member "blame" me for her 100 lb weight loss in a hateful diatribe but, damn, she sure looked good. My goal now is to not regain the weight so that I have to relose it next summer. One day at a time...

Comment #10

Congrats on your success Willis. I've managed to stay 100% on plan this summer through good planning and sheer will. Im taking a Summer course 5-8 every night which has caused me to pack a few meals and move dinner back but I'm keeping with the program. I noticed your post in the maintenance thread that you lost 5 lbs this week (an awesome achievement) and it got me thinking. I routinely look for people similar in weight, height and age as myself to track their weight loss and see how their averages play out. As a +300 (325 currently) guy I routinely lose 4 to 5 pounds a week without much effort, for exercise I only walk for 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week plus my day to day activity as a 30 year old keeping up with 20 something friends.

It was much easier when I could just lurk and read the w8book trackers. I realize everyone is different and loses at a different rate..

Im also looking into adding some lifting to my current workout (brisk walk) routine because as I get closer to goal I plan on giving P90x a try. A buddy of mine has done P90X twice and it worked wonders for cutting the fat..

Wow I guess I had more on my mind than I thought I did before I started this post. Oh well time to big the weight bench and the curl bar out from storage. Also this question if for everyone who's gotten near the two's, not just directed at Willis...

Comment #11

Way to get back on that horse, cowboy! That's the key. It really does not matter if you fall off. Just get back on it and RIDE..


Comment #12

Cowboy: Big salad. Make it a routine. We need you in this posse..

Dick: That girl was a *****...

Comment #13

Hey Met -.

I think those with over 100 lbs to lose do tend to lose quicker. My loss rate, even when approaching goal was not vastly different than before (excpeting the first month "kicker"). Both highly dependant on my behavior. There were times when it seemed no loss at all was happening and other times it just dropped off. There was enough random variation in rates that I really can't draw a conclusion. It SEEMED to take forerver for the last 10 lbs or so, but that was due to picking up body building, I think.

Looking back objectively, and seeing the slope of my ticker, I really can't say there was a huge difference in my case. YMMV and I'm no expert. Just a LOSER!!.


Comment #14

And you're one hell of a loser Gordon! In case you haven't heard it enough your change is incredible. Just don't start asking the ladies if they want two tickets to the gun show.

I guess it really doesn't matter how fast I lose it as long as I lose it, and the standard 2-3 lbs a week of "healthy weight loss" would certainly get me there. I'm just loving my current average week even though I think it'll be impossible to maintain down the road. Guess just bracing and planning for the inevitable...

Comment #15


I started 12.29 @ 306.5 this morning I weighed 224.5 and my height is 5'10" and I am 47 years old..

My weight loss has slowed the last two months some what. I had lost 60 through May. The last two months I have had a vacation and a golf trip. I was concerned about the summer time and my weight loss. I like to golf and I really like the 19th hole. So to say my weight loss has slowed to 11 pounds for each of the last two months I really count as a victory..

I believe you weight loss will slow as you lose weight do to the simple fact that a smaller body requires less calories than a larger one just to be up and about during the day. Hence your calorie deficit will not be as great and therefore you weight loss will slow..

That is why I am increasing my physical activity as I lose to keep my calorie deficit. Its also why Gordon is going to be sucessful in keeping the weight off because he is working on building muscle. Muscle increases your metabolism..

You are doing great! Keep up the good work!..

Comment #16

I confessed my derailment back in another thread awhile ago, the evidence of which you all can see in my ticker...Happy to say I'm still hanging in there..

I still check this forum regularly, and add my $.02 when I have something to say. It really keeps me motivated..

As an aside, our big TV finally died & we just got done upgrading the DirecTV to HD baby! Just in time for football & Sunday Ticket!.

(My wife swears that I kicked the TV to send it on it's way...)..

Comment #17

From my reading and research 1-2 pounds is a good rate to lose. It's good for you because you're losing mostly fat and not lean muscle. If you do resistance training that will help to preserve your lean muscle mass. It also challenges your weight loss a bit till you get the hang of balancing enough calories to cover your workouts. I lost a bunch at the beginning then slowed to the average. I was able to make the May and June weight loss challenges of 4% so I did alright although, like Gordon, it seemed like I wasn't losing anything..

I am absolutely amazed at the guys who have lost so much weight using this program. My hat is off to you. I feel a little bit like a pretender sometimes when I talk about my success. Keep it up. You'll get there sooner than you think and you're already reaping the benefits of your efforts...

Comment #18

I averaged 1-2% of my current weight per week, when I was actually losing. The less you weight, the smaller the actual pounds come off. I NEVER EXERCISED and thus never added foods. I'm lots more active and noted bigger loses when I moved around more...

Comment #19

Hey Mr Bungle! Congrats on lopping the peak off your ticker! You're back on track now. Keep it goin'!!.

We're ALL gonna end up in the winner's circle before this thing is over..


Comment #20

Seriously! Great work man! The key is not getting lost in the frustrations of mistakes and moving on! You can keep on this great path you're on!..

Comment #21

Bungle: Everyone wants you to win. Eat a big salad.....

Comment #22

Mr. Bungle - you're gonna love NFL in high-def! We've got both the NFL Sunday Ticket Superfan and MLB packages - incredible!..

Comment #23

Kinda off the course, but..... I have finally *****ed enough that my wife has agreed to let me upgrade into the 21st century with our TV. (she could care less about TV) We are going to buy a new HDTV. Does anyone out there have a VISIO tv? I have heard from several people that this is about the best one to buy..... any suggestions?..

Comment #24

VISIO's are decent. They don't have the best color/sound/bells and whistles, but they seem to be relatively solid and I haven't had any issues with mine...

Comment #25

Thanks,,,, My father-in-law bought a new RCA and it broke down the first day he used it, after about 3 hours of watching it. They told him they could repair it but it would take about 2 weeks to get the part in. He traded it for a VISIO and has not had any trouble out of it for about 4 months. He was told by several to buy a VISIO also....

Comment #26

I have a 52" RCA HDTV , it's rear projection so the quality is not the same as the new flat panels but it's fine for my purposes. I am practically stone deaf so I use Closed Captions all the time, even News channels so I have 2 lines of "burnt" in shadows on the screen. Does any one have experience with the various kinds of flat panels and CC? Does it 'burn' into the screen?..

Comment #27

I'm a TV dropout. Just surf the net instead. When Skins are on, go to a bar...

Comment #28

I have used a VISIO for the choir monitor at church for the past 2 years and it's been great..

I have an LG at home and it's also been great...

Comment #29

I am a TV junkie....

I have both a Sony LCD and Samsung Plasma with Dish Network..

Would recommend the Sony over everything out there. I tried a Vizio, but the set I picked up (a few years ago) didn't have the refresh rates fast enough to support watching sports..

Sports in HD is the reason to buy into the technology..


Comment #30

No doubt! The NHL's Winter Classic looked INCREDIBLE in HD!!!..

Comment #31

Congrats on the HD even though your diet could go to hell as it'll be that much harder to leave the house now...

Comment #32

Plasmas will burn in. Fortunately my DirecTV HD DVR has a screen saver that activates if you pause for too long...

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