Have You used Nutrisystem and Nutrisystems and which is most effective and tasty?

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My question is Have You used Nutrisystem and Nutrisystems and which is most effective and tasty? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Here is a place for you to voice your thoughts, make suggestions on other ppl's suggestions or just rant about something related to Nutrisystem that has your boxers in a bunch. No Whining..

I'll Start:.

I think Nutrisystem should reward long time customers with free weeks of food or discounts based on consecutive orders. Example: If you have ordered auto-delivery for 6 months gets you xxx in the form of free weeks or discounts. These free-week/discounts should be awarded again every 6 months..

I can't tell you how many times I have thought about canceling this account and starting another just to get the free weeks. But I also consider such a thing to be dishonest thus here I am, same account for 18 months and no reward for being a loyal honest customer. It may not be right for me to expect a reward for doing the right thing, but I'm only human..

I know the free week thing is incentive to get new customers hooked for at least 3 months, but what then?.

Your thoughts?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

From a business perspective, it makes sense. We're already hooked. Need a loss leader to entice new customers. What gets my goat are the internal screw-ups. Ex 1: Sending me an email for free weeks, only to find that I'd have to cancel my account and re-up as though I were a newbie to get it. You'd think they would at lest.


Who their existing, loyal customers are. Ex 2: NutriBears - Can anything be MORE screwed up than that program?? If they are trying to phase it out - at least let us know and give a drop dead date. We might piss and moan, but at least it would be up front. Ex. 3 Every autoshipment is preceeded by an email congratulating me for STARTING NS. See Ex.

A very modest investment (or maybe a corporate-level overhaul is needed) in their IT would go a long way to keep them from looking like idiots..

Seriously. The program is so EXCELLENT, it hurts to see the administrative screwups and poor coprporate performance. I just bought some NTRI. Not so much because I think it's a wise investment (there is good upside potential, so it's not bad), but just because I really believe in it and am hoping they someday soon figure out how to effectively market it, put their misguided foray into frozen foods behind them, and start really pumping out the profits..

I also wanted to put my money where my mouth is..

I really want Nutrisystem around for the long term, as I think I'm going to need it for a long time yet. I plan to stay on Nutrisystem for the foreseable future, regardless of "goal" status and I don't want it going away..


Comment #2

Guys, I have been eating Nutrisystem food for 14 months but I buy most of it on EBAY. It normally costs me about $1 for B/L/S and about $1.75 for dinners including shipping. It is all Nutrisystem food, normally within date, from folks that quit or drift away and want to recover a few bucks. It can be a really good deal. You don't get a great selection but I like most items so no problem. And it is not like you are cheating NS.

Check it out...

Comment #3

I agree with you Damon! It our business there are volume discounts. The more you buy the less you pay. It would be nice if for every 4 months they gave you the one week free. I know the bonus is the weight loss, but there needs to be a business model on their part that accounts for the consistant customers!..

Comment #4

I started getting 15% off on my 4th consecutive order... Saves me $54.99 off regular priced orders...

Comment #5

I just got a $10 coupon for my next order... two orders ago I got a free week... I had to postpone my last order because with dinners out with the wife and graduation parties and stuff, I had too much food for another delivery....

But guys... I thought we had a man rule about no whining??.

If you didn't get what you paid for - fine... you've got a legitimate complaint... but if you got what you paid for and you're upset that someone somewhere got it for less - whining....

I may not be an umpire, but I have to call them like I see them.....

Comment #6

True. Between the %discounts, 'lock-in' pricing and the Daily Dose a good case could be made that Nutrisystem already provides long time customers with perks too. I guess I'm just greedy..

Gordon: I agree!..

Comment #7

My complaint is that there is NO incentive for a spouse to sign up for NS. I think they should give a discount or some type of incentive for a spouse who wants to go on NS...

Comment #8

Don't get me wrong - i'm not about to turn down any special deals should Nutrisystem offer me one, but still, the best perks for longtime customers -.

- smaller waistline.

- improved health.

- new clothes.

- better "boinking" (ok, so maybe i'm speaking for myself on this one).

- and various other benefits of not being a f@t @ss anymore....

Just sayin'....

Climbing down off my soapbox now and gettin' back to more manly stuff like burpin', fartin' and shamelessly scratchin' myself.....

Comment #9

That's another one! Even looked at from a Nutrisystem business perspective, a strong incentive for couples or for multiples for families shipped to the same address should boost sales. I can hear it now. " But Dear, if you sign up too, we can save $$ and besides, you need to lose, you fatso. Just because I love you..

" That's a win-win in my book..


Comment #10

Win-win until the fryin' pan comes down on your head.....

Comment #11

My wife would really like to get on NS, but we are not sure if we can afford two of us on the plan. She would probably only need about 3 months or maybe 4 and she would be at goal...

Comment #12

That is an excellent point. It would also be a good idea to have a sampler, just one or two weeks worth of food so that people aren't out $300.00. Maybe it could be done in $50 and $100 packs...

Comment #13

This is an excellent list. Professionals know how to get things done and when they don't they get help. I'm wondering why Nutrisystem would jeopardize their good name with these problems that are so easily fixed. Most dieters are not particularly resilient, it seems. So, I would think that Nutrisystem would want to ensure that every aspect of the program was top notch. I firmly believe that logging my food intake is as integral to my success as drinking all of the water (and more).

The cost of the program, then, becomes much easier to accept...

Comment #14

I figured I'd pull up this thread because I'm leaving Nutrisystem over a specific complaint and I didn't want to just drift away on the folks here who have been such a big help..

To try and make a long story short....

I got a box in late March/Early April that I didn't open for a while because I'd drifted from being 100% and I had a backlog of food. Last weekend I decided to open it and get serious again (a delayed box arrived, so I had two to put away.) I started putting the first away without an inventory (a huge "my bad"), so it was mixed in with food I had already..

I discovered that I was missing at least 28 of my breakfasts since I had ordered extra a' la carte ones to total up to two months because of the backlog and the fact I used breakfasts everyday, even if I ate off plan other meals. I know it was 28 because when I was done I had zero of two items (15 and 13 of each). There were also some random things listed as "free" that I didn't order, 4 breakfasts of types I never eat and couple dinners...very random..

But, now I really have no idea what else was missing beyond the $100 worth of breakfasts that I really needed to get back on plan properly. I called Nutrisystem right away and customer service was closed, but the fellow I spoke to said he thought they'd be able to help me by replacing the food..

I called back on Monday and was basically told I'd waited too long and they would do nothing. I spoke with a supervisor who once again told me that he thought they could help me out on the specific 28 breakfasts but he needed approval that he'd have to get the next day..

I gave him my cell phone to call me directly. Instead he called my home number and left a message they "didn't approve it because it was past 30 days"...they would offer me a $50 credit on another a' la carte order, which honestly I don't feel is a fair resolution..

It was my bad for not opening the box for 60 days, but how screwed up do you have to be to miss 28 items in one order?.

So, I have a couple months worth of dinners, lunches, a month of breakfasts from the 2nd box and a month of snacks. I'll augment with things from the market and just get on with my life..

It's just a sorry way to exit a program that really helped me and that I previously have recommended to anyone who asked how I'd lost the weight. So, I guess I'm just disappointed, but I feel ripped off for at least $100 and can't get past that..

So many of you here have helped and inspired me, this board was really the most helpful part of the program. The advice and examples that many of you set for me were a lot of what kept me going in the early months..

I can't name you all individually; but thank you..


Comment #15

Okay, a couple of things come to mind here. One, you've admitted your part of this issue. Many retail establishments have similar replacement policies and I would imagine anything that you have shipped to you must be inspected and reported as quickly as is reasonable. I think the offer of $50 credit is splitting the difference with you and I believe that's fair - the credit part is problematic if you don't plan to order anymore food, however..

I get that it's frustrating to get random items in your order. This doesn't help to convince you that the shippers are competent at all. In the end, we all pay for this type of ineptitude..

Third, the runaround on the phone is annoying all by itself. Again, quick resolution may have made this an okay deal but when you throw the irritation of being passed around several times, the offer is diminished - not good customer service..

Fourth, and, I think, most importantly - this program is not about the food anyway. Sure, you pay for it but it's eating properly that makes you lose weight and you can do that eating stuff that you buy at the grocery store. The other parts of this program that seem to be effective include this group support set up. That isn't something you're paying for. You can log in here without buying the food. Since you've said that you appreciate the support you get here, keep coming here and getting the support.

BTW, congrats on the success you've had to date. Keep going!..

Comment #16

I just read somewhere yesterday there is a discount for the spouse, but they have to sign up within a month of you doing it...

Comment #17

My wife and I signed up together and they gave us the buddy bucks discount at that time. It's a one time shot, though...

Comment #18

Hey BigJT!.

I understand your frustration. I also understand NS's position. The good news is that now that you've cancelled, you can get some of the GREAT deals they offer newbies when you sign back up!! Gotta look on the bright side!.

Don't use this massively frustrationg experience as an excuse to toss your plan, man. Find some good NS-friendly Bfast sub, eat through your inventory, random as it may be, and go back to autodelivery. You've come SO far! Don't quit. Keep pushing to the GOAL of a NEW YOU!!.


Comment #19

I agree with the comments regarding their IT..

When I signed-up a few days ago, I tried to use a coupon and sign-up for the men's diabetic program. For some reason, the system kept adding some women's program to my order then it rejected the order because I had two plans in the order. it would kick me back a few pages where I would have to re-enter a bunch of information. After a few tries, it accepted my order but only after either the system or I had signed-up for the Men's regular program..

I received my order, the regular program order. I called about sending it back and after I balked about paying shipping, they connected me to a nutritionist who suggested that I keep the box and she was going to send me out the Men's -D program literature. A partial solution but satisfactory anyway. The sign-up was very frustrating. I wonder how many people quit Nutrisystem before they get started..

Also, on the Nutrisystem web site, I could find almost no information on how the program really works with the supplemental food and all. All links lead to the sign-up screens. I had to join the boards and read for a while before I knew what to expect. That could use some help...

Comment #20

Hey Dick and Gordon,.

Thanks for the input and comments..

Rest assured that I'm in no way giving up, and maybe at some point I'll even decide to sign back up..

Without re-hashing, I'm disappointed..

But, going backwards would be self defeating and pointless. I've gone backwards for plenty of other stupid reasons in the last 6, I can do that on my own too....

But, I won't use this as an excuse to let myself down any further..

I have found some good alternatives to augment my meals and I'm still riding the bike and getting lots more exercise. I stood four hours last night at concert, which a year ago would have been impossible. Tonight I hit the gym and found that I've dropped 6 pounds in the past 20 days of on site work and non-gym exercise like the bike. (The gym is my "official" weight place, so it only counts when I see it there on the scale.).

So, as always...I appreciate the good thoughts and support here and I won't stop dropping by, even if I'm not on the Nutrisystem plan..

My goal is still 250 by May of next year..

My reward will be a month of backpacking Europe with a Eurail pass, capped by a trip to Glastonbury for the festival there....

Hey, if you have to turn 50 sometime...why not march at it instead of shying away for accepting it.....

No black balloons for my party next year..

Thanks guys!.


Comment #21

Great post, JT!!!! Terrific attitude, Man! With that 'tude, You'll Make It!! Congrats on the last 6 lbs. I think that's the best - when your engergy and activity levels rachet up so your bod stays in line just by living the life..


Comment #22

Oh - wanted to say that I think Nutrisystem is hearing us. I just did my latest auto-order adjustements and the web interface on that is much better than it was. It also shows a complete invoice/shipping label when done. The AMAZING thing is that it shows my 80lb. bear on it!! If it actually makes it into my BBB, I'll be amazed and thrilled! I'm rooting for NS. Go Team!.


Comment #23

I got my "real" Nutrisystem order in yesterday, after getting some one elses last week. I was surprised, they actually took the time to pack it this time so everthing did not get scattered and thrown all over the box and bashed and bent up. Everything was in perfect shape this time, except the chocolate, of course which was liquified from the heat.........

Comment #24

I really like the new tray packing style. Better than a whole lot of little boxes inside the BBB. I use the trays as under the bed storage drawers. Very cool if you're a pack rat like me..

Oh, when I got my BBB last week, I had added a couple packs of Nutrichocs to go with my pound cakes, chips and puffs. They arrived in perfect shape, no melting..

I would like to suggest that Nutrisystem IT fix the postpone feature on-line. As it stands now you can only postpone 2 times on-line. After that you have to call. Or fix it where I can permanently set-up my shipping date on the 1st of each month. I have however found it goes a lot quicker if I use the on-line Counselor chat thing..

Now back to MJTV...

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