Help me! please help me! Is 123 reg and Basic Fusion, Inc connected?

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Quick question... Help me! please help me! Is 123 reg and Basic Fusion, Inc connected? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question of mine... Hi,.

I registered 11 .gd Domains with AdamsNames (.


). I found a Buyer at Sedo for one of my .gd HostGator 2 week ago and the buyer has send payment to Sedo. But I could not transfer the HostGator out of AdamsNames.

I could not find where is the Autho code (There has no a full-manage HostGator control panel infact ). I go through the site.


Carefully but don't find any contact telphone.. Then I send a mail to their customer support at.


For the resend mails..


Anybody has expirence on transfer a HostGator out of them? Or any contact tel Number available..?.

Need you kindly help!.

Thanks in advance..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

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Thanks Fonz,.

I think you are right, and I lost my investment because of no response from AdamsNames..

Any way, is it possible to make a report to ICAAN for this kind of issues?..

Comment #2

You cannot transfer out..

Even if you transfer to another registrar, they will still have to use the same interface.

Try it.. if you find a .GD registered at some other registrar, it will simply say the registrar's name in the whois...

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You can try complaining here, although I don't know if this applies to .gd domains:.


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You can't transfer a .gd HostGator to another registrar, but you can of course transfer the HostGator to another registrant..

Use the following link to change all whois details:.


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Thanks for your kindly information, but this could not resolve my problem. I have 11 .gd domains there, which under one customer ID, and ONLY one Password..

If I share the password with my buyer, I may lost my control of other 10 domains (The buyer only buy one of my 11 .gds). If I don't share the password with buyer, he need to contact me everytime in future for any update and renew..

Neither of these works.

I think I was SCAMMED. That is the money paid for learning..

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Couldn't you create another new account with them, push the 1 name only to that account, then the buyer can have control only of that name?..

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They don't have a PUSH function either.

What you can do is Edit Whois / DNS only..

I didn't notice that they even don't have a contact Tel No on their website. I am stupid to register the domains with a company doesn't serious in business.

Thanks Fonz, but the link.


Doesn't load for me..

Comment #8

Did you try contacting them thru the Who Is info for

Person: Sean Jackson.

Organization: Adams Names.

Email: joker...

I looked up that Who Is and it matches the Who Is info above..


Comment #9

My friend you can manually edit the HostGator to new whois details. Then, change the email to the buyers. Then they can retrieve the password themselves. Trust me, I have transfered a .gd HostGator already. BTW, what name sold..

Comment #10

No, you are thinking about this link:.


That one will edit the information in your handle, and your handle is most likely connected to all your .gd domains. You want to create a new handle and connect the new handle to the HostGator you are about to transfer to another registrant. You can do so by following the last link I gave you..

Listen to Damitssam, he knows ccTlds!..

Comment #11

Thanks tricolorro, damitssam, central ,.

Thanks the warmly help from all of you !!.

I will inform Sedo what Damitssam suggested (I think this would work. I didn't think about this way early.

). Hope Sedo would pass this to the buyer and make business possible..

BTW, the sold HostGator is

Thanks again and good luck to all of you!..

Comment #12

This same (or similar) situation has occurred for me..

I am selling a .TC HostGator at sedo and the auction is over..

It is reg'd at AdamsNames and I can't find out how to push to the eNom account of sedo..

What did everyone here decide to do in the case?.

Thanks, and PLEASE help asap this is urgent..

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I doubt that you can PUSH from AdamsNames to Enom, but could you just change the Whois and Admin Email on AdamNames to change the owner? (As same I did for .gd, that works.


Good luck!..

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