Help me to edit my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file on a iPage dedicated server?

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Got a quick question: Help me to edit my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file on a iPage dedicated server? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I'm trying to enable UPS Shipment from Canada. However, I get the following error message when I checkout..

An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations..

Unsupported country specified.

If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact the store /img/avatar5.jpg.

How do I get UPS support for Canada?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I've got the latest UPS module installed according to the instructions that came in the .zip file:.

I'm reading on the UPSChoice.txt docs that I can get error messages emailed to me by:.

Well - there's only 261 lines in the ups.php file :?.

I've got my address and Canadian postal code, Country code and all that jazz in there as I would expect them to be, and have selected only STD shipping in the UPS module admin area..

Anyone know how to get that email thing set up, or even where that info is? If anyone DOES have Canadian UPS settings working - what did you do that's different?..

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I'm experiencing the same problem(s)..

I upgraded to the most recent UPS module (1.7) but I still get unsupported country code.

It would appear the online quote-grabber doesn't do origin from Canada.. but if I go to their iPage website I can get quotes from canada no problem.

If I set my stores country to US and postal code to a zip code of anywhere in the USA I get price quotes right off the dinger....

Anybody have any more ideas?..

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I'm having a similar problem, same version. ups choice 1.7.

This is some of the info I was checking at ups's iPage website (typed in ups canada on google).


A demo online store built by ups.


And this one has info on web tools for Canada.

Here's the standard error I'm getting.

We are unable to obtain a rate quote for UPS shipping..

Please contact the store if no other alternative is shown..

My zone is set to Canada. Standard and ground shipping are enabled..

I changed the e-mail address in the code to one of mine, and the error isn't sending me any e-mails at all..

If anyone has more info on the ups web tools let me know. I haven't signed up for ups so I haven't seen what the web tools are that they say they offer through the Canada ups link..


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I just tried signing up for a 3rd party developers liscence through ups.....

What a waste of time.. huge, massive form... why would they require so much info to screen you? more customers = more business, make it easier for developers to get your tools, and you'll have more customer, and more business.... duh.

Unless there's some money grab behind it all.

In the canada link I sent in the last post, the menu has an option to 'get online tools' don't bother unless you want to waste 20 minutes filling out junk...

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I dont know much about xml ( I always said I would but didnt ... I guess it's time to start now.

) bu I got the dev. pack that ups provides... it doesnt seem to look really complicated (maybe try to do some patch work) but ill give it a shot..

Didnt I see a contrib about ups tracking in xml? did anyone tried to contact whoever made it? i'm sure he could get something done about it.....

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Found something else that might speed up the process....


Now we just need to integrate it in osc..

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Hmm, I appreciate the link, that's some concise little code, but here's the same problem this whole thread is about.

111210:The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations..

I tried to calculate shipping from a postal code in canada, to another postal code in the same town and this was the error returned..

However, when the ups vs canada issue is resolved that code might be useful. (there was a vague comment in the code too about it being for us origin products)..

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Looks like you are right.. I thought I tested it to see if it would ship from Canada TO Canada but I guess I didnt... i've sent a email to the tech support at ups.. i'm waiting for an answer now...

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Yeah, I'm still waiting for ups's response on their wonderful "web tools" :roll:.

I think you'd see the same reesult shipping from canada to anywhere.

Ah, I stand corrected.

Just tried from canada to the us from v2c2p7 to 90210 (the only us postal code I would know from memory.... no I'm not a fan).

It produced these results.

UPS Worldwide Express $52.17 $0.00 $52.17.

UPS Worldwide Expedited $39.68 $0.00 $39.68.

UPS Worldwide Express Plus $102.51 $0.00 $102.51.

UPS Standard $18.11 $0.00 $18.11.

UPS 3 Day Select $37.69 $0.00 $37.69.

Does that sound right for shipping a 3 pound package from British Columbia to Beverly Hills?..

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Any suggestions on using this mod for doing shipping from canada .....I 've tried the UPS mod and still no go for me....any suggestions?..

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Nothing yet... I need to finish something else before I try to make this work. so until then i'm using fixed prices for ca/us & worldwide .....

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Time to ressurect this thread,.

I'm back with another project, and finding still similar problems with the latest cvs of oscommerce, and the newest ups module. (problem being, calculating rates - originating within canada).

I have not found any definitive answers at this time. (in the forums).

Also, even the canada post (with dimensions) module, is giving me an xml parsing error... no idea why. No more details than that, so it's a little tricky to try to trace where the bug is coming from..

Any thoughts? Has anyone else found their way out of this mess? From within canada?..

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In each version of UPS Choice that I posted, the instructions noted that it (and the standard install) used an obsolete interface for UPS rate quotes..

Now, there is a contribution that really works and I emphatically recommend it:.


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Has anyone resolved this issue. I am still not sure what to do, should I use something other thatn ups???.

Does that contribuation work? If so I will install it..

Please let meknow, I am putting my client off, as this is my last issue.

Thanks alot!!!!..

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Hey, hope you're not too far behind waiting for answers..

I think I'm in the process of resolving everything, having read through the previously mentioned ups module (I think that's the one I'm using) and reading about the developer and access keys you need..

So, most likely, what you need to do is contact your client, and either get them to get the developer and access keys from ups's website, or ... get their login and pass for (click on business solutions, then business technology, then ups online tools, then click 'click to learn more about online tools').

Then login and read carefully, click on get key (should be access or developer key) but make sure you select your country first if you're not shipping from within the united states. (that was my latest problem).

That key will be emailed to you, and once you've received it, you still need to continue on, and input that key into a form, to get the second key. Only once you have both keys will the module work properly, since the ups side of the module wants to verify that you're an actual customer of theirs using their iPage site for shipping quotes. (so your client MUST have an account with ups, and if they don't, they need to get one asap).

I hope this information helps people for many months to come..



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There is a better way to get the ups working from canada. I had the same problem as you and had tried many suggestions. This one works.


This is the link location...

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I think that's the module I'm using, and was referring to. Note on the contributions page it says you require an access key. That's what my last post was about, that you or your client need a membership with ups, and through that, you need a developers key for the online tools, and in order to get the access key, you need to input your developers key into a form..

I'm almost there... I'll post when I know how this all pans out...

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