Help! Need to cancel domain name I just bought on 123

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My question is Help! Need to cancel domain name I just bought on 123 Looking forward for any answer or 2. My other question... Anyone know this clown? Sold a HostGator to another NP member and both of us been sending him countless emails about finalizing a sale of a domain. He will not respond and the HostGator sold May 16th..

Anyone have a phone number for sedo?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I must say that I will also not be pleased if the sale transaction takes that long...

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Erich Mueller?.

Wouldn't be the first time:.




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Dont even get me started on this guy! took 6 months to do a .eu transfer for a name I sold with this muppet!..

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I hope you still send the letter to management, this guy needs to go...

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Wow, this clown certainly has a bad reputation. I will forward this link to management. I am also considering moving all my domains out of sedo "again" All the money they make and all the issues they have with millions of domains parked, you'd think their customer support would be available on weekends. Or atleast have someone with a half a brain to help transfer domains and make payments to sellers in a timely manner...

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I sold a HostGator on Sedo. Buyer paid immediately. Then they requested the AUTH code. I sent it the next day. A month and several emails later I still hadn't received a transfer request. Though when I informed them that I was canceling the sale, I surprisingly received a transfer request the next day.

VERY VERY poor service overall from my experience. Deadbeat buyers and crap service, what a combo..

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LOL, was just checking out your screen name and avatar. I have

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Maybe just send a nice little email to management.

Sedo: We have a problem!.

With a link to all the threads here and maybe they'll figure it out!..

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In case no one knows, sedo is 41% owned by the antichrist,.

, so is it really any wonder that their customer service sucks?..

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It is interesting that those support people use their names in the emails. Most other.

Business support use some representive number, while the Indian outsource support.

Use some made up names...

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I had 2 .De sales the last month. He sent me an email that I should tansfer the name to start the escrow. I did it immediately. Till date both transactions haven't finished and in my HostGator list at Sedo, it shows those names still "Not Available For Sale"..

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Maybe 41% of their customer service sucks.

Hehe, I did pick up for a HostGator blog. I had also been considering, but decided to pass..

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Ermm... sorry to hear about such issues and delay. Hope it get solved soon..

However, In my opinion, Eric is among the BEST SEDO REP !!!!.

This guy has helped me out since day 1. He replies my emails within 48 hours..

Twice the real sedo rep (Oliver) was on vacation. Thus I emailed Eric to take over and complete up the transaction, and it was done in 48 hours..

Another time I tried adding 2 domains to park at Sedo, but somehow it failed because the previous owner did not remove it. So again, I asked Eric to help me solve this problem. and within 48 hours it's solved..

So as for me, I guess Eric is a great rep...

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I've had nothing but BAD experiences with Erich Mueller in more than one transaction. I'm getting tired of SEDO and some of their reps...

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Its a joke I tell you, how many times do I need to email them .....

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At least you dont have Tamara.... although erich is getting close to the incompetance of tamara...

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Maybe it's time for Sedo to fire their incompetent staff & get new ones that can do the job..

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Remember my other thread about this same sale, they were charging me the minimum commission of $50.00 when the HostGator mentioned in this thread was parked at sedo? It sold for $80.00 which should leave me with $72.00 "Only 10% charge for names parked at sedo" Policy. Well, I was promised.

"Don't worry, I assure you Robert you will only be charged the 10%".



Well, I just got paid check it out.. LLC just sent you money with PayPal.. LLC is a Verified buyer..

Payment Details.

Amount: $30.00 USD.

Transaction ID:.

Subject: EscrowJune05a.

Custom Note: Sale of your HostGator

It's just one disappointment after another with sedo. Now I really am considering parking all my names at moniker or afternic..

Sedo, sorry but.

You suck.


Hello Robert,.

Thank you for your email. There must have been a mistake made here, as the HostGator is parked with Sedo. I shall forward this issue to our accounting department and ensure that you are charged a flat 10% rate..

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me..


Erich Mueller.

Key Accounts Manager/Transfer Consultant______________.



Ubject: RE: Erich, Sedo's policy is "No minimum fee if the HostGator is parked with Sedo; only the flat 10% rate applies. Why is sedo claiming they are getting the minimum fee of $50.00 off this sale and I am only getting $30.00? Please explain as my HostGator is "parked" at sedo. Thank you,Robert..............

Hello Robert, Thank you for your email. I have contacted our accounting department and they have assured me that you will be charged a flat 10% commission. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me..

Best, Erich MuellerKey Accounts Manager/Transfer Consultant..

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....I think his mother is going to be rather unhappy when she reads all of this!..

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Baha, to funny... that made reading this thread worth while...

Btw yes he should be shit canned...

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Ekal already posted my thread where I told my horror story with Erich. In Erich's defense, once I called him out, things improved and my next transaction with him went much better...

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I have said in other posts that I pointed most of my domains to parkingpanel after the poor service at sedo. E had screwed up the last 4 sales (took to long I assumed and buyer left) and the 5th I sold a .ca for $100 to get rid of it and was charged $90 for sedo to do the transaction. I complained but didn't hear anything..

My info's are still in their "top domains" but pointed elsewhere and I have just received an offer for one of them but I am afraid to accept or send to auction. I wish we could just deal directly with the buyer..

Oh well, sedo sucks, what else can I say.....

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Sounds like I've been lucky to avoid dealing with this guy so far. As a buyer they've been pretty good but I'm sick of trying to sell anything on Sedo - my last two transactions have fallen through or at least I think they have.. It's now been weeks since the names "sold" but every time I chase it up (they never bother to contact me) I get told that they are doing their best to communicate with the buyer etc.. What a waste of time....

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Someone else took over my sale today (Erich got booted I guess) and sedo made good on my other $42.00 they owed me..

If I ever get Erich again I will call sedo asap and ask for another rep. I do not want to deal with him ever again...

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Off topic for a moment...How come so much for a .ca?..

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I just had a great experience working with Erich Mueller at Sedo..

I sold to another board member and everything was completed by all parties within 2-3 weeks. I just cashed my Sedo check for the HostGator today..

Thumbs UP here!.


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Really happy that i've never done a transaction through sedo...

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