Help uploading files to my website 123 reg as host?

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My 1st question is: Help uploading files to my website 123 reg as host? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... There is a transaction and I'm the buyer. Everything is fine so far. I paid. Escrow approwed payment.

The buyer emailed me with my real name saying he will do the transfer soon. How did he know my real name? I have never told him my real name..

He could have just opened a new account himself with my name and push the name to that fake account. He already knows my email address..

Is it normal on escrow transaction that escrow tells the seller buyers real name? I'm not very comfortable with this...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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You have to say that you have received the domain. Without you confirming that, you have nothing to worry about...

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You will need to confirm you received the HostGator from your escrow account before the seller is paid, the HostGator you are buying and your payment is currently tracked and associated with your escrow account so even if the seller made a new account with your information that would not remove the HostGator and payment tracking from your account and place it into the new bogus account, I have never had a problem with and transactions usually complete in 2-4 days, can't resist this one, sorry....

1-8 weeks for a closed deal?..

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The name is held in "escrow" so he could not do what you worry about..

He cannot open an account under your name and push the name to himself because you have paid Escrow to provide the "escrow service, thus you name cannot be stolen as it is "held in escrow" until the payment precedure clears..

The process is brilliant as the secure transaction is that you only can have the one name in escrow at a time and so how can anyone still names if a buyer has to pay for the escrow service?..

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If you guys ever get stuck with Escrow, we have a kind of reverse escrow system at that were looking to expand once weve released our new platform...

Lots of members here at namepros have used our reverse escrow, it's way quicker than regular escrow and remarkably safe...

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From all the talk i've seen from members here and elsewhere I assume that is the best escrow service available...

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Can you explain how that works or what reverse escrow is?..

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Yeh ive done a few transactions with them and they've all gone well. I suppose to prove that you are really not in possession of the HostGator name you could get the registrar involved etc...

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I also just closed a mid $X,XXX deal on escrow..

Just to confirm, they do not actually hold the HostGator name in escrow..

I was the buyer, so I put the funds into escrow and escrow confirmed with the seller that the funds were there..

The seller then transferred the name to me (this one was through netsol) and once I confirmed it was in my netsol account then I approved the escrow transaction and they released the funds to the seller. if you do not confirm that you got the name, escrow will not give your funds away..

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I've successfully and easily completed all 7 transactions that I've done at, both buying and selling, with a grand total of funds exchanged reaching just under $15,000..

I'd recommend them 100%...

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The Buyer could also receive transfer of the HostGator and populate the Who Is.

With the Seller's info. Then the Buyer can claim the HostGator was not transferred..

This scenario actually happened with a transaction at

The Seller claimed was not being helpful..

I do not know how it played out..


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