Help with 123 reg web hosting. How do I get rid of the banner?

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First off, Help with 123 reg web hosting. How do I get rid of the banner? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... I recently decided to auction off some .PRO domains. It's difficult to assess valuations for .PRO, and there is precious little liquidity in the market for .PRO. I think these 2 things can change with some regular auctions.

Results so far?.

First I put up.

And it sold for $40 and attracted 3 bidders..

Then I put up.

And it was DOA..

My conclusion after 2 ventures is that quality must be paramount. These .PRO are not domains to buy and flip, and renewals are not cheap. Therefore to develop a robust aftermarket community may require greasing the wheels a bit..

Is not a bad HostGator after all, but it's not top notch and did not get a single bid..

I've decided to auction off a HostGator I really like:.


Let's see what happens.....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Thanks for some quick feedback guys!.

No showbiz I'm not expecting much at all. $50 for is not exactly profiteering. Many of my domains have been sitting on sedo with.


Higher prices on them. This are just to get things moving - I want to see some sales. We got that huge lift after mjs sold his killer video domains and since then what?.

And yes RyuKenLi liquidity is what I'm after here. I'm convinced it is possible to flip these domains. Where there are speculators and investors there will be end users. Some of the investors like me hang on to some of the domains because I just truly believe in them. And some of the folks will manage to find end users to sell to at serious prices...

Comment #2

Nice work bocanames getting things going with the dotpro resale market. Better to sell them and have the developed than to sit on them for too long. I have been having some success with my developed dotpros in google and with selling text link ads. Check out my dotpro blog at.


For news and developed site announcements. I may add the ability to list names on there for sale when I have a chance...

Comment #3

Such sales may sound encouraging but actually they are like volcanoes erupting: you don't know when they will occur, how big they will be and how long they will last for..

I think .pro domains should be developed. It does not make sense sitting on them for years IMO. The renewal fees are not cheap either so develop the names and start making money with them now....

I also think .pro will remain a contender TLD, they are not liquid and very risky as an investment if it's for resale. There is little consumer awareness about .pro, at least with .com you don't need a lot of sales speech about the TLD: if you must own only one ext. it should be .com...

Comment #4

To me that's like saying if you can only have one type of property, let it be in Manhattan. I mean it makes sense at one level but I think it oversimplifies things to a point where it's not really true. The fact is that even a semi-decent property in Manhattan (or name in the the dotcom TLD) is very expensive, prohibitively so for most. Sure you might find a gem apartment in an up and coming part of Harlem, but it's a pretty big challenge to do so these days. At 8 bucks a reg it doesn't take much for someone to squat on a name and that's why even the junk names in the dotcom world have already been reg'd. I think that at this point people who take intelligent risks with new TLDs will see the biggest gains in the HostGator world in the coming years. dotTV is a great example of this IMHO...

Comment #5

Kate I think everyone involved with .PRO understands that the same generic term in .com is much more valuable. I cannot afford to buy.


Or frankly.


Strong generic dictionary term in .com. And I think .coms are more fairly valued at this point, therefore representing more limited upside as well as downside. That is to say I consider the risk in .PRO to be my friend; these domains would not be available to register if not for the perceived risk..

And yes I'm a developer. But I will not pursue a strategy of putting up adsense or quick-n-dirty mini-sites with these. They.




Real websites. The liquidity issue, on the other hand is something I think we can definitely change..

And by the way dotprofan, your.

Site is terrific. I've tried the links, I've explored sites I did not know about, and I return periodically to see if there's something new...

Comment #6


Your points are well taken and your commitment to .Pro is inspiring. And I too am impressed with Motion.proThanks...

Comment #7

YELLOWPAGES.PRO for professional businesses. That brand, will become a Tier one brand for our company...

Comment #8

I think your logic is flawed here. Speculation implies investing in untested "things" in the hopes that there will eventually be a demand for those "things"..

There are no guarantees that that will happen, so you really shouldn't get into speculation under the assumption that there "will be" anything..

Personally I haven't heard much about the .pro aside from some nasty restrictions. I know people have ways of traversing them, but still, any extension with restrictions will make it that much harder to be widely used...

Comment #9

That sounds like a terrific HostGator to build a business with.

If it were me, my strategy would rely heavily upon using paid subscription revenues to fund marketing campaigns.PRO requires marketing..

And slipxaway thanks for articulating the majority viewpoint for us yet again. You're right about there not.


Being end users coming. It's still mostly a matter of belief at this point, rather than fact. Sometimes small groups of people with a bit of vision go out and create the future. This guy with the.

Scheme may make millions next year! Your point would still be correct, just irrelevant...

Comment #10

It wouldn't be irrelevant as you can't base the success of an entire extension on that of a single developed site. I wasn't trying to dampen your hopes or anything, just stating that there are no guarantees of any kind when it comes to speculation, thats what makes it so risky, and sometimes extremely rewarding..

I wish everyone the best of luck. I personally have no opinions on .pro one way or another, I was merely commenting on how I see the extension presently. It may have a lot of potential, but it seems to have some inherit hurdles it'll need to overcome...

Comment #11

Results are in:.

Attracted one bidder and sold for $50 (opening price) You guys must be in a collective coma or something....

I've decided not to do a dutch auction as I had planned, it would just be tantamount to a charity donation at this point. Maybe a small group of domains selling together as a group?..

Comment #12

This guy.

Is at it again!.

Let the craziness continue, see auction details here:.


Comment #13

I still have a good feeling about .pro.

I really believe once the end user starts hearing about it and the names they can get (compared to the same name in the .com) people will come..


(Semi developed) would be perfect for any kinds of parts..

And then looks better and better as gas prices go up..

Still to just sounds...Professional!..

Comment #14

I picked up on the aftermarket the other day, I think it'll be particularly relevant with the 2008 Olympics approaching...

Comment #15

Some nice names there folks -.

Doesn't really have anything there, but that must be.

The ultimate.

Domain for finding parts. Who could not remember that (brand/domain) name? I think you have to say only could beat it, and then only because of the type-in traffic..

And dotprofan Beijing is certainly gonna be in the spotlight more and more as the Olympics approach - hard to go wrong there IMHO...

Comment #16

I'm thinking intent, rather than extension..

If I'm looking for an Indian Professional, what better than Indian.Pro - and I'll stand that up against the .com or even the .in for that matter...

Comment #17

This is another also-ran TLD. I don't think it'll ever amount to much...

Comment #18

Hard to debate when you give no reasoning to to support your assertion...

Comment #19

DotProFan: I can't seem to quickly locate the topic you and I were having a chat about .pro and it's worth. My main point was .pro becoming unrestricted wouldn't be in everyone's 'professional' interest - but maybe this is ok in the end....

After we chatted the other day in here... I thought more about it all.... and .info and .org etc they were once restricted too..

As far as value - I was pretty neutral about .pro's (no real opinion). I now think a bit differently.... reading and reading and reading... I'm thinking this extension has a great deal of potential. Thanks for stimulating my thoughts in this direction...

Comment #20

Since anyone can buy a .pro HostGator name through encirca then there is no guarantee that when you type in a .pro 123 reg website that you would be taken to something professional so that is what will keep the demand and value down. it would most likely just be a parked page owned by another domainer just like all the other extensions. Going to to look for indian professionals wouldnt necessarily be better than the .com since anyone could own it and put anything up on the page. just like how .org doesnt have to be a non profit organization either...

Comment #21

Yes I agree actually - that was my original argument (and still is) - as .pro will be used for anyone and for everything eventually. However... whilst this will will not be (in the end) an avenue for professionals - it is a HostGator that has loads of $ potential. As it is nice and easy to market (as opposed to .org or .info) and it's non-country specific and it has the 'allure' of professional. Granted... type-in traffic will be minimal for now... however search engines will look upon it favourably...

Comment #22

The difference is that at $99/year there will be less parked pages. If you are going to spend that kind of money you generally need to try to develop to make it worth your while IMHO. I honestly plan to either develop myself or sell to someone who will develop all my names..

Also I think that the so-called spirit of dotPro is something that will fade away such as the spirit of dotUS, dotOrg, dotNet and all the rest. It's a gTLD with an extension that sound good and actually has some good keyword names available for registration. That's how I see it...

Comment #23

At least if someone goes to Indian.Pro, he/she will be looking for Indian Professionals (a need we plan to fulfill)..

If he goes to, he could be looking for Indian anything (and there's a whole of of Indian things)...whole different approach. Ditto all other TLDs..

At least with .PRO he/she/it has a higher chance of finding a professional in that 'keyword' as against viz any other tld (including dot in)..

Just my 0.02..

Comment #24

Now is your chance guys. I need money for renewals and I'm selling these:.

Going for $99 see my sales thread:.


Comment #25

Im thinking of either selling my.


OR looking to make it a portal site with mechanic affilates, where someone can log on and type in a repair problem or car related problem and get an answer as well as an estimate from a local mechanic who signs up with the site.....

Those are my plans that I like to see for this domain. Im sure one of the BIG auto parts stores or Dealerships could pull it off...

Comment #26

In case anybody is looking for a good pro domain,.

Is available. I'm not sure about the future of this extension and $99 a year is lot of money, so I'll pass that one..

Does anybody know when pro domains will be available to register at any major registrar?..

Comment #27

No one knows for sure when they will "open up" the .pro extension so that you can register them at any registrar. There are reports that this is the goal of the newly appointed president of Hostway - the company in charge of administering dotpro. It is known that the contract with ICANN is up for renewal soon, though finding out an exact date is rather tricky. I've emailed Hostway a few times about this and haven't heard anything back..

If and when the extension opens up and the registration fee goes down, I think .pro will become very popular...

Comment #28

I would agree with that 100%. dotpro looks good, sounds good, and depending on the keyword, can be very fitting (moreso than even dotcom). Once the regular public knows of it, they will start using the extension to find professionals, or professional services..

With that said, I just bought my first dotpro, and have plans to purchase 2 more (all three will be developed). And speaking of developing, how would I best put to use Gambling? Sports? Social? Rep points given for any ideas. TIA..

Comment #29

Would be cool to list high school stats for sports of those looking to go pro..

Then agents just have to go to and look for their next stars there...

Comment #30

Anybody notice - an ask-powered search engine from Hostway, the parent company of RegistryPro? They don't seem to give higher weighting to .PRO extension as you would expect...

Comment #31

Hah - maybe we can team up and do something in conjunction with my I guess this coincides well with the other .pro "singular vs. plural" thread..

I hadn't noticed this - thanks for pointing it out. Seems kind of a strange site - I wonder if they are just using someone elses engine with a different front-end...

Comment #32

Sooooo, you'reeeee the oneeeee.

Actually I think I saw in your sig after I bought players. PM me if you're serious about teaming up on this particular name...

Comment #33

Nice acquisitions. You guys who buy both the singular and pluiral are bold. I always agonize over which one to get but maybe I'll start going this route..

*scratches another name off my list*..

Comment #34

It really is the time to be bold if you're bullish on .pro..

Personally, I love this extension and if Hostway ever manages to get some major registrars on board, and the pricing is slashed (even by 50%)... I can see this extension exploding. JMHO..

Comment #35

OK here goes again - this time a dutch auction for:.

Price starts at $200 each going down to zero!.



Comment #36

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