Help with GoDaddy site. I just want a blank template?
First off, Help with GoDaddy site. I just want a blank template? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Ok just do everything you have done in the past for the 5.19 trick except this time hit add Dedicated Hosting IP. Then Type in DAVID = $6.19. NP appreciated!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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Why are you guys trying to trick a quality company such as GoDaddy? Just pay the damn fee...

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Yeah why some people love to trick such a popular and reliable company? The reg fee is low enough + GoDaddy's quality customer service and features...

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It shouldn't be surprising if Go Daddy finds these forums and stops the promo.

Code. Remember, it is.


Right to charge as they please..

Don't complain if the promo codes don't work all of a sudden. They have the.

Right to stop those, too...

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That really sucks, oh well, $5.19 was a steal while it lasted...

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I called them and they say who ever cheats on the godaddy they will call and make sure you pay or cancel your reg...

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Is this 6.19 registration considered as a cheat?.

What have you asked them?..

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How is it considered a "cheat" ???.

Thats what I dont understand. I have been using the 5.19 way of regging names for a few months now. Never had a problem, and even had some help with regards to transfering some domains to them..

I dont honestly consider this as a "cheat". Maybe thats just me though..


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That wasn't a cheat - I don't think that Bizzy means that who paid 5.19 now has to pay the difference!..

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GoDaddy's quality customer service < ROFLS at that statement!..

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They told me if you reg HostGator name and get that traffic stats for 1 month and cancel then use the code DAVID to get $1 off is a cheat they will call you and make you pay for 1 yr traffic stats witch comes out to be 20$ so you will have to pay 25$ instead of just normal reg for 6$..

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Are you saying that anyone who used the 5.19 registration in all those days will be charged to pay 20$ for domain?.

Are you SURE?..

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If you like Godaddy just pay the $9 sign up fee and use.

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Bizzy, could you please post the email where GoDaddy support is saying that?..

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I am 100% sure they (Godaddy) know this tactic and have simply ignored it, what rights do they have to ask us to pay for the loopholes they created? If they are so against people "cheating" them, then they should have checked 101% of their systems before releasing it to the public. If they took THIS long to realise their mistake, all I can say is that it gives me even more reason to transfer away my domains..

Btw, are you able to remove that dedicated ip function or no? How?.


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Woah! Nice.

I'll send you NP$ If I'll register any. (I really hate GoDaddy)..

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I'm totally agree with you, Miss Flora..

If what Bizzy said is true, this move will only bring GoDaddy a permanent very bad reputations to every domainer eyes...

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This is bad news. Is it also true that they have stopped accepting PayPal as well?.

Also, I really doubt that they would make you pay for a year of traffic facts...

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First off...Who do think make the code david??? They did and set it in thier database...Second of all...Traffic facts is month by month service...You have the right to cancel at any time....So if they were to try and someone pay a year of traffic facts...They would be in violation....This not a hack..this is thier own doing to make the $5.19 price....

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Bizzy, please explain us why you posted that message...

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I agree, there is no cheat to godaddy, by this ip or the traffic facts was just going along with their special, it's no cheat, it's not scamming godaddy. They are probally going to make people pay more than one month of these cheap services however just because the volume of people only paying one month...

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The rep you talked to is mistaken. Most of us (When the "loophole" first came out) emailed and called customer support, and the general consensus was that it was known and would be discontinued at some point..

I think GoDaddy has done a lot to raise awareness of HostGator names, so I salute them. Their customer service sometimes knows little more than the newbs that stumble accross this board, but sometimes you just have to ask to speak to someone else.


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I'm actually going to have to use godaddy since I want to register two names and don't have enough for namecheap.. does have good customer service, but their push system is so horrible..

I won't use the coupon code. It's already cheap enough...

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I personally think that GoDaddy created the loophole so domainers think they are getting a deal...

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Its not a loop hole, it's thier special. Its not a cheat, it's like if your at a store and your buying an item and there is a special if you buy this other cheap item it will save you money on the item your buying. some of you guys are making this a big deal when it's not...

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These are not loopholes.They are just a way for GD to segment the market..

The min traffic facts payment has been increased to 2.99 and the dedicated webhosting is 4 cents cheaper at 2.95..

Any service can be deleted at any time. Why some get their knickers in a twist beats me, but if they wish to pay $2 extra or so for each registration go ahead be my guest.......

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Found it. Traffic Facts will always be in the last page of your renewals whereby you really have to search thoroughly for "dedicated ip". Try rearranging the services according to "next billing"..


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Well traffic facts is now $2.99 per month and moreover you must purchase at least 3 months..

So go for Dedicated IPs.


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Trick?!! Remember, it's them who have created the loophole in the first place!..

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Because he gets a kick out of seeing you guys panic. He's a funny liar. Relax, y'all!!..

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I am sure you can get it for much cheaper with this type of way..

Thanks for the tip.........

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All it took for them to put an end to this so called loophole was to increase the required length of time for Traffic Facts from one to three months. Hmm, I’ll bet they might have figured that out a few months ago but I wonder if this “Mistake” increased their market share a little...

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The only "loophole" is that this loophole helped them become the No.1 registrar in the world.

(Bye-bye NetSol!)..

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I don't think the "loophole" works anymore. I just tried this and the initial HostGator pricing stays the same at $9.20 with the additional dedicated IP costing an additional $2.50...

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The only thing that seems to work is the "buy1" coupon code ($2 off)..

Not so bad...

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If this coupon actually works I am sure they will remove it from their system...

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Yes, it seems the best you can do is use the buy1 promo code..

Note that you will get a $2 discount on each HostGator you buy, even if you buy more than one at once...

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What am I doing wrong?.

The buy1 promo code doesn't work for one domain-it works only if I will buy another one..

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