Help with goDaddy web hosting. How do I get rid of the banner?
My first question is Help with goDaddy web hosting. How do I get rid of the banner? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Keep this under your hat people but it looks like ive just sold one of those / my free .infos for 5 figures $.......

Escrow have received the funds .... So fingers crossed for me eh....

Details will follow idc..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Great news Ian - good luck, hope it all goes through ok (touches lots of wood)..

Comment #2 or is my guess.

CONGRATS however..and good luck!..

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Gooood luck to you man. hope all goes well..

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Sounds great, Ian. Congratulations!.

Can you tell us how the negotiations went?..

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All the more Reason you all should be thinking about renewing ,not giving them away or Dropping them.

Just because they were free and they are .info doesn't automatically mean not.

Good names amongst them.

I got one just recently here for $50NP with 20 Uniques a Day.

A .com with that traffic would be worth keeping so why not .info's..

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Greetings From Aust. Kimberley.

Yes about .infos.

Plus my (in sig) has had 3000 Uniques since Monday Launch.

PoorDoogie has the .com parked..

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All wrong guys.....

Heres a clue..


But please dont comment on the name in it's actual sense. You know though nasty indexing spiders could jedi me but, no non-disclosures have been mentioned so, hey.......

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Yeah, how dya know that?? but it's pretty safe, he said use a third party appraisal

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Was wondering if Badger and Slaughterbeck are taking on any new apprentices in their marketing and sales depts?..

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Congrats....way to go..

If I get your clue correctly, it'd be a new record for a "pure-number" name in new tlds...

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I'm reading the clues to be that it's a hyphenated, non english name. Awesome, either way...

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Bonjour+info apprs post+link hint= paris-to~rism.

Si a c'est correct, c'est incroiable! J'ai t seulement les problems avec les noms de domaine, l'argent et les franaise..

Badger, from what I've seen of your recent activity here, you definitely have the gift. Congrats and continued good success...

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Im disappointed with 2 extremely senior peers here at NP's, way off base.

But Binfus my friend, you are warm, warmer, hot, very hot...

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Hotter than my recognition of your clue is your own ability to foresee the potential in such a non-traditional name back in 9/04...Again, congrats on your foresight as a domainer.....

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All I can say to that is, that I'm crushed..

But, alas, even the gods have their off days...

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Thanks, but surely thats the game isnt it...? Im currently buying up every decent .tv I can lay my hands on, though along with equity78 I believe though that were still in the minority. But thanks for your kind words. Must be something in the wind at the moment..

Mike, did you say you were.


God? Or.



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Didn't recognize the significance in the name at first glace, but Google has opened my eyes. Much nicer than a hyphenated french word for sure. Congrats again!..

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Your disappointment has done such a number on me that I feel called upon to make some serious enquiries and direct my attentions into this puzzle. Time to get dialed in..

Good freegin reg! At some point in the future, it would be interesting to know what clued you in. Tx for the challenge. Should have known better an done my research first, before putting the cajones out there...

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Congrats Ian. From free to five figures. Now.


A nice sale!..

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Why .tv.

Now that would really break my bank..

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The God? Those gods? My God, no! Even I don't have enough hubris to think that I am.


God or.


God. I can't compete w the likes of Him/them..

No, no, no! I was merely suggesting that the God-like, on rare occasions, have been known to, (very occassionally), err. Please, Badger, don't forget that, despite the omniscience that you see in us and the knowledge that we have imparted unto you, we won't always be there to fullfill your needs and won't always be able to rise up to your expectations of us. After all, we are only human, albeit, God-like..

(psst... -RJ-. Did he say that escrow cleared? Maybe a good time to break out the offerings basket.)..

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2 reasons:.

1. nearly every ad I see on TV nowadays is linked to a .tv domain. Nearly every tv channel has the .tv HostGator as their web address..

2. As the internet and TV gets closer and closer every day, when they become 'one' what extension will be used to stream live tv?? You guessed it!.

Funnily enough, I recently bought a .tv which was the same name as a poker channel here in the UK. I bought it as it was generic enough to not be squatter'esque. The channel shows pictures of live internet games in action and gives commentary on the plays. I developed it and then got a mail from one of their production managers asking "who gave me permission to use their name as it was trademarked". Before I bought the name id already checked this and believed that they hadnt, so I very courtiously replied saying I was confused with what he said. JB (some will know who he is) informed me that despite the confusion I might be in trouble so I was willing to bail on the name.

It was so large, I never even counter offered!.

Must be something in the water at the moment eh??..

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Thanks I can see what you are saying so why was I told only a couple of days ago that my. was reg fee or less..

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Thanks for the funny words Grrilla, I can't stop myself to laugh.

And congrats Badger, I read this news in french of course some times ago and I check if the names were free yet, too late obviously.....

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Congratulations! Could you share you selling technics with us?..

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Thats funny..

But thats what you can expect from an open appraisal. The appraisal forum here has improved vastly but it's still not without it's problems. Ive learnt to take an open appraisal with a pinch of salt, rely upon certain members here whose opinions.


Count and disregard the rest. What you should do with any name is be confident in yourself that what you are buying is worth it. If you are unsure, dont buy. When you become experienced (and I dont mean that in a belittling way) you know what a name is worth, more importantly, you know what price.

It is.

That you will sell at. No appraisal required. If I use the appraisal forum I do so because I'm just interested / intrigued by what other people have to think. More recently I specifically ask people not to value the name, just give me their comments..

Hope that helps..

Ps. Im no expert, just been lucky recently!..

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I noticed the same thing with tv stations in Asia. Even tv stations in Malaysia have registered a .tv domain. I wonder if there are any nice one-word ones left..

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Merci, et c'est rien. Mais, c'est vrai, a, n'est-ce pas? Pas problem. J'aime les franaise, et nous sommes dans, (sur?) le meme cte et, je pense, cette cte, c'est l'autre cte ensemble, non? Haha. (Je m'excuse, mais, c'est un longtemp depuis j'ecrie ou je parle en, franaise.) Bon soir, et bientt...

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Wow! And I guess you might get a similar price for the other two. Awesome!..

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I would say what a wonderful return on investment but the investment was your knowledge, instinct and foresight, not characteristics usually referred to when discussing RIO. You deserve the profits, I only wish you could share some of your negotiating skill with us...

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Well, without sounding brazen Kimberley I have to say that 9/10ths of reason is because I'm too lazy and too busy to do the admin unless it's worth it in the $ stakes..


The other 1/10th is because if I'm make a minimum of $30 or $40 lets say per annum, that too me is an appreciating asset and so when I get offers of $200 less GoDaddy fees $150 you get $50 I either ignore them or counter with $$$$$ and if they go away, they go away and thats fine..

My tactics, chapter and verse..

More rocket salad than rocket science...

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$200 less GoDaddy fees $150 you get $50 is that true..

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I have to say, Badger, that some of your posts over the past few weeks, have influenced my tactics. I used to list all of my better names at "market value" and the rest at $100-$200 -10%= $90-$180 (Sedo commission), w/ the idea of drawing people in and than negotiating. Prob #1 I don't like negotiating Prob #2 I was drawing people in, but the wrong kind of people- lot's of lowballers and I was either feeling I was selling for too little because of starting too low w/ the min, or not making the sale, because the other party was not going to go up to what I wanted for the name. Prob #3 Apart from obvious premium names, a large percentage of my names are hard to pinpoint. So now, I've listed all of my names at, absolutely, no lower than $395 min and all within a range of min prices that I can live with and some particular names, listed w/ no min, at all. This way I can decide whether or not I will take the min while continuingto have the flexibility of adjusting upward if my expectations for the name change.

May mean less offers, but also less headaches. If I don't get offers, c'est la vie. I am prepared to sit on my entire portfolio for a few yrs w/ no sales at all, unless the right buyers come by, and if they don't, I, simply, didn't choose my names well enough. However, I've had enough low $xxxx sales, to think otherwise, at present..

I like the cut and dry feel to this approach, which shrinks the grey area down to something that is more manageable for my temperment. I might make a stab or two at selingl off some lists of names in the resellers mkt, but frankly, except for a few instances, I have found that to be a disappointing enterprise and to be more hassle than what it is worth. In one recent sale in the reseller's market, I was unaware that I had mistakenly/inadvertantly listed a couple of very strong names, (OV 300,000+), in w/ a group of $29 names. The fact that there were about 100 views and, (thankfully), no takers, speaks volumes about the resellers mkt, to me. But I will, of course, continue to auction off the occasional name or two at the NP auctions!.

It hasn't been true for US customers for several months, and I thought they had also adjusted the Europeon mkt to 10% commission a couple of months ago, as well. Maybe they haven't adjusted for the UK mkt yet, or Ian has outdated info, but when one is involved in making as many sales as Ian appears to making, it is understandable that he, probably, is too busy making money, to be bothered w/ some of the minor details...

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Rocket salad or science either way it's a sale. Sounds like patience pays..

Patience is what eludes me....well, that and good domains...

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Without doubt, a lot of .INFO domains are changing hands for tens of thousands without anyone the wiser because of NDA...

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1 2 3 4 5 Thats 10K or over.... Wow..

Inspired the HostGator shakespeare dips his fountain pen and continues his craft....

Good one ian. congrats and thansk for inspiring us all as I am knocking on wood for you...

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Alas, I finally understand the secrect of the 10K+ sale! It's inspiration, patience, rocket salad, and no kissing and telling...

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I’ve got my pad and pen Michael and while I may be a chatterbox my listening skills are improving...

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Make sure not to leave that intuition behind. It seems to be serving you well...

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We be tossin' that Rocket salad now!.

Badger- Look at what you've gotten us started on!.

I know that Caitlin Gannon is, probably, appreciating the plug...

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Haha, nice one guys.....

Hey maybe ron wants to have a bit of a re-think on the NP strap line. I can see it now "Namepros, more rocket salad than rocket science"..

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If he chooses to defer can I use it..

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I actually counted the number of .infos you posted for appraisal. You have 36! LOL..

Anyway, good job with the 5 figure profit. That totally puts the 'no pain no gain' statement to shame. Since you didn't even have to dip into your pocket to earn something...

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It can be a pain to think about what to reg...

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I love thinking about what to reg. The pain is in deciding what is worth paying for...

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Yeah, know what you mean Mike, I just opened the bidding at Afternic for quite a nice name and cos it's my birthday today (well, the drinking started Wednesday) I forgot to bid if I got countered. I did and lost out by a few bucks.



Anyway, it's been nice being / reaching 36.

... And I guess you'll find out what it's like tomorrow eh Ron...?.

Happy Birthday......

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Hey Badger! Happy 36th!.

(I wish I could remember mine.


Well, if so inclined, you could reg AdultFilms-IDon' or something along those lines..

And, again, thankyou for all of the Rocket Salad you've been tossing around here lately!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.