Help with iPage operating system on a Mac?

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Question I have... Help with iPage operating system on a Mac? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Here's something that's been bugging me to no end:.

I do not get any reponse from fedex, ups, or usps servers..

Using osc 2.2 and Fedex Direct 2.03.

(I am focusing on Fedex).

Fedex Direct 2.03 correctly installed... with curl and open_ssl enabled on my host..

I get no data returned from fedex's.


Server (or gatewaybeta)..

I have a fedex account and everything seems fine..

Is anyone else having difficulty with the connectivity of the shipping servers? Or is it just me?.

Fedex's iPage website tells me how to check fedex's gateway server's status, and it seems to be up..

Something might be wrong with my curl and ssl, but I followed the contrib's install instructs perfectly..

Can anybody help?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Yep, ipowerweb..

And I also have a clean ms2 install with a new mysql database..

But none of the shipping methods that query outside servers work.

(flat rate works, etc...).

Very strange to me..

Hey, since you use ipowerweb, do you also have the problem i'm having with broken images in ssl mode?.

You can reference my problem here:.


Please tell me what you find out if you discuss this with ipowerweb...

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I am having same problem with UPS shipping module....and I have Ipowerweb as well...we need to team together here to get this resolved..

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Clearly it must be something on the server side... right?.

And yet ipowerweb has cUrl, and openSSL, and all the goodies that the shipping modules say they require..

So what gives?..

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You know - I did a search in these forums for "ipowerweb" and the problem we are experiencing has been ongoing.


Here's what I have "heard" so far:.

The UPS module doesn't work due to port blocking by ipowerweb.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

No real time shipping contrib works.

Database connectivity will fail sometimes.

At least I know that it is not just me so I can stop beating my head against the wall..

I am going to try FedEx Zone shipping instead - I'll let you know.


Basically this stuff has to work before I can spend hours setting it up to match my iPage site design etc..


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Well tonight the UPS shipping module works fine.....I have the standard module installed with ipowerweb and it is fine...I will give this a few days though before I am satisfied totally..

And I agree that I am not going to get crazy uploading products and such before this is solved 100%..

I do however believe that if we get enough of a group together that they have to give this some kind of priority. I went with them because they had the right price, attitude, and high rating/uptime with everyone I talked with..

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: 30 January 2004, 04:53..

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I submitted a question to ipowerweb and they have fixed the problem...


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No mine still doesn't work.......

I will try another call to tech support.

I have to admit though, I am worried that if the problem is "fixed" today that it will "re-appear" tomorrow so I am leaning towards a non-real time shipping solution that I can live with..

The last thing you need is for a customer to experience a 404 during checkout..

All I know is whenever that happens to me when I shop online - buh-bye - I shop somewhere else. It's just not a warm fuzzy feeling..

Good luck..

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If you use ipowerweb, use a self contained shipping module. I had the standard UPS module setup and working on my iPage site for 3 months and then one day it stopped. I think because I finally started getting orders and the traffic threw up a red flag at ipowerweb. they blocked me..

Don't feel alone, sooner or later everyone who uses ipowerweb will run into this problem..

A good stand alone shipping module is fedex zip zones. I had a couple of mysql script issues when tried installing it, but I think I got them cleared up and posted it as a revision..

Good luck to all who use ipowerweb.....

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Well I hope you are wrong and if they post and advertise that they include ecommerce solutions with their web iPage hosting packages how can they get away with just shutting people off?..

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Hey plumley what host are you on with ipowerweb?.

I am on

Let me know so I can use you as an example of someone on ipowerweb's servers who has these modules working..

If you don't mind that would be helpful, I'll call them and just go round and round for what it's worth......

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I have talked to ipowerwed's customer support and they basically had no time for my question..

They gave me a generic answer that I should seek a programmer or web developer....

So I am getting the run around as we speak....

So I fired off a response and am still waiting to see if they get a real technician to work on the issue..

Hey, PS, all you ipowerweb users; do any of you have this issue as well:.

Any page viewed in SSL does not show images (even those outside of osCommerce...) Strange problem I can't wrap my brain around.....

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I have Ipower as well, and I (or my developer) cannot get the USPS module to work. Now I know it is not just me, I will take this to the tech department and report what they say...

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I am on host137 server. I posted my problem with UPS not working correctly. And it was posted as a solved problem within three hours. Hope this helps...and I will stand behind anybody who wants or needs support getting them to help us and to fix this problem once and for all...

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Plumley1, I don't want to ask a stupid question, but I've noticed in the past that when they say a problem is SOLVED, it is usually just a way of catagorizing your issue in their system..

Since this solved notification, have you tried the UPS module itself and does it actually contact the gateway at Also, what insight to the nature of the problem did they give you in a response email?.

Again, sorry if that's what you meant already, I just wanted to be clear..

As a side note, my conversation with support has lead at least to elevating my question to an actual admin and not just a sales/customer support rep..

I will post their reply if it is favorable as I get it (they say 24-48 hours)...

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Everything is working fine. It has been solved and it is opening a port and communicating with UPS as far as I can tell. I have changed the numbers on the item I am buying and the delivery address and it updates live. But now the secure server is not working for some reason. I may just axe the secure server part anyway as I am using Paypal for checkouts right now so secure connection is not really necessary I don't think. Anyway lets keep each other up to date on this subject as the more customers they have with this problem the better our chances are of a permanent fix...

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Well I guess I spoke to it is telling me that page cannot be displayed when I try to check out....this is really getting weird...I am still inside my 30 day money back guarantee....If I cannot get this fixed and fast..then I am gone..I will however give them a chance and I will call them tommorrow or email support. This is not good!!..

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My email response to my problem from tech support is:.

Your page should work now..

That's it. No explanation of what the problem was or how it was fixed..

It of course does not work....

Grr.... unfortunately I am stuck with Ipowerweb for a year.....

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Plumley and molafish.

That's what you get for 8 bucks a month.....

Plumley- your experience is exactly what I went thru, first it works, then it doesn't then I call support and they "fix" it, then it doesn't work again..

Since I am way past my money back guarantee, I decided to use a contribution called FedEx Zip Zones.


It works better than what I currently have and is completely self-contained so no "page can't be found" errors typical with ipowerweb and the UPS module (or any real-time shipping module for that matter).

If you bail and find a reliable host for OsC with SSL and all the goodies, please post who you went thru and I'll give you credit for a referral.


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Yep, I too am using ship zones instead..

The only alternative...

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I have found the same problem withI find I get quality help by waiting for 20 minutes (usually, minus one occasion) and talking to tech support..


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Have you people looked in to Microlinq, I use them and they are great. they know.

OSC and have everthing you need to be up and running in no time...

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Here is a response I got after my incident was elevated to a secondary statsu:.

It now seems that the UPS mod works, but I need the USPS one, and it is still not working. They have also not gotten back to me 3 days after I purchased a unique SSL. I think it may be time to look for another host...

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I am up and running again but am thinking about going to the above mentioned file using shipping rates set per zone. That is what UPS does anyway. Thanks to everyone for being so open and helpful to each other on this problem. It would be nice if this was the last time I posted to this thread but I think it will not be. I am still within my 30 day guarantee but loathe the idea of moving everything again. I will ride it to the last week or so and see what happens if I am not happy then I will ask for my money back...

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Do we know if there is a USPS fix like the fed-ex one described above? That is really the most practical shipping method for me by far...

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Hi, do you mean that the USPS module has problem?.

I am new to the osCommerce and just install it by yesterday. Right now, I have problem with the USPS shipping rate (OK with UPS). The error message.

"An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations..

If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.".

Somehow it has no problem by testing with the Agora with the same User ID and Password. I called the USPS support and they told me that their server doesn't care where the request comes from and from what shopping cart software..

The USPS is a very popular shipping method and I don't believe a bug inside. Therefore, could someone help me out? Or, is somewhere I can get more hints to resolve this problem?.

Thanks a lot,.

OsCommerce version is: 2.2ms2.


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Finally. I got a response that said "Your page should be working now..." again..

I thought it was a duplicate of the other msg I had received earlier from them..

But I tried the real time fedex quotes module (2.03) and viola! it worked..

I pushed my luck with the standard UPS module and it works equally well..

USPS however did not fair so well. But 2 out of 3 aint bad, right?.

What I will be doing is asking tech support what they did to fix the problem. Later on down the line I can envision it all of the sudden not working, so I want to be able to call tech support and say "fix this thing here.".

For now all I can tell you (until I get my response back) is to tell tech support that something with cUrl is not working properly within PHP. The tech named this "cUrl Issue" when he sent it to the admins for review..

In case that helps any of you in your quest..

Just goes to show that with a little diligence you can get any poorly-coordinated corporation to bend to you will....

And if anybody is on a host109 iPowerWeb server, post-my-request your fedex and ups modules work now..

I'm off to add my products now..


I am also having problems with USPS, I get the same error. If I get around to it I will investigate it, but I do all of my business with fedex anyway....


I haven't heard of microlinq, after my commitment I might look into them..

But something to keep in mind is that iPowerWeb also supports OsC..

So much so that they offer an internal method for installing it right in their cPanel..

And we still have mega problems...

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Hi Molafish,.

Thanks for your information. I download the FedEx Direct 2.03 and upload to right directories. Somehow, from the Admin->modules->shipping, I can not see it. The README says it support "recent MS2 release of 2.2". So, is something I missing?.

By the way, I am using the Ipowerweb..



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I have not received an answer after 3 days and my incident had been elevated, I decided to switch hosts. I figure even if Ipower Web does "fix" it, it will not be permanent. An email or something would have been nice saying they are still working on it, but nothing...

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I am using the fedex module, fedex1 from the contributions fedex realtime quotes and it works quite well. What module are you using?..

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Hi, I finally have Fedex1.php (from contrubtions, version 2.03) working. I use ws_ftp upload files to Ipowerweb and "see" them on the ws_ftp screen. Somehow, later, I notice that I can not "see" those files via the CPANEL. So, I re-load those files via the upload feature from the CPANEL and I got the FedEx rate quote. Now, after 12 hours, when I test my iPage site and try to "checkout", I got "The page cannot be displayed" error. It is kind of frustrate.



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The no response is generated because ipowerweb has not configured PHP's cUrl module so that it can access the API at FEDEX (the url is inside fedex1.php, search for "gateway"). So you need to tell PowerWeb to allow access to that site, as well as to the UPS and USPS gateways...

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OK - mine is now.



I am able to use the UPS module that is "standard" with MS2.


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I've had this problem too for a while with the UPS module but haven't check if it works lately, anyone on host100 know if it's working again?..

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Have been using venernet for years without any CURL or page not found type messages, email me directly for any info on them. They even give you shell access, and my OSC runs very well with them...

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Here's something that's been bugging me to no end:.

I do not get any reponse from fedex, ups, or usps servers..

Using osc 2.2 and Fedex Direct 2.03.

(I am focusing on Fedex).

Fedex Direct 2.03 correctly installed... with curl and open_ssl enabled on my host..

I get no data returned from fedex's.


Server (or gatewaybeta)..

I have a fedex account and everything seems fine..

Is anyone else having difficulty with the connectivity of the shipping servers? Or is it just me?.

Fedex's iPage website tells me how to check fedex's gateway server's status, and it seems to be up..

Something might be wrong with my curl and ssl, but I followed the contrib's install instructs perfectly..

Can anybody help?..

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I am having similar problems.

I was getting that exact same error msg but now I can't get any shipping modules to work. I get a file not found error..

Who's your host? Is it

I have deleted the install and have a clean, unmodified install of MS2 right now and continue to get the same BS..

I have seen other people talking about these probs too so if it is ipowerweb let me know so I can report your example along with mine...

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