Help!! with making a blog on my 123 reg website?

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Quick question: Help!! with making a blog on my 123 reg website? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Hi While registering a few HostGator today at godaddy, by mistake I misspelled one of them. is there any chance of getting refund for it if I cancel the domain?.

Thanks and regards.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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Probably cuz this answer is reagrding a HostGator name that isnt in the "grace period" anymore (this is a time that you can be refunded) and this is for something like 3 or 4 days.

Hope this help..

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Ok, but it has been confirmed that if you cancel within those days you get a refund? Don't wanna cancel a bunch to find all that happened is I gave up ownership..

Comment #3

I've only canceled 1 time. I reg and cancel on the same day. Got refunded...

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Srisri24 - Did you get your refund?.

Any problems when you tried montsa007 advice?..

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Someone has to take the risk with buying .info and make sure if it works..

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Lol info with a coupon is only 1 buck, no risk there. I'm worried about cancelling my day old .com..

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I am a former 123 reg Billing Rep. The reason this is in the clause, is to prevent abuse. For example, 123 reg will allow "tasting" to some extend. If they feel you are abusing that privledge, they have the option not to offer a refund. The other issue is that if you cancel a HostGator you regged, and dont ask for a refund - your not getting one. You need to request it..

However, I cancel domains frequently, (I change my mind alot) and get refunds constantly without problems. I assure you, your good to go within 5 days..


Comment #8

After cancelling you have to request one from them though? It's not automatic? What's the process for that..

Comment #9

Yup. Cancel it and send an email to.

Or call them up (480) 505-8855 - Its a quick process. If you pay with paypal, it's almost instant. If you paid on a CC or Bank - takes 7-10 days usually..


Comment #10

Do they ask the reason you're cancelling? If so, what's the best reason to say. And would it be stretching it to do several at once?..

Comment #11

Just say I mispelled it or decided to go with a different domain. I never asked why as long as it was within the 5 day period...

Comment #12

And if I did 4 at once would they be pissed off?..

Comment #13

Or better yet use dynadot, free tasting and automated cancellations.

No need to phone or E-mail every time...

Comment #14

Lol risk is not related to the price of .info , but it's related to adding one more .info in your HostGator portfolio and later having hard time to sell it ... you know what I mean..

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Hi Spade,.

Is this refund policy limited to new hand reg domains, or is it also applicable to the domains you win in the aftermarket?..

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