Hi, can someone tell me how to register for a free Godaddy domain name? thx =)?
First question I got is Hi, can someone tell me how to register for a free Godaddy domain name? thx =)? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Why don't you use MoneyBookers? I mean, you all hate PayPal (at least you should), but why are you still using it? Why not use MoneyBookers?.

I have used aMoneyBookers before, but I left because no sites were accepting them. But now I am back with them and I must say that I like them a lot more than PayPal.They have frey low fees - send money 1% (up to EUR 0.50) and receive money is free. It is very easy to get my money to my account, I can do it via bank transfer for free, via CC or some other ways. I tested bank transfer and in less than 24 hours I had 20 EEK (about 1.4 USD) on my account. I guess PayPal would laugh at upload like that. Also it is very easy to get my money out from my account via bank transfer or some other ways for a very small fee..

You do not have to verify your account, but you can increase your overall transaction limit by verifying your account, so I verifyed it. It was very easy, I just had to add my bank account number and they sent 0.01 EEK (0.0007) bank account with code that I had to enter to verify my account..

They are also better for sellers because all payments are irrevocable, so you don't have to worry about loosing your money when person who bought something from you is a scammer. And one very important thing - they do not suspend accounts just for fun..

There are many more good things, but these are most important to me and I must say that I am very satisfied. So if PayPal has suspended your account again then maybe you could think of MoneyBookers..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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I guess not. I haven't sent them anything, but I am not from Canada. You could try and see what happens...

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I made a $500 sale once but I had to do it with moneybookers since the payee was in Africa (money was legit too). They don't have paypal in certain countries. Anyways it took me 3 weeks to get my USA account verified with these idiots. Then I did a $300 wire withdrawal which was suppose to cost $4. My bank assured me there is no incoming charges from them. I got the money minus $30.

I made numerous emails only to find out that neither took the blame. I just gave up and thought screw them. I of course withdrew the balance and lost another $30..

My deal was worth it though as the buyer paid me a good price for my domain. But I won't do moneybookers again no matter what. Support is terrible. I have over 2000 transactions with paypal and almost no problems. I had 1 with moneybookers and it stank. With paypal I get an email response always within 24 hours if not sooner.

It was frustrating...

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Well I heard a lot of good things about Moneybookers so far. Maybe i'll give them a try when I get the chance..

All the best,.

- SW..

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I dont see why people hate paypal so much, have used them for close to 5 years without any problem. Love using their check card and I get a % of my fees back whenever I do...

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I like paypal, it works well and I have not had a problem(yet)..

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The number of satisfied PayPal users far outweigh disgruntled users. (that's why they are still in business).

I wonder what % of users are happy with PayPal...

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I am Happy with PayPal , But I would Be Happier if they would change some of their policies.

Silly things like here in Australia.

PayPal can't be used to Pay for your eBay fees..

Can't use your bank account to verify accts..

Can't use AMEX ,only Visa , MasterCard..

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Umm...they don't just protect scammers. I had a legitimate online retail GoDaddy site where we did 20k a month in sales. There was more than a few times the buyer "claimed" that I was ripping them off. I followed all paypal rules and sent via trackable means. I had a couple sales I might have lost that were $300 each and paypal took about 3 weeks to "investigate" before giving me back the funds. If you just follow their simply policies you won't have a problem.

If your wallet gets stolen do you call the wallet manufacturer expecting reimbursement?..

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So MB doesnt undo a transaction? What if I get into your MB account and buy $3000 worth of stuff. Then YOU are the loser in the end... Sorry Ill stick to Paypal...

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What if I get into your wallet?.

They do not undo transactions, but I guess court would help if I lost $3000. And it would be even better if you would order that stuff to your home...

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There is a simple solution to the issue of them protecting scammers...Don't do business with suspicious people. And if you do get scammed, then follow the proper procedure and you will be fine. All these people claim PayPal is awful, but in reality it is there fault in most situations..


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Yeah, I'd have to agree with you as well on this one. I mean they do take fees and all for transactions but that's fine, they to have to gain some kind of profit. As for dealing with the wrong people, you basically just have to watch out who you deal with and there are no problems at all...

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Well no online payment system is 100% secure. And MoneyBookers isn't the holy grail for online payment systems either..

Once I had a sale, the guy had uploaded money using 'his' creditcard. Than he sent the money to me ($340) and I though ok money received nice transaction. Though one or two weeks later I got the notice that MB had seized the $340 because the money was comming from a fraudulent transaction..

So there I was no money no goods. MB never gave a proper reply to my questions only thing I know as of today is that the guy I did business with has nice goods and prolly used a stolen/fake creditcard. He's now happy and I'll have to do with some beers less.

But that's the risk of doing business. If you run a shop there is also a chance ppl bring you fake money so... it's all in the game...

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DomainSite is also thinking about MoneyBookers, but that is not very sure..

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I tried to get set up for Moneybookers, they just do not seem geated to North American clients. I gave up trying to get money into the account. Apparently they are more of a force in Europe...

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