Hi, Is there anyone out there familiar with the Medifast Diet plan?

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First off, Hi, Is there anyone out there familiar with the Medifast Diet plan? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Hope the tittle is PC,,,lol anyway, Happy whatever you celebrate!!.

Sorry I was late with it,,just been so busy!!.

Zz, yep, George definately does it for me!! whoohoo!! Hope you feel better!!.

Jaedee,,read and answered your pm,,my heart goes out to you!! Hugs!!I am glad you are on plan though, as always important to take care of ourselves!!.

Amanda, sorry the week has been a tough one,,things wil be better though,,try to kick that weight to the curb!!.

You too Maria,,you lost it once, you can do so again. new food might be just the ticket!!.

Laurie,,always busy busy. I get tired just reading about your busy life,,my own exhausts me,,i can't imagine yours!!.

I think a trip to NYC when Maria hits goal is just the ticket for a Ruby meetup!! Count me in!!.

Well, I am on quick lunch break,,hoping to get back here tonight if not too late getting home from work,,or too tired!.

Everyone chug that water,,get some exercise, and eat on plan!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Morning Rubies.

JD- Sorry for all you are going through but I am glad you have found the strength to stay on track.. If there is anything that we can do for you please let me know... The holidays are tough enuf with out any added stress.. Hugs my friends and know I am keeping you and your family in my prayers...

ZZ glad you are healing up and yep the sticthes will pull just means they are healing, Are you drinking your water???? Saving a spot for me in the the Sexy Senior zone ya know it won't be too long and I will be in the 50's only 5 more years dang where does time go???.

Momma, glad you are back on track and found some motivation to keep you going in the right direction.. We are all in this together and I think the holiday make us all struggle but you gotta want it , more than any other temptation that is placed in front of you.. You have been there you know what sucess feels like take it back it belongs to you.. Holidays are temporary.. Keep a special outfit out where you see it everyday.. My goal jeans are hanging on the closet door for me to see evertime I head to the my shower..

Goal, WTH were you thinking????? This semester did'nt teach you not to do the three classes.. Yuck.... No way I don't want to go to school today and I espically would not want to with History and The constitutions, I am good at memorizing and that got me throu it the first time I had to do it... BUt I wish you nothing but great sucess on these classes, It will defiatly keep you busy during the holidays.. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather today and hope you are feeling better quickly warm cyber hugs to you.. I have to say I have never been to NYC would love to visit but I am NOT a cold weather person so you have to hit goal in the SUmmer ok...

Shu are we going to have a Dec, Thread ?? Are you ready now for the holidays?? Sounds like you are closer than we are.. Still working on the lights I did post some photos on FB of what was done so far that was after a month still lots to do.. Along with everything else.. My house is in shambles, mud tracked in and out christmas everywhere.. Don't even think I am going to put up a tree this year...

AFM.. Been a busy week, no luck hunting this morning, face hurts from dentist yesterday have to go back for the perment crown on the 21st merry christmas to me lol.. Going to enter a contest for the lights this year just found it in the paper while at the Dentist office yesterday about it.. Rick is really excited about that.. Started to run some power and candy land is now lit up.. I have to say that is the worst part of it all..

It will get better.. As long as there is no gain, And I did start on the Chantix again the cravings were getting to me so that is more than likely the culprit of no loss.. I will still get there one pound at a time.. 53 days now and too far to turn back. NOt everyday was a sucess but most are I am not giving up.

Going to do it for me it's my christmas present.. Even if I don't get it till valentines day lol....

Gotta run got work to do hugs.


44 years 5'5.

HW 239/SW205 lbs start mf.

9/12/07 THRU 5/24/08 -61lbs.

T&M - 12.8 (5/25 -8/10).

Goal 5/24/2008.

Inches lost 40.

HW239 SW 205 GOAL 144.

Range 138 -148.

GW 144.

CW 157.

TWO YEARS AND STILL MAINTAININGGoal Pix in Bikini one year later.

Here is my journey:..

Comment #2

Just a quickie.

Wanted to wish Sharon a Happy birthday.. Hope you have a wonderful day...



Hi to all the rest of you great ladies,, My words for today are ouch ouch ouch,, Trainer so kicked azz last nite to the point I said I hated him, and I MEANT IT!! Off to work for the next 12 hours...

Later gators..

Comment #3


I'll be back later- my first day back to work so I gotta run.

Here's your present Sharon..

Comment #4

I think I would tell that trainer to take a hike!! lol.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!..

Comment #5

Wow that's a nice present ZZ!!.

Hope your first day back is a good one!!..

Comment #6

I am a glutton for punishment! Can't you tell???..

Comment #7

Dang ZZ I would blow my diet to lick that icing off there.


Comment #8

Nope not a glutton just want to get it done as quick as possible...

Hang in there.....

Comment #9


Hope you had awonderful birthday !!.

The trainer is super tuff, way more than he was when it was Donna and I.. I seriuousy thinks he wathes some biggest loser tapes before we train.. It is non stop brutal at times but a hard workout is better that one that don't even get you heart rate up,, I was stuggling to keep up.. But I did'nt give up.

Off to bed early tonight more light this weekend. Only 5 hours and I am whopped tonight...

Hugs all.


Comment #10

Yes, you are right! I want to get this done. I think I will be a student forever. lol..

Comment #11

How is everyone today? I am kicking back with a cuppa joe. Taking a break. I am still miserbale from this cold and sore throat thing that I got going on. Medifast chicken noodle soup comes in handy!.

I hope everyone has a great OP weekend!!!..

Comment #12

The forever student is known as.


Hope you feel better soon...

Hugs enjoy your soup, I hated the CNS loved the stew.. and maryland crab....

Comment #13

The two things that I am not fond of are the maryland crab soup, tomato soup and chao latte. I eat them if I have them but I dont like them!..

Comment #14

I used to make chips out of the tomato soup and it turned into a fav of mine. You can also make one big (taco size) tortilla out of that stuff..... add a little of your L&E and it's a great meal - just saying.

I HATED the ML Crab - good thing there were other choices..

So just poppon in to say hi - Busy with the holidays already..

Comment #15


Quick flyby from work...

Hope everyone is having a OP day.. Happy Monday....

40 oz of water in weeee, me go pee pee now lol....

Comment #16

ANother fly- by - Yep I need to drink like our Laurie - Have a great day..

Comment #17

Hi Everyone. Just popping in to say hello. Still feeling a bit crappy but not as bad as last week. Hopefully this sick thing is on it's way out. I ate lots of Medifast Chicken noodle soup. I do not like any kind of tomato soup and I do not like the Maryland Crab.

I am a great seafood lover but NOTHING made this palatable!.

I have to catch up on my reading for my class. I slept more than anything over the weekend. I just needed it!.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!! <.


Comment #18

Thanks Maria,,you are so handy finding cute things to post on here,,I am too lazy to search!! :-).

I had a great birthday, and a special friends of mine made it even better!! I got flowers from one such friend,,gotta love her!!..

Comment #19

Hi ZZ,,hope you are better! You went back to work today?? Take care!!..

Comment #20

Maria, take care of yourself!! I liked the CNS ok,,loved the chai when I did cold in the blender with ice, never tried the maryland crab, I was already done with 5/1 I think when it came out. I didn't like the stew, but did the tomato soup. I am really not much on soups though at all..

Hopefully the CNS is close enough to the real stuff to help knock that cold!!..

Comment #21

I enjoyed the CNS. I always order it. I have my regular supplements that I must have. I found that I like the softserve as a shake rather than softserve, especially the peanutbutter..

I am feeling a bit better today. Hopefully in a few more days I will be over this...

Comment #22

Hey Girls....

Awww Maria sorry you are still feeling under the weather.

But glad to hear that you got some much needed rest over the weekend.. I was busy all weekend.. NO DEER THOU.

Oh well one more season in January lol...

Still Not done with the lights has been so cold been working inside vs outside.. Like down in the teens the hurt kind of cold.. But soon.. SUppose to get up to the 40's thes weekend hope to finish and have powered by sunday night HOPING>>>>.

Shu glad you had a great birthday Weee now take some time and relax, your shopping is done, I have not started) inside is decorated don't even have the tree up yet lol.. Proabally won't put the inside tree up...

ZZ how you feeling? How did the going back to work, work out.. you doing ok, and able to take it a little easy or are you getting all crammed up already with the end of year coming upon us? Did you drink that water?? I got 72 oz in today along with a pot of coffee ... Yep been a real pizzer today haha....

AFM.. I was so sore on Saturday from the trainer on thursday I could hardly move.... I have two more visits and then have to decide if I want to continue or go it alone at my own gym.. Really like him cause he is tough, but I am not as young as these other girls. It kills me.. Not the next day but ususally two days later...

We shall see, tomarrow is suppose to be my hair cut off day? If she can get me in I am getting it done, before I change my mind the only thing about short hair it is higher maintance cut more often cause mine grows quick...

Hi to JD< Jane, Momma where are you gals.. I am continuing on plan, back on chantix cause the cravings were getting to me, so once a day, weight the same.. But no gain.. Have two girls I work with on Medifast now so at least someone to compare notes with.. Like I need to do that right lol... Like I have not been around here long enuf right...

Ok gonna get ready for bed and plan on getting up early tomarrow to get a jump on things...

And 415 is way early to get up so by 10 I am done.. Good night...


Comment #23

Is'nt that what they mean when they say you can have your cake and eat it too???..

Comment #24

I really took it easy this weekend. I didn't even leave the house! I have not been out since Thursday. Maybe I will venture out tomorrow. We shall see!..

Comment #25

Hello Rubies. Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing..

I submitted my final paper for my psych class today. I hope I end with a good grade. I worked hard these last 5 weeks and I hope it pays off..

I am feeling better but not 100% yet. Still got a runny nose and sneezing. Send Kleenex!.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #26

You go girl- bet you feel great.

Just wanted to wish you gals a great day. I am swamped with meetings and classes today so I probably won't be back and a concert to listen to Jon Anderson (YES) tonight Have a good one..

Comment #27

I am glad that the course is just about over but then I jump into another. I am going to try to continue with 3 courses and see how it goes. They will be five weeks so that is intense..

I hope you enjoy the concert!!..

Comment #28

Just stopped by to say hello but there is nobody around...

Comment #29

Hey girls.

Just a quicky congrats JO on getting the paper done and I am sure your grades are golden.. You have done some serious but kicking.. Sorry to hear you are still not 100% but in no time you will be.. And hope you get a little teeny weeny break before classes hit you again...

Wow ZZ don't hold you down long do they.

Glad you are feeling way mucho better and enjoy the concert.. I knew it would not be long and you would start getting slammed with the end of year work..

Me I am on a 24 hour today almost have all my water in. Going to eat dinner around 1700 then hopefully a quiet night.. But even if we are done by 1am it is a good night so no complaining from me Not today...

Tomarrow and Friday are going to be busy for me hoping to finish up the lights (last two nice days left ) Have them powered by the end of the weekend. Whoo hoo finally. Will try and put a small video on FB for you girls to see. Maybe get some pics on here...

Got my hair cut last night not as short as I was planning on she was afraid to do that one since it would involve cutting up and around my ears.. But this one is cute when it's fixed.. Of couse hubby hates it.. No suprize there but not his choice on how I fix my hair. I will try and get a pic of it up too...

May not get back till sunday. I work with the trainer tomorrow night.I will get here when Ican need to get these light done while temps are above freezing.

Hi Shu, hope a ll is well with you.. Salon is busy I am sure and you are probally helping at the resturant tonight as well..How much longer till the waitress is totally gone? Or is she already.. We talked about it some time ago...

Have two gf here from work doing Medifast both down 25lbs already .. very nice. Gives me someone to swap food with that I don't like.


Ok gotta go get my partner and we need to hit dinner soon, or we may not get one..

That would be a bummer..

But it has happened.. Hubby I think is catching a cold need to call him and check on him.. Of course them two boys will not help with anything. The oldest helped one day for maybe an hour and that may be pushing it.. The younger one has helped several days.. But no nearly enough..

Ok gotta run have a great night , I need to report my food then go eat it lol..

JD you doing ok???.



Comment #30

Hey all.

Ok getting ready to hit the lights one last time today.. Hope I don't freeze my bootay off.. out there.. Only 27 right now suppose to hit 40 unlike the 14 I walked into work yesterday with so almost a heat wave lol...

One son decided he needed new tires merry christmas to him.

Other I pod touch.. ah the new one.. Ok simple enough about the same money gotta be fair except the little one will getmore well because he is the little one and he does more to help out around here.

Good enuf reason for me..

See the trainer tonight for a major workout I am sure ,.

I just tried the Chilli puffs.. I think I love them... way more better than the parmesaean puffs. Old stale crutons would be better than them.. lol..

Ok have a nice OP day drink your water will check back to see if I missed anyone...



Comment #31

Morning Rubies- Concert was great and I have more continuing education today - it never stops..

Wanted to say HOWDy and have a great day - hey Laurie I'm with you on the chili puffs- not bad but the parm- well I like more spice (Big Surprise).

Goal- l love that rainy day attachment- super cool for this old bat!.

Ha Ha - Sharon is super happy I joined the bats - aren't ya!..

Comment #32

Hello Rubies!.

Not much going on here. Same stuff, different day!.

I must say that I like my new Medifast microwave bowl with the lid. I got 2 of them. I soak my soups or chili in the fridge the night before then nuke when I am ready to have them. And "duh" I threw away the little spoon that comes with the bowl/cup! What a jack ***!.

I may order a few more. Maybe I will keep the spoon this time! :-(.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!!..

Comment #33

Well, the 'cake" in that pic would not mess up your diet (I started to say 'blow' your diet,,,.

) me bad,,,,,but the icing is a no-no for sure!!..

Comment #34

And posting to get that last post OFF the community page!! lol.

Just a quick hello,,short lunch break,,back to work I go!!..

Comment #35

Glad you enjoyed the concert. I love concerts. I saw the Moody Blues last year and they still rock!.

I know about continuing ed! We need it too!.

I am glad you liked my rain....It was lonely in here so I posted it!..

Comment #36

I didn't know they had a bowl? how neat. I haven't looked at the product list for ages,,,guess I should check so I can stay in the know!..

Comment #37

Yeah!! it is cool and I like the way the chili comes out in it too!..

Comment #38

Lol, bats are very helpful little critters!.

Welcome to "Battiness"!!!..

Comment #39

Chili was my favorite of the soups, but I always made it with diet root beer abd a bit of yellow mustard> sounds crazy, but it was good!!..

Comment #40

Not helping at the restaurant nowadays,,oldest grandson and daughter are. whewww,I hate restaurant work!! I cant wait to see all your lights, and the new haircut. Hope DH feels better,,colds this early in the season are bad news! Glad you have friends on mF,,you can be their guide!!Well, REALLY gotta run ow,,,we need to stalk chelle,Jane,Jaedee, and Tracy!! kristin too!!..

Comment #41

Yes, I know. I tried it that way and liked it and I also tried it with diet Dr pepper. Yesterday I just used water, no diet soda in the house and I added a bit of dijon mustard. It was good. I also like tabasco sauce..

I use the hot chinese mustard in my chicken noodle soup...

Comment #42

Just a quickie.

I will post pics with the big deput on friday of the lights hoping to be able to add a little video, not sure that will work on here but will on FB...

Have not seen or heard anything from Chelle, JD, Jane, or Momma either.. Kristan either.. WTH bobby???.

I liked the chili also was one of my favs just not very much of it.. Seemed you always got short changed with that one.. So I usually opted to eat a salad with it. To help fill me up...

ZZ you getting older you gottsta be gettin smarter don't ya think?? LOL.. Like me hon everyday is a school day... There is always something new to learn in the nursing feild. Like it or not just the way it is...

Hi Sharon.. Glad you are not helping at the resturant anymore. It is not my line of work either, too much relying on that tip my filter don't work well enough for that..

Gotta get my but back out to help the hubby...



Comment #43

I will be waiting to see that! I need to get my hair cut too, just not sure what I want to do with it yet..

I eat the chili when I am not too hungry. I know what you mean about feeling short changed with that meal. If I am really hungry I will make the chicken noodle soup and add 2 cups of water and a bouillion cube. I know it's just liquid but it looks like a lot of food..

Time to slam down more water!!!..

Comment #44

Anyway! I pulled out the exercise dvds and I am going to start an exercise program. I really need to if I am ever going to get into those Armani suits I bought! Yes, SUITS not SUIT...What the HECK was I thinking??? WHAT??? The pressure is on now! :-(..

Comment #45

Ha the worst part is getting started. Easy once you do. Armani suits?? Yeah either get it done or lose a ton of money... That would be defiantly be a reason to keep motivated .. Don't really matter what the motivation is.. I am glad you got them out..

Very proud of you my friend.. Whoo hoo....

Comment #46

Wee just another quickie.


Just in to log lunch and then back into the yard to finish it up today... What is not up today will not go up... Weather here today is beautiful a bright no wind 50 degrees.. Awesome to be working outside.. May get to take off for run out side depending on when we get this done...

Hope every one has a OP weekend.. I will try to post a video or photos here later today or tomarorw...

Hugs to all.


Comment #47

Thanks Laurie. It is ladies like you and Sharon that inspire me. You are my Medifast heroes!!!..

Comment #48

AAGGHHH!!! It is 20 degrees here!!.

I bet those new pics of you will.


Things up!!!..

Comment #49

Just to let's ya's know our christmas lights were vandalized last night,. Not as bad as previous years.. But we learned a few tricks along the way.. Hopefullly there is enuf to catch the s&it heads this time...

I will keep you posted.. Ready to watch some movie with my boys.. And build a fire in the fireplace.. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Ta ta for now.


Maria love your cute pics.. I don't know where you find them but they are cute.. Got three Medifast meals intoday and almost all my water the rest will just be a bonus..

Comment #50

I hope you catch the jerks Laurie. Clearly there is something lacking in their lives if they get a kick out of destroying other people's things. Too bad they don't put their effort into volunteering and doing something nice for the community...

Comment #51

Sorry to hear about your lights Laurie- Love ya GF.

Hey Maira- Love all your attachments- you rock!.

Hi Sharon - hope your week goes well.

Just wanted to say hello..

Comment #52

Thanks! some of them are cute..

Hope you have a great week!! I have some big tests this week...

Comment #53

Hey rubies! sorry I didnt pop in over the weekend,,from now until Christmas is just crazy around here,,I will post when I can!.

Thanks for all the cute pics maria! Brightens the thread!!.

Also thanks for my warrior pic,.

Laurie is the hottie though! if I keep sampling what I am baking,,,,I won't be much hero anymore! lol I made a few new things in the cookie line,,so had to taste,,we set up treats on the 3 days before Christmas in the salon, and I do all the cookies. Most years since maintaqining, I do fine ignoring them,,,but trying new recipes has been very tempting!! Back to basic maintenance 101 now,,baking is done!! :-).

Laurie, your DH is like mine, small build to begin with,,,I have vowed I will never weigh more than him,,ever,,lol,,I understand what you mean!! It is a certain principle of the whole thing,,right? I do not understand why in the world someone found it necessary to mess up your decorations! You put them up for all to enjoy,,they should appreciate it! geesh,,,some people!.

ZZ, hope you are feeling great now,,soon your busy tax crap starts, then no rest for the weary!.

And where are those other girls??.

Dont get excited if my posting is very sparse the next few weeks,,it is just how the christmas season is for me..

I will try to get some pics of the house decor,,not near as fancy as Laurie's, but still a bit festive...

Comment #54

Hello girls,.

Well if you all seen the FB post, we are trying to get the girl to get really paranoid.. Now I understand that sounds mean, but we are as sure as sure can be that she is the one that drove down our lights.. ( yes our baby momma drama) But I don't want to just come out and say that...

Let me explain, she has no way to this board and is all over facebook. This is the baby momma drama girl.. You all remember her yes??/.

The one I let come live with me while she finished HS, got a job, wound up pregnant with someone elses baby while living in my house?? You all remeber her dont you?.

Let me give you the list of coincendentials and see if you think it sounds a little to fishy?.

1) She texted me at 12:40 am out of the blue, she knew the cops were at my house before I did and I was home? (But they were at the end of the driveway) after she texted my son to ask why the cops were at my house.. ??.

2) posted on fb she was out being bad.

3) made another post about her car being wrecked? ( told me she hit a pot hole and blew her tire) Said she left it at a park, not which park, but my son went to look for her car and found it a the park around the corner from our house with a flat shredded front tire!!!.

At the maintaince shed not in the normal park area, like it was purposly hidden.. Even the police did not find it.. Ahh but we did.. Climbed underneath fresh scratchs from the post that were under the candles that she drove over.. yep took pictures got her license plate number too. but I can't just come out and say it is her..

And she has not made a single post since I posted that we were closer to finding out who it is

SO if nothing else I am going to make her very very paranoid for awhile, Rick lined up the tire tracks and the right drivers side tire is the one that would make impact with the post first, guess which tire was blow out?? She had no idea those post were there? Now to stirll the pot I am going to ask her what kind of car she has? Just to see if she tell me the truth.. I know what she has haha...

So whatcha think all to coincendital??? To much so in my book... I did'nt think she would be so stupid but guess what?? She is...

I will keep you updated over here.. Feed into the comments I post as you want too.. But keep in mind I don't want to say if it was m/f.. gotta have a few days yet....

I will keep you posted if you want any more info....

Hugs Laurie..

Comment #55

Looks like the Rubies are on a long siesta again HI MARIA WAVING..

Comment #56

Hiya ladies.

Hi jd,, wow glad things are looking better for the ds.. So totally understand you not wanting to leave him alone.. And yea for new funiture... I would be so totally excited by that...

ZZ I know you are about to get slammed with tax season.. As we are looking for a new/used grain truck to help with our.. Or afraid we are going to pay out the wazoo...

Sharon love the new car. lol... I would so love a pac of dogs like that.

But I would never let them drag my azz to work or anywhere else.. Sounds like you are busy ...

I have be on plan down 7 lbs so getting ther.. No my ticker has not been changed as I know where I am, and where I need to be.. I am going to take a break from the trainer as I think he focusing too much on large muscle groups, which is good if you are toned already, but I am not there.. I really want more ab work which he is not focusing on.. So I think I am going to give him a rest for a while..

I am still at work but wanted to give a quick hello...

Maria, love all the pics you have been posting and I have just been busy with the lights and this weekend is the contest judging so will be busy all weekend as well. have many co workers coming by this weekend.. Again I will try to get photos up over the weekend I PROMISE!!.

Ok gotsta run for now.. Have a a great OP weekend drink you water on the 3rd 32 oz will finish before I leave from work...



Comment #57

Pics are too big for here.. Have to check them on FB..

Comment #58

Yeah, whoo hooo.. Congrats Maria that is totoally freaking awesome.. I want to know what you are doing to get these 7 and 8 lbs every week.. So jealous,, but so very happy for you.... Keep up the great work.. we will be seeing NYC long before expected.


Comment #59

My losses are usually very good when I eat at the lower end of the carb range, like 80-82 and eat fish for most of my l&g meals. I am sure those losses won't continue for long but I will take them whenever I can get them...

Comment #60


Comment #61

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.