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First of all Hosting and Domain Transfers on 123 Thanks for any response. Another question... Received the following from Internetseer, the site monitoring company, today..


Dear InternetSeer Subscriber:.

InternetSeer urges you to sign our online petition to stop HostGator name parking (also known as Cybersquatting). You can read and sign the petition at

What is Cybersquatting?.

Did you ever try to get a HostGator name for your business, only to find that it was already taken - but not being legitimately used. The /img/avatar5.jpg is engaged in cybersquatting! The cybersquatters grab the HostGator names and often resell them for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. This practice is rampant and makes it almost impossible for you to get good HostGator names for legitimate purposes. Sign the Petition to end this practice..

Thank you in advance for taking action..


Guess I'll be cancelling my free monitoring service with them...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Ah, one of those "this is what I want cybersquatting to be". Just wish they'd.

Be more accurate in their definition..

But yes, it's bound to stir a hornet's nest. Time to be ready to take action...

Comment #2

Cancelled my InternetSeer account today and sent a lovely note to explain why..

Also posted inquiry to forum regarding intent of petition...

Comment #3

I believe it's called "Supply and demand". We got it, you want it, you pay for it! In other words that's business. Every business on this planet runs on that model, even Internetseer! Do we complain when the price of gas goes up?...Dead right we do..Can we do anything about it? Nope...unless we give up the car and start walking. If these guys don't like the way things are maybe they should "start walking"!!!..

Comment #4

They've changed the wording of the petition..

What a joke..

Wish I'd taken a snapshot of original...

Comment #5

I tried to vote "NO" -.

But got errors..

Comment #6


Oh wait a minute, nevermind.......

Comment #7

What's kind of funny is that The Wayback Machine (aka seems to show that may have been pretty much parked from 2003-2006..

Maybe this is why InternetSeer is so upset, they wanted the dn but found they had to pay more than reg fee for it...

Comment #8

Revised snippet from youchoose.


We, the undersigned, are concerned about HostGator name parking abuse and request that ICANN revisit the Anti-Cyberssquatting Consumer Protection Act and the Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act to ensure that a HostGator names that are parked would be available <u><b> for sale at a price tag that would not be considered extortion</U></b>. We request that ‘Cybersquatting’ issues be discussed, reviewed and formalized this year into a written law to help stop the continuation of HostGator parking as an extortionist means that cause legitimate businesses to pay high price for the HostGator name..


What if I am a HostGator investor who is NOT interested in reselling and only want residual income via ppc/am (aka Kevin Ham)? Since I am not asking anything from anyone else, wouldn't that exclude me from being an "extortionist"?..

Comment #9

It's really cool that you can form a petition on and after getting a bunch of signatures / votes you can change the wording of the petition and all previous votes are still valid..

I created a petition called "A test petition" and have made edits to wording. Wonder how long that'll be up...

Comment #10

I visited Youchoose and tried to vote against the petition this is what I got!!.


The page was not found or the action has caused an error..

An error log has already been sent to a YouChoose support team member to be reviewed..

At this time, please try one of the following:.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Open the.

Home page and look for links to the information you want.

Use the Search box to find the information you are looking for on the YouChoose site..

Click the Back button to try again as it may have been a temporary error..

Just shows how phoney this is as there is nothing to show how many voted against it. Only those that voted for! What a load of B/S!!..

Comment #11

I saw the same email earlier today and also tried to vote against the petition and got the error..

Whoever started it must have a pretty broad view of cybersquatting...

Comment #12

We really need to start Screaming out loud about these Jokers .... InternetSeer and Youchoose are running a one sided Petition here. It's taken as a joke by most of us - But I don't have to tell you all how many Politicians and "Powers that Be" types out there have no idea what is really happening online..

They may actually listen to these IDIOTS ~.

Link where you can ONLY vote yes to stop parking :.


Another article Posted elsewhere - Really just an ad for Whypark with NO MERIT :.


Some of the dumbest remarks I've ever seen...

Comment #13

I registered on youchoose, and it allowed me to vote in opposition...

Comment #14

Absoloutely right, these idiots run a vote where you can only vote yes and will expect the results to be taken seriously, no doubt there will be no mention of the fact you couldn't vote no when they are shouting to everyone who will listen that the results are overwhelming..

If anyone has any ideas to counteract these types of ridiculous,ill informed statements ,count me in..

For the record , I tried voting no and got the same error page..

Comment #15

You definitely have to register to have your opposition vote count. I reduced the petition count by 1 with my vote!.


The link.

The "Register" link is at the top right of the page. It's fairly painless..

Everyone go for it!.

Let's see if we can get the vote down to zero... or maybe even a negative number!!! Screw these idiots!..

Comment #16

Yep - Worked then ......

Like I really want more spam.

- I dont recall ever signing up for Internetseer , But probably get 5 or 6 emails a day from them..

Comment #17

The whole petition is just dumb. As for "use", the minute the government declares that having something exist for the sole purpose of advertising is not a valid "use", there goes the media business, and the billboard business, and most magazines, and all AM/FM radio. At least this would stop those junk newspapers that get thrown on my driveway every other day!..

Comment #18

Registered and still getting:.

I have to give them credit for being the first to tell me my host went down (some time ago), but this is not in the best interest of the whole internet community, much less their principal customer base....


Comment #19

Dear InternetSeer and YouChoose,.

We are the owners of the following HostGator names..

We would like to offer these.

Currently parked domains.

For sale to your companies. If you wish to make an educated offer for these domains as a package sale, please feel free to do so with the links provided..

A buy it now price for the package has been set at $10,500 for immediate purchase and ownership..

Thanks for your time,.


Comment #20

Let these absurd demands prosper, and next thing you know, anyone with development plans and $$ will take away your undeveloped real estate..

Uh... wait a minute.....

Comment #21

Please oh please Rob, tell me you actually sent this to them!..

Comment #22

Sounds like a little movement there, but I don't think it will be able to weather the storm and come out victorious. There are so many HostGator being parked, and all sorts of people are profiting from it. Ok lets take me for example. I own 30 HostGator names. All my domains might be parked, but I could be "wating to do something with them" like make a 123 reg website etc, so it's really gonna be hard for them to completely stop HostGator parking. They will lose. period...

Comment #23

Every time I hear news like this I keep reminding myself that domains are virtual real estate and should be treated as such. as a real estate owner, I can either live in the property (develop a site) or rent it out (parking/lease) or sell it (T.R.A.F.F.I.C.). the handling of domains is exactly the same..

People who protest against parking domains and MISLABEL the term squatters, are simply put ticked off for missing out and miss educated in my opinion...

Comment #24

I cant belive that so many ppl are so stupid.

There are so many services that can be used on HostGator name,.

But most think if there is no 123 reg website it's unused.

... like email, ftp, private networks, news ... and more..

Comment #25

HostGator parking is annoying though..

I am a HostGator parker myself, but I still get pissed off when I visit a type in site only to find a parked page :-) (usually because I want the HostGator LOL).

I know instantly which parking company it is cos I use them all too LOL.

I suppose folks not in this industry would not instantly recognise a parked page, otherwise all our revenues would plummit...

Comment #26

Sooner or later I think HostGator parking will change..

Comment #27

Need to register to oppose???.

That is just wrong!!!..

Comment #28

I can sense their frustration though. This is how I came to the HostGator investment community - looking for HostGator names to develop because all the good ones were gone. But instead of whining about it, I embraced it and now profit from it...

Comment #29

So basically they want to force HostGator owners to sell their properties at sub-market prices to accommodate them simply because they can't afford it...

Comment #30

Exactly. And as one member above pointed out, domains are virtual real estate. Parking a HostGator is just like buying prime real estate and leasing it out while working on increasing it's value to resell it at a profit...

Comment #31


Now 621 votes 'for' the petition..

Actually there were 200+ before the wording was changed..

YouChoose sent me an email to advise that they have fixed it so wording of petitions can't be changed once finally posted..

Of course they didn't discount all the votes made prior to the change...

Comment #32

I agree that organizations and institutions like ICANN should end with the wesite park industrie. 123 reg website park industry is destroying internet quality. Perhaps more then 25% of the internet pages are parked. I thiink that ICANN sould make all this parked pages public to all people... I think that we have to change the internet and how is internet today. To much parked sites, to much domainers with just intentios of make money.

I think that each people just could have 5 domains registed at same time... It is impossible today to find a good HostGator name for a project without paid somu $$$$ to some domainrs.....

Sorry but this is the true about parked sites end domainers...

Comment #33

I think HostGator parking has been on the ropes for quite a while now, I expect in the new year or two, it will totally faze out, There are much better alternatives any way,, and the upcoming launch of of NP's member "Badgers" iMODO site, I stopped parking a while back, I use whypark, and couldn't be happier, perhaps it's time to say good bye to HostGator parking...

Comment #34

Oh how contrary I like being but I am voting FOR this. The internet is about sites and the value of parking is minimal to the value of the internet. While I do use parking companies....I would have ZERO problems with Sedo and others being SHUT DOWN for good. They add no value to the average internet user...

Comment #35

I signed up and voted for this. One only has to look at the patterns to see the problems. Iphone mania...go find out how many parked pages there are at Sedo with iphone in it..

"Your search returned 2334 matching domains:".

Here are perfect examples of squatting.. and

The class action lawsuits are coming. ICANN, Sedo, Google, and just about every parking company will be named as a defendant. They have all allowed squatting to be a profitable venture. While it may not be possible to stop registration of TM shouldn't as a company be encouraging nor rewarding it and certainly not profiting by it. That's EXACTLY what is happening now...

Comment #36




Seems someone is having a bit of fun with their system now ~..

Comment #37

I am not signing any cybersquatting petition. to hell with that..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.