How can I add a login to my email on my website? email from godaddy?
My 1st question is: How can I add a login to my email on my website? email from godaddy? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Someone shows interest in your HostGator name but insist you have an appraisal done to make sure they are not paying you too much for the HostGator name you have for sell. With there being so many appraisers out there how can I know that my asking price is too much? Why should I have to go and invest additional money just to justify my asking price? Someone advise please. If the potential buyer wants an appraisal done then he or she should pay for it themselves..

Please share your thoughts on this..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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Get 10 appraisals. Kill the top 2 and the bottom 2 then average the other 6. It's the best you can do...

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But why should I have to take time now to buy an appraisal at all. Since the buyer contacted me with interest in buying, can't they have an appraisal done instead? After all it's their money they are concerned about...right?.


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Never Pay for a Appraisal - It is a scam 95 % of the time ......

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If a buyer has approached you with an offer and they are asking you to pay for an appraisal it could well be a scam, there have been many people getting emails like this, myself included...

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Moved to the "Discussion" Section - We only allow actual appraisals in the "Appraisals" Section..

Search for "Appraisal Scam" in the searchbox at the top of the page..

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I would never pay for an appraisal..

I would never use software for an appraisal..

On namepros most are resellers and appraise your name for resellers which is quite good..

I have always been happy with 99% of my names appraised here at np..

I would also never pay for an appraisal if the person asking sent an email form " address".

Search for appraisal scam..


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Tell the buyer to pay himself if he wants appraisal..

I bet you'll never hear from him again.....

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Answer to your question is worthless no matter how much experience the appraiser claims to have and if it's automated it's less than worthless. The email as stated is most likely a scam. My guess is the appraisal GoDaddy site they want you to use is Allfordomains..

Whoever is behind Allfordomains needs to be shut down, jailed in a cell with bubba so he can make him his bitch, all of his money taken, and his wife and kids (if any) put out on the street. It ticks me off so much seeing these threads and even though I haven't been scammed I still might make it my personal mission to see all of the above is done...

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IMHO, if one follows the Namepros FREE appraisals/opinions over a long perid of time and from a wide variety of members (and a wide array of domains) ... it can be a good and effective way to learn the pulse of the Wholesale market, generally speaking. In this sense, it is really good for newbies to get an overall indication and "feel" for what types of domains really sell (or don't sell) for. This is a great way to begin the learning curve (and has saved me lots of $$$ in poor registrations over the months, years as well)!.

As for.


For appraisals, in general, Caveat Emptor..

All the best!.


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Jeez, I wasn't going to be so lenient with Him/Her if they were caught ...

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If the buyer is really SO interested, he/she would have gotten an appraisal him/herself from someone about the domain. If you (seller) would like to know the rough market value of your domain, do feel free to use Namepros appraisal forum. It is not only free but appraisers are mostly domainers/buyers themselves who can give you more of an "insight" value about your domain. Do not go and pay 20 30 dollars for some online appraisal just for that "interested buyer". They are mostly from one company trying to scam your money. Not even worth a cent to risk..



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