How can I add jelly into my Medifast Diet?

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First of all How can I add jelly into my Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Second question.. This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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! Hi.



I had a great Christmas and now we are covered with snow. It's pretty but the wind is really strong and gusty. Santa was good to me and the kids and hubby..

We are cozy and home bound. I'm enjoying it...

Comment #2


..I saw J's picture on FB! He looks great in his chef whites!!..

Comment #3


Yay for good Christmas'!.

Mer, Saw the fb pic, he looks super happy!.

Heather- I saw the east coast was hit hard. Glad yall are ok!.

Alex had a great Christmas so mine was fabulous as he was happy. He is a spoiled little prince..

Comment #4

Hi Heather! What were your favorite Christmas presents?.

Sheila- I know you are probably not going to be online, but I just realized I had an unnecessary apostrophe in the title. I had a different title in mind, where Pin Ups WOULD need to be possesive, but then I changed my mind and forgot to remove it. Please accept my sincere apology...

Comment #5

Sadly, yes!.

But I requested to take Thursday off, so this week will be a 3 day.

WHich isnt as nice as your 1/2 day week! :P..

Comment #6

If it makes you feel any better, Melly, I am using 2.5 vaca days to get the rest of the week off. Thurs and Fri are company paid holidays...

Comment #7

Well ladies, I'm out of here, I may or may not be on the rest of the week, but I wish you all a very Happy New Year!.

Faith is getting spayed tomorrow, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She and Juneau were on their best behavior at my parents' over Christmas which made me very happy...

Comment #8

Jose got me the perfume I wanted, I'm wearing it today and I keep smelling it.


Im so excited for work to be over, my old coworker who was like a mom to me is up visiting her daughters and we are all going to a pizza place (coworkers I mean) to have lunch.

I cant wait to see her, it's been since May!..

Comment #9



! Enjoy your time off!!! I will keep Faith in my thoughts and prayers..

My favorite gift was a new camera. I haven't even opened it up yet. I got a tripod too and and Ipod dock for the kitchen. woo hoo!!.


..yeah..we got some snow but not as bad as some other areas. I think we have 8 inches but the winds are blowing it everywhere. What kind of perfume did you get?..

Comment #10


Y what did Alex get from Santa? What were his favorite things?..

Comment #11

I got chance by Chanel.

Alex got Criss Cross Crash (hot wheel thing) he wanted super bad, pillow pet, iron man walkie talkies, iron man arm LOL, Tons of clothes, and shoes, and more toys! His fave were the hot wheels thing and the pillow pet and all iron man things. He had a great xmas, what about your girls?..

Comment #12

Good morning/noon ladies.

Glad to hear you all had a Merry Christmas.

Mine was good, small & quiet. We went to my Mom & Step-Dad's on Christmas Eve and had dinner and opened gifts from them, we got money and the kids all got a small gift and a gift card for $50. so they can pick out what they want (they are really excited), they all wanted to go shopping yesterday and I said no way..

Christmas morning was really nice, I made a big breakfast and my parents came over and watched us all open our gifts.

We got a kinect for the x-box 360, it's alot of fun. My Hubby got me Dance Central and it's hard, I need to start doing it everyday it's a great work out. I spent alot of Christmas day and yesterday putting together Legos for my boys.

We have the woodstove inspector coming today, so I cant leave the house until that is done, I think he will be here around 10:30..

Comment #13

Good Morning Ladies!!.

I had a Scale Victory on Friday. I got into the 180's. I had to look twice at the scale. Amazing how you do Medifast the way it is suppsoed to be and the scale is good to you!!.

I went a little bit off plan on Christmas Eve & Day. I am back on plan again today and doing well. I am still in serious pain from my teeth so the Medifast food is helping with that..

One thing that I really noticed this time that when I went off plan I had the worse sugar hangover the next day. I mean I felt HORRIBLE and disgusting. I had two pickles last night before bed because I was craving the salt. I am due any day now so I am alternating between wanting a salt lick or diving into a vat of chocolate..

So officially I have 29 lbs left to lose until Goal #1. I am not sure that Goal #1 is going to be the end all be all becuase I want to get closer to 135...

Comment #14



..sounds like he had a great Christmas!! And he's loving that pillow pet. lol!!.

My girls were both very happy w/ all they got. Ri's big gift was the new I touch 32gig. She had the 1st generation 8 gig I touch and Iz got that so she's thrilled w/ the upgrade too..

Iz loves her new microscope and she got lots of Amer Girl clothes, gift cards, regular clothes, games -(both board and ds/wii) and grey Uggs. We added 4 inches to Riley's string of pearls so it's looking really pretty and started Iz w/ her first inch of pearls. They both loved them!!.

Our Xmas eve was quiet, hubs and Iz helped w/ the n'hood luminaries and I cleaned and cooked. Then we went to church w/ my mom and sis and her family. Back to my mom's for a casual dinner and we stopped at our old neighbors house too..

In the morning we just had breakfast for the 4 of us and spent the whole day w/ just us which I loved!!! After presents and breakfast I got to rest and relax until we had dinner for the family. We had 14 for dinner and everybody brought something so it was pretty easy on us..





Your Christmas sounded super nice!!!..

Comment #15

Aww, sounds like an awesome xmas for the girls!..

Comment #16

Woot inspector guy just signed off on our woodstove.

Of course we have been using it the last week or so..

Comment #17

Oh you're so naughty.



Yay for signing off on it! We are planning a gas fireplace for our basement in the coming year. Can't wait!!! I bet your wood stove is so cozy and warm!..

Comment #18

Hey ladies!!.

I backread and you all sound fabuloso as usual!!.

MerI saw J's chef jacket. Very, very cool gift. Good job!.

Heather-I've been eyeballing some new cameras. The one we have doesn't have a lot of manual settings. What do you recommend I look for? I'm just now starting to figure it all out. I didn't know your daughter got a microscope!! We got Jack a microscope too!.

Melly- Hey gurl! Alex is as spoiled as my boys. When Mark and I were putting everything under the tree, we kinda freaked a little. There was a LOT..

I got a bunch of cool stuff. My GPS for geocaching (squee!), bottles for my kombucha, a set of ceramic knives (LOVE them), Fable for the Xbox, and a bunch of books (Day of the Dead crafts, Tim Burton poems, guerilla art)..

We are totally snowed in here. We got about 14 inches. Mark spent 4 hours outside digging out the driveway, the coal bin, and my car.

He rocks. I had the ibuprofen and heating pad ready when he came in...

Comment #19

Amy!! I knew I was leaving someone out (not on purpose!)! Yay for the stove!! We love our coal/wood stove so hard, lol!! Let me know what you think of the kinect. Jack and I were doing Just Dance for the Wii and we had fun, I'm wondering how the kinect is...

Comment #20

Im probably the only one who is in here today.

Anyways I did elliptical for 80 min booya..

Comment #21


I am here at work today. I just was busy this am getting some things done..

I am back at the dentist tomorrow afternoon. The glue holding the gum together fell out last night so I am not sure if it needs to be put back on, or if the gum is to the point it isn't needed. I told them I am still in pain. TG for advil, I ran out of Percs and they won't call in more. I am like look, I hate taking the drugs they make me sleep but it is needed..

Seriously I have a bottle of advil at my desk and at home..

I wanted to exercise tonight but the increased blood flow to the gums make it hurt more..

Last night I bawled for 20 minutes because I was feeling overwhelmed. On top of EVERYTHING else the theraputic place that Red is at decided that he wasn't a good fit for the program. he is a little full of himself with the rapid cold weather that has started. ON the bright side another program has expressed an interest in him. SO I talked to them, and now waiting for my trainer/ instructor to talk to them. I know that she is busy but this needs to get done. SO I am a little annoyed at her...

Comment #22

Morning Lovely Ladies!!!.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I was sick, but so was the fam so we were all sick together and it was nice. I know that sounds weird but I'm here alone so having company was great!! Loves my mommy!.

I will backread in a minute I promise....but I have the BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!.

I got my sleep study results back...and they found something. I have really bad fibro which my new doctor was convenced was not strictly just fibro. He thought I may have a sleep disorder on top of it. Now here is how these things normally go. A doctor is convenced they know whats really wrong with me. Its treatable and has 100% of my symptoms.

Thats basically how I got diagnosed with Fibro. They thought I had MS or Lupus and the test were all negative. then they thought I had epilespy (sp?) and negative..

SOOO I finally have a test that says I have something!! For 7 yrs I have firmly believed I was misdiagnosed with Fibro. I do think I have Fibro but my symptoms have always been much worse than others (I have a "Flare-up" 24/7) I have not been without "fibro" pain in 7 yrs...not even for one day. So I have always believed I had something else or something else WITH Fibro. And...I DO!!! They finally found it and the best part is it's treatable!!!.

Like Ashley I go into REM sleep immediately and even entered it while awake (odd I know). I know that Ashley said they dont know why she does that, but my Dr immediately figured it out. (Ash you should look into this). The test showed signs of Narcolepsy..

I know I thought that was my mind I keep picturing Mr Bean falling asleep standing up and such. LOL. Turns out thats not the most common kind of narcolepsy. All these things that happen to me can be explained by narcolepsy, and a test actually confirmed it! They think that me passing out at Thanksgiving (the whole drama that led to the botched Spinal tap and hospital stay) could have been Narcolepsy..

I technically need an additional test during the day to 100% confirm but they cannot schedule one by the 31st and after that my insurance resets. Due to the recent financial issues I cannot pay to have it done. However the sleep study dr said mine was a pretty clean cut case and that he suggests to start the meds without the second test. If they work...tada and I could have the test once I am more finacially ready..

Patients with narcolepsy can be substantially helped but not cured by medical treatment. Which is better than I have now! I'll accept treatable!.

Sorry this is so long...I'm just so excited!..

Comment #23

Hi ladies,.

Sorry for the MIAness. I have been busy, busy, busy here in FL. I am loving the temps. It has been a little cold the last few days but we should have a few days of 70's before I go home..

I'm glad everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was pretty good too. I got all sorts of amazing stuff: Runtone shoes, Just Dance and EA Active Personal Trainer 2 for my wii, a pretty citrine necklace (a yellow/brown stone), hot dark brown boots and 2 more size 10 jeans. I am thinking I should have gotten 8's... maybe. They aren't tight now and I am a bit bloated.

I have been hanging out with one of my friend's friends. My friend is in the Navy and wont be down until the 30th but I have seen her friend 4 times this past week. He is adorable (Too nice to be a BT). He is going through a rough time, lost his job due to a spinal injury on the job, just broke up with his finace because she cheated on him, his mom is out of work and his dad can barley pay the bills. I had him come over to my house Chritmas eve and day. I was the only person to get him a present.

Anyway, life is good...

Comment #24

Tiff - That is awesome! Treatable is a huge improvement over just dealing. I hope you respond well to the treatment...

Comment #25


- Sorry to hear about Red!! Hope they get on the ball and get it all sorted out! Hope the dentist helps. (my grandpa swears by rinsing with whiskey for a toothache).

Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas. I got a certificate from my sister for tickets to Universal Studio's Island of Adventure in March when she comes down. I am taking her to swim with Manatees (paying for everything) and she is taking us to Universal to see Harry Potter. I told her I couldnt afford to do both and to pick one. She picked Manatees and I already got everything set up! She is soooo excited. But thats on a Saturday only and she will be down for 4 days. So she is paying for Harry Potter...

Comment #26


- YAY on being a size 8!!! Glad you can help your friend of a friend. Everyone needs someone over the holidays! And yes treatable is SOOO much better than just dealing! They even have a special new drug for the muscle sezures associated with prolonged Narcolepsy!!! I cant even imagine a life without my muscle spasms!..

Comment #27

I have ALWAYS wanted to swim with the Manatees. Every year we go down to FL it is to cold for me to get in the water. I love Islands of Adventure. The fisrt time I went down there and wasn't overweight I was dancing a happy dance since I could fit into the seats. The first tiem I ever went there I was sick from going to Mexico and couldn't fit in any of the rides. I cried way to much that trip...

Comment #28

Popping in to do QoDs and then will backread at some point and catch up!.


1. What is your best feature on your face? Your body?.

2. If you could have plastic surgery done at no cost, would you? What would you have done?.

3. What was your "high" moment about the holiday? What was your "low"?.

4. Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?.

5. What was your favorite present that you gave to someone?..

Comment #29


1. What is your best feature on your face? Your body?.

My eyes. I have always been told I have dramatic eyes..

2. If you could have plastic surgery done at no cost, would you? What would you have done?.

Yes. Brest lift (nothing added just tacked up), and I guess lipo and scar removal..

3. What was your "high" moment about the holiday? What was your "low"?.

High: Spending time with my mommy. Low: fighting with my dad and being so sick.

4. Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?.

Nope. Me and my friend are going to a NYE Party, but I dont want to go. ED (Eharmony Dude...the crazy one) is going to be there. But so are a few of our friends and my friend really wants to go..

5. What was your favorite present that you gave to someone?.

The Manatee thing for my sister. She has known about it for awhile now but she is excited...

Comment #30

This place gives WetSuites included in the price. Swimming while it's really cold you get to see WAY more Manatees. They are currently working to pass a law here to not allow swimming with Manatees during the cold months as they are so vulnrable. But in the cold months at Crystal River there are more than 400 manatees in a very small section..

I hope I fit in the seats.

My sister is shorter but bigger than me so I hope she fits too as she gets very angry and I dont want to deal with it...

Comment #31

Hola chickadeedees!!.

Tiff-That is so freaking awesome about getting to the bottom of what's going on! I feel the same way, that I have all these weird symptoms and that I know that something is fundamentally wrong somewhere but the docs aren't looking in the right place....this last illness sucked, but I think it was good because I finally feel like I'm heading down the right path to figuring it out. Good luck! I was so excited to read your post..

Ivan is sick.

Mark is taking him in at 3:30. He's had this nagging cough and a fever. Yucko...

Comment #32

Tiffany, wow that is amazing, I'm soooo happy for you..

When you pass out do you feel sick? Like ears ringing and all that junk? I will be making an appt with my dr to get properly diagnosed with fibro but wanna know about everything. Also, is it harder to lose weight with fibro? ive found that since ive had worser symptoms the weight just does NOT come off (like it used too)..

Comment #33

Yeah I get the ringing, but according to my dr that is due to the Narcolepsy not Fibro. Tomorrow we are going to sit down and analyse my symptoms to figure out whats Narcolepsy and whats Fibro. He was not suprised. He said lots of people are misdiagnosed with Fibro when they have narcolepsy or another sleep disorder. You should SO get the sleep test done. And the Narcolepsy does cause weight problems..

Comment #34


1. What is your best feature on your face? Your body?.

Been told I have gorgeous eyes and smile..

2. If you could have plastic surgery done at no cost, would you? What would you have done?.

Breasticles and Tummy tuck.

3. What was your "high" moment about the holiday? What was your "low"?.

Everyone being together and Having a GREAT time, no low..

4. Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?.

Usually just eat and watch on tv, but this year ill go out..

5. What was your favorite present that you gave to someone?.

My mom, I made her a calendar and a mug with me and alex on it.

And my SIL I made her a collage (20x24) of all the pics I took of her son...

Comment #35

I made an appt for tomorrow to discuss fibro..

Last night I slept from 930 to 530 and felt like I just went to bed..

Comment #36

So glad for the good Christmases!.


, I know it is too late and youre already gone, but have a great week..


, where are you again? We got close to 6 inches of snow, but it is already almost gone. It was really pretty..


, so glad Alex had a great Christmas. It really is all about the kids, isnt it? Hope you get your fibro diagnosed and start treatment..



! Sounds like you had a good Christmas, too! Ive heard cool things about the Kinect..


! Congrats on your scale victory! Good luck with Red. Sorry that place didnt work out..


, you did rake it in! Whoot! I would totally geocache with you if I lived closer!.


, I am so happy for you that you are getting answers and things can be treated. You are so strong to have hung in there through it all. So cool about the manatees..


, glad you are enjoying Florida and the weather! We are actually due for some warmer temps soon and I cant wait. Im going to take my dog to the trail...

Comment #37

As for me, I stayed OP, but it was so hard. I got really cranky about the food and kinda feel like I missed Christmas with my bad mood..

On the positive side, I lost 2 pounds and am finally in the 220s!! Whoot!..

Comment #38

Melly-I made calendars with the boys on them for all the grandparents this year. They LOVED them!.

Just ventured out for the first time since the blizzard. Main roads are good, the side roads are spotty, some good some horrible. I had to take Jack to Gamestop to spend a gift card he got. Then we had to pick up a pair of snow boots that we got from Freecycle. I love Freecycle. They are Jackson's size and fit perfectly! And now Ivan will get them too! For free!!.

Carolyn-Yay on the 220s!! Way to rock it! I always get excited when I hit a new 'decade'...I just got down to the 180s recently and was psyched. I haven't seen that in a year or so...

Comment #39


1. What is your best feature on your face? Your body?.

My eyes. My eyes are very expressive. People can tell by looking at them what type of mood I am in..

2. If you could have plastic surgery done at no cost, would you? What would you have done? Breast Lift and tummy tuck.

3. What was your "high" moment about the holiday? What was your "low"?.

Watching a good movie and snuggling with the dog. he loves to snuggle. The low was on Christmas eve when I got the time wrong to be at brother in laws and everyone was gone..

4. Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions?.

Chinese food and snacks. Neither of which I will partake in. I still dealing with the jaw issues, and Chinese food isn't exactly on Medifast. The last thing I want to do is imbibe in it and be fighting to get back on program for 3 or 4 days..

5. What was your favorite present that you gave to someone?.

My mom loved her keurig...

Comment #40

YAY Carolyn on the new decade!!!.

Good Morning Ladies!..

Comment #41

Good morning ladies!.

Yay Carolyn! You are so working it! Losing weight over the holiday's is so hard. The same food will be there when you reach maintenace. The holiday's are about the people more than the food..

Yay Dawn about hitting the 180s..

I jumped on the scale for the first time since before Christmas today (I was a little scared to look so I waited until my body regulated itself some) and I am still in my maintenace range. I am only up 1 lb from my 'target weight'. I don't know how I am doing. I feel like I have been so bad. I thought the lack of exercise would at least cause some gain but not yet. I have been running errands and shopping almost everyday but that doesn't feel like exercise for me...

Comment #42

Whats up girlios?.

Today is a short day for me and I'm off the rest of the week..

Comment #43

Good day lovelies!!.

It's like a ghost town in here this week. What are you all up to?.

Me, I'm sewing again. It's a bit obsessive.

I just made a cute full skirt. I just have to put the fastener on the waistband (it's a hook and eyelet like on a bra) and I'll try it out and maybe post pics if it's halfway decent!.

Melly- Yay for no work! Got any plans??.

Jessica-That's great that you're maintaining so well. Good for you!!.

*wave* Hey Tiffany!!..

Comment #44

Hey Chicas! Just got back from the Dr. I freaked for a brief time. At first my insurance said my meds were going to be $2,875 a month. Needless to say I was not happy. But after some phone calls it will be $80 a month if I get a certain form filled out by my dr. Which was not a problem.

The meds are only made in one pharmacy in the US. I had to basically sign away my life to get them. It will take a few weeks to process but then I will start getting monthly shipments. They come in little shot glasses and I take one every 4 hrs twice a night. Really hopeful it will work out!..

Comment #45

I wish I could sew! Cant wait to see pics.

No plans.

Just tonight might stay with my old roomie since she no longer with her baby daddy. And then just go dancing on New years. Thats bout it...

Comment #46

Good morning! I mean, afternoon!.

Yay for a short work day,.


! Oh, and you are rocking the elliptical again!.


, that is great news that you got the costs of your meds down! Yay!.

Gratz on the 180s,.


You're turning into quite a homemaker with that sewing!!.



! Good job!.

It really is so quiet in here...

Comment #47

Good Morning everyone.

Carolyn I have a favor to ask you, would you put down a bare lot on Cityville so I can place a business.

Please all you do is go to the business tab and click on the bare lot and place it.

For some reason Im not able to build a cinema and Im trying to figure out why, thanks.

Ok I will do some back reading, I took my kids to Bend yesterday shopping and was gone forever but I think they had a good time..

Comment #48

Ok finished back reading.

Dawn- I like the kinect but have only got to play 2 times, my kids have been keeping the 360 pretty bus. Just Dance is way easier than Dance Central. We have just dance also and my kids love it. My daughter was playing just dance 2 at Best Buy yesterday it was cute.

I have no plans for the day, it's been snowing on and off most the night, funny because yesterday it was pouring down rain. and sadly I also have no plans for New Years.

I really need to work on getting my house cleaned up but it's hard to do without putting away my x-mas decorations and I know my Hubby will get grumpy if I do..

Comment #49

Hey Carolyn and Amy!.

That's awesome about the meds, Tiffany! I don't know what I'd do without insurance..

Well, my skirt came out great! I modeled it over my pj capris and giant xxl hoodie, and Mark laughed and said I looked like Little House on The Prairie.

I could be a little tighter/neater with the details, but for me this was a great accomplishment! I will rock it in spring. I gotta get pics, no way was I posting pics in the pj/hoodie/skirt combo, lol.......

Comment #50


My books are New, 470 bucks and used,,,, 353. yay! and my financial aide is still processing. boooooo..

Comment #51

Melly-that's funny you mentioned the books, I just placed an order for half of my books. My chem books alone cost 160 bucks! It comes with an online thingy too. All together for the 4 classes I'm looking at around 350. I signed up to rent books but none of the books I needed were available, of course.

I use a site called They will ship to you then you can sell them back to them. Check it out..

I forgot to tell you guys, Ivan's got a double ear infection and a cold on top of that. He's on antibiotics and extra breathing treatments. He's also now learned to pick his nose. Gross. I guess cuz he's all stuffed up or whatever, but I have to keep yelling at him to get his finger out of his nose!..

Comment #52

Hey Lovelies!!!.

How's everybody?.

I've been super lazy this week and it's been great! I finally got out yesterday and we went to Target and took Iz for her check up. She had to get shots but she did ok. She was nervous though. Ri's been busy w/ her friends. Today she's out to lunch w/ some school friends and has a sweet 16 tonight..

Target was totally wiped out of everything, Trader joe's too. It was crazy. Today I went looking for an SD card for my new camera and Walmart was totally wiped out of them. I went to Rite Aid and they only had 8GB cards left. Craziness!!.

What recession?.

We're having some friends over tomorrow night(2 couples). Gotta get ready for that..


..yep she got a microscope and loves it. That was all she wanted for awhile. It came with a bunch of slides and specimens so she's been having fun looking at them..

I want to see pix of the skirt too..hoodie or no hoodie!.

As for cameras, I think most of the newer point and shoots have the capability for manual setting. If you want an SLR, I really like Canons but I know some people swear by Nikons. Either one is great. I stick w/ Canon so I can interchange the lenses...

Comment #53

Tiff - How are you going to sleep when you are taking meds twice a night? Or did I read that wrong? I'm glad your meds are down to $80..

Dawn and Melly - I haven't looked at my books for next semester. I am only taking one class and I am thinking I may not have a book for it. I do not miss the days of $300-500 a semester on books. I used a lot..

Dawn - Awesome on the skirt. I love being able to sew. I have put darts in so many things to make it so I could still wear them while losing..

For New Year's Eve I am having a little party (under 10 people) at my mom's house. We are making my grandma's punch slush. I got invited to 2 other parties but one was with a bunch of pot heads and the other was going to be drama. I might have hurt people's feelings but I don't care. I am going to have fun...

Comment #54

Sorry I can't do more shout outs..Iz wants the computer. I need a new one!!..

Comment #55

You need to get another laptop Heather, so Iz can have your old one.

I noticed the same thing when I was out shopping yesterday, every body was cleaned out..

Comment #56

Jess - I have to sleep 8 hrs a night come hell or high water. I take the first dose and then set the alarm clock for 4 hrs. When it goes up I take another shot and sleep for at least 4 hrs. Sounds crazy and the dr admited to such but said it was nessecary and I would sleep better than I ever had. So we are going to try it..

I am very excited about the price drop but the $80 is still a lot for just one medicine...and that not counting the 2 doses so it could be more. 1 bottle is $80 and I dont know how much 1 bottle will give me. I pray it's not $160! Its just still a lot for one med. My BCPs are $60 and then my other meds arent cheap either. He is also starting me on perscription strenght vit D as all my test came back really low. So I take a multivitamin and the Rx Vitamin D.


I hate my insurance. Its a $3,500 deductable each year...and so many things arent covered...

Comment #57

I went to Costco yesterday (the only shoping I've done) and noticed a few things I normally get missing...which is crazy for Costco..

Have to go to Walmart tonight for Windshelp Wiper Fluid and something else I can't remember but know I needed....Oh yeah bath salts. I am dreading it and hoping it's not all crazy!.

To help with the narcolepsy I am supposed to take relaxing baths a few times a week 1-2 hrs before bedtime. On tutoring nights I just dont see how the world I am going to get all my crap done and still sleep 8 hrs! I also have to start back at the gym and have to excersise a min. of 5 hrs before bedtime. So back to the morning gig, as I get off work too late to excersise at night. So by my calculation I am going to have to be in bed by 8:30 each night..

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Tiffany- I take just an OTC vitamin D, we use Puritan's Pride for stuff and some GNC (pricey!!). I'm supposed to be taking a folic acid supplement, and I tried to go OTC and they told me the dosage was way higher, maybe that's what you've got going on? Puritan's Pride has a lot of B1G1 deals..

Also, for all our electronics/computer stuff we go They have really good prices and customer service. We've never had a problem. We get all our computers and gaming accessories there..

Heather-Thanks for the camera info! Not that I'll be getting anything new for awhile, but still... And yep, you need a new 'puter.

Took Jack to Gamestop a few days ago (maybe Monday?) and since it was the first drive-able day since the blizzard the store was PACKED. The line was crazy and they had 3 cashiers. Luckily, one was an old friend I taught karate with.

He helped us right away! He asked Jackson if he remembered him and he didn't, lol...but Jack was like 3 or 4 when he tried karate, and he was soooo not into it, I'm not surprised he didn't remember!..

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LOL Dawn on the shopping thing. Yeah I am supposed to take 5,000 units of D3 a day on top of my calcium with VD I get from Puritains Pride...

Comment #60

Woo Hoo! Puritains Pride has a new 5000iu D3! In both Liquid, gelcaps and chewables. I am so getting my stuff there!..

Comment #61

Oh Dawn...I got an even better price! GNC is having a HUGE New Years sale and the Vitamin D3 was even cheaper due to the sale! YAY on bargins!.

So what New Years plans does everyone have?.

I was going to a party, but my cold/flu is still lingering and with all the holiday madness I really could use an alone weekend. I havent had a free weekend in over a month. So I'm just going to sleep and rest and do some cleaning.

As sad as it is I am really looking forward to it!..

Comment #62

Morning Vixens!.

Happy Birthday She She!!!.


..I need Vit D too. Is GNC the best place to get it?.

That was one thing I'm difficient in..

Oh I.


Need a new laptop. mine is literally falling apart. The screen is breaking off of the keyboard part. I'm considering going over to Mac. Any Mac users out there? I haven't had a Mac since college and it sure wasn't a laptop. lol!! Iz would be thrilled to have this old one while it survives.

SOOOO glad I'm not planning a sweet 16 right now like I was last year at this time..


You were lucky in Game Stop. I went in there before Th'giving to pick up something and there was a long line then!.

We are having two couples over tonight for appies and I need to straighten up the house and get ready for that. Not doing anything for NYEve. We normally go out for an early dinner and then just stay in and watch tv/movies. We will go computer shopping tomorrow during the day. On Sat night we're getting together w/ hubs' family for Christmas with the Cousins. Should be crazy, loud and fun for the kids!!! We are asked to bring and appetizer and a vegetarian entree for you know who...

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How is Ivan? Is he feeling any better?..

Comment #64


- Normally Puritan's Pride is the best place to go for Vitamins. But GNC has the same thing (price per pill) for VD right now and the shipping is a dollar less. The instore prices to not match online prices for GNC. With Puritan's pride it's always bogo free or buy 2 get 2 free. Sometimes for "sales" it's buy one get 2 and buy 2 get 3. I have so much calcium pills I have closet for them..

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Good morning!.

Tiffany-I'll have to check out GNC, we're running low on a few things. I did get our last multivitamin there and it was awesome. It's liquid and has so much stuff in it..

Heather-I would like to go Mac, but Mark is balking at the price of course. I hear good things, but honestly, I think you can do the same stuff with a regular computer..

I have so many plans during this break, I feel overwhelmed with the fun stuff! I wanna read for fun, play my games, sew, and of course geocache. My geocaching/bio friend has her hubby home from the Army til the 4th, and after that she wants to get to 1000 finds before he graduates from Special Forces. So we are gonna go crazy. I mean, why not? The kids are in school and Mark is at work. I am out of school til the 26th of January. I can't wait...

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Heather, thanks for asking about Ivan. He's got this cough and booger thing going on from the cold, but he's definitely perked up since starting the antibiotics for the ear infection. He was picking his nose yesterday, unbeknownst to me, then he came to the table for lunch and he had blood all over his face!! Gross. But I freaked for a second. I was like, W T H?! I thought something horrible had happened...

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I don't know Puritan's Pride. Is it only online? I have to go check the notes from my doc. as to how much vit D I need along w/ the calcium..

Riley's been pushing for a Mac for us but I'm nervous about learning a whole new system. I do think it would be good for me to know Mac though for job purposes down the road, the more computer stuff I know, the better. I'd probably run them side by side for awhile but I use a computer for blogging, photos and internet mostly. Once in awhile I'll make documents or a spreadsheet in excel but not on a regular basis..



..your break sounds like it will be fabulous and fun!!!.

I'm reading.

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

(got it for Xmas). I'm only a few pages in so far..

Poor Iz she's got a bump and red mark where she got one of her shots. It's really been bothering her. They warned us that she could get a reaction. I just gave her some Tylenol. She can swallow the pills now!! yay!.

Oh and she's 5 ft 2 and 3/4 inches!..

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That would be freaky but it's kind of funny too!..

Comment #69


- Glad Ivan is better. About the GNC...its ONLY online that the vitamins are cheap. I called the store and they are WAY more expensive. But shipping with GNC is cheap and such..


- Puritan's Pride is only online. My grandparents LOVE them. They get all their vitamins once a year through there so they can have the free shipping.

Also for one time only you can use a 10% discount coupon. I think it's PPride? I maybe wrong, but just doing a google search for Puritan's Pride coupons will find it. I used it for my first order...

Comment #70

Thanks for the info on P Pride.


!! I will check it out and do a coupon search...

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We get a catalog for Puritan's Pride in the mail. But I just use the online shopping. Easier..


Just got back from grocery shopping. I love getting healthy, fresh food! Got kale, spinach, fruit, mushroomies, peppers....yum..

Heather-Dang Iz is getting tall!!!..

Comment #72

I know..she's only about an inch from my height! I'm going to be the shortest in the family soon..

All your veggies sound yummy!!.

I love on line shopping!!!..

Comment #73

The skirt I made..


Curtains I made for Ivan's loft bed..


Comment #74

I'll have to look at them from blocks the facebook...

Comment #75

I have 40 mins of work left, but I am fairly sure my brain left ages ago..

It's taking all my willpower to stay awake right now. I swear I could sleep right here on my desk and not be bothered by it. Oh well...

Comment #76

Hey girls! Didn't think anyone would be here this week! Hope everyone has an awesome New Year! I can't wait to spend another getting fit and trim with you all!!.

Love you girls!..

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Hope you all have a fantastic day and safe travels, see you all next year..

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Heather my Husband really likes Mac and would love a mac book but they are so spendy, it will have to wait. I am hoping to get a new tv before another computer purchase, my old hp laptop died a few weeks back.

Oh man Iz is really tall, Im only 4' 11 1/2"..

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Haha Amy. I know! She is tall!.

I did get a Macbook. It was overwhelming and way hot in the store (and crowded). So far so good but I haven't transferred any files over yet..

We shall see...

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