How can I change my yahoo iPage URL?

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Quick question... How can I change my yahoo iPage URL? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... I have been told by PayPal that the only module that I need in my store is the paypal_wpp module. If I try and delete the folders and run the delete files I am not sure if I will get the right folders emptied or not. Is there a safe way to delete the PayPal program modules, so you can get a clean start to a new install without losing data that is in your store and in your database?.

Grateful for any speedy solutions that will preserve what I have, and allow me to move forward with the PP Pro install module...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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So I can go to the public_html/store/admin/includes/payment folder and just delete that entire folder? There appears to be more than one "includes" folder so that is where I get nervous. I have my databacked up. I just want to be sure that when I is gone!!! and I have no remnants of files or folders to cause the install of the _wpp to be in conflict?.

The _wpp that I have comes from here. Do you know if that latest version which was done by with the changes and fixes is the latest version? PayPal seems to be all over the map with their instructions...not even knowing the safest way to do an un-install???.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am headed to the barn in an hour or so to try this and get back at the installation process so will let you know the outcome soon...

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There are some php files that might refer to them..

If you delete the folder, you will most likely get some errors thrown at you..

Do what spax said..

Log in to your osc admin panel. Go to MODULES>>PAYMENT.

Uninstall/remove the payment module you don't want active...

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Thanks guys!!! I am on my way...and as for the believe that the version I saw from PayPal is the complete deal? I'm going to try it and see if this works! As for the changes and file fixes, I think I'll wait and see. Appreciate your help....REALLY!..

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Sorry, I disappeared for a while (listening to the Arsenal game ironically - wish I went now..


Yeah, any module is effectively a bolt on so once removed, there won't be any residual code/files to trouble another module...

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Hi...I just finished going through the tree of the program, and found as many of the old paypal_us files and folders and deleted them. Now I have to ask...where and which version is the paypal_wpp located at? I went back to PayPal for osCommerce and they only show their links to the _us and the _pwa versions. Nothing that even looks like a complete module for _wpp? Is the only place that has it? And if so, since that was awhile ago, and he has pages of fixes to correct various errors or omissions in the program, is there not something more current that reflects this more up-to-date program?.

You have been great! I can't thank you enough. One step to go and then we can all have a good night? If the source is the only place to get this at, I am really surprised by PayPal. They are less than helpful. I guess that is why this forum is chock full of experts like you!! Thanks..

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There was no need to delete anything..

You can just go to the payment module page and disable the module..

You may now have left some entries I the configuration tables in the mysql database. If you get an error now when you make a test purchase that is the reason.

This was pointed out, but not in detail, in post 2 and 4..

There are so many web shops for paypal or anyone esle to create code for it is not commercially justifiable. The document their api and it is upto you to integrate to it...

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