How can I customize my iPage website using Photoshop?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How can I customize my iPage website using Photoshop? Hoping for any comment. My other question... Hi! Anybody can help?.

My homepage in ranking high in yahoo for important keywords"small PC" and "mini PC', but not in google at all. I have been trying to research and improve for a few months, but still. I only found some individual pages for accessories were index in "google" but not in main keywords. Will anyone can tell me what's wrong with my homepage? My homepage is not ranking for the keywords. my site:



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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What are you talking about?.

Yes, your iPage site is listed for those keywords..



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Thanks for your information! Now, I know the path to check what page has been indexed. but, if I type "mini pc" from the search bar of google. I never find my web page. Can you tell me why? Nor the "small pc". I can find my page for " account set up" in "small pc ". The rest of keywords you show in the link is none can find..


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Perhaps if your page wasn't under contruction that might help..

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No, you are incorrect..

Your iPage site is listed for those keywords. It you'll notice on google, when you type mini pc into google, you see over.


Results. This indicates to me that this is a *very* compeditive keyphrase..

Unless you obtain a very high PR (or higher), and you fully optimize for that keyphrase, you'll probably never even get close to the top 10 pages...

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There are several good articles and tips on search engine optimization here:.


(am not affiliated in any way).


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Add the following to the head of your site..

<META NAME="GoogleRank" POSITION="1" KEYWORD="mini pc">.

Repeat for all the keywords you want to be #1 for...

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HI! Ron, you mean add below to between <head> </head>.

<META NAME="GoogleRank" POSITION="1" KEYWORD="mini pc">.

I have already add below.

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="LOGISYS.COM, Mini PC, slim PC, Small PC, Small Computer, Mini Computer system, Car Computer, Car PC, mobile PC, mobile computer PC, portable computer, portable PC system, Mini ITX, smallest PC, world smallest computer, world smallest PC">.

Should I just add your line together also?..

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That's right. Just add my line and you'll automatically be ranked #1 for "mini pc" (of course you'll have to wait for Google to reindex your site)..

Just don't abuse it. Pick the most important handful of keywords and use those. Google doesn't like it if you hog all the #1 rankings...

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This is most simple way I have ever heard. Are you sure this will work?.

I asked google before and spent the money on "Google answer" for those experts. They just sent me lots of info for how to get your iPage site opitimize and link popularity to get your iPage site rank high. Those info makes me dizzy. They are so complicated. Yours so simple, what if everybody use your way, will every iPage website get #1? Will the Google take it?..

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Hope you realize they are pulling your leg and that the meta tag is not actually to be used and might even get you banned from google...

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For the record, it wouldn't get you banned. Google just wouldn't recognize it as anything and would skip right by it...

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Hi! Ron, will you be able to tell me that are you on #1 for your iPage website in google?..

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That one might not but many of the so called tips by other members on this board would. It is best.


To take.


Search engine optimization tips from anyone here..

Your best bet for information is to do the research and find the right sites to ask for this type of help..

Here are a few....



It is a lot of hard work and cannot be easily attained simply by putting a little meta tag on the page. Unless you are willing to research and find out what is needed you will be disappointed in your results..

But if you really want to improve your listing on Google improve your link popularity by getting people to link to your site...

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Yes, I think you are right. Thank you! I have been spent lots of time just won't improve anything. Our competitor does not have so many link as mine. But, they rank top 10 on google in same keyword. So, I am wondering there is a trick or tip. Also about the webgold2 softwae, are they working?.


I read lots of info for this web also with the other web that have same info. I feel like fell in the swamp. They are too broad to reach..

Will you tell me more about the webgold2..

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